Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2263 Fighting the Warriors - A few Days Later

A joint military exercise conducted by the McDawell and Heisenberg families.And Kite, who led the Adventure Department, finally succeeded in controlling a direct confrontation with Lord Heisenberg Jake.Therefore, the defeat of General Jake, Lord Heisenberg, or the defeat of the Heisenberg faction, and the exercise will end with the McDawell family winning one by one.

Thereafter, with Emperor Leonhalt, the two dukes exchanged stories, including the future, finished the clean-up and returned to their respective places.So, Kite also went back to the guild home in the Adventure Department for a while and went back to the day after hours to prepare for the next whole exercise.

"Hmm... well, I guess so..."

"What happened?"

"No, I was just reading an exercise article."

Kate nodded while reading the newspaper as if she was convinced, but she shook her head without any particular emotion at Sola's inquiry.Sola asks him again and again.

"Exercise is... yesterday, right?What does it say? "

"Current status of the boulder. I can't write negatively about doing the exercises... and on top of that, the main thing is about rebel war heroes.In modern times, the Aces of 300 years ago are famous and common, so they are often unknown.That's why you're at the top. "

Kite, who was questioned by Sora, presents a side of the newspaper to him.After that, Sola put a headline in her mouth.

"Heroes of the founding kingdom, gather... and once again swear allegiance to the Empire.Eh, what's that picture? "

"After the exercise, His Majesty the Emperor gathered them together to talk.It's none of my business, I just wasn't called.That's the picture there. "

Kate tells Sola what happened after the exercise when the Resistance warriors, led by Sonmel and Fenghua, gathered to see the picture kneeling to Emperor Leonhalt and revealed their surprise.One side of the newspaper was the picture.

"I was reading an article about the recent situation of the heroes on three sides...They're talking about where they are now and what they're doing.As far as I know, but... "


"Would you like to read it if you're interested? I've read it all."

"Oh, thank you."

Sola has difficulty accepting Kite's offer.I thought it would be a good idea to keep this information in the future.Kite had been reading it for a while, but in his case, Tina's supervisor had been introduced by Lord Jake Heisenberg as necessary.

So I knew more than what was written here, so I should have lost interest just by reading it.So Sola started reading the newspaper that she received from Kite, but the moment came.

"Phew... what? Just the two of you?Well, Tsubaki-san seems to be here.... "

"Rather, today is almost a day off.I told you yesterday on my way home, remember? "

"Oh, you said that."

"After a pretty big exercise.I gave Lou and Alice a break because it looked like this.Lou left asking if he would train. "

As soon as she leans her neck, Kite talks about today's plans for the upper echelons.Because of this situation, Kite is not going to take the initiative to receive the request, but she is still there just in case.

But today, almost the entire adventure department was going to receive a request the next day of the exercise, or a small request from a petty cash earner.

At this rate, Kite was going to just relax here all day today, and that's actually what happened.Nevertheless, at that moment, I noticed that Sola was there.

"So why is Sola here?"

"It's like a habit... it feels like we need to check the situation for now.Well, I don't have anything to do even if I come, so I think I'll hang out somewhere if I crush my time appropriately.Senpai, are you done with your morning training? "

"Oh, and I forgot that I was off after morning training."

When Sola asked, she smiled slightly embarrassed.In terms of morning practice, the Adventure Department is also an Adventurer Guild, and most of its employees do it as a daily routine.Among them, especially the moment known as the militants, they practiced morning training relatively long, and today it was even later than the other two, especially immediately after the exercise.That's how he asks Kite.

"Well... that's why I'm here.Kate, what do you got? "

"Yeah? I don't know... I don't know, I'm on my own."

The current situation of Kite is that she is signing several documents while being served by Tsubaki.Because I didn't know what would happen to the exercise, I finished all the work I had come to before the exercise and came to the exercise.As a result, it was the first thing in the morning and nothing was done.

"Well, if you want to do something, you should get Sola to circulate the newspaper and read about the rebel war heroes.Looks like they'll be back on the line in the future. "

"I see... they certainly were strong.If you can help me, I need a thousand manpower. "

In an instant, Sola and Sommel crossed paths, understanding that rebellious war-era heroes were fierce in a realm comparable to Aces 300 years ago.So the help seems to have been perceived favourably.And he is a warrior with samurai skin.With the fierce, he seemed to be more interested than Sola.Kate agrees with him.

"That's right... well, maybe we won't be involved.There's no harm in knowing. "

I see.

Even in the Adventure Department, Sola and Moments are each connected to the central figure of the enemy side of the upcoming battle.That's why they'll be involved. It's no harm knowing their information.The moment I understood it, I also decided to load the newspaper, and on this day I spent a day gathering information and collating materials.

Now, a few days after the exercise.Kite was talking to Lord Heisenberg Jake again.

"Hah... you know, Jijii. I was wondering if I could take my Resistance buddies to the boulders."

"Don't tell me, but you won't win... well, after all, you won't win."

Well, yeah.

It is no exaggeration to say that we were finally victorious, but it is also the result of winning the bet.Nevertheless, victory is victory. That's it.

"Nevertheless, it is. It's a good story, isn't it?"

That's not what I was aiming for... now, as long as you return, there won't be any dauntless problems.

"I can't do that, so I'm in trouble...."

As it stands, there is no system in place for Kite to return and be okay.So he sighed one sigh, but regained his mind.

"No, that's fine. You can imagine that the rabbit and the horn have crossed with me."

'That will be the case.That's not the end of the story. "

"... ah, I see."

Your main...

Apparently Kite was completely lost.I noticed Tina's thoughts - she couldn't possibly have put them there - and I was stunned.

"Ahahaha. I didn't realize it at all... well, let's just say that.Should I go there soon? "

"Let's see... well, that's a good time to gauge the machine."

"Yes, sir."

All of this involves complicated matters that will be necessary at that time.When that happened, I didn't think I could handle it now.So, Kate finished the story, but then Lord Heisenberg Jake asked Kate.

Speaking of which, it's Kate.


I hear you're looking for a witch from Enterprise.

"Ah... Mr. Justizia was the master of Entertainment in the first place, but he can't move as he is.In the words of Yostizia, who was expecting it, he became the main player..... "

Well, I don't know if I need it, but...Kate nodded to Lord Heisenberg's query, even though she thought so.

"Then I wonder if the Lord doesn't understand the current situation of the clan."

That's not true......

"Oh, and now I'm looking for it. And I'm looking for it."

In summary, that's where it is.Kite briefly explains why.Jake of Heisenberg taught me this.

"Well... that's one thing I thought.Don't you know about the former main residence of the Entertainers?

"The home of the Entertainers?"

Didn't you hear me... obviously, but let's set up a mansion with the witches of the Enthesia family.I told you before... when the princess was searching for her past memories, she said she saw a mansion somewhere. "

"Ah... that's what he was trying to tell me about his parents."

Of course, Tina was said to be an orphan, but because she was an orphan, Tina also worried about her parents in the past.So she used her own good magic and tried to find out about her parents.This did not work because of the seal of Ixfoss on the boulder.Still, it seems to have been able to read a few fragments.

"Isn't that the imperial castle of the time?"

No, I don't think it's very likely to be different when I talk to you about it.It was said to be a large entrance with a red carpet, but there has never been such a place in the Imperial Castle.But I heard this from Lord Justy, but I heard that there was a similar structure entrance in the house of the Entertainers. "

"I see... is it possible that the main residence of the Entertainers is here?"

Here, in view of the possibility that both Kate and Lord Heisenberg Jake would improperly stimulate Tina's memory, I have never heard of any details.But now I don't have to hide it anymore, and Tina's memories of being sealed have been solved, so I was able to evoke her memory.

Um... so if you recall the old memories, it is certain that the princess was visited several times during her childhood to the main residence of the Entertainer family.Let's think about it there. "

"Hmm... I'm sure that's a good possibility.I can't get out of the speculation zone without him. "

I mean... isn't it worth going?

"Hmm... that's right. Sure, I've had Salia search the information network of the informant... but the only list I can find is the one that Fio gave me.I wonder if the main residence has any details. "

Currently, too few clues are enough for exploration.If I could get any of that, I certainly thought it would be worth heading to the main residence.

"Do you know where Jijii is?"

I don't know.

"What about it?"

I don't know the details except for that idiot who was moving around.

"... I see."

Said she didn't know anything about this idiot but Ixfoss, Kite dropped her shoulders in tears.Nevertheless, he understood who to ask at once.

"Hah... I guess I'll just have to ask Miss Eustiel."

That's not what I meant. Or it could be Lord Lil. "


Originally, Justinia and Justine were both disciples of Lil.It was therefore very likely that Lil would know where the main residence was, and it was very difficult to ask her.That's why Kite asked for more information about them, and he was going to get help from Lord Heisenberg Jake.