Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Chapter 2252 The Battle of the Warriors - Invasion

Joint military exercises by House McDawell and House Heisenberg.The battle between Ainadis, the three of Elucha, and her grandfather, Anniel, which was happening in the middle of it.This is the plan Einadis struck, and Anniel is judged to be incapable of fighting by the light of Sora's sword.


"Good day."

"Oh, thank you."

Sola receives a healing medicine from Toryn to heal her magic loss associated with using < >.

"To the boulder... is this all right?"

"It's a boulder. I couldn't avoid a direct hit, and it's also a direct hit.It was perfect. I can't fight enough. "

So, are you okay?

In Toryn's reply, Sola brings < > back to her waist.And the moment Einadis threw him there, Elusha landed.

"With and with and with and with!"


Ugh! Senpai, and El

"Ahh... did it go well?"

Ugh. Somehow.

When asked instantly, Sola makes clear the results for the time being.This gave me another instant breath.

"Really... where's Einadis?"

"Eina, that way...?"

The next moment, pointing to Ainadis, who was among the remnants of the flash that Anniel had emitted, Sola saw the silver flash passing by.Then, looking at the fearful side, Einadis, who had transformed into silver hair, stood.

"Phew... you're both safe... what's wrong?"

It was probably Einadis who moved a few kilometers in an instant, but the speed was certainly worth the < > name.But then Sola was just stunned.Certainly, < > it seemed to have exceeded the instantaneous speed at the time of deployment.


"There's no problem with both of us. How about you?"

"Luckily, there's nothing wrong with me.It's been a lot easier. "

Is that easy?The three lost their words in line with the words of Ainadis.Nevertheless, from her point of view, it was finished after using three protective devices.If you want to fight your grandfather, it is her idea to use the protection or assume a more long-term battle.Given that, it was certainly easy.To do this, Sola decides to proceed with the conversation while being stunned.

"Well, that's it... for now... is that okay for the first stage?"

"Yeah... that's all right for the first phase."

When Sola asked, Ainadis nodded with a smile.She seemed to have seen the warriors of the Heisenberg faction watching out for herself, and was able to confirm sufficient vigilance.While watching, Einadis activates the communicator.

"... Tina. The more effective they are, the more alert they appear to be."

Um... I have to be vigilant about the boulder strike now.Sora, how soon will you be back?

"I'll be there by now.I've almost got my senses. "

"Wow... that's a good thing."

This isn't a real battle, so it feels different again, but there's no doubt that we're still getting to use < > to some extent.As for that itself, I was grateful to the kites for their lack of combat power, and it was a good thing because it could be listed as one of the signs of the Empire.Nevertheless, that has nothing to do with it now. That's why she tells.

Well then, let's speed up the operation.Anyway, the sooner the better, the better. "


* Giggle *, Sora grips her fist and laughs roughly.Ainadis nodded under his gaze.She then fires a thunderbolt and sends out a thunderbolt.

"Well, let's go... everyone, follow me!"

"" "Ooooh!" "

Einadis, who had been strangled until now, has returned to the front, and some of the front lines of the Heisenberg faction have been sneaked up by Sora's strike earlier.If we're going to attack, we have to do it now.It was obvious to everyone, so the warriors echoed her command.Attack at once. This goes on and on for a moment.

Good! Everyone in the Adventure Department invaded at once!Break through the enemy lines like this! "

"Everybody, let's go! Ooooooo!"


It seems that it is best to be ahead of the curve at these times.An adventure division detached from his < >.

"Sola! Run the rabbit into the middle of the horn!Until then, we'll take cover! "

"Ugh! I'm sorry, please! Whoa! Out of my way!"

In an instant, Sola stores her power in < >.The Heisenberg warriors changed their eyes at once.

"Shit! His sword is obviously something!"

"Be careful! If you take a direct hit, you won't get a chance!"

"Never let them go!Stop anything! "

That's how it is. Sola thinks so to the Heisenberg faction, which stands out after she dares to break through the middle of the enemy.But Ainadis laughs there.

"Oops... you think you can handle ignoring me?"


"< >..."

"Eight Chronicles Chairman... the Princess Knight of High Elves"

Old and young men and women are unexpectedly pressured by a beautiful girl who draws her hair on a shelf with thunderous thunder and shining silver.Such a sight was immediately reported to Lord Jake Heisenberg.

"I see. Now, what are you going to do...?"

Breakthrough from the front. Certainly not a bad thing to do as a trigger for Anniel's defeat, but with Tina and the Heisenberg faction, we know a hundred more fighters are still hiding their power.

Then you know that you can't attack with this, or on the contrary, you can suffer a painful injury, and I was worried about its intentions.Nevertheless, the hands that have to be taken are determined.I'm sure they'll do it if I don't do anything.Then we have to move.

"Contact them. Put half the cuts on the front line to the kites."


There's nothing you can do if you don't face the Resistance when it comes to running stones and Einadis.To put it another way, even if I wanted to restore the morale of the front line, intimidated by Sola's < >, I needed them to move.So, at the request of Lord Heisenberg Jake, they move immediately.



"I didn't know your daughter had gotten so strong back then."

"Well, most of us have grandchildren, not grandchildren, of course."

The warriors of the Heisenberg faction are slightly confused by the warriors who walk to the front without passing through the roaring thunderbolts.On the contrary, McDawell's faction, which gained momentum, was merely one of the obstructors.As a result, McDawell faction fighters who did not clearly understand who they were attacked.

"Never mind! Take it now!"

"Just a few dozen! If we all attack, there's no problem!"


Well, I had no choice but to be licked.The face of the Resistance smiles slightly at the McDawell faction's fierce men who don't know who they are.Nevertheless, there is also a reason for this gathering, and I dare to tell you with a strong style.

"You've been licked...."

"Even though they used to be famous...."

"" Nh... ""

Everyone breathes in the pressure that drifts too much.Then someone with a pale face noticed.

"... ah... that's right. I remember... I saw it."

Hmm, what?

"These are... no, these are... all the people who fought with His Majesty the King..."

"What about it?"

It's a history textbook! That's what I saw!They are... they are the heroes of the Founding Wars! "

In words similar to someone's screams, everyone in the McDawell faction finally understands the face of the resistance and loses their words wrapped in astonishment.But Ainadis can't handle this.

"Hah... is that why you're here?At the time of your grandfather's arrival, I was within my expectations. Isn't it? "



Einadis dares to look at Solara and confirm his agreement.And the Resistance warriors laugh.

"Ahahaha. Well, yeah.We're no match for you alone. "

"But... you won't be able to move forward with this number either, will you?"

"Yes, I admit it... but that's fine."


Once you're stuck, all you have to do is squeeze from left to right to rebuild the front.The face of the resistance leaned to Ainadis, who said that he would see the future but that there was no problem.So one of them asked.

"No way, you have a sword there?Do you think it will arrive from here? "

"Well... what do you think?"

Honey, with that sound, Einadis is pointing his sword at the Heisenberg fleet flagship.Guess the intent and dare the Resistance to do so.And silver flashes from the tip of Einadis's sword.


It is a flash of silver, but it can be easily cut off by the Resistance Swordsman who was kicking the ground at the same time as the flash.There, Sola sparked the power of < >.


"Kh... you think that's inevitable!"

I see. You're going to erase them one by one.The Resistance fighters know they're not after Lord Heisenberg Jake.

And in fact, they won't be safe if they take a decent blow from < >.And now that Einadis is under control, we'll have to retreat from the beam.Thus, the Resistance swordsman, who had already taken an evasive stance, jumped out of the scene, while the glow of < > flew towards him.

"Ahahaha. It's powerful inside."

"Yes, that should be enough to leave the future to us."

The face of the Resistance narrowed slightly as he saw the sparkling light from the Sword.I'll leave this to tomorrow, and we'll have enough bud to fight together.It was enough to believe that.And that's why they get inspired.

"Let's do it!"

"Ah! Young people still lose!"

"Everyone, take it seriously!"


"Everybody, stand by!"

Sola's < > glow and Einadis's words seem to have had enough power to restore the warriors of the McDawell faction.Everyone takes a stand against the inspiring face of the Resistance.The warriors of the Heisenberg faction raise their voices.

"Let's go back to the first generation!They are another of our heroes! "

Show them what we can do!They made it, and the heroes of 300 years ago spinned it, our power! "

"" "Ooooh!" "

The warriors of both factions clashed with each other.However, it was shortly after this that Tina realized that their purpose had been achieved.Countless weapons fell in the middle of the battlefield.


"This is... a weapon!? Where did it come from!? Wow!"

"Master, can I do all of this?"

"Hah... hey, I escaped... uhh.Do what you can. "

What resonates is the voice of a hero, a brave man, who cannot afford any battlefield.And it was the voice of the daughter of the Beast King who came to fight with it.Finally, the kites came back to the front.