Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Chapter 2198 Two Spears - Rising

At the request of the Hayahara family, Kate decided to challenge the labyrinth (dungeon) that had been set up at the Hayahara and Hanami cemeteries, one of the founders of the Union.When he decided to go through the most challenging labyrinth (dungeon) with Yuri, he went beyond the first level to the second.

The second layer appeared to be a hundred-metre-class fish-shaped monster named < > by Kate.Then, after defeating < > with an overwhelming difference in combat power.Kite and Yuri floated in the gravity-free meadow.

"Hmm... it wasn't that strong, but it wasn't weak at the same time!"

"Agreed. Considering that Rank S comes out of the first place, this is certainly the most challenging place... and there will be plenty of traps that will be difficult to counter if you don't know what to do without gravity.Besides, the monster I've never even seen before... is quite difficult. "

What are the intermediate results so far?

"Enephia, let's do it as the highest difficulty"

In response to Yuri's question, Kite clearly states that it is the highest difficulty in Ennephia.And this, of course, was where Yuri agreed.

"That's right... suck, from my memory, it could get into five fingers."

"I don't know, I still can't get into five fingers."

Was there anything like that here?

"There are more than a hundred Dream Caves, our secret labyrinth (The Secret), Laelia's Cave of the Patriarchs, the Magic Tower of the Demon Clan, and the Mobile Labyrinth (Runners High) on the twin continents... these five are definitely higher than here."

"I don't know about the 'Dream Cave'... but others are convinced.Ah, what about the Infinite Corridor that Kite has? "


Looking back, there are many worse places than here.Kite and Yuri nodded as if they were impressed by the number of labyrinths (dungeons) that came out.

"Well, don't worry about the Infinite Corridor, okay?That's because I'm not ashamed of the name of the infinite corridor. "

I wonder. If you only look at the difficulty level, it's worse than here. "

Um, what's that?

Apparently there's still room for both of us.Both Kite and Yuri were relaxed.And as they were talking slowly, the pillars of light rose in the distance.

"Are you coming home from here?"

I think that's where we'll go next.

"Well then... let's go."


Yuri agrees with Kite.Then, kick the void and the two move on to the next level.


"Ah... it's good to have feet on the ground after all"

"You hardly ever get off the ground."

Apparently the third layer has gravity.Kite stepped firmly on the ground at the soles of her feet and agreed with Yuri inside.Such a man looks around to see the trap of this hierarchy.

"So... what kind of traps are we waiting for this time?"

"Hmm... what is it?"

"It looks like nothing happened when I saw it..."

It doesn't seem to be a system that can be seen or felt immediately as before.Kate and Yuri understand the status quo where nothing will happen.The two of them looked around a little and checked the situation again.

"... the ground is... a rock.I'm steady. I think I can do nothing. "

"There's no landmark... the size... hmm... a kilometer in all directions..."

"Hmm... what a nasty hunch..."

I don't know what happens. Kite puts her hand on the knife on her waist and prepares to be able to pull out the knife at any time.So nothing happens for a few seconds.Suddenly a gust of wind blows.




When the wind appeared behind her, Kite immediately turned around and threw out her sword.Then he slashes his enemies without asking questions.

"Uhh! Uhh! Yuri!"


I couldn't get rid of it. When Kite understands that her attack hit something hard, she kicks the ground and leaves immediately.On top of that, Yuri releases countless magic bullets to keep her from pursuing her.Countless slashes erupted from the soil and smoke that was born.


Ugh. Kite kicked into the void and descended suddenly into countless slashes.When landing with enough momentum to crush the ground, it immediately slashes the sideburns.However, the slash was mutilated by a slash that raised the slash.

"Whoa... that's a pretty deadly enemy since World War III."

"Kite, I'm coming!"


While listening to Yuri, Kite calms down her disturbed breath once.In this way, he recognizes the appearance of the monster by cutting through the soot and smoke.

"< >!?"


Kate shook her head clearly at Yuri's words when she saw the skeleton swordsman who appeared.And to him, the skeleton swordsman was already thin, swinging out the sword in both hands.


"Ah! Kite! Ooooooooooooo!"

Yuri, who is left behind by the law of inertia, wraps Kite's body around magic threads and pulls it back forcefully.At that sudden deceleration, Kite also made magical claws in the void and slowed down suddenly.The skeleton swordsman who was trying to target Yuri was rapidly attacked.


With the roar, the skeleton swordsman is blown away.But the blown skeleton swordsman showed off his skill and slipped on the ground and applied sudden braking.Nevertheless, using the gap, Kite wrapped the magic thread around Yuri and immediately rendezvoused.So she was scratching her forehead with cold sweat.

"Ahhhhh... what's that guy?"

"The subspecies of < >...I've heard rumors from Balan's old man.The old man said it was a legend. "

While gazing at the skeleton swordsman who slips on the ground and brakes suddenly, Kite adjusts her slightly disturbed breathing.So I checked the appearance of the other person to confirm his memory.

"Asura has more than one arm, but this one has two.It's even smaller than < >.The habits and movements are so good that the number of arms and body parts don't make any sense... no, on the contrary, the less arms, the more sophisticated the movements.And I have a thick business sword with both hands..... "

The skeleton swordsman reaches back while making a noise saying, "Squeeze."Then he shakes away the dust from the sword with his hands as if a man were to do so.Looking at it, Kite told me the name of the skeleton swordsman that Ballantine once told me.

"The name is" Razatten "... the strongest part of the undead system that becomes a swordsman.I didn't expect to see you here. "

I've never heard of it.

"Even that old man is a legend.Until I met this guy, I really thought it was just a yota story.Actually, the old man's never been in trouble either. "

Kate shrugs her shoulders at Julie's words.Looks like a rare monster to me.However, this rare reason lies at the apex of the ecosystem, but it is deceased.That's why it was so strong. That's why I thought Kite was going to take it a little seriously.


Kite also holds her swords in both hands.After a moment of adhesion.After all, it was "Lasatten" that took the lead.

"Fu... hah!"

With a large dagger in his left hand, Kite pushes the big dagger in his right hand toward an empty torso.However, "Razatten" shook up the other sword with both hands, and the trajectory shifted.Then, the moment both torso became empty for a moment, Kite started a summer salt kick.


Avoided. Kite understands the avoidance of Rakuten by not feeling anything on her toes.But that's fine, so he's about to bend over and land.Yuri, who had fallen down to match his summer salt kick, fired a magical light strip at the "Rakusaten" that was jumping back.



Instead of killing the recoil of the attack altogether, Yuri landed on his shoulder, while Kite springs her whole body forward.

On the other hand, the "Razatten" blown off by Yuri's shelling was slowing down by sticking a sword with both hands on the ground, but it was interrupted.He crashed his heel into the ground for a moment and flew countless slashes at the kite as he jumped slightly up with a recoil.

"Don't think I'm the only one with two swords!"

In response to the countless slashes that hit him, Kite holds a pair of guns and kicks the ground.Then, he narrows the distance even further and at the same time throws his two guns behind him as he closes the battle.


"And I'm Rod!"

When she handed over the double-gun to Yuri, Kite took out a stick about the same length as herself and pushed it into Rakuten.I waved down my sword with both hands until the "Razatten" knocked it off, but the stick didn't scratch what material it was made of.


A kite who bounced back an attack from a double-handed sword and fired a blow at "Razor Ten" continued to stick out the stick and aim for complete crushing.However, although Razatten took a blow to his ribs, he immediately recovered and fully pardoned all of his serial strikes.


Yuri knocked the magic gun into the attack and defense.It seems that your "Razatten" could not cope with this during the offensive and defensive battle against Kite.Although it is small enough to be shredded by a single shot because it is fired with two guns, it slowly and reliably gets a fine crack on the entire body.



Apparently, Yuri's support attack has been determined to be dangerous.For a moment, a powerful force builds up from Rakusaten, and the kite's rod flies away.So she ignored Kitty and tried to be crude to Yuri, but before that, Kitty had taken out her next weapon.

"Sweet! Haaaaaaaa!"

The next thing Kite, who lost his rod, chose was Nunchak, who had no crazy feelings.Thus, as he danced, he defeated the "Rakusaten", which was shaped to face himself.

And apparently, this is the way to settle it.The first direct hit, Razatten, was launched, where Kite knocked in a violent series of attacks.

"... fuu"

Dozens of hits in seconds, and Kite exhales one breath.And as he stopped, the "Razaten" that was floating in the air due to his blow fell to the ground.Leave the white flash on the inside of the bone.

However, this has not yet led to the slaughter of the "Rakusaten"."Razatten" slowly raised his hand and tried to stand up.

"... I'm sorry. It was too late."

Hmm. As Kite relentlessly tells Razaten, a rod that should have been blown off the skull first can be pushed.In fact, the flying rod was meant to be put up in the air without daring to recover it, and effectively used as a trap.

As a result of the complete crushing of the skull, the "Rakushiten" could not withstand the pressure released from the inside of the bone, and bounced and disappeared from the inside.