Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2197 Two Spears - Swimming in the Sky

In response to a request from the leader of the Hayahara family, Hayahara and Goken, Kate set foot in a labyrinth (dungeon) set in the basement of the Hayahara and Hanami cemeteries, one of the founders of the Union who had previously entered.

Such a man succeeded in attacking the dark first floor room with Yuri.We will continue to tackle the second floor as is.The two arrived in a mysterious space called a gravity-free meadow.What was floating in that space was a monster like a hundred-metre giant fish.On top of that, Kite and Yuri climbed up into the sky with a firm will to fight.


"Isn't it big?"

"Big deal."

Slow reaction ~

Recently, this size has become a mess ~

Kate laughed half mockingly and shrugged her shoulders at Yuri's stupid words.In the last few months, I've been fighting hundreds of meters, hundreds of kilometers, and eventually hundreds of kilometers of monsters.Even with this size, I was less surprised than the rumor.

"Feeling bugs. Feeling bugs.Normally, the National Army moves at this size. "


In fact, I was often told that a monster of this size appeared and was driven away.I think Kite is stingy.On the other hand, by leaping into the air, he noticed a monster like a giant fish.Blue flares overflow from protrusions like fujitsubo sticking to various parts of the body.

"... hah!"

Before the light spills out of Fujitsubo, Kite punches a giant fist-like monster in the nose with a straight fist.As a result of the impact, the blue light from Fujitsubo was overflowing like a volcanic eruption, and the heavens and the earth were cut into pieces and blown away.Towards the huge fish monster that blew up in this way, Kite creates a small sun in her palm.

"Blow it up!"

I won't give you time to get well. Kite grips and throws the sun as she laughs.Thus, the monster of the giant fish was swallowed up by the enlarged sun with the collision and disappeared.

"Well... did you do it?"

Which one?

Maybe not. Kite and Yuri waited for the sun to vanish.But at the next moment, the aurora was ripped apart by a blue light strip, and the sun vanished.




Can we ignore the blue and white light bars that seem to be homing for now?When Kite leaves the Light Strip intercept to Yuri, she creates the sun from her fingertips.The resulting sun spins around the hands at high speeds, and it turns out to be like a disc.


Kite laughs and sees a pale aurora overflowing the mouth of a giant fish monster.Then a blue aurora is emitted from the mouth of a giant fish monster, and at the same time he throws the five suns into a disc as a shield.


It is a disk shield from the colliding blue and white aurora and the five suns, where Kite kicks into the disk shield and pushes it all at once.In this way, the kite hides the shield of the disc that is being pushed in at once, and it thins into a giant fish monster at once.But the next moment.Yuri's voice flew.

Kite! Kite!


Almost simultaneously with Yuri's voice, a huge fish monster's jar overflows with pale light and particles that glow pale.And the moment I thought the blue particles were overflowing.The light bars emitted from the mouth further increased the density, pushing back the shield of the disc and hitting the kite.


Kite rushed to support the shield of the disc pushed back suddenly with her left hand.He then hit the disk shield with his right hand, which was trying to hit the giant fish monster at the same time as being meaty, pushing the disk shield back again.

"Damn! I was going to punch you in the nose!"

"It's not like the first Union Master and Hayahara and Hanami will fail to attack Dai several times!"

That's right!

Kite puts her foot on the shield of the disc to be pushed back again and dances it into the sky on the scaffold.As he saw a blue light strip passing under his eyes, he lightly turned and landed in the void.I rendezvoused with Yuri.

"Ahhhh... this is a hell of a beating."

Yes, we'll intercept again

"No, it's fine... um..."

Against Yuri, who tried to intercept the blue light strip, which was emitted from the giant fish monster by throwing the light strip again, Kite shook her hand into the alien space to find something.Soon afterwards, he took out the sheath of his sword with both hands.


When Kite throws the sheath of a double-handed sword, the sheath splits into countless pieces as if it were in the right shape.Each creates a shiny, translucent barrier to envelop the kite.

"What is this?"

"< > 's sheath.Vivi gave it to me at work. "

"Heh... isn't this bad?"

"Oh no, we have a three-dimensional fault due to pseudo-alienation.It's a first class defense. "

Kate laughs as she sees a semi-transparent shield that completely invalidates all of the blue light bars.It was not the sheath that governed the glory and decline of the kings of the most famous knights on earth.As it stands, Kite seems pretty tough to break through this barrier.Inside the sheath bulkhead of < >, Kite and Yuri hold a few operational meetings.

"Yuri, do you recognize him?"

"I don't know. If I fly that size in the air on a boulder, I wouldn't normally recognize it."

I see.

It's such a huge monster.If they do, they will certainly decorate one side of each paper's morning magazine the next day.As an adult, Yuri, as a teacher, is determined to read news reports from newspapers and other news agencies.There was nothing I didn't know.

"Is it a monster that only appears on another world or another star?"

"What a bahamut-like earth I saw in the cherry blossom library."

"Ahahaha. That's right... please don't call it the Bahamut."

It does look like < >, told by the myth of the earth.but I spend time as a gamer in Japan with Kite.As far as his image is concerned, the Bahamut is a giant Western dragon.I was reluctant to name it.Yuri asks him that.

So, what do we do?

"Hmm... cheap, but < >"

Keep it that way.

"Hmm, appropriate.The Union decides when it really decides. "

Kite herself seemed to think it was cheap.You look a little shy.Nevertheless, this is not the point.I just named it because it's not easy to call it.

"Well, that's right... so what do we do?"

"I don't know... I still don't want to use my powers upstairs."

This is still upstairs, no matter how bad the monsters get out.It is uncertain how many floors it is, but it is very likely that if you take it too seriously here, the aftermath will be troubled.And that's probably because we had a tactical meeting standing in the barrier like that.< > shakes his tail and accelerates rapidly.


"... ah, kite! This isn't bad!?"

That's right!

Kite and Yuri hurried away as they opened their mouths to < >.Apparently it didn't move, so I was about to be preyed on.Then < > passed through the sound walls directly beside them, wearing a sonic boom.

"Ah... kite, that"

"Aurai aurai."

and the moment to go right through it.Yuri taps Tonton and Kite on the shoulder pointing to the side of < >.But Kite noticed this almost simultaneously, laughing happily.Thus, the kite immediately chased < >, who had kicked through the void and passed by the side.

"Kate! Throw it!"


In contrast to < >, kites chase at super high speeds, but at linear distances, < > appears to have been faster.However, when Kite responded to Yuri's suggestion, she took her large hand and threw it as much as she could to accelerate it even further.

I got the weakness of a fish-shaped monster!

With a sudden acceleration by the kite, Yuri thins into the < > 's jar and throws two small knives into the jar.It was inhaled into the body of < > along with the air inhaled during acceleration, causing a small explosion inside.



Yuri plays a small guzzle as she flies back toward < > as she screams in agony.That's how Kite gets her back.


Kite! The marker set is good!

"Come on!"

Kite, who killed Yuri's momentum by spinning, places her miniaturized head on her shoulder and throws a disposable knife between her fingers into < >.It was a thrown knife, but it vanished in an instant.

And the next moment.A huge flash, visible through thick scales, burst into < > 's body.The result of the attack was confirmed with one thrown, and if it succeeded, the second one was used as a marker.As a result, countless scales were blown away by the impact from the inside and scattered in all directions.

"These hard scales are fragile on the outside...I gave you one to commemorate the scale. "

At this rate, I think I can handle it ~

It's an enemy that's going to be a little anxious ahead.

"Mmm... ah, the scale is beautiful"

Looking down at the slowly crashing < >, Kate and Yuri laugh slowly as they lose control of the flight.

The two people said that they were worried about the future, but there seemed to be no worries at all.Meanwhile, < > crashed into the ground, emitting a red and black discolored light strip from a protrusion near his back.


"... you're not coming this way"

Looks like it.

In the previous blue and white state, I drew an arc and turned suddenly toward us, but when the color changes red and black, the light bars that are fast but only show linear motion surprise the two of them.

But they didn't realize they were protected by the sheath barrier in the first place.The red and black discoloration is a sign that < > is angry.Attack was more than doubling.Well, if you look at these two, it would be double or triple, but there was no big difference.So Kite, who doesn't notice a significant increase in his attack power, is mistaken for simply increasing his speed.I decided to finish it.

"Ah, okay... hmm... I wonder if this is it.Yuri, just in case, I need a barrier around the arrow. "


At the request of Kite, who took out an arrow with a red and black hat, she deployed multiple barriers around the arrow in case Yuri was not intercepted.The green arrow was then attached to the bow and the kite aimed at the crack in the body of < >, which had been created by the earlier explosion.

"... fuu"

At the same time as Kate exhaled like a remnant of her heart.Arrows that entered the crack in a straight line exploded inside < >.He blew < > from the inside with countless flashes.