Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Chapter 2135 Journey by Carriage - Application -

Kate returned to Maxwell after completing a request from the Astralia family.On his way back from the Astralia family, he was able to communicate with Sola and arrange to rent a large laboratory at the central laboratory of the Imperial Capital for the time being.

Having finished it and finished one more job, he went to the instant and had a little mock fight with Rufus and Lil and the others.So, after the mock fight.Kite played a game with other Alliance members for a while and then returned to the office to work again.

"Hmm... did you get an invitation from the Riddells?"

Very well.Yu and Lamsato Hall of Fame. "

"Even for Mr. Langsato... well, naturally?"

Currently, Tina is the top student in the technical team of the Adventure Department, and it is the lighthouse that brings them all together.So it was no wonder they were invited to the convention.

"So, what is it?Did you come to tell me that? "

"No, they're coming.The Riddells are coming out of England. "

Well, if it's necessary, it's necessary.

Indeed, it is now essential for the five Dukes to have a relationship with Kite.Therefore, there is no spare in making that connection.Tina also knew about it and acknowledged it as necessary.

"That's not cool. For now, I have to follow you... so I just want to ask you first, are you making amends?

I don't have it now.In the first place, we make it ourselves. "

"Well, that's all...."

Is this all my specificity?Kate sighed as she couldn't help but say Tina's words.Whether it was the McDawell family or the Adventure Department, there were many things that I couldn't cope with unless I made it myself because of the Earth's technology.

Even if I made it myself, the reproduction of pure science was not a single line, and it was necessary to make a device in order to make it.Of course, there are many things to rely on this side of the technology.When this happened, it was inevitable that I needed to participate in these conventions.

"Well, I'm going to do this, too.Get out of my way, we'll go with a bunch of them. "

"Well. It's been a long time since I've traveled alone."

"I have a stomach ache when you're here...."

Basically, Kate and Tina put their full trust in her, even though the specs in the lantern were not reliable enough.At the same time, she did not have any trust in her personality.The unidentified creatures (Kite's natural enemies) that accomplish most of the things with just Nori and momentum were not Date.

"Why does my stomach hurt when I'm here?

"That's because you're going up the diagonal of your prediction... eh?

That's funny. I think I heard a voice I shouldn't have heard.Kate unexpectedly tilted her neck to the voice she heard in the unfolding boundaries because she was on the phone.And shortly afterwards, as usual, Kate's neck will be tightened.

"What do you say?

"Gubu... uhh, dap dap!

It's not the usual thing....

Hmm. Tina was just fine, so she decided to have a cup of coffee the other day.Drink the coffee poured into the cup, looking sideways at the tears that can be played at the end of the monitor.Then, having finished drinking a cup, he opened his mouth as he poured the next cup to the little angel's servant.

Are you done?

"Hah... ahh.So? "


"You heard what you were doing here.I tried to interrupt during the call..... "

In the lampster with his little head tilted, Kite wondered how stunned he was.Even when she does such a thing, she tells the right time and the right case.

And unless it's as urgent as Kite, don't talk about the Duke in the office of the Adventure Department.Expand strong boundaries even if you do.So there is no problem even if it is interrupted separately, but I am more worried about it than if it is interrupted.

"Oh, Tina was there, so I thought it would be just right.Sign this. "


Just fine if Tina is here.Does that mean it involves R&D in the Adventure Department?That's what Kate and Tina understood and decided to check the documents that had been provided.It was a document that I saw, but it was certainly a good document.

"Oh, this is it.I was just talking about this. "


"I just got an invitation to this convention."

Kate talks about an invitation to the convention from Lord Riddell's UK at an earlier party in the lighthouse where she leaned her head again.

"So I was just talking to Tina about it."

"I see. Well, at the best of times."

"That's what I mean.Well, that's what this is all about, so I'll let you through without a problem. "


As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to make sure that I participated in the convention, both as an adventure department and as a Duke of McDawell.Therefore, it was decided to grant permission as an Alliance Master, and I wanted to sign on this occasion.Of course, I will examine the documents for now.

"Well, I'll just read the paperwork on the boulder, so just wait.Anyway, Tina, how much time do you have to read it?

I don't mind. Like I said, I'm analyzing the data now, so it's not a waiting time. "


Then why don't you just read it and sign the papers?Kite will go through the application form that was submitted.That said, the contents only include travel expenses and purpose.

I dare say, the company's travel application remains unchanged.It was a necessary document for administrators and technician Alliance members to move without asking.That's why Lampoli tells Kite who looks through those documents.

"Oh, my God, I need those documents."

"I don't really need it if I don't get another red one.But if there is, it will be better received from the Merchant Alliance and have a better reputation from the Union.There is no loss. "

"Are there audits or something?

"Basically, it's not an audit of income and expenditure.However, if you make too much red in the operation of the Alliance, you may enter.If a debt collector comes to the guild, it'll be troublesome. "


It is an organization that is likely to be connected with people who are troubled behind the scenes or behind the scenes, and there are many organizations that do not quit the scenes or use force.War is troublesome.Of course, even if an adventurer is used for a small amount of time because of debt, he or she does not have a very good face as an organisation of the Union.

It could feel like an underground organization in the Ragna Federation.It seems that there are times when an Alliance whose operations are in jeopardy will be investigated.

"Well, to put it that way, we're not worried about that.I have some regular income, and I also develop technology.It's the foundation, it's one of the leading cities in the continent called Maxwell, and it's unlikely to rub because it has alliances. "

Speaking of which, you guys are doing great.

"I didn't play Lord Date...."

Because Yu and Will were always watching for waste.

"Who do you think is the most wasteful person..."

While scrutinizing the paperwork, Kite muttered to Bosley and Tina.But Tina disagrees with this.

It's bad to hear. The rest of us aren't messengers.A hundred years after Yu ruled over the demonic clan.There was never a deficit. "

"For that, it's research, but a huge amount of money is being applied for...."

Well, that's a necessary expense for research.

If it is a small aristocrat, is it okay to refer to the amount that the finances could tilt as an expense?Kate thinks so in her heart against Tina's repeated objections.But I didn't say anything because I was focused on reviewing the documents.Of course, it is also great to know that it makes no sense.

"... good. Well, I'll take care of the airship and the hotel.Save those two. "

"Do something?

"Lord Ridell is supposed to have it ready for you.After all, you're going to invite me.A decent place there will be repaired.I'll arrange a room for you there. "

As a kite, I would have taken Lampoli and Tina if they hadn't been invited.Therefore, we have already told them to reserve space for them to stay, and there was no need to apply for expenses.That's why Lampoli asked him.

So it's going to be a luxury hotel?

"That's a good idea...."


"Ahahah... well, I'll leave the rest to you.I'm not a specialist after all.I can't even talk about it. "

"Do it. I'll do it this way."


The mochi is a mochi shop. It is troublesome if Kate talks about research with Lampoli.Therefore, Kite was only able to process the application properly.And since it was him, I decided to ask him.

"Speaking of which, what's the status of the institute?

"Ah, what happened to you...?

Hmm? Oh, the establishment of a laboratory?Well, if there's anything good at the convention, I'll finish it by the time it arrives. "

I see.

In the meantime, if that's the case, isn't there a problem?If there was any delay, I would have left and had to deal with it, but I didn't seem to worry about it.That's why Kite keeps asking Lantern.

"So, Mr. Lansato.What about the metastasis analysis? What about the data?

"Oh, you're done.Having said that, I haven't used it experimentally yet, so I think I've read it for a while.I'll try experimenting with it later..... "

"We need to collect the materials and equipment."

Kate talks after reading Lampoli's words.And Lampoli nodded clearly.

"That's what I'm talking about. First of all, we are developing magic tools to stabilize space as basic research for basic research, but it is still far from stable."

"That's not cool. If space can be stabilized easily, many adventurers will be able to use metastases by now.For now, focus on your preparations. "


We can't move on as an adventure if we can do basic research on metastasis in both rabbits and horns.It is a laboratory for this, and magic equipment to stabilize the space that Lampoli and the others are making is part of it.

More than setting up the laboratory would take so long, we had to do what we could now.In the first place, Lampoli is one of Japan's leading researchers on the planet.As a kite, I had no anxiety at all.

"Well, then, it'll be a while.Well, I'm going to get a favor from here. "

"Then go to Risha-chan.You haven't healed yet, have you? "

"Well, that's right... that's right.Do you want me to go? "

"Come on.When you're indifferent, you're completely indifferent.Working where you can. "

Tell Kite, who looked like she had given up somewhere, that Lantern was gentle.In the first place, he did so because the Astor family said that the opponent was well above the Astoria family.He should have gone to bed and tried to heal.

"Tina, is there anything else?

"Nothing in particular... mmm.Looks like we just finished our analysis.Let's open it now. "

"All right... oh, Mr. Langli.This document shall also be returned through the second office.Please resubmit it with no travel expenses and no hotel expenses. "


On Kite's instructions, Lampoli nodded in the usual tone, which had turned around earlier.In that way, each of the three would move to do what each had to do.