Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2250 The Battle of the Warriors - Mission Change -

Joint military exercises were conducted by the McDawell and Heisenberg families.He was also a kite who participated as an adventurer, but he bypassed the battlefield as a pretext for the battlefield itself.Thin to the rear of Heisenberg faction.But the heroes of the Rebellion War were waiting for him, and Kite was at war with them.

That's how the battle started, for a while. Kaito was pushed by the defense side because of the difference in number of people and the inability to do all he could in the boulder, but he was working with Tina while fighting for a chance to retreat.

"It's hard, Grandpa.Keep the defense ship in front of me.This makes it difficult to carry out support shelling.If you can bypass the defense with high-precision shelling like Ichiba, it's not that bad. "

I guess I'll just have to find my next move after all.

"That's right... for now, you'll have to endure it for a while"

"Hurry up, please. If we're going to keep fighting them against the boulders, we're going to have to do it seriously."

It's not impossible, but the strongest brave man in the world.Tina smiles slightly at Kite's words.But it is an indisputable fact that we are struggling.And it's not thanks to Tina and the others that he can't use it like this.

Um... I won't even be able to plan a plan without you.Basically, the main axis is not the spindle.If only those idiots were here, we could talk about it again.No, there is no one else who can be the main spindle in the current state that Quon and the others are out.And even the super guys near you are over there. Don't move. "

I want you to train as a substitute.

"Don't push me."

In response to Kite's words, Tina deepens her bitter smile.This is all about trust.From Tina's point of view, I don't know a "Token" that has as much combat power as Kite, yet understands and executes perfectly.She is an irreplaceable opponent to Tina in many ways.So Tina decides to set up a kite retrieval operation to plan and execute Plan B.

"Now... report the situation everywhere again."

"Ha... first of all, it's a war situation on the left and right, but now the left and right are completely stuck together.Second Lieutenant Weislitter, the < > Head of the Temple City Branch and other special warfare powers are all under arrest by the Heisenberg faction's special warfare powers. "

"After all, it's going to happen....."

Is there any trouble with ourselves who have completely misread all this?Tina sighs if she doesn't want reinforcements from the left and right first.In that way, she leaves alone.

"There's nothing you can call a rebel war hero.Many of them are the first people in each house.It can only be mobilized simultaneously by Daimun.And it's not something that you normally do..... "

I was cut. Tina could only sigh at a situation she had not fully anticipated.Naturally, the heroes here also have comparable combat power compared to Aces 300 years ago.

It is no exaggeration to say that Kites were overwhelmingly disadvantaged by the number of heroes because they did not mobilize most of the Aces 300 years ago.

"The only thankful thing is that if you can't move to the boulder with this, you're going to attack me... well, since you can't attack me, that doesn't change anything... no, that's good. The central battle station."

"It's... in the middle, but now it's slightly pushed in by the power of Einadis-sama."

"Hmm... well, it was unexpected that Anniel-san would be here... on the other hand, so Eina wouldn't mind.How about Soleil and the others? "

"The McGuire brothers and sisters... are currently engaged with the bowmen of the Heisenberg faction."

Operators questioned by Tina reflect the current situation of Soleil and the others on the monitor.Nevertheless, now that they know who the other party is, did they accept that their struggle was irresistible, and the serious taste disappeared from their faces.Tina also understood that it made sense to prevent Soleil and the others.

"The opponent is Master Faros without thinking.I can't believe the elves and the prestigious bowmen... I never heard of Soleil's mentors coming... but I was in the rebel war.More so than that, the resistance. The world is too small. "


Probably hidden it.Tina laughs inadvertently, confirming the female archer who is Soleil's mentor.She is a careless female archer, but her hands are unparalleled in accuracy.

And since I'm a Soleil teacher, I'm pretty good at shooting, and since I'm Frodo's teacher, I'm powerful enough.If Soleil adds two and divides them by two, or if she specializes in her performance even more, she becomes two.It was such a performance.

"Thank you for this delicate time.Whether you're shooting or attacking with a strong bow, the distance is halfway... "

What's the matter? Tina thinks slightly about the current state of the Aces 300 years ago.

(Currently, there is only the middle when it can be moved.But breaking through the center is the hardest part.We have to do it to the rear of the enemy line, and then we can't do anything with the semi-subsistent force... after all, if we just make a break, we can do it with a kite ride...)

Tina remembers the uniform she gave Fireflies and Kanata, but decides it's Kite who needs to escape.Fireflies and Kanata have been given military uniforms that allow them to move at high speeds in case something happens at the rear this time.With it, it's easy to leave the front.

It was originally supposed to go to Kite's place with a central breach, so the defenses were adequate.However, it is only an assumption that the Heisenberg faction's strength is within its assumed range.Considering the pursuit of rebel war heroes, it was not enough to retreat Kite.

(Regarding Charles, it would be good to be able to move through the shadow of Kite.That way, Kite can also move by summons... but it's tough anyway.After all, the problem is not Kate or Canaan.)

Which is easier, Charlotte's retreat or Kite's retreat?Tina thought about it for a moment, but in conclusion, she decided that neither would make a big difference.After that, the question was how to retreat Kate and Canaan.


"Dear Justina, I am contacting you from the center, Sola Tenjo."

Hmm? What is it?

"What should we do to help Einadis and the others evacuate?What can I do for you? "

Did something happen? The operator reports the situation to Tina.That reminds Tina of the adventure.

"Well, you're in the middle of something... for now, I'd like Eina to finish it off."

As I mentioned earlier, Einadis fights without hesitation because the opponent is his grandfather.And no matter how rebellious war heroes are, Anniel and Einadis are stronger than the latter.We also acknowledged this, and there was no doubt about the victory here.

"Dear Justina, I am contacting you from Einadis."

What's next?

"We have an offer to make some changes to the operation."

"Hoo... let's hear it"

As it stands, it is true that everywhere and everywhere.So I want to change my hand here, but there is a possibility that this will happen.So Tina has one of the operators pick it up and connect it to Einadis.

"Aina, what's wrong?"

"Yes... your grandfather is a bit worthy."

Looks like it.

He probably fought about 300 years ago.Tina sees Anniel in the distance and thinks so.Ainadis told me this.

Yeah...... but I don't want to spend too much time with my family.So, I have a suggestion. "

"Let's hear it."


At Tina's instigation, Einadis gives an overview of the changes as she battles Annil.Tina laughed at this.

"Oh, my lord... it's my grandfather. It's relentless."

I can't stand being told that I'm not worthy of my age and that I have a low back.I don't know what your grandmother is talking about... and I was wondering if you could just take a look at your reality. "

"Well, I won't say anything else there... but that's good.Change of plans. Permission granted.Don't get involved. "

I understand.

In Tina's reply, Einadis laughed one more time to end the communication.Tina then came up with a strange idea for Kate's recovery operation as she communicated the change of plan to various locations.

"Mm... that's right. If so... mmm.I think I can handle this...It's not that there's no problem... but I don't know what I'm going to say later.This is all I have to talk about.Then... connect me to Sola. "


All I have to do is check with this person.Tina, who decided to do so, immediately contacted Sola.And apparently, Sola will respond immediately because she just contacted me earlier.

Tina, what's wrong?

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just had a little talk."

Of course it is.

In the first place, I'm in the middle of an exercise.I didn't think Tina, the leader of the entire army, would be able to connect the communications to the useless conversation.So Tina goes straight to Sola to outline the operation.

"I'm not saying... how about that?Are you willing to try it? "

I think I'll try, or maybe I can do it.

"Well, that's right. There is no problem if you don't do it.I'm not just thinking about another idea. "

Speaking of which, just one of the solutions that came to mind today was that there were several other hands in Tina's brain that were divided, and if Sola didn't accept it, there was no problem.This was just the least hassle.So for a while, Sola talks to Toryn and looks at her situation and decides whether she accepts Tina's plan.

"... okay. I'll do it... I think I'll figure it out...But it's really just one shot, right?Another shot might not be possible.There are changes just now..... "

"I won't say that I can't.If we can't get out of here, we'll have to use another plan. "

Well... then, I'll try it.

In Tina's response, it seems that Sola was angry.Accept her plan. She then contacts Kite as soon as the outline of a single operation is determined.

"It's not like that."

Wow...... another evacuation maneuver that looks bad.

"Oh no, if you try to pull them out, it'll be pretty tough.There's no way this is going to happen. "

Well, I guess so.

We are further behind the enemy line.It's hard to detour, but we have to cut through the enemy line.It was also known to Kite, and if so, he accepted.

Wow. The timing will suit you at all.I don't need to hear from you. "

"Don't miss an opportunity."

I know. See you later.

Kite nodded at Tina's words and ended the communication.The McDawell faction will then move in to support Kites' retreat.