Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2230 The Battle of the Warriors - Alliance Meeting -

A short period of time has passed since the "Lee Knight" incident, when many adventurers returned.Kite-led adventures were all back in full swing.

And at the same time, many of the Alliance's adventurers that the Adventure Department formed are returning to full life, and once they do, Alliance Masters and Submasters will gather to meet.

It was a meeting of the Alliance that took place, but Lecter, who happened to come to Celestia's place, was there with him.So it was decided that he would participate as an observer for the time being.For the time being, Kate was talking about the overall return situation.

"In the meantime, we all returned the other day.I've been out since, so it's generally okay for me to assure you that I'm back. "

"Really... oh, it's me... sister"

Lantellija nodded at Kite's explanation, but now she waves to herself and Elusha.Apparently, the Basic Lantellija acted as moderator, leaving the guild to Elusha, the Guild Master's sister.Therefore, at his instigation, Erusha reports on the current situation.

"Ah, yeah... we're almost all back together.But I'm still in the hospital alone.I think I'm in rehab rather than hurt badly.I feel a little disturbed in my body because I'm using my mind. "

"Is that terrible?"

"Hmm... Master came to see me the other day, but what kind of strange bumps?It's like being pushed by the impact of a battle, and if I can get back, I can be stronger, but until then, it feels like maintaining the status quo for a while.It depends on the person. "

In response to a question from one of the Alliance Masters, Elusha twisted her neck in a little trouble.Other Alliance masters also think a little of her words.

"Your master... is that Eisen?"

"I think it's accurate what Eisen thinks....."

Then, is it possible that an expert will be born to Elusha and the others, or will they be frustrated and crushed like this?The Alliance Masters decided to keep an eye on someone in the hospital bed.Therefore, various Alliances will be reporting on the status quo for a short while, but of course there were Celestia and the others.

So, what about Celestia?

"Everyone at my place was safe in the first place... and I've been working normally since the" Lee Knight "incident."

"I see... well, Celestia was always very clever in the first place... wasn't that obvious?"

If it's on a scale, it's Kate's place.If it is quality, Celestia's place.That is the reputation within the alliance to which the Adventure Department belongs.So no one was surprised and only convinced that Celestia, which was considered the highest quality on average, were almost not hospitalized.That's why the damage was the most minor, so that's all for them.But then one of the Alliance Masters watches Lector.

"No, Death's husband. What about you?No, it's not an alliance, so I'm not obliged to answer. "

"Mm? Oh, it's mine... I'm not hiding anything else.Everyone's safe at my place.There's no downward spiral. "

I see.

That's the < > place where the momentum of dropping flying birds has been.Some Alliance masters agree.And one of them asked Lecter.

"No, Death. I heard a rumor. Can I have one?"

"If only I could answer that."

"I've heard that I've been offered a job by His Majesty the King of Lahore... do you do other jobs besides mercenaries?"

"If that's a request."

"You're judging them to be dry.You and His Majesty the King of Laelia. "

I don't need you to think about it.

In response to a question from one of the Alliance Masters, Lecter answers without hesitation.And Sharik was thinking the same way about this, and we are only making a reasonable judgment from Lecter, the royal family.Because they were both royalty, emotional theory was moving apart.

"So, that's the point... are you coming this way?"

"That's not true. Neither I nor Celeste have ever come here for a purpose, but I don't intend to work here at the same time.I'm not going to bother you with my activities. "


"The promise is not different before my sister is taken care of.I swear by my ancestors and the Black Forest. "

"" Mm... ""

Everyone understood that Lecter was probably in line with the Elf Genealogy by looking at his ears and signs.Therefore, everyone was convinced that there was no blood connection with Celestia, even if it was distant.

Everyone understood the meaning of his oath to the forest.And when they said this, no one in front of Celestia could say anything.

"... hah. Wow. Then let's believe it.Let me ask you something else. "

"Hah... what?"

"Are you going to participate in the exercise?"


Lecter was slightly bothered by the Alliance Master's inquiry that Lecter and < > had originally thought Celestia and the others were aiming to enter the Enesian continent.

Of course he was thinking about Kite.I've heard that he was famous here as a legendary brave kite, and now he's moving behind the scenes.With that in mind, I was thinking about the best I could do.

"For now, I'm not going to personally participate.In the first place, I am coming alone this time.And it's only because of my personal circumstances that I can help Celestia and the others.There's no point in dating an Alliance. "

"Well, that's a runaway way of saying it."

"Forgive me for that. I am only here personally.I have nothing to do with the guild.It has nothing to do with the Alliance's overall decision. "

"That could be a possibility."

"Let's be clear that it's not possible."

In response to the Alliance Master's query, Lecter nodded clearly with it.Nevertheless, everyone knew that there was no intention, and it was only a question to the extent that I dared to take one of the qualities.But there was a man here who threw a stone.

You can come with me.


"Are you telling me...?"

Many Alliance masters were unable to conceal their surprise at Kite's words, which showed a pleasant and rough look.Originally an adventurer with him, everyone thought that such roughness was hidden somewhere.Still, nobody thought it would show up here.And one of the Alliance Masters asked.

"Is there a reason for that?"

"I want one power.Whether it's here or in La area.If you join me, I can tell Laelia how serious the Empire is. "


I don't think so. Did you introduce Sharik to the Grimm?Everyone thought of the possibility and accidentally lost his word.Then Kite continued to give to the guild masters, who were accidentally drunk.

"< > is probably available all over the world.But I wonder how far the gods are equipped with the world.You need to tell them how serious you are. "


Probably not better equipped than Kite assumed.Many Alliance masters instinctively perceive it.And I understand that this is a danger because he has been engaged many times in the field.And there it is. The voice that I heard a while ago sounded.

"Ahahaha. Will you tell me?"

"" "Union Master!?" "

"Hey, I just happened to come to Maxwell to peek at the guild meeting... I didn't expect that kind of complaint."

Valflair laughs amusely to Alliance Masters who can't hide their surprises.In fact, it was a complete coincidence that he came to Maxwell today.I didn't expect to be able to use the "Transfer Gate", so I came here to see Emperor Leonhalt - a request from the Imperial side to talk to him during the exercise.So I accidentally stopped by Maxwell and thought I'd take a peek at him with my wild horse guts when I heard that the guild meeting was going to take place.That's how he laughs bitterly.

"No, I'm not complaining... ah, well, what is it?A measure against evil spirits. It's hard to admit that it's warm outside the country.In any case, how much do you think, normal? "

"There is also a relationship between Shana and me.Even so, I can't stand La Erie. "

Kate laughs at Balflair's words.In fact, Kite was showing signs of encouraging Lector to participate in the event to raise the level of seriousness in La Erie.If the Empire is so serious, then Laelia must take it seriously.

"I see... you are certainly a hero of Laelia.Let's do something about it. Rest assured. "

"... yes"

In Balflair's words, Kite nodded with a smile with a slight illumination.The hero of La Erie was actually what La Erie said.After saving Sharna's crisis several times, Kate was not officially recognized as a major contributor to the crusade against the elderly, but he was treated as a hero by the people.So Valflair left just to say that, but he left the conference room and smiled unexpectedly.

"Master... what are you doing all of a sudden?I went into the conference room somewhere else.... "

"Damn... I owe you."


"Now that I'm serious, nobody's gonna suspect it, right?All of you and all of them were listening.I'll reward the whole world. "


Understanding the true meaning of the current scene, one of the secretaries-like men who appeared to have followed Valflair took an unexpected breath.He made it clear that we were supposed to make arrangements here to convey the empire's seriousness to the rest of the world.Many Alliance masters heard about it.I had to do more than make a public statement.

"Well, no way... have you had a meeting yet?"

"No, that's not true. That's what you know best, isn't it?It's improvisation. It's improvisation, it's a scene now... as usual... well, okay? "

You shouldn't say things with too much excitement.Balflair understood that he was slightly excited when he got the excuse to be serious about what he wanted right now.That is why he admonished himself.He then decided to return to Union headquarters in a hurry, along with the offerings he had brought.