Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2258 The Battle of the Warriors - The Battle of the Raptors

Joint military exercises were being conducted between the McDawell and Heisenberg families.In Act II, which began between noon, the kites left the Adventure Department to fight the rebel warriors, the Resistance warriors, who had joined the Heisenberg faction as one warrior.

Therefore, Kite, who instantly entrusted Sommel and other front-line fighters, was approaching a battle between the best elf archers and the most prestigious female archers as Faros' mentor.It was such a battle, but the battle continued even as they fought Sonmel in a blink of an eye.


What's the matter? A kite who could no longer use magic, so he chose to endure Pharos' attack for a short time until he decided on his next move.

(Currently, I can't use the rune. However, when it comes to other cards....)

It's difficult inside. Kite had decided that the only way to beat Pharos was to concentrate on the status quo because she placed herself in the ground.It was a rune trap for that reason, but it turned out to be unusable.Therefore, Kite enters the analysis of the boundary that causes it.

(That's... < > kind.It's a nasty thing to unlock a magical attack at the same time as activating it... but in principle, it's very simple.That's just a transmitter. When this magic is activated or signs of activation are seen, it will be simultaneously disabled by hitting it with the same amount of magic waves)

What a mess. Kite thinks so.If this constantly triggers to stop or inhibit the triggering of the opponent's magic, the burden on the user will increase.However, this will only destroy at the same time as activation, so it won't be too much of a burden for the user unless the opponent uses magic.

(What do we do... the quickest measure is to destroy that 'transmitter'...)

I don't think it's Faros who overlooks it.Kite thinks so, as long as she knows her partner.Nevertheless, if we don't destroy it somehow, it's another dream that falls into a trap.

(It's 50 meters above... this is...)

The space is probably distorted.Kite understands the distortion of visible space and slightly distorts her face.

(That's a mess, that's not it.I don't even have to think about what you're up to....)

Faros is an archer. A warrior who fights in distance.In contrast, Kite is a melee warrior.Distance will be the basis of the basics.

(It's expanding the surrounding space... slowly, though.)

"Did you notice? Well, you don't have to."


Looking at the time and gaze that we were thinking, Faros noticed that Kite was slowly expanding the space.I'll show you what I've been hiding from you all at once.As a result, the distance between the two swells up tenfold at once.


"If you're dealing with him, that's enough."

"I'm being held back....."

Kite faces Pharos relentlessly with a bow on her face.The two are fighting in the middle of the battlefield in the first place.We can't afford to get far enough to favor Faros.

If so, it would have distorted the space and distorted it.Therefore, the distance between the two will open at once about 500 meters.

"... fu"


Kite recognized the arrow as if it were a comic book, disguised as moments and eternity.Cut down the flying arrows exactly like meteors.Then the next moment he cut it off in an instant, the second and third arrows were blowing.


Kite creates and intercepts countless weapons into countless flying arrows.With his hands open, he weaves a bow and raises an arrow, just like Faros.

"... hah..."


Very well. To Kite, who prepares his breathing, concentrates his consciousness and converges his magic on the arrow, Faros decides not to stop shooting the arrow.If you're a bow, you're up a few steps.I was going to show it to you.So Kite, who stopped countless arrows with his weapon, fired an arrow that emitted aurora.



Pharos fully recognizes the arrow that flies like a comet, emitting a huge flash.In that way, she shows Frodo's mentor the moves he deserves.


With a few seconds of accumulating force, Pharos instantly converges at the moment of the comma and releases an arrow.The arrow fired was supposed to have been fired later than Kite, but it collided close to Kite.


A collision of powerful forces generates a huge flash for just a moment.And Pharos slightly frowned.But the moment the flash cleared, it was a surprise.

"It's gone....?"

Above. Under the circumstances, it is the 'transmitter' directly above which Kite should strike.If Faros is accurately aware of Kite's current situation, he will make that decision.But in the sky I looked up, there was no kite.Although the kite, he was hiding in the shadow of the ground, which was rolling up in battle.

(Hah... ahhhhhh... Mr. Faros, I don't know if I can manage to get close to you... but can I be meat with a killer?)

If it was a normal opponent, Kite would have hidden the flash and cut into Pharos.But the opponent was Frodo and Soleil's mentor, famous as the archer of the Elves.

She was good at reading the signs, and Kate herself was a troublesome opponent to say that her advantage was not the forest.It makes no sense to hide in a forest like this.


(I don't know what to do... I'm hiding somehow because I'm completely killing the signs with the divine pussy...)

The "roll" of the foundation of the divine yin current. It is a technique to read the flow of the world.If you apply it and blend yourself into the flow of the world, you won't find any signs.Even if it wasn't as good as using it with a disciplined opponent, it was always possible to deploy it to this extent.

(In the meantime, it doesn't matter if we don't destroy that 'transmitter' first.I don't think I can use it with my own weapon...)

I don't know. Kite laughs slightly as she looks at the list of stored weapons that she lists behind her head.It's very easy to destroy that Transmitter.That's just a 'transmitter'. It's just to send a magic wave.

So I am careful not to destroy Faros, and she is the iron wall defense net herself.Her absolute advantage will not collapse unless we do something about it with a ranged attack.So Kite, who was looking for a strange way to break her defensive net, found an interesting bill in him.

(Ooh... this... can you handle this...?I have to try, but... even if this works, I have to win two bets...)

For a little fun, Kite sneaks one hand out of a different space that looks like it could break this situation.It was shaped like a magic gun, but it was similar.In other words, it is a pistol that uses gunpowder developed on Earth.

He then retrieves more of the US military scouting items he acquired on Earth and confirms Faros from behind the ground.

(... be vigilant. Well, of course.But with this... I could win the bet in the second half of the game...)

Faros didn't think Kite had left the scene.As a result, she did not move a step from the scene, concentrating on awaiting Kite's attack.

Perhaps most of the current attacks will be intercepted by her.Of course, there's no way I could try to hurt her with a pistol like this.So the target was the "transmitter" over the air.As a result, a roar sounded and a magnum shell burst towards the "transmitter" above.

"Ah! Right there!"

It's a bursting magnum bullet, but Faros somehow ignores it and shoots at the kite at the tip of the dust sac.In contrast, Kite was away from the scene at the same time as the shooting.

Therefore, Pharos tried to fire a second shot at the kite who dared to move widely and deceived himself, but at the next moment, he saw the "transmitter" over the sky crush.


"The difficulty with this guy is that the sound is big and the smell of nitrogen smoke really makes it."


"This is him. He calls it the Earth's magnum bullet... a stupid, powerful bullet that can beat an elephant's balls in one shot, even a grizzly."

I don't know what happened.Against Pharos, Kite laughs and shows a small bullet - which is bigger than a regular paraberam bullet.That's how he planted it for you.

"I don't use any magic at all.Well, we can't destroy it without such a "transmitter."Shooting at Mr Faros is usually prevented by a constant deployment barrier.It won't work even on the verge of death. If it's the case, it's too late. "


Hmm. Magnum rounds fired with the roar fly in a straight line to Faros.But Kite was right, it stopped moving a few centimeters to her and fell to the ground.

She felt her instinctive danger and was disabled by the barrier she unfolded.Faros instinctively realized that even if he noticed the launch, he didn't have to deal with the lack of magic.

"In this world, children can only use toys that are dangerous.Adventurers won't be able to protect themselves.Well, if you tap it directly into your body from zero distance, you'll be able to handle it... then perhaps magic will work, but whatever it is.There's no point in using such a limited number of bullets. "

"But... because I didn't use magic, I let my eyes slip away."

"Yes, it would be difficult for you to understand such a small bullet on the battlefield in an instant with a big target named me.Besides, it's just a flying object without such magic.Just like the fragments of dirt I blew up... I don't even realize it. "

Needless to say, Faros, from Enephia, has never seen a pistol before.I've never seen a bullet before.

Of course, even with this explanation, Faros doesn't know how he flew at that speed.I know gunpowder, but I don't know how to use it.I couldn't have noticed the bullets flying at supersonic speeds.

"Wonderful. Let's celebrate the fact that there are still so many cards in that way..."

"Thank you."

I didn't expect you to destroy the Transmitter with your hands sealed.Kite thanked Pharos for that compliment.And at the same time, they knew the end of the battle.

So, can I have one?

"Yes, of course."

"Is this also one of the cards you learned on Earth?"

"Yeah... you didn't notice, did you?"

Kite laughs and clearly admits that the huge rune letters engraved directly below Faros' standing ground belong to her.It triggered the Transmitter at the same time as it was destroyed and sealed all of her movements - precisely, by making it ready to be activated at any time, she was unable to move again.

"Yeah... that's good. I'm losing.It's still fun to fight you. "

"Ahahah... hah... ahh!I'll never do it again! "

After seeing Faros out for admitting his defeat, Kite became a big villain.Honestly, yeah, I told you, it was a complete bet you wouldn't notice the magnum bullets.

Moreover, this is not a hand that can be used twice or three times.The smell of nitrogen smoke is easy for elves to notice.It won't work from now on.Of course, it is rare to fight with such a sealed hand in the first place.

"I don't want to... but I can manage now.Hey, Frodo, Soleil, we've destroyed your master. "


Niiii, did you do it!?

"I won the bet. That's all... I'll take care of the rest."



With a sigh of sigh, Kite instructs Frodo and Soleil to start a full-scale offensive.It was, for example, the existence of a master that they could not take seriously.

I mean it. I can't beat Faros unless I do it for real.But now that she's gone, McDawell's faction is overwhelmingly advantaged if it's far away.All I had to do was push it off at once.Thus, Kate's odd victory led to a slight push by the McDawell faction.