Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Chapter 2158 - The Power of the Sword -

Returning from an investigation mission to investigate the effects of < >, Kate was examined for injuries in Leisha's office.At that time, while he was being examined by Ambra and Risha whispering.Sola, who was heading to the Imperial Capital a day ago, was observing the Imperial Capital's central laboratory for the first time with interest.

"Hah... I heard it's big... but I can't believe it's so big..."

It has an extra-large site that spans several kilometers in all directions.You'll rarely find a lab on Earth with such a huge site.I'm walking through it.It was also interesting and impossible.

"Well, there's nothing interesting about it.Don't panic too much, okay?For now, there are researchers here... but some of them are reserved for the military.You can go in there without asking questions. "

"I'm careful. Besides, I'm beginning to understand where the military area is."

Sola laughs at Tina's warning.He is also a Rank A adventurer.Therefore, not only did I read the signs, but I knew where there was a powerful person, and I wondered if there was an army area with many of them.That's why he asks.

"So, what time does it start?"

"It's night, specifically 8: 00. It's 20: 00."

"Well... is it a slow time...?"

Sola thought it might be about 22: 00 because it was an experiment at night. She was confused when she said it was 20: 00.

"Nnah, I don't want the researchers to study until late.Sometimes I have to, so I just have to do it. "

"Is that so...?"

I definitely like Tina.Though she thought so, she didn't tell Tina that she sighed heavily.And walking while talking like that for a while.The two enter a laboratory used by outsiders.Ore and the others were already doing some sort of support there.

Wow, you're here.

"Hmm. What's the status?"

"Well, I was tempered, so I've already finished preparing the laboratory itself.What I'm doing is renovating my armor. "

Ore, questioned by Tina, plays around with a piece of Sola's large armor that she polished earlier.Sora opened her eyes slightly to this.Tina told me to do the experiment and returned it to Ore once.So he didn't know he was bringing it.

"Ah, my armor"

"Wow, I'm going to use this in this experiment.I was readjusting it. "

"Hah... is there anything attached to it?"

Sola also heard that Sola's armor has been customized in a major renovation to suit her journey with Bronzite.But he didn't hear all of it, and there were some features he didn't know either.

It seems to have been thought of this time too.So, in response to that question, Ore saw the armor on which he was mounted as if it had been attached to the outside of his armor.

Oh, this?


"Additional exterior"

Is there such a thing?

Another piece of equipment came out that I've never heard of.Sola asks with her eyes round.

"Well, I was developing this, but you were a useless prodigy.I was just preparing to use it in an experiment like this one. "

It's a useless gift?It's good to have more Defense.... "

It certainly seems that it has enlarged as much as a turn than I have always used it, but the added exterior appeared to have a detailed engraving, and the defense was quite high.And of course, the defense was powering up a few steps.

"Well, I can give you twice as much defense as I can give you right now... but if I hit you, you'll lose your defense and have a high attack power... but you've completely thrown away your agility.I've assigned all your < > auxiliary functions to defense. "


That's no good. Most monsters who fight at the top of their profession as adventurers prefer to avoid attacks.Still, there are heavily armed adventurers like Sora because if they fight in groups, their overall survival rate will change just because they have a presence that can stop the attack.

But avoid it when you can avoid it in conjunction with them.This additional armor, which requires some speed and kills it completely, was definitely not available.

"Well, I still decided to use it for this experiment.I was installing it. "

"... use?"


"... why?"

Sora asks Ore because she only has a bad feeling about it.I told her what she was talking about.

"That's... to protect yourself."

From what?

From your own attack.

"... eh, is that such a bad idea...?"

In response to Ore's words, Sola asks as she massively twitches her cheeks.She nodded clearly on this.

"Well, did you think you'd be okay?"

"No, well... uh, just experimenting... right?"

"Ahh... ahh, well, let's see..."

To be fair, Sola still didn't know the power of the Sword.Ora recognises Sora's slight confusion once again.

"A sword is like a man who blows a mountain lightly if he uses it.You're going to use it now.That's good, right? "

"Ugh, that's why I'm here."

Sora herself thinks she wants to know the full power of the Sword in the first place.Above all, knowing that will cause him to fail in building his strategy in the future.He himself agreed and participated in the experiment.

"I see... but the sword has more stupid powers than you think.That's all... if you're more than I thought, what could happen if you blow up in the aftermath?I'm laying next to him with an extra ultra-small magic furnace so you can stretch out the barrier even when you're tired. "

"Well, to put it plainly, think of putting you in a small shelter.There's no point in escaping this time... but I can't escape with a full recoil of magic plus. "

"I see...."

I didn't think about it.Sola thought that if she used < >, she would not be able to move due to lack of magic.However, the possibility of disappearing due to the aftermath of this wave was not considered.So Ore tells him that.

Well, we'll do the adjustment, so you'll like it for a while.

"Is there anything I can do to love you...?"

"Hmm... are you going to bluff or something?"


Ore also said he had no choice but to think there was nothing to do.In the first place, this is just a huge laboratory that is no different from the others.Moreover, it is also close to the Imperial Capital, and there are no entertainment facilities even if there is a resting space or a dormant space.There was really nothing I could do.Therefore, Sola was looking for something she could do and what she could do to ruin her time, and waited until the experiment started.

Now, about half a day after Sola arrived at the lab of the central laboratory in the Imperial City.I managed to squander my time and it was finally time for an experiment.


Sora, can you hear me?

"Whoa... put it on, I see, but it's going to slow me down a lot."

That's what the Ore guy said.Armor used to enhance body function has also been greatly reduced.It's overwhelmingly unfit to escape or avoid. "

The defenses are much higher.Tina tells Sola that.That said, this is not a battlefield, and agility is not required.That was enough.

"I know... what am I supposed to do?"

Blew it off, that's all.

"That's all...."

Sola sees < >.It is true that the purpose of this time is to know the full power of < >, so it is good, but I have never done it from him before.I was a little worried that I could really do it.But now that we're here, we have to do it.Then I would have done it.

"... well, let's try it."

Hmm. Tell me when you're ready.I'm going to expand the boundary here. "


In Tina's words, Sola nodded.He then looks around the big experimental field only once.

(It's just a lot of space... About... a kilometer?It's smaller than I thought... well, that's enough...?Whatever happens, I won't let you do it, so is it convenient?)

A large laboratory in the Imperial Capital.It was one of the largest experimental sites in the Imperial Kingdom, but the reality was truly nothing wilderness.Sure enough, we could experiment with either large magic armor or magic machine, and we could experiment fully with strategic- and tactical-grade magic.

Of course, it was a great place to try Sola's full < > power.He was the one who thought about it, but it was not until now that he realized the excitement of this laboratory.

"Okay, I'm ready."

Okay...... let's launch the experiment field

Good. Launch the experiment.


Isn't this the right place for the experiment?Sora looks around confused.As he watched, the situation around him changed.


You don't have to rough up your voice like that.I simply distorted the surrounding space and created a space that was about 50 kilometers away. "


It's an incredible size. Sola inadvertently lost her word.But Tina tells this.

It's not like this is the limit.Well, I just created a space where I said, "I don't need this much."

"Shh, shh..."

I am also convinced that this empire is a laboratory that is said to be sufficient with the fingers of both hands.Thora was slightly stunned, but could only convince her to laugh at Tina.Such is the case with him, but he takes a fresh turn.

"Well, well... you can do as much as you want."

Mm-hmm. Do your best.


In Tina's reply, Sola grasped the < > pattern.Then I breathed a few times, tightened my mind and opened my mouth again.

"Good. I can do it."

Um... preparing for the border... no problem.We'll be able to prevent this without any problems.For the time being, I have reinforced it from the outside.I will assure you that I will be able to prevent your blow without any problems. "

"Thank you."

Listening to that, my final determination was consolidated.Sola expressed her gratitude to Tina, and she took a moment to thank her.


All right, do it.


Sola nodded forcefully at Tina's go-sign.He then focuses on his partner, < >.


An enormous amount of magic comparable to that of a Rank A Adventurer is absorbed into < >.During this experiment, Sola had < > with Tina and others once.Only once, but to allow you to use your old powers.And so now < > has more magic than ever before.

(Gu... you still suck it up!)

Sola always pours in an amount comparable to herself, and her face looks magnificent in < >, still showing plenty of room.

In preparation for today's experiment, Sola has been accumulating as much magic as she can for some time.< > swallowed his magic like a sponge.


With far more effort than usual, Sola understands that something is spoken of in her consciousness.

"Don't think you can use me."

"... < >...?I've never heard this clearly before.... "

Sola ferociously peeled her teeth at the majestic voice that echoed in her brain.Against the word, the voice had a colour to try.And then Sola shouted.


I'm telling you to do it.Then Sola only responds to it as her husband and as the person in charge.That way, he pours all the magic he has to pour.

"Phew... Phew..."

As if the sun had fallen on earth.That seemingly golden sparkle dwelt in Sola's < >.But it's the full power of the Sword.They were carrying almost all of Sola's magic, which was between hundreds of thousands and millions of magic holdings.

"... fuu"

Take a deep breath, and Sora takes a rough breath.< > felt as light as a feather, even though his hands and feet were as heavy as lead.


With deep breathing, Sola closes her eyes and calms down.He then concentrates his consciousness and sets up < > on the upper stage.

Come on, buddy.


Sola murmured and smiled slightly at her will to live in the < >.And Sola opened her eyes, and opened her mouth, and said her name.

"... < >!"

From < >, shaken down with his vote, a powerful calorie rises like a flare of the sun.Then the < > glow stretched far away and bounced away like the sun.