Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2243 The Battle of the Warriors - Operation Meeting -

The Adventure Department participated in the joint military exercises of the McDawell and Heisenberg families.In that context, Sola and the Adventure Department detached team led by Momentary were fighting the front line, but although the detached team led by Momentary was dangerously embedded in the Heisenberg faction's strategy and under siege, the detached team led by Sola succeeded in rescuing the detached team led by Momentary while receiving support from Kite and his headquarters.

Therefore, the two separate teams that retreated and reconstructed the queue for the time being met and worked out the next solution together with Kite, who was grasping the whole at the rear.

"In the meantime, I was able to retreat... Kite.What is the current state of the frontline? "

The front line is stuck for now.It looks similar to the first one.Senpai pulled it off, and it looks like they've been able to rebuild the line. "

So you have to do something about it again.

Maybe I can't help but talk about this.Sora decides to make sure there is no damage here.Therefore, he decided to try to grasp the damage situation once.

"Senpai, what's your damage?"

"I haven't figured it out yet.But if possible, I'd like to put a small pause in here for wound treatment. "

Alright, I'll send an ambulance from here.Allow me to take care of the injured once.I will also send two units from the main unit to replace them.Reorganize your troops with Sola. "


On Kite's advice, she nodded one instant.The damage is commensurate with the fact that we are still on the front lines.I had no choice but to rebuild it because it was all a battle.So now Kite asks Sola.

Sora, what damage have you done?

"I was just about to spend some money in the fight.Well, I think we might be able to handle it with reinforcements... but I'm trying to figure out the damage now. "

I see. If you need additional reinforcements, contact me immediately.


In Kite's words, Sola nodded one.Therefore, we will talk about the current situation in one street, and then we will talk about the next.

"So, Kate, what can we do about it?"

"That's a bit of a hassle... I think you can see it from up there, but there's a group of mysterious hoods, so we're not doing a good job."


Apparently neither Sola nor the instant warriors in the hood noticed.Well, there's the adventurer in the hood.That's why I didn't think it was strange.Nevertheless, they understand by looking up.Therefore, the moment asked a little surprised.

"Ah, is that... is that still there?"

"Ahh... it looks like there's still a glitter left.That's why Soleil couldn't shoot the enemy.I've just reorganized the partition with < >

"That explosion, that's what it meant...."

I can't help it.

Kite laughs at Sora, who is stunned.So, after we've finished one conversation, we'll do the next one again.

"Kate, as a McDawell faction, what about the next move?"

It's a tough spot. I'm making plans... but it's highly unlikely that I'll be able to figure out a solution if I don't manage the food crowd.No, it doesn't work even if it fits. "


After all, they were a soldier in a flash.The warrior of the end. Therefore, I don't know what kind of scheme the center is planning.So if the kites are thinking of something, we have to follow it, but we were able to confirm that there is nothing we can do.

"What am I supposed to do with the food people?"

That's right... but you can't fight without causing damage first.As you can see, it's basically a force that can fight the Ace class 300 years ago.Its power varies, but... it's not like each of us is ever weak. "


In the words of Kite, Moments and Sola see Quon and Einadis crossing spears above and above the center of the battlefield.They were both hooded.Among them, these two seem to have some of the best combat power relative to each other, both of which were suppressed on a single horse.Looking at it, the moment gets a strange admiration.

"What a pain in the ass... to keep those two down alone."

"It's a nightmare for me that there's still such a thing...."


"Kate, what do you know?"

Looking at the instant conversation with Sola, Toryn simply asks what is necessary.To this, Kite shakes her head.

Unfortunately, it's not good. I can't even ask Quon, and Eina must be full of them.Well, there's one thing that I haven't really done yet... "

Quon can't do it in practice because if he really does it, the damage around him won't be stupid, and for Ainadis, the real thing is to use the power of the contractor.Nobody is supposed to have a contractor in modern times, and she's hiding it.This is not something we can exercise in this exercise either.

But if they were both serious, they would not be able to go up.And when I heard that story, did you get back to your senses? Sora clasped her mouth.

"Kate, what about Soleil?"

Looks like there's a group vs. a group.Soleil and his Archers are under control.If we can do something about this... it's also a backward attack... it's a hassle. "



"... Mr. Kite, there's one solution."


Toryn opened his mouth to Sora at the moment of reflection.Besides, Kite pushed ahead.

"That's the plan."

"... I can't give you permission. Very high risk.You won't be able to retreat. "

"I understand that... there..."

Toryn further opens his mind to a tough face kite.In addition, Kite felt a little stunned, but at the same time, the wrinkles between the eyebrows were relieved.

"... well, that's possible... Sora.Are you good?

"Hmm... well, can you do something about it? I'm a little worried."

What do you say that you are not confident?Is this not the praise of a hero?Stay ready and accept it.

"What about it?"

The voice of someone suddenly echoed, instantly and unexpectedly checking the surroundings.But everyone but him seemed surprised and understood the situation.So Sola apologizes.

"Ah, I'm sorry... it's his spirit"

"< > 's?"

"Hmm... I see. It's the first time I've seen you in front of a boy."

Hmm? What? Is there a spirit coming out?

"Hmm? Oh, I see. Can't you hear me? It's over your comms. Ah."

From the flow of the conversation, which could be heard leaking from the communicator, Kite apparently noticed the < > Spirit of the Great Sun.But I still don't know, so Sola nodded to the question of salted plum.

Well...... Sola, ask the Spirit of < > to connect it with a reminder.

"No, good. I can hear you."

"Ahh... well, I can't even talk long on the battlefield.Let's go straight ahead. Can you go?

Of course, it's possible, but I don't know if Sora can do it.

In response to Kite's confirmation, make it clear that < > is up to Sola.This leads us to Sola.

Sora, what about you?

"I'll do it. I'll do it... it's not my fault."


With Sola's gaze, she breathes slightly and asks herself.Thus he nodded one.

"... oh, no problem, if you can take it out in the meantime.Probably won't last long in many ways. "

"... Soleil, where are you?"

In an instant, he answers and asks Soleil, who was in the conversation at Toryn's request - Frodo couldn't get out because he was alone.On this she nodded one.

Daijbu. For now, if you can do something about it, you and I will do something about it. "

"Really... I guess I can handle it."

This is hard to say the best hand, but it will be the best possible choice at the same time.Especially as it stands, there aren't many hands that Kite can move.Then this was the limit of what Kite could do.

Tina, for now, let's move on.

"Well, that's a good thing... no, it's certainly the only way for the Duke of McDawell to do it..."

"Either way, we need to change the situation with one hand.Looks like my grandfather is waiting for me. "


Further aft than Kite. Looking at the battlefield from the bridge of the Duke of McDawell's flagship at the far rear of the McDawell faction, Tina understood that Lord Heisenberg Jake would not be able to move.I probably didn't intend to move.

Perhaps that's why the hood people won't move.Counter to the rest. I guess those are the people. "

Toryn's point is that we have to do something about it, basically. Isn't that right?

That's right.

After hearing Toryn's allegations again from Kite, Tina agrees to give up in the middle of the day.The kites - in this case, the Aces 300 years ago - will be used as counters for the Hood warriors.

I had no choice but to say that this was definitive in view of the current situation.So, while there were some anxiety elements, Tina also showed her understanding.

Very well. I will allow that operation.But should I make more corrections?

Tell me.

First, I'll make more changes to the face of the raid.In that face, I can't help it.Sure, you can make a gap in that face.There is no possibility of survival except in an instant. "

In response to Kite's urging, Tina is making modifications to Toryn's operation.The operation will then be reconstructed around Toryn and her, mixed with Tina.

Well, that's what I'm talking about. Let's say this is the limit. "

"... well, that's the most likely operation to survive.All right, let's get into the operation.

Hmm. If that works, we can move the operation to the next phase.

There are still many anxiety factors, but it is also true that we must do something about the current situation.Therefore, Tina also agreed to Kate's go-sign.Therefore, the Adventure Department decided to reorganize its troops on that premise.

"All right, everybody, the next call!Once the partisans are all under my command! "

"What about one?"

"Article 1 Senpai will be acting differently for a while.Nevertheless, I'll meet you later, so I'll have a separate team under your command. "


Apparently, it is only temporarily out of the chain of command because of the operational necessity of instant combat power.Ayazaki understands the instant absence that way.While Sora commands the remaining detached forces, she immediately retreats to the rear of the main unit.I was rendezvous with the kites.

"Senpai, I'm sure you understand the operation, but it's quite a hassle.First of all, you have to understand that there is a very high likelihood of losing even if you fight straight ahead. "

"I know... but fortunately, the other faces are all good.I'll manage. "

"Oh, that's the only good part of this operation.But then there's only a bad element.Including the retreat. "

Quite a betting operation this time.Kite was thinking about the status quo and judging that way.However, if we don't place a bet, we may be able to move on to the end of the exercise.That would be good because it was just an exercise, but I didn't plan on letting go because it was an exercise.And he smiles at such an instant.

"I know... just be careful not to run wild."

"Alright... then, I'll help you as much as I can.But this time it will move flashy.Don't expect too much. "

"Okay... should I wait?"

Oh, until we get it all together.

Basically, Toryn knows the people in the Adventure Department, but he doesn't know everything about McDawell's adventurers.So his operation consisted of only Adventure personnel, but Tina, who knew the whole story, didn't have to.That's why they also requested reinforcements from other guilds.In that case, the moment would have to wait until the other Alliance's skilled men had assembled.