Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Chapter 2185 Two Spears - The Red Shadow Spear

The moment I fought another of my ancestors, Genryoko, on the 50th floor of "Dream Cave."As such, he will choose one of the four options as a reward for his achievement on the fiftieth floor.From the choices he made, he chose his new partner, Coo Foulin's handmade red spear.

In response to a question from a drunken child, he instantly named the red spear < >, and in one hand, he began to act again towards the lowest level.



< > Augur disappears in agony at the instant he starts a 51-story offensive in one hand.Apparently, the spear was quite a curse in light of the little praise the drunken boy had.

"... incredible."

In a word, if I could express my feelings, it was the only thing that happened instantly."Augur" is a monster that can't be defeated by newcomer adventurers, and it was difficult to destroy it with a single shot.Now it just sticks out a spear and vanishes.In a moment, he lowered his spear and stared at the red spear.

"What the hell is going on...?"

"... the instant death effect of the concept of death.It gives the concept of death to the very existence and kills it simultaneously... if it is a small thing that cannot withstand its power, it will disappear like it is now. "

"... I see."

I knew it, but this < > is still not a viable force.In a moment, I decided to pay attention to the handling of a spear that mimics < >, which Ku Hulin had stolen.

"Fu, hah..."

In an instant, he shakes his spear several times and drops his blood glue.With that alone, the blood glue fell off as if nothing had happened.And that's how he dropped his blood glue, but he feels some kind of sign at the edge of his expanded consciousness.


Something's coming. The blink of an eye moves slowly towards the wall on your side.Stand in the blind spot and wait a few minutes to kill your breath.White bones came into the small room with a dry sound.

(Bone... knight? What...?)

It's a monster I've never seen.Instantly, the heavily equipped skeleton knight was slightly alerted.And the moment I looked at the skeleton knight's back, the next moment I jumped up from the spot and shook < > into the wall.And then, for a moment, you'll be late.The white blade rips off where he was and chops off the wall.

"Damn! It was pointless to blind the blind spot!"

It was the moment he soaked his spear in the wall, but he gave up laughing and saying that his plan did not fit this time.The moment he gave up the ambush, he kicked the wall, took a large distance from the skeleton knight, and moved to the center of the small room.


To the skeleton knight, who looks at himself with a laughing sound, he breathes one breath at a time and calms his breath.But at the same time as I thought I took a breath, the Skeleton Knight disappeared at a slow pace.


Guin, a dull sound sounds, and < > a blunt white blade collides.It was a slight backsliding moment, but when I immediately recovered, I immediately took a forward leaning position and stepped forward, pointing my spear at the skeleton knight.

Hah! Huh!

This was a blow the other day.Instantly Modifies this opponent slightly upwards as a result of staying to blow up the Skeleton Knight.On the other hand, he was a skeleton knight who was blown away, but he stuck a thick sword on the ground with exactly like a knight and slowed down.So I slowly stood up. But the moment isn't sweet enough to miss that gap.So he took a step at the same time as the deceleration started, accelerating rapidly.It was fleshy in an instant.



The skeleton knight shakes the blade with a leaking sound.Plus, instantly focus on < >.

Eyes slightly open to the drifting red and black light.Apparently, < > reacts to his power and contains red light.And the red and black light grew all at once, knocking the skeleton knight into the wall before the instant attack.


"Kenshin, it's a force similar to qi.They're packing up their weapons... Looks like they're quite a pony.Come on, if you don't hold back, I'll eat and kill you too. "


I noticed in a blink of an eye a red and black light was spreading to me in the words of a drunken child.That said, he is not trying to eat and kill himself, he is simply trying to cause harm to him as a result of his uncontrolled instant.

"Phew... that's a lot different."

"Of course. What have you ever had that resembles a weapon?It's not a weapon. That's the weapon. "

"I see....."

When was the last time you had a spear with a body?Moments evoke it from the depths of memory.But I didn't have time to wake up memories like that.


Rubble and debris collapse, and white bones grow out of it.And the Knight of the Skeletons appeared from the rubble.

Are you still okay with this?

Of course. I have no attack power in this attack.The intention to attack was just to push him away. "

"I see...."

It was an incredible roar, so I thought it was definitely a high attack, but apparently the current blow was just a shock.In the blink of an eye, he stood again with his spear in confusion.


Focus your attention and instantly focus on < >.Then the red and black light once again dwelt in < >.That's how he was a long time ago. Reminds me of what I heard from Kate during the La Elite Civil War.

"Speaking of which... Kenshin? He said that he used such a thing to defeat his enemies, but like Kenshin, is there anything like a spear... a spear?"

Ah, as long as it's a weapon, I'll be careful.It would be easiest to understand with a fist. "

This one too?

At that moment, I presented Kate with a spear knitted with my own magic.On top of that, Kite shook her head.

It's intrinsic... but it's not that strong.Well, I created it myself, so I had no choice.If senpai had a real, powerful spear, he would have known.You don't know if this is the case, so think about it when the time comes.And if you know that, you'll be able to weave a magical spear. "

"I don't know... what should I do then?"

"How about a feeling of pushing and stopping the force inside?Well, you'll see.

Is that what it is?

At this time, I didn't have an actual spear, so it was almost useless to instantly talk about Kite, but now I have a spear.So I understood what Kite had to say.

(More, more convergence.....)

To the pulsating red and black light, it instantly pulls back to the spear itself through the magic that passes through it.As Kate said, I know how to do things naturally.In this way, the red and black light that was shining diminishes gradually, almost converging inside the spear.


In an instant, he firmly grips his spear and looks at the skeleton knight.That's how the moment kicked the ground.


With a slight roar, the spear pops out in an instant.And the Skeleton Knight held out his shield and intercepted.And the spear and the shield were violently clashed, and the shield was shattered with a loud noise.

It was in an instant that I was confused by the shattered spear.In light of the Knight Skeleton's combat power, he didn't think it would be as destructive as this.As fragments of the shattered shield dance around, the Skeleton Knight swings his fist toward the moment of a moment of confusion.


Danger. The moment I shook up my spear in a tough judgment, a small fragment of my shield blown away by the knight's fist pressure would create a fine wound on him.So the moment I played the Knight Skeleton Fist, I twisted myself and threw my spear out again.


The right hand of the Skeleton Knight and the instant spear collide.However, this result was visible, and the instant spear pierced the skeleton knight's torso while crushing the skeleton knight's right arm.


A red and black light was emitted from < >, swallowing the Skeleton Knight from the inside.After the red and black light converged, the skeleton knight vanished without trace.

"Phew... did you get a little scratch?"

Instantly, he pulls out a fragment of his shield pierced into himself and blushes his face for a moment.Physical damage was not much, but magic was depleted there.

"Okay... I think I wanted a healing pill when this happened..."

Greed. In an instant, she sprayed the healing pills on the wound and swallowed up the rest.I just cut myself a few minutes ago, saying I would have gotten the healing medicine.But I used another bottle.

(Is it still tougher than expected than on the 50th floor?)

I didn't know what the Skeleton Knight was, but I'm sure it's above B as the monster's rank.As these areas began to spread out normally, it seemed necessary to pay even more attention in the immediate future.


In a blink of an eye, he leans against the wall and watches < > while his wound heals.I thought it was a pretty powerful spear, but it was stronger than I thought.

"... maybe it's stronger than the lost power...?"

Perhaps even the skeleton knight ahead would have struggled harder if it were true.That's what I think about the Skeleton Knight ahead.A drinking boy told him that.

That's not true. That's your true strength.It can be said that I came here and put my weapon on correctly because I neglected it. "


"That's right... weapons are inseparable for heroes.It can be said that you, who lacked the weapon, have always carried the handicap. "

Ha, Hande. She smiles slightly at the point of pointing out a drunken child.

"... does that really mean there's no handicap from here on out?"

"That's right... that's why even if you lose, the excuse that the weapon is bad and just the weapon is good doesn't work."

"I've never done that."

"There's only one guy who says that."

The drunken child laughs at the moment when she looks a little annoyed.In fact, the advantage of knitting the spear with magic has never been regarded as a handicap.It will also be obvious from the fact that he did not take this matter for granted.During such a small conversation, the instantaneous wounds - sometimes minor in nature - were healed.

"Okay... it's dangerous even if you don't stop much"

Let's go. The moment I get up, when I get up, I turn around again.He then sharpened his senses a little and checked the surrounding situation.

(... the wind... is blowing... that way.In the meantime, why don't you go over there?)

We don't know where the wormhole leads to the next level.Then it was one hand to rely on the flow of wind.Then, for a while, the moment came to the front of the wormhole.


Even if you stay too long, you'll just be poor.The moment I understood it, I never immediately jumped into the wormhole.Then, in the next moment, he reached the next level - the 52nd floor.But there he was to open his eyes.


Previously, it was in a cave surrounded by rock walls, but now it's on a cliff wall with nothing to block it from.It was neither surprising nor impossible.But there was a shadow that responded to such a loud voice.


The sound of strange birds echoes around you.It was by accident, but it was easy to hear that there was nothing to block it.And the fact that there were no walls should have meant that there might be some flying monsters that had never exited before.Then instantly, when the enemy was confirmed in a hurry, < > was carried and the spear was knitted with magic.


A spear flew through the wall of sound, and he ran away with it on his back.If we stay here, the monsters that were summoned to our voices may gather.I had to leave immediately.That's how he started his attack on the 52nd floor.