Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2232 The Battle of the Warriors - Consultation -

Alliance meetings that have been going on for some time since the 'Lee Knight' incident.It started with checking the safety of everyone, and also consulted on whether or not to participate in the next exercise in the Empire.Kite made it clear that she had to participate from the standpoint, and the other Alliance Masters knew about Kite's Adventure Department, so there were no special problems and the participation was confirmed.

I've been talking about it for a while.Kuon and Einadis announced their participation at the halfway point of the meeting.As a result, the majority of Alliance alliances announced their participation, and the meeting was over.

"Hah... it's over. I'm glad to see your faces for now."

"Hey, that's not even a pattern."

"That's what I thought about the other day."

"Hahaha. Well, the young people still don't have enough Shura halls."

"Shut up, Grandpa."

After a serious meeting, the guild masters will be the adventurers.While walking around with his shoulders around, he was discussing whether to go for a drink from here.

"Kate, what are we gonna do now?"

"Hmm... I don't know what to do.For the time being, when I come back.... "

When Sola asks, Kite looks slightly worried.In fact, no matter what you do, time was halfway through.That's why I thought that I would handle the back-office when I got back, but that's where I was called.

"Mr. Kite."

"Run. What's wrong?"

"No... I just wanted to ask you a few questions."

"What is it?"

Basically, when Run calls, it's time to decide whether it's in their interest or not.If that's what Kite understands, this is probably a necessary question, prompting her to go beyond the words.And the question was obvious.

"In fact, as a Duke, I wonder how much focus you have on this exercise."

"Hmm... I think that's what we talked about earlier."

"Yes... but on top of that, I want to ask you one thing."

"Hmm... well, as far as I'm concerned, I think it's medium serious.Whatever the case, the McDawell family is at the heart of the imperial response.There's no doubt about that. "

Kate, who was questioned by Lantellija, once again talks about how much effort they are putting into this exercise.After listening to it, Lantellija nodded one by one.

"Is that so... then it would be good?"

"Is something wrong?"

"Actually... I was in a little trouble."

When asked by Kite, Lantellija laughs slightly bitterly.That's how he talks about himself.

"Well, I don't think I need to hide it anymore, so... it's good that my parents told me that I'm your sister's assistant?"

"I've been talking to you before.Was it salted plum called babysitting the horse's daughter? "

"Ahahah... even if it doesn't hit me, it's far away."

Now that Elusha is not here - talking to a familiar female adventurer - I don't think she will be asked, but that would not be the kind of personality Lantellija would feel comfortable hitting on such a light mouth.That's why it's such a bluffy word, but it would be good to say that Daiman is right.

"Apart from that... I'm sure Elle was physically kicking her friendship and playing an adventurer."

Did you check?

"Well... my real name is Elusha Fiori. You were the second daughter of the Fiori family."

"Ahahah... when I told you about today, my father said hello to Kate."

Apparently Lantellija had no intention of hiding her parents' home anymore.The Fiori family also had several interactions with the Kite Adventure Department, and Kite had also met in that connection.Therefore, Lantellija also had permission from his father to reveal it.

"Ahh... what's wrong with that?"

"So, you know... actually, the other man is getting numb and trying to make a tough plan."

"That's troublesome, but I don't think Elle can beat you with a half-life arm.In other words, connections are troublesome.I don't want to be a pupil of Eisen the Fighter King. "

Kite remembers the man who came a few days ago and remembers the power again.His strength is undoubtedly at the top of Enephia as a fighter.It was a good place to commit suicide while reaching out to Elusha with it nearby.

"I think so myself. And if it's true, you'll think so."

"I mean, it's not true."

"That's the thing... if it wasn't true, my father wouldn't have contacted us."

I'm not sure how Elusha is treated in the Fiori family, but at least I know it's lower than Lantellija.Therefore, in this case, there is a possibility that Lantellija could also be harmed.So Sola asks, who was listening in the stream.

"... back?"

"I wonder... did you know Sola-san?"

"My master taught me... and then some of the people I met in the Ragna Federation belonged behind my back.The police are after me now. "

"I see...."

Looks like he's been through a lot in there, too.Lantellija slightly twitched her cheeks as she listened to Sola's story.Now Kite asks him that.

"So, what? Should we move here?"

"No... I'm going to move here on my own.It moves but..... "

"... just in case, and when the back comes out,"

That's what I'm talking about.

Essentially, if you are truly alive, you will never get involved with your underworld guild.So when there is a connection behind it, it is likely that he is basically engaging in illegal behavior with a high frequency, and when Elusha and Lantellija's father hear the rumor, the relationship is stopped once.I was looking for the back.

"... okay, let's be careful.War is troublesome in war, but even more troublesome when the underworld is involved. "

"I'm sorry, please."

As Kate made it clear, Lantellija lowered her head and left the scene early enough so that her sister wouldn't take the unwanted intuition.Kate and Sora were talking briefly as they saw off his back as he left.

"The Cabal Guild... hey, I hope this isn't too much trouble."

"Does a backward guild come out that often?"

"Hey, that's why the two fathers are moving.I know it's awkward to find out that you're connected to an underworld guild.I guess dating didn't know that. "

If you know it, first of all, you can't accept it without a friendship.Kate speculates that the opponent is quite capable, causing a little vigilance to seep.

"... Sora. I'll deal with this for a while. I'll take care of the guild."

"Oops... do you have anything to do?"

"Nothing... at least it moves so that we don't get attacked, and it's stupid to reach out to us because we talked here.With that kind of opponent, we'll be able to crush them. "

Can I pin it on the back?

Sola slightly shrugged her shoulders at Kite's words.There seems to be a lot of things I think about him.Kate nodded at him.

"That's right. If you're in the back, I'll try not to hurt you as much as I can, but if you're not familiar with the way you're looking for money or the way you're doing things on the front, it's just the same.There aren't many such people who are good at it.I don't know how to handle the power of martial arts. "

"I don't know...."

Sure enough, Marcello might have fought to avoid much damage.Sola remembers what happened once and thinks so.And so he turned around and regained his mind.

Well, that's good. Anyway... what are you going to do? "

"Let me wash the information first. The Fiori family were searching because they had connections with us... and they had almost nothing to do with us.I left it... but I have no choice but to look into it. "

No matter how many kites have the Information Agent Guild, there's nothing we can do about it.We have a limited number of people.Therefore, merchants based in other territories were not very actively investigating, and since Elucia's opponent was kicking off in other territories and Elucia herself, she did not show much interest.But I couldn't even say that when I got here.

"... good. For now, let's go home and get some food."


I was worried about what to do just now.Kite is slightly easy, but she is prepared to do more than have to move.So Kite and Sola went back to the guild home in the Adventure Department, but went to the Duke's Mansion alone.