Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2167 The Tabernacle - Stolen

The true destiny of < > who were brought through the Chiyodai and who were behind the Emperor's raid.Kite, who had the information, was visiting the OpPro ruins with Tina and the others.

He was the one who found the door to the corner he was hiding in Valheights' lab, but under Tina's operations he opened a hidden passage to the secret lab.


Everyone in the lab unexpectedly rounds their eyes to a hidden door that opens suddenly.Of course, Ziart was among them, and he accidentally asked Kite.

"Hey, what did you do?I mean, that door.... "

"Looks like the passage Mr. Farsch hid earlier...Well, I won't tell you why I hid it. "

"Well, here it is....."

"Yeah... it probably leads to information that he doesn't want to know much about.Of course, the contents are discarded. "

The structure itself cannot be hidden. Then the information inside would have been destroyed.Kite and Ziart were simply connected to a secret lab, and they thought everything inside would be destroyed.And saying that, suddenly a nostalgic appearance appeared in the aisle.

"Ah, uh... is this the place?Well, which one of your trusted friends is here?Well, I'm trying not to activate it otherwise, so I guess so.I'm sorry. I'm trying to react to either Kate or Tsiart and set it to activate... but I can't make a decision.It would be helpful if you could tell me. "

Ziart opens his mouth to Valheit, who asks for a little apology.As it stands, Kite is hiding her identity.I couldn't open my mouth.

"It's me, Valheit. It's Ziart."

"Ah, you... I want you to tell Kate-kun one thing.He said he'd already been here alone before you got here. "


Someone had already broken in here.Everyone on the spot unexpectedly lost their words to the words told by Valheit.Faced with them, Kite manipulated the sound waves to make a sound only in the direction of the microphone where Valheit was detecting the sound.

"... Mr. Farsch, I'm here, too."

"... start program C. The contents of the message are... good.Now let's play the message. "

Apparently this is just a reproduction of recorded messages, and there's nothing to call self-consciousness.Both Kite and Ziart understand that.That's why the recorded Valheit tells you.

"Well... first of all, it's important.I was wondering if you could hear my will.I don't know what's going on with you... well, I can't answer even if it's reported, so I hope it's working out well. "


In fact, we haven't been able to produce results yet.Kite smiles slightly at Valheit's words.Nevertheless, since traces have been collected steadily, it has not never progressed.

Well... that's just one thing to tell.Beyond that is the lab where you used to study the darkness of civilization, which you call old civilization... my secret lab.It's probably about you guys.I think we know that all the information inside has been erased. "

After all, Kate and Ziart weren't surprised that Valheights had erased all the information, but rather thought he would.So they don't ask anything about it, they just listen to the message.

"Just... yeah. The message from here is Pattern C-6.Worst pattern. The fact that this message will be played... apparently someone much more skilled than I thought was a trespasser.The information medium containing the data appears to have been completely removed.I was right to leave this message in another area of the server... "

Even here, I can only thank you for your wise eyes.Kite expresses her deep gratitude to Valheit for seeping a little relief.Thanks to this, I was able to guess who was in first.Without this, I might have thought that Valheit had completely erased the trail.

Mr. Tsiart, tell Kate.I put the video information of the intruder in the sub-server.Ask Kanata where it is. "

"... yes, I did."

"... yeah, I guess that's the message.I'm sorry, I couldn't stop it.This is just a video recording. I'm just leaving a message under a few conditions.Well, there's something wrong with playing this message... but if it's going to come true, I hope you're listening to the message you send to your friend as another friend. Bye. "

That was an unfulfilled wish.Both Kate and Ziart thanked Valheights for their care.At the same time as he disappeared, the passage lamp lit up and illuminated the end of the passage.Looking further ahead, Ziart asked Kite.

"Elevator... what do we do?"

"I'm going. I got permission."

"... I see. I'll go too.I knew him.Maybe I should stay. "

"Okay, but never get out before me."

In Ziart's words, Kite nodded one by one and stepped into the aisle.That's how I got in, but I thought it was Kite and Ziart, so I got to the elevator without any danger.

"... I'm a card reader..."

"Here's the card key."

I see.

Ziart nodded one after seeing Kite's Valheights card key.When the card reader loaded the card key, the door of the elevator sounded slightly like a gas controller.

"Is there only... the top and bottom buttons?Now, upstairs. Is it direct...? "

"Sure. All right. Now, let's push."

Ziart nodded at Kite's words and touched the only two panels up and down to move down.Then the door closes and the elevator goes underground with little noise.

"... did you come in first < >?"

"Probably. He came in here to hide the Emperor's attack."

"How did you grab it?"

"... I don't know. However, Canata said that Mr. Farsch was conducting research in various places.It's no wonder you're holding it somewhere. "

"That's true, but...."

What bothers me is that it was easier to find the secret lab at the OpPro ruins.Kite tells Ziart that she cares.

"I don't know.It's just that we probably realized it was me or you.It is highly likely that Mr. Farsch's estate was concealed at the time of the intruder. "

"... that's right."

As for kites, it is highly likely from the message.Ziart is also convinced by Kite's assumption.And in fact, Tina said later that there were hidden signs, but only if Kite was released when she entered Valheights' lab this time.and the elevator stops while having such a little conversation.


"Let's do it behind one of the lower storage areas.It's just a hierarchy move. "

Pushy. They see the tip of the door open with such a small noise.It was a small room with a window that looked very similar to the operating room in the secret compartment in the basement.

"... you don't even have to look over there?"

"I guess..."

There will be no point in looking at the room by the window.Ziart nodded at Kite's words.I looked around the small room in front of me, but it was more like a surveillance room, dare I say.

"Monitor, surveillance cameras... some chairs.The place to monitor the treatment... "

"Along with that, there seems to have been a small server that aggregates information."


"Here... there must have been the server he was talking about earlier."

"This is...."

There are obvious signs of something being placed.Kite looks at the corner where Ziart was bending and checking, and then sees some cables in the vicinity.Ziart said looking at one of the cables.

"The cross section is slashed with a sharp blade.This cable... looks familiar. Cables that connect to important equipment.It's going to be a lot of trouble cutting this off. "

"It's probably a short time."

"You will."

It's going to be trouble again.Kite stood up sideways looking at Ziart looking at other cables with a smile mixed with a slightly stupid and bitter smile.Then he checks the surroundings again.

(Is that... a surveillance camera? Is it broken... hmm?)

The surveillance camera in the small room was a kite that confirmed that it had been destroyed and disabled, but he realized that there was something shining at the edge of his eyes.

(... glowing? No, is that... a surveillance camera?I see. You were pointing one of the surveillance cameras that monitored the operating room towards the entrance.The angle is pretty bad, but... do you have any information?)

Looking at the lamp that turned off at the same time that she noticed, Kite decides that Valheight's legacy system probably dared to make her realize.

(Is this the data that Mr Farsch mentioned earlier taken from it?Well, I don't know what's on the screen... but at least it looks like the footage could be taken...)

I hope so.And I wish I was lucky enough to get information.Kite slightly hopes that the information Valheights left behind will help her enemies.That's where Tina contacted me.

Kate, what do you think? Did you find anything?

"Hmm? Ah, oh. I'm sorry... it looks like the information was completely taken away.There was trace of a small server. "

Well... the data is perfectly erased... no, they might be able to recover it from there.I think it's better not to be optimistic. "


They probably know that the data is completely erased.Both Kite and Tina decide they're here because they think there's a chance of some sort of restoration.

In the meantime, what do we do now?

In the meantime, I'm calling Kanata now.This time it's over.You wait for Kanata later.It would be better if we met again. "


Kate agrees to Tina's instructions.That's how he asked Ziart.

"Mr. Ziart, I have been instructed to wait for a while.What will you do? "

"Well... even if I'm here any longer, it'll just get in the way. Where is this room?"

"Should the army come first?I don't think it's dangerous at all..... "

"I see. Okay."

Because it was Kate's word after all.Ziart accepts it honestly.So they leave Valheights's secret lab, and Kite goes out once and meets Canata.

"So, that dad put the data on the sub-server?"

"Oh, you'll see."

"Yes... fufu. That's right. I wouldn't know if it wasn't for me."

Kanata laughs at the information she learns from Kate.That's how she told me.

There's nothing like that anywhere.

"What about it?"

"No, there's nothing like that from the beginning... just thinking about the possibility that your father is being asked by the enemy somewhere."

"I see...."

I'm convinced. Kite likes Kanata's words.Nevertheless, I was wondering where the data was stored.

"So, where is it?"

"It's my airship.They're supposed to send data there just in case. "

"Really... can't you do it over there?"

"Yes, but most importantly, it's McDawell Mansion now."

"When it comes to..."

"Hurry up, good. Just go back... I'm almost there."

Needless to say, there are no aircrafts here that can be described as Kanata's arsenal or mobile fortress.If there was any information there, all I had to do was check it.So, when they rendezvoused with Sola and arranged for them to hurry back, they left the rest to return to Maxwell all the way.