Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2137 Journey by Carriage - Behind the Request -

Request to investigate a newly cleared route waiting for Kite to return from the Astralia family.It was said that the carriage would follow the actual route and check for safety and possible dangers.

After a long journey in a carriage, Kite, who decided to accept the request, will leave with Yuri and Yuri, who have some of the best fighting skills in the Adventure Department from the contents of this request.

"'Whoops! Surprisingly easy to handle!

"Hmm... don't make such a loud noise.The helmet also has a comms function. "

Oh, is that so?I'm sorry. "

However, the tone of voice dropped shyly somewhere in the blink of an eye when Kite pointed out that the communication machine had been activated and it seemed to resonate.Apparently, he didn't realize it, but there was also a way to use a reminder in the first place.

So, I'd like to ask you one question, do you know where it is?Looks like you're walking a long way. "

"Oh, then there's no problem.Soleil "

Yes, look at the map.

"That's why."

I see.

One of the reasons I use sidecars in the first place is for Soleil and others to show me the way.It moves by motorcycle, so it moves very fast.They looked at the map and knew where they were now so that they wouldn't get lost in places like Enephia, where there was almost nothing left to mark nature.

"Well... well, that's why I'm synchronizing the basic direction of travel with my bike.That's why it's okay to let go at worst. "


"Ah... there's no need to let go of the boulders."

That's right... that's amazing.

Do you even have such a technology?The moment was slight on the information from Kite, but she murmured while relaxing her shoulders.Certainly there is the same technology that aircrafts use to operate in the fleet, but I didn't think it would even be equipped with such a motorcycle.But Kite laughs at this.

"Not really... this technology is mostly based on the Tendo Treasury... to be precise, Tendo Heavy Industries.That's the source of the information.When I was developing fighter planes, I was accumulating technology thinking I could use it as an aide in line..... "

"... I'm sorry. There's a much bigger story than I imagined, and I don't know how to react... fighters?I wonder if that's what you've been making... "

At first glance, I was a student at Tenzakura School where the Tendo Treasury was the mother.Besides, it can be said that one is carrying the sign.Therefore, we know what kind of business federation the Tindo Treasury is, and we know what Tindo Heavy Industries, one of the core companies, is doing.But that's just a general story, and you didn't think it would involve these munitions industries.

"Ah... well, to be precise, the aerospace industry.As part of that, I'm building fighters... and I don't think they've read about it in the papers.Or have you seen the relevant news? "

Sorry about the shallow school.

Apparently, this story appeared in the newspaper several times.In fact, Kate has checked several times in the newspaper.There will be no doubt about the lack of confirmation at the moment.Therefore, using a synchronization system made based on such technology, instantaneous operation is prevented from accidentally leaving the route.

Nevertheless, is it okay to let go of that?

"No way, it's not that smooth as a boulder.Just so you don't go the wrong way. "

What is it? I see. "

"It seems difficult to balance.Especially off-road... it would be terrible to ask two-wheelers for such advanced balancers.Tina doesn't seem to specialize in you either. "

Naturally, there are things Tina can't do.Therefore, it has to be said that the installation of a balancer on this two-wheeler and the fall prevention using it are still immature, and it was only best to keep it to the extent that beginners do not fall when driving.And while they were talking about the motorcycle, Soleil opened his mouth.

Ah, niiii

"Ask Yuri. I'm tough on the boulders."


Yuri wraps the magic thread around Soleil in Kite's words.So Soleil slightly stepped forward.


Take a deep breath. Then Soleil's eyes narrowed.Such a woman looks away and asks for a kite.

Nyi. Just stabilize the movement a little bit. "

"Yes, sir."

Chin. When Kite snaps her fingers, the lower part of the bike is covered with ice for stability.Soleil then squeezed his bow in a sidecar that moved almost unwavering.


As Soleil exhales, the arrows are released from the narrowed bow.But the next moment.The arrows that were fired disappeared in an instant, as if they had shined like meteors.

"Phew... that's it!Yuri, thank you. "

Yes, yes.


I have no idea what happened.Moments round your eyes with confusion.It's obvious that Soleil had enemies somewhere more than he shot an arrow, but he didn't see what happened afterwards.Kite smiles slightly at him like that.

"It's a technique (skill) called < >.Just think of it as an arrow that combines early conversation and metastasis. "

The one you did the other day?

"No, it's not.It's similar in principle.I think it's even higher than that.That's what reinforced it... you don't have to know where it jumped.The boulder is significantly above senpai's detection limit. "

Apparently, he fired an ultra-long range of snipers that he couldn't detect.For a moment, the spear was thrown in the first place, and the ability to detect enemies is longer than that of adventurers who are mainly engaged in unparalleled melee combat, but it still does not reach the Archers, who are ranged experts.It would be even more so if it were Soleil, who is superior in character.

At least a few kilometers away.

"Think about it... well, it doesn't matter anyway.They've already been crushed. "

If you don't be careful, you're going to get scared.

"That's true. A better archer is an assassin than a bad assassin."

I don't know how < > hits the enemy, but it's not hard to imagine that it will appear near the enemy because it applies metastasis.So as soon as I carved it into my chest to be careful, Kite also smiled.Then, the moment Soleil could not exceed his detection ability, he arrived in his workplace town without seeing any monsters along the way.

Well, about three hours after they left.The rest of the group, who were resting once on the road, arrived at the designated post town at noon.We then aim to walk through the inn town to become a rendezvous point, but on the way.In a moment, she looked at her eyes as if she were surprised.

"You've been busy a long time."

"It's the biggest workplace town in the whole area.This is the turning point.We can move from here to the east, west, north and south. "

"I see...."

This may be a better city than a workplace town.In a blink of an eye, I think so, watching a post town that looks much more lively than a lonely village.Of course, the boulders aren't as vibrant as Maxwell or the shrine city, and most of the people who come and go are travelers.I'm sure they're just temporary stayers.

That's a lot of noise.

"There's also a hot spring nearby.There are many who want to cultivate wisdom and move on to the next destination. "

"I see... so this time, from here to the next place?"

"Ah, there's a slightly bigger city north of here.After all, I still don't have a way to get there..... "

"What do you got?

The instant she leans her neck and asks Kate about her destination.Of course, something made this new route possible.It was important to know that.

"For a while there was a bit of a nasty monster nesting.So the detour was taken.But this time, that nasty monster was crushed.Safe around the area, there's talk of using old routes or developing new ones.It's a direct route. "

So we're investigating a new route, huh?

"That's what I'm talking about."

Because monsters still appear in Enephia, it seems that from time to time the shortest route cannot be used like this.Basically, even in such a case, we ask the adventurers to encourage the crusade, but that means that they were crushed.And that was the moment I thought about it, but it seemed a little strange.

"But it's been sealed off for a long time.As far as I'm concerned, there was a blockade on the town, right?

"Ah... well, that's why the crusade was delayed."

"Do you know what a Rank S cocatolis is?

Following the words of Kite with a bitter face, Yuri asked instantly.I nodded for a second.

"Ah, the power of petrification is a nasty monster.I've never fought a boulder before..... "

"Just like that, there was a monster that was classified as Rank S due to its embarrassment.This guy's pretty nasty.I didn't want to cause any damage, so I banned them and planned a countermeasure.About three years ago. "

Before that.

It wasn't that long ago, but if it had been completely sealed off for three years, it would have been forced to withdraw temporarily.Instantly, with a little surprise, she asks what happened to the monster.

"What happened to him after all?

I got him.

"Well, I guess so... you knocked it down?

"As soon as Kite gets home.I've knocked down several other monsters like that.And then I did the Demon Land. "


I see. The boulder must be called the brave kite.Even with an adventurer like him who can't stand his teeth, he's a twist.And for him, it is a problem in his own territory.I couldn't overlook it, and if it wasn't cost-effective, I wanted to do it myself.That's why Kite told me about the monster.

"The combat power < > is also rank S.There's a guy in trouble who looks like a Rank S monster.The same adventurer can't stand his teeth. "

"Ah... that's it..."

Soleil looks bitter in Kite's words.Apparently, as she knew, it was a nasty monster.

"He doesn't have the ability to fly, so the range of motion is narrow, but his defenses are unusually high, and the distance doesn't really work...."

"That sort of thing. Besides, it spreads corruption around you just by coming out, so the damage to the land is huge, right?In addition to preparing for the crusade, we need to wait and see for a while even if we crush him... if he leaves, the land won't be usable on an annual basis, so it won't be troublesome. "

Is there even such a monster?The moment I heard Yuri's conversation with Soleil with a bitter face, I thought so in my heart.But none of it fell into my heart.

"But the McDawell family will be able to crush them without a problem.

"That was a little troublesome this time.More than once I asked the adventurer to do it, if I did it as a McDawell family, I would lose my job, and I might be in the position of not trusting the Union.I don't really want that. "

"I can't even seal it off.There are people there.Of course, we can't overlook the economic loss of not being able to use it.So, as an adventurer, I did it behind my back. "

"I see... I've heard that you're working behind the scenes with your original registration card..."

I heard that it was only a trial and a request that was not cost-effective for ordinary adventurers, but perhaps this monster's crusade was also one of them.Moments convince me of Kite's story.

"That's the thing... well, when it comes to land, I've purified it with the power of gnomes.Now that the purification is over, we can resume the route again. "

I see.

In other words, there must have been a lot going on.In a moment, I decided to grasp the back of Kite's request.Anyway, there's no point in knowing what's behind it.To the extent that the information that was investigated in advance might not be helpful because of its impact, to say the least.And walking a little while talking about that.I noticed that I had arrived at the inn that had been designated as the rendezvous point.

"Green roof... 'Grassland standing tree'.This is it. "

Well, come in ~

Yuri issues a decree confirming that the information marked matches the name of the sign.They decided to enter the inn.