Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2218 Fighting the Warriors - Offer -

Regular joint military exercises with adventurers.Kate decided to participate in it with a suggestion from Lantellija, and at the same time returned to reprimand Kuzha and others at the Duke's residence for hiding from herself despite a request from the McDawell family, but it was Tina who waited for him.

It pointed out the deficiencies in the way things have been done so far, and at the same time, it was decided that Kate would review the plan by herself.And in that flow he thinks about the scale of the matter and decides on a proposal to Emperor Leonhalt.I was supposed to return to the guild home of the Adventure Department to prepare for my journey to the Imperial City without seeing Kuzuha and the others.That's why Kuzha was talking to Tina while he was back.

"Hah... thank you. I was right to consult with my sister."

"I don't mind. I told you to hide it from me."

"Surely... you told the receptionist downstairs to hide it?"

"Hmm. If that one had joined, it would have been a mess... Well, even if I had listened to it at the time, it wouldn't have shown up.At that time, he himself had judged that his strength had not reached the level of participation. "

As I was told earlier, joint exercises between these adventurers and the military are conducted on a regular basis.And, of course, that's what the McDawell family does.

It's no wonder it was originally in Kite's ear, but it wasn't very open this year because there were too many things, and I adjusted it so that Kite couldn't participate even if it was open.If you don't do it, Kate will tell you not to do it, and you'll be sure that he's involved.

Yes...... but if it's Oniisama now, you want to participate actively.So, depending on the flow of the story, oniisama was likely to participate, so I hid something from you for a while... was that a good idea? "


Certainly. Tina sighs at Kuzha's words.As a matter of fact, if they both got into Kite's ears, they thought it would be related to the Alliance.In that case, I was discussing that I would try to make an excuse in time, but this time I was lucky enough to distract Kate while I was talking to Lord Heisenberg Jake.

"Well, good. In the meantime, prepare your troops.I'm not sure it's going to open. "

I see... what do we do with Mr. Quinn and the others?

"Then... well, there's no reason not to say it, and even if you don't say it, it'll only bother you."

Okay, so... that's what I'm afraid of.

"Don't tell me... I'm scared too much"

Tina also shrugged her shoulders at Kuzuha's words.Until now, Quon and the others have not shown interest because it is just a military exercise as a normal business, but it would be different if Kate and Tina were to arrive after the scale has grown so far.

And there is no reason not to talk to the dukes in view of their character more than the Dukes move.I had no choice but to talk. Therefore, Tina and Kuzuha both moved toward the exercise with salted plum, which is relieved, anxious, and so on.

Now, the day after Tina and Kuzha decided to carry out a joint military exercise.When Kite was ready to travel, she used a dedicated ship to enter the Imperial City.

That said, I didn't have any urgent business, so if I could talk in my free time, I only thought about it to the extent that, but there seemed to be some time that was out of my life.He was sent early to Emperor Leonhart.

"I heard from Lord Heisenberg.Joint military exercises, and "

"Yes... in view of the situation today, it depends on whether we should further develop the joint military and adventurer exercises that are normally conducted.So let's talk about it. "

"So, are you two public?"


Kate and Lord Heisenberg Jake bow their heads to the words of the entertaining Emperor Leonhalt.Kite came all the way to see Emperor Leonhalt because there was Lord Jake Heisenberg in the Emperor's capital, and he seemed more serious than he was here.Well, I don't think there's any need for three of them, but that's where it is.Anyway, Emperor Leonhart thinks only a little about Kites' suggestions.


There are many things to think about.Coordinate appointments and whether or not you should take the lead.If so, who will participate and who will be left as a response in the event?

Even though it was an exercise, it was necessary to think of many things beyond moving the army on a large scale.He therefore asks Kate and Lord Heisenberg Jake what they have to ask, thinking in a thought circuit that divides several things.

"I want to ask the public. Do we have to hurry up with this exercise?"


"Or... Lord Heisenberg?"

"Ha... it was Justina who decided to implement it as a family in the first place.We're making progress, but it's not ready yet. "

"Whether or not..."

I don't know what to do. Emperor Leonhalt sinks into the sea of thought for a moment and thinks about policy.Even with him, there is no reason to refuse the offer from Kate and Lord Heisenberg Jake.If only five dukes can move, we can show each country once again the seriousness of the empire.

So he decided to come to this conclusion from various aspects.But for that reason, I had to ask.

"... okay, I want to ask Lord McDawell.If so, who is in charge of the entire Imperial Army? "

"Ha... I'm sure that's Lord Heisenberg.A mentor in the tactics of His Majesty Emperor Wistarius, known to my friend as a rare wizard.Along with my adoptive father, the wise man and the noble one. "

"Excessive compliments."

"Hahaha... no, it's probably true.I'll agree to that.Nevertheless, do you understand that the question of who is the best is yours? "

Emperor Leonhalt asks Jake, the Duke of Heisenberg, who has shown modesty.But on this, Lord Heisenberg Jake smiled and shook his head.

"Well... I don't understand.Depending on the circumstances, the Commander must be chosen.I don't think so, Your Majesty. "

"Hahaha... I do understand.But assuming everything is perfect, I think you are the best.It would be reasonable for the public to be appointed commander-in-chief, both as a position and as commander-in-chief of soldiers. "

"Well... I know it's going to be one of the choices."

"Hmm. One of the choices, but one of the best at the same time.After that, in view of the location, enemy forces, etc.Of these, the cheapest card is yours. "

"I won't deny it."

It is best to think of yourself in a composite way.Lord Heisenberg Jake nodded on the assumption that under the circumstances.I couldn't afford to talk about the strategy.The reason I talked so much was because I had to.

"Hmm... if that's the case, I'll ask publicly.Who do you think the public compares to you?Yeah, pull me out.I'm going to be the last one, or if it makes a strategic sense. "

"Hahaha... if that's the case, there's nothing else but Justina.If I am good at running averaged soldiers, Miko is good at running powerful units headed by Kite.I don't know which is better... but this is the difference between the main battlefield and the battlefield. "

I wonder...

This is nothing but speculation.The three think so about Tina's mastery as a militant.Nevertheless, this was also true.Therefore, Emperor Leonhart then asks Kite.

"Lord McDawell, what assumptions would you make if you were to entrust Lord Justina with overall command of the entire army?"

"Hah... well, first of all, after you've broadly reported your return with me, maybe you should use it as a detonator.In that case, you might want to make me General. "

"Hahahahaha. You can see the future the General is pushing into... hmm.But this time, please don't do that. "


Without that, hey. Kite gets a little wisdom around the demands of Emperor Leonhart.

"... well, is it reasonable to direct behind Kuzuha and others?It's Kuzuha and the others, so we'll use our battleship as our flagship, and then we won't have to hide it anyway. "

"Is that still appropriate?"


I don't think there's anything else.Kite nodded clearly to Emperor Leonhart's confirmation.Emperor Leonhart tells the two of them whether he saw the policy he should be pointing out.

"Okay... then, the policy has been decided.Somebody! "


In the words of Emperor Leonhart, one of the civilians who stood beside him appears.There were two dukes, so I left my seat, but I needed more men than I gave instructions.

Send a message to the Heisenberg, the Duke, the Grand Duke, but not the McDawell.

"Ha... what's the content?"

"Conduct joint military exercises with the combination described below.In addition, a messenger will be dispatched from the Imperial Capital to supervise the exercise.Follow the messenger and decide. "

"Sure... are you sure you want to do this?"


Emperor Leonhart nodded clearly to confirm the civilian.After giving instructions, I also gave instructions to Kate and Lord Heisenberg Jake.

"Lord Heisenberg, Lord McDawell. I want the public to do exercises in both houses ahead of the other dukes."

"Hmm... I see. Will it happen three times?"

"I see. Yeah, practice three times.Once as a show. That's what I think. "

In response to Lord Heisenberg's query, Emperor Leonhalt nodded with a smile.Having read through his intentions, Lord Heisenberg Jake made another contribution.

"If so, how about giving instructions to other subordinates to organize exercises by region?"

"I see... that's certainly good.So... no, is this good now?Do we also need to send a supervisor? "

"Your Majesty's orders, of course."

"………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Lord Heisenberg, I don't know where to run this huge exercise, but does the public know anything? "

"Hmm... joint military exercises in the entire Imperial Army are rare."

It wasn't nothing, but at least it's much smaller than what we're going to do this time.Lord Heisenberg Jake remembers 700 years of history, and I don't think there was anything as big as this one.

But I can't tell you that there is no such thing anymore, and there is also meaning and significance to this time.Well, I'll do it now, that's all.He then recalled the numerous incidents and exercises that had taken place in the empire and came to conclusions.

"... if that's the case, one. In view of the scale of this exercise and the current situation today, there is an optimal solution."

What's that?

"Fort Entertainment. In a situation once described as desperate, it would not be a bad choice to practice in a place that has won a miraculous victory."

"Hoo... Lord McDawell, please"


In response to Emperor Leonhart's question, Kite summarizes her opinion only once.I think about the size of the land.

Lord Heisenberg, I want to ask you one question.

What is it?

"West, are you sure?"

"Of course not."

"If so… I agree with Lord Heisenberg.It would be a good thing to do it on the inside. "

"Hmm... if that's the case, then it's decided."

Emperor Leonhart nodded one by one to Kite's judgment.He then concludes with a clear statement about the schedule.But that face was somewhere fun.

"I will not go to the boulder yesterday today, so how about in a month and a half?Can the aristocrats from all over the country do the exercises in a month? "

"Not to mention...."

If it were, it wouldn't take me a month.

"Hahahahaha. Don't tell me... I can see it now.I don't know how soon I'll be able to respond to my orders. "

Enephia has already been hit several times by events that have shaken the world.Everyone must know that it is no wonder that it happens again.You know it's not an impossible story to destroy a city with a brief delay in deploying.

If so, I had to do the exercise even if they told me to do it immediately, regardless of scale.Is it ready?Emperor Leonhart wanted to see it.

"Lord Heisenberg, when will the exercise take place?"

"Let's do it within a week.We're still working on a more detailed schedule. "

"Hurry, show the world that House McDawell and House Heisenberg are different."


Kate and Lord Heisenberg Jake bow their heads to the expectations of Emperor Leonhalt.The two dukes then hurried back to their territory to prepare for the exercise, and Emperor Leonhalt was to work for the whole army.