Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2231 The Battle of the Warriors - Alliance Meeting -

It was a coincidence that Kate jumped into an Alliance meeting to improvise the development that Valflair wanted.He sighed when he saw Balflair leave.

"Hah... what a drag!"

"Hmm, what? Hmm, I don't know... Mr. Balflair just arrived. Why?"

Sola rushed to ask Kite, who loosened her stretched shoulder elbows.And like him, many guild masters were stunned.

"That's right... hah, I didn't know you were coming."

"... eh, did you really not know?"

"Ah... well, I heard you came to the Empire.For the meeting in this exercise.I didn't think you were coming this way. "

Apparently, it was really improvisation.So Sola asked surprisingly.

"How... how do you do that, Mr. Balflair?You know what I'm looking for? "

"Oh, look, you had a meeting with Kuzuha the other day, right?I remember when she said that she was struggling with the sluggishness and slowness of the adventurers.So, what do you want?I have a reason to be serious. "

"Oh, oh... oh, really... is that so...?"

Apparently, Sola figured out why Valflair dared to come out at that time.I nodded as if I was good at it.And Lantellija, who seemed to be thinking the same thing, also noticed the reason.

"I see... at least not me or you... but not me.Anything is too different from him. "

"What do you mean?"

Elusha asks Lantellija, who understands why Kite moved and laughs bitterly.That's how he opened his mouth.

"That's what Kate said earlier, right?I wanted to raise my level of seriousness, but I couldn't. "


"Because you could be perceived as scared.Of course, everyone up there wouldn't say that..... "

I don't know if these are people who lived 300 years ago, and I don't really know.Lantellija takes into account the mood of Valflair and others who lived as Aces at the time.And Kite took over the word.

"I know because I survived that era, good or bad.But if someone who doesn't know what happened at that time, they might wonder what they're too scared of.The wire lead is difficult. So I dared to raise the level of responsiveness deliberately by raising this topic here. "

"... he understood it in an instant, and you made it up in an instant..."

While convinced by Kite's commentary, one of the Alliance Masters was dismayed by the two improvisations without any meeting.Nevertheless, since this is all a kite on a boulder, there is a place called Valflair.

It was only if we knew each other that we could do it, and Kite and Valflare would not have known if they had been different opponents.

"Well, let's put that aside for now.This will also provide some support from the Union side for participation in the exercise. "

"I guess... Let's continue the meeting."

The scene was not planned in the first place.As a result, everyone was paranoid, but if they could receive more abundant support from above, there was no objection.Therefore, from there, the current status of each Alliance will be checked again.

Now, this is why the status quo will be confirmed among the Alliance participating in the Alliance for a while, but as one of the reasons why this meeting originally took place was that each Alliance return was extraordinary, Daemon's Alliance was able to complete the return of its adventurers.Therefore, Lantellija, who received the overall report, summarizes the report.

"That's all of it... I guess we can take the Alliance damage lightly."

"I guess... it wasn't completely harmless..."

Fortunately, none of the guilds suffered enough damage to keep the guild going.Of course, that does not mean that there were no casualties, but at least there was enough power left to act as an adventurer.That's why I nodded one Lantellija in Kate's words.

"Yes... but still, everyone gathered here was safe. That would be enough."

Well, is that so?

Indeed. Lantellija's words convinced everyone with a slight bitter smile.At least none of the guilds have seen the death of the Guild Master, and Kite was the one who suffered the most injuries.Well, in fact, he was injured, even if he was dead.So the guild masters who know about it laugh.

It's you. It's you.

"I came home alive when I was punctured in the gutter."

"I can't die yet. I'm only alive enough to count."


The guild masters laughed amusely at Kite's jokes.That's how a pleasant mood flows, but not all the agenda is finished yet.So Lantellija decided to move on again.

"Ahahah... now, the next agenda.What will you do about the next exercise? "

"Ahahah... we're in.That's why I told Kuzuha too. "

"Well, I've heard rumors that you're going to participate in this whole army exercise?"

Apparently, there was an Alliance Master who had heard that Kite had been holding talks with the Imperial Army and Kuzuha for a while.I think so, but just in case, I would like to confirm it.Kite nodded one more time.

"Ah. Well, I've already spoken to Lan and Elle... One of the reasons this whole army exercise was supposed to take place in the first place was when I talked to Kuzha... well, it was just a quick greeting.I went to do it, and there was a lot going on, and the whole army did it. "

"What happened?"

"No, I asked if there were any other exercises planned.I don't want to lose out on this kind of combat work. "

Same as always. Same as always.

The fact that the guild masters here are young but everyone sees it at a glance is greater because he understands the importance of connections and messengers than his ability as an adventurer and has connections with nobles and high-ranking military officials everywhere.

At least those who are supposed to have seen many of the mighty at first glance.It was not surprising that Kite participated in these exercises and tried to get a pass with senior military officials because she understood them.

"Well, when I asked if there were any large-scale exercises going on in every region, the McDawell and Heisenberg families moved, and the Emperor moved."


It is only natural to know that the Heisenberg family is the guardian of the McDawell family in the first place, provided that they live in the Empire.So it seems that everyone thought that Aura might have consulted the Heisenberg family and decided to talk in both houses.It seemed that this was an actual cover story, and it would also be the case if something happened and the flow was told.

"So, I also want to ask if I have any opinions in that flow, so I occasionally attend meetings."

"So, we have to let them in."

"Well, I can't say I'm not going to participate in this."

To confirm with one of the Alliance Masters, Kite laughs while showing a little trouble.There was nothing more to say about it, and of course the Alliance Masters had no doubt about it.So, when we talked about things that weren't special enough to confirm, Kite re-divided the partition.

"Well, that doesn't matter.We have to participate. That's all I'm talking about. "


"That's right... oh, sister"

"Ah, yeah. Apart from the alliance, we've already talked to Kuzha about our intention to participate.My mentor joined the Alliance apart, so I couldn't refuse either.Originally, I accepted the provisional contract..... "

Erusha, encouraged by Lantellija, reports her participation in an Alliance unit.It seems that because of the size of the Alliance, the exercises planned to participate in the Alliance this time have become obsolete, and it is now up to each Alliance to participate.Therefore, Lantellija asks when two people who have already confirmed their participation report it at this point.

What else do you intend to participate in at this time?

"I'll join you.Thinking about the future, there are places where I want to get used to military operations..... "

Celestia makes clear her participation when asked by Lantellija.Well, in terms of helping Kite, it's profitable to have a joint pace with Kite in the future.There was no reason not to participate beyond what he was leading.And in her words, other Alliance masters think a little.

"Military operations....."

"Sure, I'm not used to it...."

"We're all good at what we like... because we're not really good at collective action..."

If you're good at it, you're in the army.


A posterior servant who is unable to act collectively.The Alliance Masters laugh amusely at such extravagant words.Nevertheless, Celestia's allegations seemed to have come to mind and were quite favourable.And in that place. One of the Alliance Masters raised one hand small.

"Ugh... I'm sorry. I'm getting in touch from outside... What's the matter?... oh, that's it. "

Hold on a second. One of the Alliance Masters lowers his hips once raised and gestures all to pause.He then places the communicator on his desk and connects it to the loudspeaker that was on the desk.

"It seems we have just received news that may have something to do with this story.Everybody, listen up. "


Probably.The Alliance Masters listen to the sound flowing from the communicator in a dauntless fashion.

"The Alliance has expressed its participation in the exercises < > and < >.Both guilds will participate in upcoming exercises throughout the Empire, as well as those planned by McDawell and Heisenberg.... "

That's right. The audio of the news coming from the transmitter shows a slightly steep face together.So I listened to the news for a while, but I shut down the communication device at the next point.

"... I knew it."

"Well, it's the McDawell and Heisenberg family....."

"Does that mean < > also works?"

After all, the eight major players will move, and then more guilds will show their movements.Everyone listens to each other's reactions with rugged faces.Nevertheless, decisiveness is essential for adventurers.As a result, few people made an immediate decision.

"We're in. If you're going to move up to the Eight Days, it's going to make sense to participate."

"The same goes for us... well, when this happens, the guild agreed to join. I don't have any objections."

"I see... Ah, so do we."

After all, when the Eight Alliances announced their participation, there seemed to be a lot of people who wanted to show their participation.It seems that Quon and Einadis's participation was triggered.As a result, many of the participants indicated their intention to participate in the exercise and came to an end.