Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Chapter 2245 The Battle of the Warriors - Assault - 2

Joint military exercises by House McDawell and House Heisenberg.And the same adventure department that decided to participate as an adventurer on the side of the McDawell faction.So this time, while studying as a commander, Kate, Sola, and Emmanuelle were each supposed to lead a unit.

It was a battlefield that ended the battle and fell into a state of fixation, but at the instigation of Toryn, it was sent all the way to Zui Shu with three people: Celestia, Imina, and Erusha, and danced slightly behind the middle of the battlefield.It was right beside the Hood warrior fighting Ainadis.



One of the hooded warriors unwittingly reveals his surprise at a spear thrown with the momentum of falling.It was as if I didn't think I'd be targeted.But he is still good at it.I responded immediately.


Against the spear of the moment it was fired, the Hood warrior draws a thin sword from his waist and cuts it out in one breath.Using it, they land at a distance in an instant.By that time, the other three had already landed and prepared themselves for the attack.Therefore, it was Erusha who took the lead if he was light.



Fast. The Hood warrior opens his eyes slightly to a flaming fist.But on this he murmured a little.

"< >"

Ah! Hold the guard!

Celestia, chase!


Imina uses the wind to chase more of the rapidly distanced Hood warriors.Behind it was Celestia who showed breathtaking collaboration if she had known each other for many years.

Her big sword, which she had been using for a while, was returned to her brother Lecter, but the arm itself did not fall.On the contrary, since there was no more reluctance to the Great Sword, the arms were even wider.Imina, who confirmed her movements in an instant, attacked the Hood warrior who landed on the ground.



It was a punch fired from Imina, but Hood's warrior's arm was not combined with a direct hit.However, we have succeeded in defending him in relation to timing, and we will blow him away.He was a hooded warrior who slipped on the ground, but Celestia cut into it.

I'm coming!




Apparently, they decided it would be awkward to chase a runner from this state.Changes the trajectory of some of the rocks that have hitherto intercepted Einadis lightning strikes and throws them at Celestia.Meanwhile, Celestia switches the sword she was about to unleash on the Hood Warrior into a rock.



It was Celestia who was surprised for a moment by the Hood warrior who posted himself and cut back here in an instant to hide the rock, but one Hood warrior also hurriedly stepped on the ground and stopped suddenly the moment he tried to take the next step.The spear, which was thrown from the side, was sworn off with a fine sword.


"Ha! Shit, no!"

Apparently, after a successful ambush, the balance was shattered, and the instantaneous power was not the only area - and there was Angelica's support here.He seemed to have figured out how to push back.And looking at it, the surrounding adventurers rushed into his support, as they couldn't help Ainadis with the boulders.But here Kite started attacking.

Ah! That kid again!

"How dare you hold a hand, that kid!"

A monster!

In the rain of countless flying armaments, adventurers around them had no choice but to intercept them with bitter faces.But that's not a problem. Anyway, it's as good as it looks, and Kite is weaving it in and moving.

This was just to encourage the next move.As Toryn and the others read, the adventurers were forced to move, and another Hood warrior moved.

"Hah... that's why it's such a good year for the rotor, so please pull back, they say."

"May flies"


Instantly, the new Hood warrior who was thinning himself opened his eyes unexpectedly.In melee combat, he was more than the Hood warrior who was fighting Ainadis.For such a new Hood warrior, the blink of an eye shook his spear instantly.


"I can read this much."

It is a sword and spear that intersect three times with the sound of kinnh, but apparently the newly emerged Hood warrior uses a two-handed sword.After a moment of equilibrium, the moment is pushed back.A new Hood warrior trying to chase him, but Celestia broke into it.

"I won't let you!"

"I am, but..."

"That's exactly what I expected!"


Apparently, the new Hood warrior hid himself and hid another reinforcement.Nevertheless, Imina had completely prevented the chase from being carried out instantly, and her eyes were unwittingly round.

Therefore, the moment they set up their posture, they attacked the Hood warrior who was fighting Ainadis again.


"Sweet! We're back in position!"

We can attack them now. The Hood warrior shook his fine sword with a little roughness against the moment he attacked with such a temper.As he said, his sword's rhetoric far exceeded that of the other day, and it was felt that melee combat alone was more than instantaneous.

Definitely a few steps higher in total power than in a flash.But I knew something like that.Therefore, even if this happens, I have prepared another one so that it is ok.


"I don't want to be forgotten either!"


The Hood warrior had a slightly bitter face - and a smile at the same time - and was ready to hit him with a fist blow.Apparently there is no further reinforcement.He will then be blown to slip slightly on the ground as he takes over.

"Kh... I'll do it"

While praising him, Hood's warrior's face had a smile to spare.Apparently, he hasn't suffered much at this point.So he decides it's not a good situation to keep the distance, or he redeploys the protection of the wind.

"< >"


With this man's protection, there was no instant confidence that he could withstand properly.Therefore, he immediately wraps up the flame and lightning, stretching the electromagnetic waves around him like a sensor to see the Hood's warrior.But in the absence of any reaction, I immediately understood that I was not aiming for it.And at the same time. Elusha was throwing her back fist.

"... hah!"

Ah! The Stone is Eisen's apprentice!

The wind chirp sounds, and then the dull metal collision sounds.The sword of the Hood warrior collided with Elusha's warrior.She read the signs with her and noticed the approaching Hood warrior.As a result of the strike, several punches and fine sword sword swords were disrupted.There, an instant approached from the side.


"Hmm... that's good. Let's play."


Apparently, from here on out, it's the real thing.A Hood warrior with a distinctly different pressure is slightly distanced.But there it is. An overwhelming thunderbolt roared.

"Thank you very much. Now, let me play too."


The voice echoed from behind slightly distorted the slightest glimpse of the Hood warrior's mouth.Until now, I have not been able to approach with lightning strikes and rock rewards, but thanks to the slight turning of the Hood warrior's consciousness, Einadis was able to become fleshy.That's how she tells you instantly.

"Momentarily. And... you're Erusha.I've heard from Kite.You did a good job.From here on out, I'll join the fight. "

"... < >"

"< >!"


Einadis also deploys the wind to respond to the Hood Warrior.It was instant to be surprised at this.He knew Einadis was the contractor of lightning and heard that he also had lightning protection along with it.

But I didn't hear you even have the wind to protect you there.The two men who moved him at super high speed clashed with each other.

"Ah... this sword trick! Hi elf! Who are you!"

Together, Einadis immediately discovers that the man in this hood is a high elf.Well, that's true. If it was the exact same swordsmanship that I used, I wouldn't know.But the Hood warrior just smiles at his mouth.

"... not really. Very well!Then just talk to me!< >! "


Double activation of lightning and wind protection.Using ultra-high technology because he was a warrior like Einadis, he couldn't stand the Hood Warrior on a boulder.It was Ainadis who was surrounded by wind and thunder, but he raised his anger.

"If you're surprised! Attack!"


With the anger of Einadis, who was wrapped in wind and thunder, the flame and thunder quickly followed him.Then he threw his spear at the blown Hood warrior.

"Ah, it's late!"

But I still can't deny the lack of power in an instant.The Hood Warrior immediately recovers and swings his instant spear upwards.That's how he got away.But there also continued Elusha, whose left and right fists were wrapped in thunder and wind.


"Nh, cum!?"

He was a Hood warrior who avoided Elusha's fist with a moonsault, but the Einadis sword that hit him just upside down had to be prevented.Still, it was the driftstone that made it in time, but the reduction of power was not perfect, it was blown away greatly, and the attitude of the successful landing collapsed and slipped on the ground.


Here. A Hood warrior who slows down close to the mid waist but slips on the ground, instantly realizes the opportunity.Therefore, he stepped on the ground and filled the distance as if he were being ejected like a railgun.

But at that distance, the ground suddenly cracked and a golden flash was blown.Instead of slipping to the waist, he dared to choose that posture in order to reach the ground.

"Watch out!"

"Goh! Gu, I'm sorry!"

For a moment before being drunk by a golden flash, the base of Elusha, who aggressively fired an air bomb at the moment, instantly blew away and rolled down the ground.He was aggressive with the boulders so he couldn't even accept it, but he turned the ground with his shoulders like a break dance and immediately stood up and stood up with his spear.When he saw the Hood warrior, Einadis's thunderbolt was pouring down like a golden flash into the ground.


It appears that the Hood warrior realized his disadvantage in the impending lightning strike.Thought the golden flash had increased its brightness for a moment, the ground suddenly blew up and struck a lightning strike and flew.The fragments of the rock are stirred apart, and Einadis, wrapped in wind and thunder, thins.


Two fine swords clashed and a flash of silver and gold flashed.And when dozens of swords intersected, Einadis took a distance.There, instantly and simultaneously, Elusha attacked the Hood warrior.



Hmm. The Hood warrior uses some sort of magic on the ground against the approaching moment and Erusha.The ground on his left and right rose and became an instant wall.But I dared to stick my spear in this moment.Of course, there's no way we can penetrate a giant rock wall.Still, he had no problem.


The Hood warrior unexpectedly opened his eyes to some letter that appeared through the rock wall.So, the next moment. A thunderbolt broke out from the letters that appeared.With Hood's warrior's magic, I suddenly came up with the idea of engraving rune letters on the wall.Sometimes I am unfamiliar with it and it is powerful, but I thought it would be enough to restrain it.



Although no significant damage was done due to the difference in strength, it seems to have been able to slow down the movement only slightly.Einadis praised him with a slight anguish as he attacked the Hood Warrior from an empty gap.However, Hood's warriors intercepted him with power moves.



Einadis couldn't help but stop her feet and catch her by force instead of using her previous moves.She slips big on the ground and the Hood warrior thins there.


I won't let you!

"I can do it from a distance!"

Against the Hood warrior, who was desperate for Ainadis, he instantly produced countless spears, and Elusha fired an air bomb.Meanwhile, the Hood warrior immediately stopped his feet on the spot and wiped them out with a fine sword.

"Ruthless bastards!"

"... to?"

Einadis is supposed to be a great opportunity for a malicious Hood warrior who couldn't stand the boulders, but somehow exposes himself to being an idiot.That's how she unexpectedly raised her voice.

"Nh, what are you doing here!"

What about it?


Apparently, Einadis knows who this Hood warrior is.Besides, he seemed pretty confused because he seemed to be a pretty close opponent.The fact that she found out who the Hood warrior was meant to temporarily halt the fight.