Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2244 The Battle of the Warriors - Assault

A joint exercise hosted by House McDawell and House Heisenberg.Among them, the Adventure Department participated in the exercise as a force on the side of the McDawell faction.

So the first hit was over and the McDawell faction could not be attacked at first, but within it Sola, who led the Adventure Division detachment, also carried out the instant rescue led by another detachment, and the two detachments temporarily retreated.As one of the factions building the front line, he held operational meetings in a sporadic battle.Tina and the others will make corrections in the form of Toryn's plan for such a tactical meeting, which will gather and execute other Alliance masters as members.There, the moment I deposited the detached team with Sola, I took part.And before him was Zui and her dragon knights.

"I've seen it before because I've been introduced to it by Kate... but I've never actually seen it up close."

"Speaking of which... I was just talking to you, but I've never seen Leia before."

"Yeah... heh. Beautiful color"

"Thank you."

With Erusha's praise, Zui Shu broke his face one by one.As long as Seok is there in this exercise, so is Leia.She was also one of those gathered because she needed it in this operation.And one of the < > executives gathered there laughs.

"Surely you have the Dragon Knight Troop in Alliance Units.I have one too... but I don't have one in my branch. "

"Ahahah... it was definitely at Urca's headquarters.Well, I had a subtle feeling that it was ready. "

Well, that way.

The moment he laughs, < > 's executives also laugh.He was such a man, but a heavily armed dwarf.It was a man named Bashir that Kites met once.Puri asked me to reinforce him because he had some of the best defenses in the Shrine City Branch.

"So, Mom, are you okay?"

"First of all, it seems to be equivalent to rank A as a combat force standard... so it seems okay."

"Rank A hey... well, I've heard a lot from Puri."

That kid has grown stronger.Basil seemed somehow emotional, with a slightly bitter face in the blink of an eye that would have had a variety of causes.

"Well, I don't know what to do with that.In fact, so will Sora..... "

"I see... well, I can't help but do my homework before they're born."


"Well, don't die.If you need me, I can help you... even with your uncle. "

Basil, who dropped the tone of his voice, laughed slightly in an instant.As one of his executives, he also asked about Kite's identity.It was the only one Kite met at the time.In that case, he lowers his head in an instant.

"Thank you... well, before that, I was thinking about what I saw right now."

"Well... I'll take care of the escort on the way and the girls over there.I'll be able to get back and forth.I can't guarantee your return. "

"I'm thinking there."

Well, then, it's no problem.

In an instant, Basil nodded.He is a dwarf and heavily armed type of defense.Therefore, the speed is almost equal, and it protects us from instantaneous journeys, but we will not act together as it is.Together with Zui and the others, we were to deliver them to the op. point and return here.And when you're talking about that, more people will come.

"Are you the one in a flash?"

"Yes, but... who are you?"

"Davie Atkins, a Rank A adventurer."

"Thank you."

Davie shook hands with the man he named.He was also one of those called to this operation.And, following him, more female adventurers were brought to Kite.

"She's Angelica Cammare, Rank A Adventurer."

"Nice to meet you. Your support will come from our team.Call me right away if anything happens. "

"Please... have you seen him anywhere?"

"Before, in the exercise before the Intercontinental Conference.And then I'm interacting with your little one.Maybe he saw it there. "

You've seen something.The woman named Angelica laughs at the instant she asks.She was a sorcerer who once led Tina and the others in a union-sponsored exercise before the Intercontinental Conference.

At that time, she looked at Tina's arm and had a friendly relationship, which she still has.That is why she nominated Angelica as a supporter in this operation.

I came with Kite because I knew him well and requested him.What I saw in the blink of an eye was more likely to have happened to have stopped by the Adventure Department when I came to Maxwell.

"Oh, I see...."

"Yeah... in the meantime, my role is to support you.We'll stay here, but we'll do everything from magic attacks to support and maintain communications.You just need to focus on defeating your enemies. "


As Angelica made it clear, she tightened her mind for a second.They were the ones she, Bashir, Elusha, and Kite herself recommended as the best skilled in this exercise.

"Thank you very much. Momentary-san, it's been a long time."

"Long time no see, but it looks like quite a fight."

"Ahahah... if Mom only devoted herself to being a warrior, she would have achieved more than me."

Celestia shook her head in shame for a moment of praise.And as long as she was there, Imina was with her.These people were the key players in this operation.Kate, acting on behalf of the Duke, tells them that she is in charge of the operation.

"We're all gathered. I told you about the operation.Currently, the McDawell faction, headed by Quan and Soleil, are being held hostage or struggled with by the mysterious Hood warriors of the Heisenberg faction.It's unbelievable to think normally, but it's the Heisenberg family.Enough is possible. "

Towards the assembled team, Kite explains the outline of the operation once again.And Angelica asks him that.

"You're not going? I think you're the best fighter I've ever had."

"Hey... do you understand me?"

"I just thought it might be the opposite of him."

Angelica laughs at Kite's question.Apparently, she also knew the McDawell faction was working further behind the scenes, and there was a joke.In addition to this, < > Executive Bashir was listening to the operation, and he seemed somehow stunned.

"Apart from that... the operation is as explained earlier.Senpai, Elusha, and Celeste will assault the enemy.In order to break the status quo, we need to release Soleil, who is currently struggling.Support shelling on the way will be carried out by the Alliance, which is helping us with this operation, but also by McDawell's fleet. "

"I'm the only one who has the exclusive support."

"That's why, besides that, Bashir will defend us if a direct hit is possible."

"Well, I'm confident that I can still protect this. Leave it to me."

The names Angelica and Bashir clearly agree to Kite's explanation.Of course, it would be tough if there were two more Hood warriors on the boulder, but if that happens, we'll just hit them next.

Also, Celestia and Imina will not lose if they are two fighters in a row, and Erusha and Emma have no shame in the name of Rank A.As long as the Hood warriors weren't in Rank S Class, they were going to make it.Well, let alone that. In Bashir's words, Kate continues to speak further.

"So, our Dragon Knight Troop will carry out the transfer.Bringing dragon knights to the guild is like us. "

"It's not safe, but I promise you a quick transfer"

"Please... Okay, so what's the question?"

Kate nodded one by one in Zui Shu's words, but prompted the instants if they had any questions.Elusha asked about this.

"I heard you're going to force me to retreat... are you okay?"

"I am a rabbit and horn, and my partner is motivated.And I guarantee my partner's track record.If we don't screw up, there's no problem.But if you run late, you're out.I can't be held responsible there.Instead, they cut into the middle of the enemy line and asked for help. "

"Giggle... I'll try not to be late for escape"

Elusha laughs as she snorts her arms.Lantellija led other Alliance members to maintain the front line with Elusha's support or adventure department.

"Any other questions?"


"What is it?"

"How long do we have to deal with them?"

As it stands, it is only one kite who has a perfect grasp of the enemy.It wasn't impossible to worry about the instant.

"... for now, two or three. Well, it's subtle if it really works."

"Is it possible that it won't move?"

"I don't know. We have to do all that... those guys.The movement is too strange. No matter what happens, think about it. "

"Alright... if you don't move, I'll get back to you with my mission objectives immediately."

Do it.

In an instant, Kite nodded clearly.We have confirmed our objectives for this operation.Beyond that, there was a very high likelihood of being hurt with certainty.So, the moment I finished talking about it, I split up with a few of the dragon knights and entered the dragon army.

One meeting. Are you okay?

"Ahh... what the hell, I've hardly ever flown like this before..."

"I can't worry about safe driving... but please don't give up there."

"I understand."

Suzuki laughed at her joke.Sora was the same, but in the blink of an eye, she didn't really ride dragons.Because you don't have to ride.While talking like that, the dragon knight unit jumped up with Leia on board.While looking at it, Kite gives the order.

"Communicate to the main squad, the Warlock squad, and the Archer squad!Start supporting the Dragon Knight Troops!Especially the Warlock Troops are dedicated to offsetting enemy fleet shelling!Help me fly as straight as I can! "

Got it!

At Kite's behest, the magicians begin intercepting the Dragon Knight Squad's attack at once.On the other hand, the archers reduce their attacks by targeting the magician against the magical interception released from the ground by the Heisenberg faction.Nevertheless, it is not entirely preventable.That's why Basil was here.

"Keep flying! I'll stop all those who can't get rid of it!"


In Bashir's words, Zui increases Leia's speed by looking at the translucent barriers he creates.Her job is to intercept. It serves to protect the dragon knights who carry the instants.The Heisenberg faction responded desperately to them.


"They flew straight to the main line!"

"Now! Take their attention to the upward gap and attack them all at once!"

"Chi! Don't worry about it!We're not gonna make it to the end anyway!Focus on the previous enemy! "

Fighting began to intensify all at once on land after Zui and the others began to aim for the Heisenberg faction.However, many fighters decided to ignore the fact that the Heisenberg fleet was still alive and that their warriors were taking little damage.And that's what Toryn was after.

"Good... the basics have been ignored."


"If you're ignored, you just have to work out a plan based on being ignored."

The operation is in full swing.It was only because it was so far away that Sola could only laugh as if she were stunned.Then, before watching them, they instantly danced a little behind the middle of the battlefield.