Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2171 Two Spears - Nakatsu

To devise a countermeasure for an instantaneous abnormality.And Kate and I headed to Nakatsu to get a weapon to compensate for his loss of power.They will travel to Nakatsu in an airship equipped with a new dimensional navigation experimental aircraft developed by the < < Uncrowned Forces (No Orders) > > engineering team led by Tina.As a result of the development of the "Transfer Gate (Gate)", in the airship that moved to the three-dimensional gap, the face was instantly blurred.

"Eh... what is this light?"

"Tina explained that some of the energy that comes out of blocking the powerful energy that fills the dimensional gap has been converted into light... but it still seems impossible to reproduce it perfectly."

As in the blinking light, Kite performs the operation taught by Tina to expand the color glass function to the front of the cockpit.And I stroked my chest down for a moment.

"Phew... but it's amazing... if there's really something called warp, it's going to look like this."

"Well... I don't even know if it's a boulder.I've never done warp before. "

"I think you'd be surprised."

"Still, I've never done it."

Kate laughs at the words of a little joke.Although warp is similar to metastasis, metastasis moves long distances in an instant, whereas warp only reduces travel time.

So it seems different, and neither Kite nor Tina can be different.It seems that there is a metastasis technique that utilizes magical flows such as the ground vein as something similar, but this is different from warp, which Tina explained.

"I see... but what happens if I touch this?"

"I don't know. Tina said she didn't know what was going to happen, so we shouldn't."

You're not going to do it?

"I'll be honest with you... well, then just keep going straight.Crush time appropriately.It won't take long. "

While laughing at the instant response, Kite sat down and lay down on the reclining of the cockpit chair.And that was him, but I noticed a lot.

"... oh, really?"

What's wrong?

"It's just too close.Nobody noticed that. "

Needless to say, the currently deployed shields are much smaller than those of the Throne of Heaven.As a result, the location of the shields and kites, which serve as light sources, were close, and therefore felt brighter than ever before.

"Ah, I see... is that always enough?"

"Maybe... I'll just go to bed and wait."

I don't think there will be any special changes in this state.Kite makes sure there is no problem with the shield being deployed and releases the shoulder force for now.Of course, it doesn't mean to be alarmed, but it will damage the timing of not being able to rest all the time on the move.Releasing your shoulders where you left them was a testament to a good warrior.Therefore, I decided to take a break for a moment after apprenticing to such a kite posture.

Well, can I see this airship a little behind you?

"Hmm? Oh, whatever. But don't touch too much except the electric switch."

"I know."

In response, Kite stood up from the co-pilot's seat.In that way, they would have squandered their time in their own way.

Well, the two of you left about an hour ago.At that time, he sat in the co-pilot's seat again.Needless to say, we are close to arrival.


"Ah, it was a distance this time.It didn't take that long. "

Kite was a little surprised because it's been a long time, but it's only natural that the travel time varies depending on the distance traveled.So put back the chair where Kite had been knocked down and get ready to fly at any time.

"Well... system check. Shield... yeah. Damage to the device has remained within our expectations."

"If it was broken, would you have acted as a substitute?"

"Ah... well, before it breaks, I'll be your substitute."

Before it breaks. Kite tells her while checking the status of the load on the shield generator displayed on the monitor.I can only say that this is natural.

If it breaks, it will damage the airframe.And we have no idea how long the spacecraft can withstand the damage caused by the energy in the narrow dimension.It's only natural that Kite has to deploy the barrier before that happens.And they knew it instantly.No particular doubt was raised.

"I see... how did you determine your current position?No, I'm not trying to figure it out, but how do you know that? "

"Hmm? Well, the current location index is simply grasping the dauntless position on the world map and time... but the general location is shown on this monitor.That said, it only says the time to arrive. "


In a blink of an eye, she peeks into Kite's monitor.It was only a very simple display and, as Kate had said, only the time remaining until arrival was displayed.

"What happens when this goes to zero?"

"There is a system that automatically goes out.If we put together such a difficult system, it will be difficult to operate. It's basically automatic. "

"I see... I can do it, too...?"

"You can do it. Well, once it's done, but..."

"I won't touch the prototype with a boulder."

She laughed instantly at Kite's words.The system that should be said to be the warp device was used for the first time this time, so I probably didn't know it, and I wanted to throw it when I heard it.In fact, it is.

"Keep it that way... that's good. On the count, you've lost three minutes. Senpai, put your seat belt on."


Confirm the seat belt again in an instant as instructed by the kite.I heard about the arrival time and Kate contacted me again five minutes ago, so I was already ready.Three minutes. When the count reaches zero, a crack occurs a little farther in front of you.

"The exit of the 'transfer gate'... is stable.Is it OK to increase output... warp out...?Well, it doesn't matter. In the meantime, move to the real world. "

For now, this move is experimental.Therefore, logs have been taken, and Kite seems to have read out each operation.Therefore, according to his words, the airship jumps out of the dimensional gap.

"Warp out confirmed. No problem... Location confirmed now... signal sent to the Nakatsu government..."

It has arrived. It's been a long time, Kite. "

"Wow, it's been a long time. Where are we now?"

It's a hundred kilometers west of Dawn.

In response to Kite's inquiry, I received a signal from his airship - Tina contacted me in advance and the lights were waiting for me - and the lights told me where he was.So Kite received the data.

"... I've checked. Hmm, the error is still terrible.I thought we were going straight ahead, but we're going north and west. "

Hmm. But this is how we test new technologies.Given the distance traveled, it would be reasonable to say so.Originally, it seemed like it was going straight even on an airship's journey, and in fact, I made sure it was flying straight by using fine adjustments. "

Well, I guess so.

The lights are especially good.Kite is so convinced and keeps the outbound data separately for now.When I finished storing the product separately, I decided to aim for "awareness" for the first time.

So, can I land at the airport?

It doesn't matter. I've heard it before.

"Sorry, I'll take care of you... well, I'll be back in about half a day."

"What are you going to do?"

In the meantime, I heard that I would be staying for a few hours in the capital of Nakatsu.Therefore, there was no doubt about it itself, but he was a little concerned about why it stopped.

"This time, we've only moved with experimental equipment.I want to check the system for damage.If there's no problem, we'll start over.Well, think of it as an early lunch break in the parking area.System checks don't do anything.Just waiting for it to end. "

Oh, I see.

That's easy to understand. Kate's response is instantly convincing.Therefore, they decided to move to "Dawn" and take a break.

Now, while docked at "Dawn" and performing system check of the airship,The kites sometimes had time to spare, so I had to get in the way of the lights.

"Well, I'm listening.I'm supposed to go to the boy with the weapon and the drink. "

"Ah... what about him?"

I've heard that too. Thank you for taking care of the < >. "

"Ah, no... that's just what I did."

The instant she shakes her head a little shy in gratitude for the light.From his point of view, that one incident was a child drinking alcohol came out of his own accord and went rampant, and he only fought with the help of that.I wasn't particularly proud of it.Nevertheless, lights and fires treat this as mere modesty.

"It would be helpful if you said so... Well, I didn't say thank you, but I also acknowledged your referral for the weapon. You can use it."

"Thank you."

The purpose of this instant visit to Nakatsu is twofold.One is to have Dai Hui confirm his condition and get advice.The other thing is to take advantage of the current loss of combat power and acquire weapons.

With regard to acquiring this inner weapon, from his current strength, it is impossible to endure mass production.Then there was only one item, and then there was a very high likelihood of negotiating directly with the weapon artisan.

"Hmm... let's get it ready by the time we leave.So, Kate, about the case, is it okay now? "

"Oh, what happened to that?"

"Mm-hmm. For now, I managed to get dressed. Do you want to see it?"


Kite also responded to the pleasant question of the lights.Upon his reply, the light rang his hand.

Somebody give Kate a picture of an example.

"Ha... here"

Hmm. Here.

"Whoa... oh, don't just look good on the driftstone.I can smile at his shameful face. "

Kite laughs at the photos given from the lights.The photograph he was looking at is peeked into in an instant.

"Who was this... during the Tenha Chaos Festival...?"

"Black feather round?"

"Ah, yes. I think I've been talking to you a lot... and then I've had a rough conversation..."

I completely forgot. I only saw it a few times, and there were some things I didn't talk about, and it seems that I hardly remembered Izna about the black wings.Nevertheless, this would have been helpless.

I tend to be forgotten about the "Lee Knight" incident, but the one at that time was originally one of the leading incidents in Ennephia's history.The damage was minor, so I just don't think so.It didn't leave an instant impression, but it wasn't impossible.

"Ahahah. That's right... well, he's supposed to be rebuilding a sword-blacksmith school called the Lotus Street.I was behind it, too.Is that the place to show off your name?Still running away as a blacksmith..... "

"I'm trying. At least he's showing more energy and skill than a young man who's just proud of his name."

"Really... oh, thank you. It's all right now."

Kite nodded at the progress report she heard from the lights and returned the photo to her.So the lights that received it moved on.

"Mm-hmm. So, that sister's lilies.For now, I'm ready to leave. "

"Oh, thank goodness. There were so many things I couldn't take you there."

"There's no way. The one thing that happened was that big."

If it was true, I didn't want you to take me back to the McDawell fleet where I was returning.While thinking so, Kite smiles slightly at what she couldn't.Therefore, it seems that she was still in Nakatsu, where Kite was supposed to take over.

"I'll pick it up for this return.Until then, I'll be back. "

"Very well. I owe it to you to revive the tree lotus stream."

In Kite's words, the lights show pleasure.After that, it was decided to spend time until the departure, with various exchanges going on for a while.