Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2150 Journey by Carriage - In the Forest

Kites who have undertaken an investigation into the poisoned area of < >.They joined the investigation team and continued their journey in a carriage.

The investigation was also conducted on the second day.Arriving at a forest where contamination was thought to be the cause of some irreparable damage, they were to be roughly welcomed by a chimpanzee like < >.Nevertheless, the raid had stopped long enough.

"Phew... are you okay now?"

"Ah... there are no signs around. It's safe now."

"I see.... fuu"

In response, Kite sighed again and lowered her hips to the edge of the ceiling.It seems that the raid is over, and the voice resembling the monkey cries I heard all along has stopped.Of course, I don't feel my gaze.

"Somehow... the poison didn't seem to have much effect on the monster"

"Ah... I guess this poison is still coming out, and it hasn't been long."


"If poison affects < >, it will become a nasty subspecies.I don't think it's long since I saw it. "

In response to an instant question, Soleil adjusted his bow.Apparently I noticed a bit of string tension.Besides, the moment asks.

"Can't poison them?"

"Hmm... it works.But there's someone who's resistant to poison and then turns into a subspecies called < >. "

"Do you see any difference?"

"Hmm... I wonder if my hair will turn slightly purple.After that, the black liquid dripped off my nails, making it so easy to understand. "

Speaking of which, there were certainly no individuals with purple hair.Instantly, he remembers his memory in the information from Soleil, and he remembers that there was no such individual.That's how Kite taught him.

"The incidence of subspecies is correlated with the elapsed time since the time of occurrence of the cause.Given that the subspecies have almost zero population numbers, it is likely that the cause has yet to occur and time has not passed. "

"Does that mean you haven't grown as much as the cause of this poison... or maybe you haven't adapted to the environment yet?"

"Ah... that's in our favor.Well, it's still poisonous, so you can't be alarmed. "

It doesn't matter whether it's grown or not adapted, but at least if you don't have all the local profits, it's in our favor.That's what Kite thinks. And so, after a rest, Gentiff appeared on the ceiling.

"Sentinel, I'll take your place. I've left the fight to you.I'll do that... worst of all, you guys might have to do your best to get away. "

"... yes, please."

If they escape, it is more likely that Gentiff himself will be able to escape if the kites are fully equipped.If so, this would have been the right decision.So the kites left Gentiff to watch and decided to go back to the carriage and take a break.

Now, for a while, the kites went back into the carriage for a rest, but then they went up to the ceiling again on a roundabout basis to be alert.After that, Kite returned to the ceiling instead.


While listening to rattling, moving carriages and hoofs, Kite turns her attention to the state of the forest.

(I hope... most of the forest creatures... escaped...)

Most of this forest is contaminated with monster poison.Therefore, if they remain, they will only wait for death.Earlier, she said that Eura would not yet be fatal, but only immediately in the case of people.For animals, the lethal dose is less.

(No... let me do what I can for now.)

Anyway, we can't do anything about the animals that have already been contaminated right now.At best, the veterinarians will mobilize and provide immediate relief.But in order to do that, we first had to do something about the culprit.


Concentrate, Kite leaves the flow of the world to herself.So, in the big stream. Explore the huge signs in the heart of this forest.

(... rank is... A equivalent. The details are unknown... it's still easier than < >... unless it's underwater.Worst of all... well, think of some hands)

I haven't been an adventurer behind the Duke here for decades.Kate had learned several ways to fight and win against a like-minded opponent if she had to hide these identities.And Soleil climbed up to the ceiling.


"Hmm? Soleil? Where is it?"

"At work. My job this time is to investigate the woods."

No, that's right.

Well, you won't have to look at it.Kite smiles slightly as she looks at the withering trees.This forest is not an evergreen forest, but a deciduous forest.Therefore, in winter, leaves will inevitably fall, and the trees will become a slightly finer killing landscape, but now it is a killing landscape with an increase in normal years.

"Nhhh... what is that?"

"Hmm? Ah, this is... a knife."

"Is it made of trees?"

"Well done. I want you to come back to nature later."

Kate takes a wooden knife she keeps around her and throws it over the carriage, manipulating it with magic and poking it at the root of a nearby tree.

"I carved a cleansing rune into the blade of the knife.To what extent is this? "

"Is this the way to go?"

"I'm trying to tear it apart properly... like this."

It was a wooden knife thrown with the same lightness as before, but as it slightly emerged, it accelerated as if it had been played at almost the same time.I flew far away.

"Ooh... I flew with such momentum..."

"I carved something with an acceleration rune on it.I'm trying to cover the entire forest.So the tree doctor will keep it until the veterinarian arrives. "


He dropped off the knife and nodded as Soleil was impressed.And that's what she was, but I'll get back to her soon.

"Ahh... work... work... hmm"

"... if you think about it carefully, it's quite appropriate for others to take the materials seriously."

"I do what I can."

Well, maybe you're the sharpest other than Ambra.Kite looks at Soleil laughing and thinks so.Both of them threw an arrow and a knife - a real knife - to the right at the same time.Then the approaching bird-shaped monster vanished.

"Hmm... the leaves are falling, so it's easy to find them!"

"This is all... hmm..."

"What's going on?"

"Here, this."

When asked by Kite, Soleil manipulates the wind to retrieve a leaf that had fallen on the ground.Then he received the offered fallen leaves, and Kite leaned her neck.

"What happened to the fallen leaves?"

It's poisonous.

"Don't give it to me!"

Ahhhh. Kite hurries to throw down the fallen leaves.Soleil laughed at this.

"Ahahah, this isn't it!"

"Ah... I see."

I hurried and threw it away, but when I thought about it, Soleil touched it with his bare hands again.In other words, it doesn't contain poison.

"So, what does it contain poison?"

"This tree accumulates toxins in leaves of certain shapes."

"I mean, it doesn't contain leaves."

"Yes, but...."

Soleil nodded at Kite's words, but looked away from him and again at the trees.Almost all the leaves fell from the trees that were seen.

"All that's left is leaves of the same shape, right?I don't have any long, thin, slightly fat leaves. "


Looks like these long, thin leaves really contain poison.Soleil was also wrapped in magic thread to avoid touching it.Later, a plant expert reported that this leaf had a lethal dose of poison with a few fallen leaves.I don't poison the other leaves for that, but I hear it is.The leaves were then stored gently in a dedicated case, and Soleil continued.

"I'm running out of receptacles to accept poison.After that, the poison builds up. "

I mean, it's only a matter of time before this forest dies.


Aren't you participating as an expert in Date and Drunkenness?The more Kate explains Soleil, the more convincing she is.

"How long do you think it'll last?"

"About a month... I looked at it as a whole, but...Of course, it's purified without purification. "

"We have to do something as soon as possible."

"That's right... the tree in the center is about to die.You'd better hurry up. "

Soleil also immediately agreed with Kite's words.Even with her, as a halfling, the forest doesn't seem to feel very good to die.Suggest to Kite that she take early action.

"I know... well, there's somewhere I have it.I'm sure you'll be able to help me. "


Soleil salutes Kite's words with a joyful laugh.And apparently, this is the end of a serious conversation.Soleil returns to the carriage.On the other hand, the kite decides to stand by and watch while throwing a wooden knife again.


Can you find anything?

"Mr Walt... for now, this is especially the case.How about you? Does it affect the motorcycles? "

Oh, that's fine. They also take regular breaks... and put a "gas-proof necklace" on the neck to prevent poisoning.It won't have any effect on the legs. "

"I see... did any measures, good or bad, help prevent the < > from affecting you?"

After all, Walt and Gentiff arranged and prepared the carriage, and Kite didn't know much about it.However, since there was originally a monster with poison called < >, it was hardly necessary to say that he was taking poison measures as part of the countermeasure.

"Yes, it will be enough to get out of here today and tomorrow."

"Really... then, you'll be fine.In the meantime, the campsite will be purified as a precaution with the boundary and land arrangement..... "

"That's right... as long as I can purify it."

In setting up a campsite, it is absolutely necessary to clean up the land.It is not possible that the land is contaminated as this time, nor does anyone know that the land is contaminated like Ambra.

Then the adventurers first cleansed the land in self-defense.But there are limits to this.Walt seems to have wondered if we've gone beyond what we can do.

"I wonder if that's all I have to pray for... well, I'm thinking about another hand, so there's no problem with that."

Can I help you?

"Yeah... the point is, I don't want to touch the ground directly.Yesterday, when I saw the luggage, I found a cover to use if the ceiling was broken.I was wondering if you could put a little hand on it and make it an instant seat.It's narrow enough to sleep, but there's no problem with making a fire. "

"I see... maybe that's the best thing to do."

Kate nodded in response, as Walt was impressed.So Kate talks with Walt and goes a little further.The carriage slowly slowed down.

"Kite. Come back for once... Walt, I'm sorry, but keep watch.I want to borrow some wisdom from Kite. "



Apparently, I have decided to aggregate the information so far and think about the next step.So Kite went into the carriage and had a meeting for a little while.