Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2219 Fighting the Warriors - Support for Exercise -

After receiving a contribution from Tina, Kate made a contribution to Emperor Leonhart on the implementation of joint military exercises.Emperor Leonhalt, who received this, decided to further expand the scale after receiving a proposal from Lord Jake Heisenberg, who was also the proponent.

As a result of the decision to conduct joint military exercises by the entire Imperial Army, Kate and Lord Heisenberg Jake returned to their territory as quickly as possible.So Kite, who had returned to Maxwell, had returned to the Duke's Mansion before returning to Alliance Home.To talk to Tina.

And now...

"That made me grow up all at once.Will adventurers naturally join you? "

"It's an exercise looking at the actual battle.That's why I was asked to negotiate with the Union. "

The exercise was originally scheduled to take place in the five dukes, but if you come back, it will be an exercise in the entire Imperial Army.Tina was surprised at the boulders, but judging from the current situation yesterday, she decided it wasn't a bad decision.I accepted without objection.Once again, she confirms Kite's request.

"Hmm... and for now, I want you to make a deal with the Heisenberg family."

"Ah, Kuzha and Aura are enough for the McDawell family.If it's a deal with the outside world, I'll leave it to you. "

"Well, the opposite is fine... no, if you're going to watch the actual battle.Yeah, okay. Fastest, huh? "

"Quickest, how long it takes to make a decision, how neat it is to move your troops, and how perfect it is to practice.We need to show it. "

In response to Tina's confirmation, Kite made it clear that she was the fastest and, together, spoke of Emperor Leonhart's intentions.Anyone can do hands-on exercises.How well can you practice?Show it. In view of that, Tina was the only one left to deal with.

"I wonder... is" Lee Knight "next?"

"Oh, I'd like to get used to using the Transfer Gate."

"Hmm... I'm sure that's important. Perfect."

Until now, Kite has used the "transfer gate" several times.But that's all about the war era 300 years ago.Therefore, it seems that he has not used the "transfer gate" for more than a decade, and he wanted to get used to it so as not to be confused.


"So, are you going back to Alliance Home?Or is it going straight to Lee Knight? "

"I'm going back to Alliance Home once, but I'm going to stop by Ayul and come back."

"Hmm? To the Cardinal of the Holy Nation?"

Tina leans her neck at Kite's sudden appointment.To this, Kite explained the reason.

"Rufus and the others. When I think about how to treat them, is her permission necessary?"

"Mm... that's right.Until now, as part of the work of the Adventure Department, I was asked to participate, but I could use it... I'm sure things will be different this time around.Is it important to get permission from the Holy Nation? "

"Well, if you want me to check through her, or if she's alone, I'd like to hear from her."

Kite laughs and explains her thoughts to Tina immediately.Kite still doesn't know if they're going to participate, but it's certainly a situation where they have to get permission to do so.

If so, it would have been easier to talk from the inside than to talk when needed.So when Tina leaves, Kate decides to go to the Luxerian church alone.And there was the appearance of an eddrum who guarded as usual.

Yeah? Kite? What's the matter with you?Is Alice picking you up? "

"? Is Alice here?"

"What? Didn't you know... oh, no... did Alice say you were going to the Imperial Capital right now...?Did you say you were coming back today...? "

"Yes, that's it. So I need to talk to Ayul about it."

Apparently, Alice said she was coming, and she understood Kite's situation very well.On this occasion, he will also announce his arrival and apply for a peek.

"Well, maybe after Alice is done."

"What did Alice do?"

"There is something in retreat magic that is effective against the Dead Spirit, so let's hear it."

Previous research has shown that Ayul was in the department of purifying the dead spirit in the first place.And I don't suppose I'm hiding anything about it, and there's no reason why Alice, who's from a religious country and the daughter of the famous Westlitter, doesn't know about it.

Given the situation, it was no surprise to ask for her advice.And as for Ayul, if he was a kite, he was instructed to pass, and he was allowed to pass inside.

"Hold on a second.I'll tell Ayul. "

"Thank you."

A place that went further through the auditorium in the church.Eddrum leaves the kite behind and head back, passing through the living area.When she was alone, Kite would wait for a while.

"Hmm... looks like something's changed."

Currently, there are no suspicious movements in the Holy See either.Kite once again remembers something about the Holy Nation in the church.However, nothing special has happened so far as I can remember, and it was calm when it came to your side.That's why he gets free early and looks around the room.

"... but I don't think there's anything there..."

This place is, dare I say, like a waiting room.Since it is a private area ahead of this, basically kites are not allowed in either.So he was looking for something in a room with almost nothing, but he noticed that there was a tank in the sun.But there was no sign of any creatures swimming in it, but the water was circulating.

"Is this... the Green Cosmos I got earlier...?"

Green Cosmos, also known as the Emerald Flower, is unique to Enephia.The fertility was very troublesome for Yuri, and she said that Ayul would be the only one growing it in Maxwell.But as she looked at the seed, Kite slightly tilted her neck.

"... moss...? Or... is it rotten...?"

There was something harder before and it looked like brown stone.Kite leans her neck against a seedy Green Cosmos object in a strange state.

"It's not moss, it's not rotten."


"Green Cosmos absorbs magic from water during germination.At that time, a special juvenile root peeks at the face.The green one looks mossy, but it's the young root. "

"Heh... hmm?"

Kate was impressed by the explanation of the pleasantly laughing voice, but tilted her head as she noticed the voice.And he found Ayul right behind him.There was no hostility and I was interested in the tank, so I didn't seem to notice.


"Ahahaha. It's been a long time."

"Ah, hah... oh, it's been a while."

"Welcome back."

"Oh, Alice, I'm home."

Apparently Ayul and Alice came along.She was with Ayul.She told Kate that she was slightly surprised.

"I think I've never seen Mr. Kite surprise me."

"Ahahaha... I'm surprised, too.Especially this time, I was focused on this.Unless it's hostile or harmful.... "

A little shy, Kite explains to Alice.Rather than being precisely unaware of existence, I did, but I overlooked it.You might say you didn't care.That's why he told Ayul.

"Anyway... I've never seen the seeds of Green Cosmos germinate before.This is what happens. "

"Yeah... my mom realized it by accident at first."


Kite leans her neck at the pleasant Ayul's words.And Ayul nodded.

"Yeah... I heard it was originally soaked in water by mistake with another species.So he forgot to immerse himself in it, noticed it later, and looked in a hurry, and noticed that a strange green object was stuck, and he left it to try. "

"Then somehow it germinated."

"Yes, so Green Cosmos learned how to grow, remembering that it grows by the water and where the magic of the water is full.After that, we'll look at the details and find out the optimal fertility method. "

"Does that mean... you don't have to put it in the water anyway?"

Summarizing Ayul's words, this is the case.Alice, who was listening beside her, asked curiously.And Ayul nodded.

Well, let's see. Nevertheless, it's always a hassle to give the magic of the water attribute, so it's easy to immerse it in the liquid of the restorative medicine that has soaked the magic of the water attribute. "


While listening to Ayul's commentary, Kate and Alice once again look at the seeds of Green Cosmos with their green roots peering into their faces.From here, they're absorbing magic filled with water.

"Anyway... your mother must have been surprised.I can't believe it was such a rude breeding method. "

"Yes, I remember being childish.My father was just as surprised. "


Everyone will think so.Kate thinks and thinks she and Alice are surprised.That's why we talked about Green Cosmos for a while, but we can't spend any time here.That's why Ayul decided to change his mind and get back to work.

"So, what happened today?"

"Ah, yes, actually...."

Upon Ayul's inquiry, Kite reports the incident to her as soon as possible.

"I see... so, this way."

"Yes, suddenly, the Duke contacted us about the change of request and said it would be a joint military exercise to name a country.So let's talk about what we should do about Rufus and Alice. "


In Kite's words, Ayul shows his face as a diplomat.

"As far as I'm concerned, I don't think there's any point or need to hide it, so I guess you can join... I see.Let's check with your country.Are you planning to participate in both? "

"Yes, because the McDawell and Heisenberg exercises were our business in the first place, and I would like to know more about the newly decided exercises in terms of exchanging information and spreading the word."

"It will be."

That's what Kite would think.Ayul looks at Kite's arm and says so.That's how she asked.

"There's no such thing as a Duke asking you to join him?"

"None of that. You may or may not participate.I'm not hiding anything. "

The exercise is large-scale in the first place.Therefore, there is no way to hide it, and there is nothing more to say about technology that must be hidden than to keep it open.So it didn't matter if Rufus or Alice participated.

"Okay, well, I'm just asking, so it won't take long."

"Thank you."

"Yes... so you'll be back from now on?"

"No... this time the request has been changed, so we are going back to the Duke's residence to discuss the details.Well, before that, I'll go back to Alliance Home and get ready. "

"Really... oh, well, then we can't really stop it."

In reply to Kite, Ayul nodded.Since it is impossible to go to "Lee Knight" on a boulder, it was decided to go to the Duke's residence on the outside.

Well, as a kite, you just have to talk to Valflair and get permission.It was decided that time would not take that long, and that this would be enough.Thus, he decided to return to Alliance Home once he had consulted Ayul.