Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Chapter 2209 Two Spears - Purchasing Department -

Kite reunited with Izna, who aims to rebuild the tree lotus stream as a black feather round.He listened to the current state of Izna from Daffodil, < > 's mourning god, who was protecting Izna's sister, and had a small conversation with the lilies in the flow.

At the end of the discussion, Izna came to a sales office located in the residence where she was staying in order to repair the magic equipment for storing the spear that was the subject of instant discussion.

"Hah... that's amazing. There's nothing but vegetables and other foods."

"Actually, there's everything. If you want vegetables, you can get them by going to the dining room.But this is how we put it... we have to find out where it is. "

"Well... that's true..."

The manager who runs this place is probably not going to sell anything.I think so while looking at displays that are not considered at all because they are placed narrowly at the moment.

In fact, the display is equivalent to being properly placed, and it was not even consolidated in one place with weapons, armor, paintings, etc.At first, there were signs of consolidation.Nevertheless, the lilies that temporarily acted as peddlers were just fine.

"Um... it was a magic tool for storing spears, right?"

"Ah... but you're looking for it from here... it's going to be a lot of trouble."

"Ah, no... I know where to go if it's more or less good. This way."


It seems we can find the object in this messy display.The lilies that seem to guide me, instantly round their eyes.Nevertheless, there are no signs of this situation.He decided to obey honestly.

"Around here... Since it can be stored in bulk as a basic weapon, it is rarely dedicated to spears.Dedicated is mostly one-off. "

"Heh... so many things..."

In a few moments, I even remembered how impressed I was with the variety of magical tools for containment.

"Is this... a necklace? This one... is for the earrings.Same as what Sora was doing... Hmm.... "

Which is easiest for me to handle?Instantly, I can work my head as I look at the magic tools for storage that are made in various shapes and applications.This will be involved in his weapon dealings in the future.Seriously, one of the kites was using the power of his familiar eyes to find various things.

"Hmm... is this an eastern Tengawa teapot?Something wrong? "

"Ah... Tenkawa Stream, I'm sure the monster attacked my lord about 200 years ago and died.And if my father were to come here alone... would it be the Tengawa Current? "

"Look, this tea ware... is that common in the Tengawa Current?"

"Seriously... you left a good one... hmm... but it still tastes bad."

I'm still doing this messy placement.The excavations of the greats who were really active in the first class today, as well as the apprenticeships of the greats who were no longer famous as masters, were asleep.As they looked at each other, they muttered.

"... should I train my eyes too?"

"Keep looking at the good stuff, and you'll see the really good stuff at the end.If you want to train, you have to keep seeing good things in all fields. "

"Well... I'm not very good at art."

"If you're not bright in art, you don't know the true good or bad of a spear."

"I see...."

The words of the lilies beat me in the blink of an eye.This is what happens when the younger girl points out how things are viewed by the boulder.Unfortunately, when I looked at Kite's condition, I was told it was true.I had to work hard. That's why he looks at the set of magic tools for containment again.

"Hmm... mmm"

What's wrong?

"No... if you like, how do you use these?"

Use magic tools for containment to carry.I understand this instantly and can be convinced.But I didn't know how to handle this.

"Ah... these magic objects are designed to be small and stored.The way you do it is no different from all kinds of magic tools. "

"Really... hmm... the owner? Can you try it?"

"... hmm? Oh, what? Isn't it cold?I thought it was only cold because I was with Lily. "

"Eh, eh...."

You went back to reading a book just by glancing when you came in for a reason.In an instant, the clerk accidentally twitched his cheeks as if he understood the customer with his own voice.Putting a magazine that the clerk or owner was reading on him, he slightly raised his hips from the chair where he was sitting and returned to the customer service face.

"Well... I'm the owner, the store number, and the manager.The guy in this dorm told me he's the head of this shopping department. "


"Ah, Sleepy, don't look like that.I still collect things that have broken or broken.I'm just saying, "I'm not on display."

Hold it down. The lilies raised their eyebrows slightly - and the instant they were pulling down quite a bit - and the shopkeeper raised and lowered his hands in that way.He tried to get back to the customer service again, but that's why he noticed Kate and Yuri.

"Oh? Oh, brother. What is it, with you?"

"Hey... is there anything good?"

"Do you know him?"

"Hmm? Do you know that kind of slumber?"

Apparently, I knew Kate - and when I saw what she said about her brother, it seemed that she knew both of her brothers - but the shopkeeper looked at where the lilies knew Kate and tilted her neck.And as always, Kite answered looking for something.

"Next time we'll take the kid back.It is part of the support for the Guren Stream.Studying blacksmith while taking care of children is hard.Especially the Lotus Stream. "

"Hmm? Ah, no... I see. I'm sorry."

There are black feather circles.He was the shopkeeper who tried to say that, but he remembered that he was not his brother to admire Kurobumaru.I apologized with a slightly bad face.So he decided to tell a serious story so as to escape a little.

"So, I think it's your favorite excavation... oh, I think there was a knife somewhere.I wonder where it was. "

"Hey, knife... as usual, I'm not going to clean it up, so I'm going to have to find it."

"I know where I am."

I don't think I'd look for it if I knew.Instantly, I think so from the bottom of my heart to the owner who is looking for the desired knife while having a conversation with Kite.And the owner suddenly turned to him thinking about that.

"So, your brother. Feel free to try it.You're right to wear it or you won't know what it feels like. "

"Oh, oh, I'm sorry, but I'll let you sweeten your words."

Because I was suddenly shook up by a conversation, it seems that my reaction was delayed for a moment.Nevertheless, as soon as he regains consciousness, he wears magical instruments of the kind that are worn on the earrings he has taken.


In a blink of an eye, magically aiming at the spear you were carrying while passing magic through the containment magic equipment attached to the earrings.Then, it was really stored in a magic tool for storage.

"... you're not surprisingly heavy."

"They say the interior is small, alienated."

"I see....."

In other words, there is a limited amount of space inside the magic tool that holds things that Kite is using.That's how you judge when it comes to supplementing your lilies.And then the shopkeeper called out to him.

"I think a necklace would be better for you, brother.Sleeping Lotus, let me out of the wooden box on the shelf. "

Ah, that's it.

"Oh, that would suit you best.I am not too careless and the design is not bad.It's easy to hide because it's on your chest. "

The owner of the shop was looking for a knife for an excavation that was meant for kites, but surprisingly, he had a good look at the instant, and furthermore, he was right about the location.

Well, despite that, I didn't find a knife.Aside from that, with the advice of such a shopkeeper, the lilies checked several crates from the corner of the desk and instantly presented one of them.

"What is this?"

"It is a necklace-shaped magical instrument for storage.It's a popular object that makes it twin with earrings. "


Sure, I was just about to try the next necklace type.In an instant, she receives a wooden box from a lilies and opens it.Then there was a necklace with clear magic stones like a ruby.

"This is... quite different from what I just said.Isn't it a little too stylish? "

"That kind of thing... I think it suits your brother."


Although it is slightly stiff, it is the word of the store owner, so I accept it and hang it on my neck at once.So, I tried to store my spear the same way as before.And as they watched, Kate and Yuri leaked a slight exclamation.


"Heh... it's a very elaborate design."

"Hmm? What do you mean... hmm?"

Even though it was as clear as a ruby until now, the moment I stored my spear, I was slightly surprised at the magic stone that appeared like a cat's eye.Necklaces like the ruby earlier were stylish, but this was also a stylish design.

"Like a cat-eye stone?If you use red poorly, you'll feel terrible..... "

"Besides, if you make a bad design, it looks like a female object... but this is just the right color adjustment and it's not bad for men."

"Oh, I see. At first glance, it doesn't look like a magic tool for containment."

"Isn't that right? I was wondering if a spear would do that.I just saw a good brother's spear, so I recommended it.Well, it was originally a technique of putting a spear inside and making it look like a red branch... but it looks like your brother's spear is just as good as salted plum and lined up with the same color. "

The shopkeeper laughed a little happily in praise of Kite and Yuri.Apparently, after looking so far, he recommended it instantly.

"Red branch..."

"It was just right.I think it looks good on you. "

"... oh, I'm sorry, but I'd like you to keep this. How much is it?"

"Whoa, wait a minute... oh, yeah, I left it here the other day.I remember... this is for my brother. Take a look. "

The owner of the store who received the instant word handed a wooden box containing a knife to Kate, who was just found, and entered the instant accounting.

"Er... uh, it's this guy..."

Is the price tag on this crate different?

"Oh, yeah, that's it."


Instantly points to the price tag that was on the wooden box, and the owner who received it clearly states that the price is that.After that, he instantly gave the right amount of money from his wallet.

"Yes, just in time. I don't know... do you want to wrap it up?"

"Oh, no, it's okay."

"That's right... where is it?"

"No... it's not too expensive.I thought it would be better if it was higher than the one that the kites would praise. "

"Ah... everything here is made by the apprentices.They also have professional shyness, and they are in a position to make it with taxes in the first place.Even a good product can't be expensive. "


Speaking of which, was this a state-run facility?I am convinced by the words of the store owner.And Kate, who was looking at the knife, told those two.

"Well, you can basically rest assured about the quality.A shopkeeper of such an abominable character, but a good eyesight.All we have here is some quality assurance. "

"Don't admit it's bullshit."

"Please don't admit it...."

Sleeping lotus dropped his shoulders to the owner laughing joyfully.At the same time, she also acknowledged the skill of the shopkeeper, and actually acknowledged that the items here were good products.

"Ahahah... well, that necklace type is more than twice as expensive. It's a good deal."

"I see....."

Are you still not studying in these areas?Instantly, I saw a necklace type magic tool that put my partner back in Kite's words.It was small and stylish, but at the same time it seemed like an adventurer with a size that wouldn't get in the way.While looking at him like that, Kite tells him.

"Hmm... it's not bad, but it's not good. You deserve it."

Do you have a family word for a blade?

"Well... is there anything else?"

"I don't know... I like the Tengawa Stream I just saw..."

In response to Kite's inquiry, the store owner makes a little memory and remembers the prosperity and products that Kite likes.

"Ah, there may be a few, but it's subtle if it comes straight.Well, shall we take a look? "


Kite nodded to the shopkeeper's suggestion.Apparently, there aren't enough items to make me say I want them, but they are for Kite to judge.Therefore, they stayed in the shopping department that was co-located in the Mansion for a while.