Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Chapter 2236 The Battle of the Warriors - Just Before the Exercise -

Kate arrives in the Heisenberg plains where the exercise takes place.When he finished his last coordination with the Heisenberg family, he ended the meeting and scouted the Heisenberg faction on a small hill.

He remembers that Sola came and the opponent was the wise general and the famous Lord Heisenberg Jake, and he tightens his mind with Sola and sleeps that night.So the next day, in the morning, Kite went out again to make her final personal adjustments.


"... senpai, may I ask you one question?"


Basically, kites are often present on the calendar other than the work of moving the body, such as the first type practice in the morning.So I had her present at the final spiritual exercise, and I was with her today.

"This time, Nakae...? The Chinese army...?But what's the point? "

"Ah, we're talking about placement...."

It's already the day of the exercise. So everyone has already been notified of the placement, and in an hour, they will be lined up according to it.Essentially, the swordsmen were often entrusted with the first team on the front line. In fact, the first team of the Adventure Department - the first team led by Kite - was placed in the Kendo Department led by Fujido.

Therefore, the calendar belonging to Kendo Department was supposed to be the front-line as Fujido and others, but some of the following were placed in the Central Army.Kite answered this.

Just in case.

"What if?"

"In the first place, I don't think the front line will be damaged from the very beginning... but when that happens, it won't be troublesome.Given that, we need a risk hedge in the event of total annihilation at first sight.I was explaining that to Fujido Senpai... didn't you hear me? "

"Hah, hah..."

Of course, we're out of some of the people we're supposed to have.Fujido didn't doubt it and Kite didn't explain it.

As for this, since the calendar did not raise any particular questions, I thought that Kite explained it, and Kite thought that Kite would have explanations from Fujido at the time of notification of placement.

"I see... well, that's why.If nothing happens, there is no problem.I want you to be active in the event of a problem. "

"... if there's a problem, what's the next best thing?"

I'll think about it then.


Speaking of giggles, Calendar drops his shoulders in response to the giggles of Kite.Nevertheless, I am prepared for it because I do not know what kind of problems may arise.Sometimes I had to think about it.

"Well, pray there's nothing wrong.Fortunately, we have Soleil, Frodo, and Quan.The eight Heavenly Generals did not all participate, but the Heavenly Generals also participated. "

"Speaking of which... senpai, you're the king of heaven, right?"

Thank you very much.

When asked about the calendar, Kite shrugged her shoulders, but acknowledged the words and nodded.Such an attitude on his part is completely ignored and the calendar asks one question.

"After all, I don't know all of them... what kind of people are they?"

"Whatever, hey... I'm sure they're all martial artists in the nasty realm."

"I know only Aisha, Quon and Aizen."

"Hmm? < > Weiss... is a rabbit horn, < > Yuna seems to be involved."

"I don't know."

It was not surprising that Calendar knew Eisen, who often looked after her face with the care she had before her, and Quan and Aisha - who came with Soleil for dinner purposes and Aisha who brought it back - were often immersed.I thought it was no wonder that Yuna, who was close to her, knew about it, but apparently she didn't.And while Kate shows surprise, she talks about it.

"Hmm... well, Yuna is here to replace Aisha. That's it."

"... where are you?"

"You're cheering over there, right?Yuna is in the center. "


Hearing Kite's explanation, Calendar stares into the center from the crowd gap.And without having to do that, a woman in thin clothes jumped from the center.The figure was exactly like a heavenly woman, glossy but mysterious.

"< >... it's good to swallow."

"? What do you mean?"

"You just got up, didn't you?That's the end of the dance, and the sudden descent immediately after that will complete the dance. "

"What happens when it's finished?"

"A massive sorcery is activated and the surrounding dozens of meters disappear.They're all out there under their noses. "


It seemed like a glorious and mysterious dance, but it seemed like a very destructive dance.Kite smiled and whispered to the consolidated calendar.

"Be careful. Yeah, he's easy to mistake for showing off his light body, but he's actually a magician.An evasive sorcerer.It's his way of getting into hostiles, avoiding them, activating magic and destroying them. "


Keep away from me.Calendar probably won't hesitate to see Yuna dance if she gets caught up, so the calendar carves into her chest.

"Well, I can't escape because I can run and fight... but of course, I can't stay away because the melee fight is my thing.This time, Eisen and the three of you are going to participate. "

"... I think those three are the worst."

Thank God you're not my enemy.


Right. I wholeheartedly agree with Kite's words.At least I wasn't sure I could hold on for a second with those three.

"... but if there were people like that, would it be possible?"



"Don't underestimate... the opponent is Lord Jake Heisenberg... a militant who once led the Mars Empire as a revolutionary.Let me show you that the wisdom general's name is not Date. "

Whether this is overwhelming force or not, the opponent is the wisdom who has led them.Kite and Tina were never alarmed.

"Nh... and fuu..."

For a moment, Kite realized that she was wearing rough signs.Immediately breathe and return to mental training.In response, the calendars also returned to spiritual training, and the two decided to improve their spirits for a short time before they started.

Well, about an hour after they finished their morning workouts.It was an hour before the exercise.While everyone who participated in the exercise was in a state of last resort about their placement, Kite was on board the McDawell family flagship as one of the Alliance Masters participating in the exercise.That said, the actual reason was to talk to Emperor Leonhart.

"Your Majesty, the McDawell faction. The army is ready.The adventurers are expected to finish on time. "

Well... I got a call from Lord Heisenberg who was ready before me.

"Ha... but you didn't have to bother to come."

'Ha ha. Don't say that.I stuck to my desk desperately and finished my assignment. "

Emperor Leonhart laughs at Kite's words.Actually, right above this exercise hall.There was an Imperial Army flagship just across the area and it was on board.

"Hah... I'm afraid it's impossible."

"No, it's an exercise between the Duke and the Duke of Heisenberg, a battle everyone would imagine once if he were a son of the Empire.I told Henri I was going to be absent from school. "

"Your Majesty... it's too much fun..."

Tell your daughter, who loves to watch the game, to go to this exercise, usually.Sighing Kite thinks so from the heart of the pleasant Emperor Leonhalt.Yuri didn't come to this exercise.She's the principal. She's a faculty member.

In the unlikely event of a battle, only when that happens - apart from accompanying Kite on your own volition.Likewise, Princess Henri, a student of Magic School, is never sent to battle.

"Hahaha... well, anyway.I thought I'd at least take part in the first exercise.No matter where this is, I would have gone as far as I could.This time, I just mixed my lust with it.After all, I will show my face in the exercise of the Grand Duke of the Five Dukes. "

Well, then, I guess I'll be fine.

The concern was what seemed to be private lust, and it was true that it was probably mixed, but it would have been a good idea to say how to pass it through as a public office.

When I think about it, I can say that Emperor Leonhart's behavior was reasonable this time.Then Kite had nothing to say.So, after completing one report, Kite only faces the bridge once.

"Kuzuha, in this exercise, you'll be a princess as usual...."

"I know... in case of an incident, can I intercept the enemy?"

"Fuck you, too. Do what you can."


In Kate's words, Kuzha shows an elegant but somewhat warrior-like powerful smile.This is just an exercise. So I only intended to keep Kuzuha at the rear.

Well, either way, her area of expertise is home affairs.It's not about fighting.It's not like we can't do the military, but it's about that.But if you're a fighter as an individual, if you're an adventurer equivalent to Rank S, it's an unbeatable territory on your own.If they were attacked, they would only be able to demonstrate their power without regret.Kate nods with a smile to her.

"Okay... so, Tina, do you have any concerns this time?"

"For now, there's only one."

"Did you report it yesterday?"

That's it.

Tina nodded again at Kite's words.That reminds them of yesterday.

"Strange chest noise. The feeling between you and Quon at this time is far more accurate than high-performance instruments... well, let's think about that.Anyway, it's just a stupid, honest way to come from the front, not an impossible opponent. "

"Ma... no"

As Kate herself mentioned many times earlier, the opponent is Lord Heisenberg Jake.I'm always packing something.Even though I didn't know the strange feeling that Kite had, I knew that Tina was getting something from Lord Heisenberg Jake.

"Tina, just to be clear, in this exercise, there's no informant, is there?"

"Mm-hmm. In this exercise, it's just a basic exercise format.So there is no betrayal. Prisoners are basically considered to be incapable of fighting. "

"Really... then I guess you're going to take some serious damage from the inside...?"

I suppose that's the quickest way to think about it.Kate listens to Tina and thinks so in her heart.I don't know what to do.Then we had to move without interruption.

"Well, that's good. Is it good for you?"

"That's fine."

"Really... well, most of the time, you can do it locally.Otherwise, let me know if you need anything else.Let's get back to you in time. "


In Tina's words, Kite nodded one.Once he has completed his various confirmations as Lord McDawell's Kite, he will disembark from the flagship and return to the main expedition.


"Mr. Kite."

"I'm home. The last feeding is over.How to prepare for the adventure? "

It was cherry blossoms that the main team refrained from assisting Kite, but in order to avoid the dragons' physical exhaustion, and to avoid being involved in the simultaneous shelling from the airship fleet caused by flying at first hand, it was planned that Zui Shu would start after the first shooting.That's why he was here.Therefore, Zui, who was also supporting you, will report on the current situation.

"Essentially, the Adventure faction has completed the set-up.Of course, the materials have already been loaded. "

"Really... then, please do it later."


In Kite's words, Zui nodded.This time, several members of the Dragon Knight's Army were entrusted with some work, and Suzuki was also in a position to move to another task.

"Is there anything else wrong?"

"No... especially for now."

"I see... well, if anything happens, let me know.I'll take care of it every time. "


Sakura and Suzuki agree with Kite's words.After that, we all worked on the preparations until the last moment.