Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Chapter 2199 Two Spears - Master's Tactics -

At the request of the Hayahara family, Kate, one of the founders of the Union, decided to investigate the labyrinth (dungeon) inside the Hayahara and Hanami cemeteries.Such a man was approaching the offensive with his brother Ku Hulin, who split up instantly with Yuri.

After engaging the skeleton swordsman named "Razatten", who is also quite high in rank S, early on in the second layer.Those two were supposed to wipe their sweat slightly.

"Phew... I'm glad to hear from my old man about Razaten in advance."

"Why did you ask?"

"It was a coincidence... but now it's inevitable."

As a kite sitting on the spot and resting, he remembers before he became Duke in response to Yuri's question.Yuri asked him that.

"What do you mean?"

"I was just talking about Hayahara and Hanami.That's where the story of "Razatten" came up. "

"Hmm... maybe that meant here."

"Yes, maybe it's just like the other monsters on this planet."

If that happens, it'll be troublesome ~

Yuri also looked a little bitter in response to Kite's slight concern.The fact that you are not on this planet means that you have almost no information.

I'm not sure if "Rakusaten" came out by chance this time, or if "Rakusaten" or its approximate species will be chosen, and I don't want to investigate Kite, but I had to think that if monsters with no information continue in the future, the likelihood is high.

"The least I can do is save this place from dying and becoming an equal-end... because if a boulder gets more limited than Rank S, we'll have to issue a no-go notice."

"It's probably just us, so we're just doing something..."

Probably even a ranked S adventurer, depending on the pull, there could be a great deal of destruction in the second tier.That's how I speculate on the basic combat power of the monster that appears in both Kite and Yuri.Thus, Kate agreed with Yuri.

"Well... I wanted your help from the beginning, knowing I was in this realm.This was a complete coincidence. "

I don't think I'll try in the first place.

"That's better. The highest difficulty here should be kept basically limited..."

After acknowledging Yuri's words, Kate stood up with this inscription firmly in her heart.Good salt plums gave me a break, so I wanted to take off this level before the next one.

For now, let's make it to the tenth floor.If you really want to fight to the end, this will take time for the boulder. "

"Say, I don't have a stepsister to hang out with until the end.If you really want me to do it, I'll ask you to do it. "


It's still enough minutes per fight, but this is also where it takes so much time for kites to play the second tier.And even if it gets stronger from here on out, I'm glad to say that there's no chance that the monster will weaken.

This seems to be the limit from various perspectives, as we don't know how big this labyrinth (dungeon) is and, above all, how much stronger monsters will emerge from here.

"Now... then, let's go to the next one"

Next, I'd like you to use a normal maze pattern.

"You're in trouble over there."

Can we fight powerful enemies and deplete them, or can we force a coalition if we don't find a way out as soon as we're lucky?When asked which was better, Kite couldn't decide.That's why they shook Yuri's reply and went further through the worm hall.

"... yes, I've come to the maze pattern as you wish."

"Worst pattern maze ever.Kato, let's try to clear up the fog with the gust for now. "

"I don't think it's a good idea, but let's try it for now."

Then they arrived in an area with an elongated passage on the cliff wall.Of course, there is no fall prevention such as handrails in the abyss.Instead, it was filled with a thick fog that could not be seen a few centimeters beyond the edge of the scaffold.The location of the Worm Hall was unknown, even if the enemy was approaching.That's why Yuri fired a tornado at the fog.But it was pushed back slightly and nothing changed.

"... yes, thank you"

"That's right... this is troublesome"

It's the maze pattern you wanted.

"I wanted it, but I didn't want it."

Yuri's hope is a "simple" maze that is not covered in fog and can be reached to the exit at once.I didn't want anything that could attack the tunnel covered in fog.But I can't help it because it's covered.So now they're going to attack the maze.

Now, while the kites started the 3rd layer offensive, instantly Ku Hulin's mentor and brother reached the 3rd level here.But there were circumstances.

This time, Ku Hulin came to the labyrinth (dungeon) in the cemetery with the intention of practicing instantly.So one top to one bottom to suit him.It was set up for the advanced level.

"Hmm... moments. It's time you remembered your aerospace skills.No, not just aerospace magic, but magic in general. "

With a tongue and spear on his shoulder, Coo Hulin looks at what he's doing in the blink of an eye and affirms that.There was no problem with the movement itself, but it was only about somatology.A hero didn't have enough choices to have.And I knew it instantly.

Am I right?

"Oh, you don't have a choice right now.Simply... if you want to go above and beyond, you should also learn magic. "


That's because it's a respectable teacher's word.Instantly, he accepts the words honestly without any objection.Ku Hulin nodded one on this.

"Okay... well, it would be just right for you to learn the rune as a step-by-step.I'm learning the rules of fire and thunder.From there, it would be good to learn from other runes. "

As if playing, Coo Hulin floats several rune letters.These are all the magic he taught his wife Utahaha as his stepmother from her mentor, Skasahah.

Many of them are ancient magic that has not been passed down to modern times, and two of these were the runes of fire and thunder of the gods that were learned in the blink of an eye.Coo Hulin snaps his fingers at the runes of such a deity and wipes them out.

"Even so, they'll still be early for you on the boulder.If you're a beginner, ask Kite to teach you.He wouldn't complain if I told him to. "


It is because of its relationship that Kite has not been able to teach martial arts in an instant until now.Paradoxically, if Coo Hulin had asked, he could have responded as an apprentice.And so he laughs a little and mentions Kite.

"Well, maybe he's better off with the rune.He seems to be taught the secret by his master and Odin gods. "


"After all, he's my stepfather.He can teach us a lot more. "

"Well, that's what you said...."

Eh, stepfather. I remembered in the blink of an eye that Kite was in a flying position again, and I couldn't help but have an unexpectedly dry laugh.And when I remember that, I ask twice in a moment.

"Speaking of which... you're my master and stepmother, right?"

"Utaaha is the master's daughter... ah, do you know Utaaha?"

"Ah, yes. After all, Kate said they were... your wife, and now they're with you at Oife's."

"Is the kid with you?My grandson is my master.Ah, even from Kite, it's my grandson in law. "


I won't be surprised what comes.Coo Hulin laughs joyfully and instantly thinks so even though he loses his words.He'll check it out a little bit.

"Well, um... I heard that you did learn rune characters from Mr. Skasahah on the recommendation of Mr. Utaaha."

"Oops, Master, there's something about magic that seems like an extraordinary magician.You're not going to tell me anything about magic.That's why we all know these god runes. "

"... no, I was taught quite a bit when I was grasping the Runes of the Gods."

It would be amazing to know the lost rune in modern times.I think so instantly. But Coo Hulin laughed at this.

"No way. Our time was like 2,000 years ago.Even the gods are involved frequently.It's not so unusual to be taught the Rune of the Gods. "


So you didn't hesitate to teach yourself the Goddess Rune?Instantly, he is so convinced by the words of Ku Hulin.

"Now, fight while you learn how to use the rune.Basically, let's fight magic.That spear of yours now.He has the power to help with magic... but only power. "

"I don't want to help you activate the boulder."

In a blink of an eye, he listens to Ku Hulin's words and strengthens his grip on < >.Then the red and black force just swirled.


"Learn how to suppress it here.Perhaps if he could weave the rune, you'd be stronger. "


One moment he nodded in the direction of Ku Hulin.So for a while now, under the guidance of Ku Hulin, I decided to launch a battle centered on all the magic I could use right now, such as Runes.