Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Chapter 2188 Two Spears - vs. Heavenly Ghost

Kate, who came to Nakatsu with an instant, was unable to return from Nakatsu to Maxwell for a few days due to an order from his teacher, Skasaha, who had delivered his brother Ku Hulin to Enefia.Such a man, Ku Hulin, and the two of them in the blink of an eye, were challenging the "Dream Cave" in "Kohara" for the first time in a while.

The "Dream Cave" strategy ended, and Kite arrived in the boss's room on the 90th floor. However, he was waiting for a giant demon called "Tengokuki", a giant demon of mountains.Thus, Kite, who suppressed his fierce feelings and concentrated his mind in front of "Tengoku", stormed into "Tengoku" with < < 0 (zero) > >.


It was a kite who shouted and stormed, but before that, a giant gold bar was shaken down at such a speed that he wondered if the laws of physics were okay.After all, when I became a monster in this region, the laws of physics were distorted in the first place, and the speed was unlikely in view of the normal laws of physics.That way, a gentle blow beyond the speed of sound hits the ground.

"Ooh!? Yaaaa...."

Kaito laughs unintentionally in the air, blown away by roars and shock waves.The ground was no longer shattered and Kite could not help but laugh.

"... after all, momentum is not enough to kill me. Take it seriously."

It was a kite that compared the shattered ground with "Tengoku", but I was nervous when I saw this destruction on the boulder.He then turned < < 0 (zero) > into a sword.


Relative distance approx. 1000. Strong as combat memories.Kite reconfirms what she feels about a giant demon that has only been engaged enough with one finger."Tengokuki" took a big breath against the kite who made the observation.

(Roaring... < >)

Kate, who read through the next hand of "Tengokuki", said the name of the attack in her heart at the same time.A roar of powerful magic is released from the mouth of the heavenly demon.

It vibrated the vibration and surroundings, destroying everything except the ground where "Tengokuki" stood.The vast abyss of cavities is thus completely spherical.Kite, who fled destruction in an instant, continues to observe further.

(Singing indistinctly... Confirm that it can be handled. Equivalent to the speed of sound.Destruction by magic vibration. It can be offset by hitting the impact of the same phase... Offset can be dealt with at < > of the divine Yin Current. Melee combat possible)

Perhaps a rather careful person would have noticed that the abyss of Kite's standing was slightly rounded up.This is the only place Kite was offsetting.Towards him, a giant "Tengokuki" gold stick was shaken down.To do this, Kite dares to intercept from the front.

"Gu! Ah, it's so heavy as an idiot!"

It's a huge gold stick that matches the giant body of "Tengoku".Tens of thousands of digits are not enough weight."Tengokuki" shakes it down with supersonic speed.

Its destructive power and unimaginable territory.Nevertheless, Kite was keeping herself single.But his surroundings were so shattered and so powerful.That way, Kite can breathe just once.

"Phew... hah!"

The temper flashed. Kite shouted and put her strength into her arms.With that alone, a powerless "Tengokuki" gold stick was launched.To this, "Tengokuki" unexpectedly opened his eyes and became confused.It's only natural because it's not a business of ordinary people.However, one kite had a slight bitter taste with the kite.

(Can you rip it open? I thought it was just the same material... but if it looks like we can destroy it later, let's try it and turn it over to analysis.)

Apparently Kite was attacking with the intention of tearing the gold stick apart.But it wasn't worth it, and the gold stick didn't say a single crack, and it didn't even look like it was scratched.It was a gold bar that was launched like that, but suddenly descended again about a hundred meters up from the Daimun.


Seeing the sudden descent of the gold bar, Kite activates < > and leaves the scene.It passes through the groin of "Tengokuki" and moves in the opposite direction in an instant.He then moved in the opposite direction, but at that time < < 0 (zero) > returned to the pattern and was tied to his waist, forming the shape of the gun with his fingers.


At the same time as the eyes of Cut and Kite are opened, the rainbow flash from the fingertips spreads in a spiral.Then the rainbow-coloured helix struck the back of the "Tenguki" head.

(Ammunition... Attribute effects... Fire Attribute damage is reduced.Is the rest as usual?However, overall, the effect is weak.)

Observing the results of the attack, Kite decides that the magic attack is meaningless.That said, this was still a good one.When it comes to the area of "Tengokuki", it is rare that it is not fully equipped with conceptual defense, and it is a very easy category to stop mitigating against all attribute attacks - "Tengokuki" does not mean that it is an easy opponent.

"Tenguki" was shot by such an attack, but fell into a hole that he himself had built with a big stagger.Moreover, "Tengokuki" originally stood on a very small area compared to its giant body.It was supposed to be buried in a collapsed ground that could not withstand vibration.


This level is not the one to make sense.Kite saw a collapse that had to be said to be too small for the giant of "Tengoku", and he didn't chase after it.

Metaphor For humans, rather than burying them alive, even the amount of dirt and sand that is certain to be crushed, it would be about the extent that a blanket was hung from "Tengoku".Therefore, "Tengokuki" blows up like dust.As he woke up, he shook his left hand, which did not have a gold bar, down to the kite.


With her left hand swinging down, Kite throws an upper cut into her body like a spring and blows it away.That's how he jumped into the air with the extra momentum.

"Transform, < >"

At Kite's will, < < 0 (zero) > transforms into a giant spear.And Kite wrapped up the lightning and threw it down as hard as she could.


For a moment, the anguish of "Tenguki" rose.But even a giant spear as tall as Kite's, for "Tengokuki", it was only as big as a nail stick.Though it caused pain and itching, it seemed to be damaged enough.

"Chi... go back"

At the same time as Kite's instructions, < < zero (zero) > is only the original pattern and fits in his right hand.After all, the giant body was amazing, and at the same time it was troublesome for mankind.Then, to his left and right, who collected < < 0 (zero) > > in the air, both hands of the giant "Tengokuki" approached.


I'm not a mosquito.Kite laughs bitterly at the "Tenguki", which was about to be sandwiched by both hands like a human hitting a mosquito. < > ------------------------------Distanced, he now builds up rainbow magic with both hands and releases it.


Much bigger than the magical light strip that was emitted at the fingertips earlier, the light strip goes straight to "Tengokuki".However, trying to be so powerful was not so meaningful to "Tengoku".

(Damn... it's too big to fight ants and elephants.My firepower is too low... you know what I mean?Then... I have to cut about one trump card.Well, of course. This is the realm.I was hoping for more information... but in the end, there's nothing I can do about the size.)

Anyway, there really is a size ratio of ants to elephants.It is obvious that the semi-life firepower does not work for "Tengoku", and it is only a story of what to do for Kite who has been targeting hundreds of giant monsters.

However, dozens of attacks like the one used in "Tengokuki" will soon make me poor.Therefore, we were collecting information by launching a series of small attacks of this magnitude.In this way, the pressure of the kite that has completed some observation and speculation changes.


Hmm. If you dare to put on a pseudonym, it will instantly increase Kite's pressure.That's how he voted small.

"< >"

< >, a technique that Kite used against Demon King Tistinia 300 years ago - and won or lost in just a few rounds.A translucent dragon appears around him, following Kite's movements.

"Decepticons need their commensurate attack power... too much... but nobody else sees it, and it's a conservative, pointless battle.Never mind... hah! "

While wearing a phantom dragon, Kite takes a stand with her bare fist.Then, a kite and phantom dragon fist struck the face of the slightly overwhelmed "Tengokuki".With just one blow, "Tengokuki", a demon larger than the mountain, was blown away at a speed exceeding the sound speed.

We're still going!

Kate waves her fist again as she pursues the hypersonic "Tengokuki".Numerous punches by phantom dragons burst into the giant body of "Tengokuki".


The end of countless punches.Close to the other mountain, Kite tempered herself and knocked her fist into "Tengoku".The "Tengokuki", which accelerated suddenly, clashed violently into the mountain.The impact caused the mountain to collapse, and the giant body of "Tengokuki" was buried by the earth and sand of the mountain.

"... < >"

The next moment when the earth and sand seemed to have gone off for just a moment.Kite uses the < > of the God-Yin Current to completely disable < >.Then he punched his fist at the "Tenguki", which wiped out a large amount of dirt and sand by his < >.

Fuck you.


/(adv-to, adv-to) (on-mim) thump/thump/thump/thump/Together with the roar, "Tengokuki" fell into the ground.It was a "Tenguki" that got caught in the ground, but it seems that he finally came here to Tosaka.I raised my voice without magic or anything, and got up with great momentum.



She raised her eyebrows slightly to impress the "Tengokuki", who stormed her with a tackled movement.However, Kite gently avoids the tackle by < >.I knocked my fist into the flank with the knife I returned.


The mouth of "Tengokuki" is filled with a distressing voice, and a terrible amount of clams are scattered.Even more dramatically, "Tengokuki" shook the gold stick in a rude motion and attacked the kite.

(There is no trick or anything, it's just a swing. Not interesting)

Kite sighed as she saw the gold stick being shaken.Thus, he dared not move from the path of the gold bar, as if he were holding a stick just to round the newspaper that the child was waving, and took the gold bar of "Tengokuki" with one hand.

"... hmm!"

Slightly, Kite enters the mood.Then, the gold stick of "Tengokuki" broke apart and shattered into pieces, and the debris fell to the ground.

Even the temple demon couldn't conceal his confusion and dismay at the impossible.On top of that, Kite laughs with her nose.

"Hah... it's because you have a lot of wisdom.Without wisdom, there is nothing to be surprised about. Don't be scared. "

Too overwhelming. Kite was overwhelmed by the "Tengoku", a bunch of Rank S adventurers who finally defeated him.Thus, he decided to end the battle by storing the "Tenguki" gold stick shards in a sack with a waist.


The Phantom Dragon and Kite unleash < >.Then, the two < > swallowed the "Tengokuki", which became unable to move due to pressure, and disappeared without trace.