Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2267 Seeking the Past - Genealogy

At the recommendation of Lord Jake Heisenberg, Kate and Tina arrived at a mansion that the Enthesian family had inherited from the first Enthesia for generations.After tracing Tina's past memories, they were guided by Shelow to a library containing a variety of books held by historical entertainment witches.

Waiting for them in such a library was Shelow, the owl-shaped wizard who, like Shelow, was the first entertainer.For a while, I was supposed to explain the situation to him and ask for his help.

I see... so Justina is here.

"Hmm... oh, that's right. That's why I think we'll have to send him here in the future."

"You know... don't say that for sure..."

Kate shrugged her shoulders down at Tina's utmost certainty.This is still the lord.I wanted you to definitely use it and not use it like a pimple.Tina laughed at him like that.

"Even so, you are the one who uses it, and you are the one who moves it"

"It's sad that I can't deny it....."

"Phew... hmm. Blessed is a good companion, good is it?"

I was satisfied with Tina's happy appearance.It was judged that such a man would be better off.I decided to respond to Tina's request.

Justina has a staff, doesn't she?

"Hmm. I inherited the staff from my mother."

Use it and assemble this procedure.Let this blank part be filled with the magic of the opponent. "

"Hmm... Kate, help me."

"Yes, yes..."

Apparently, Kate knows her future as well as I say it.Reach out to respond to Tina's request, even though she was a little dazed.Tina grasped it and developed the magic I taught her.As I was told, pour the magic of Kite into the blank area.Then, the operation starts normally and a blue key is held in Kite's hand.

/(adv, adv-to) (on-mim) (on-mim) slightly/slightly/slightly/

This is the key to getting in here.This key can only be used by those who have registered the previous magic.And with this key, only that person can come to this library through a different path. "

"Yes, everyone...."

I don't want to, but I guess I have to.While the kite is slightly damaged, attach the key to the key holder and store it in a different space.Tina decided to continue the conversation after she had finished.

"Hmm, thank you... that's it, it's me. Do you have any information on the entertainment witch?Not many of the witches in Entertainment have more knowledge than the rest. "

"That's right... oh, that's right.There's one good thing. Follow me. "

The toilet spreads its wings and leaps from the reception tree.It seems to have been a long way to go.Shelow opened her mouth in a hurry.

Ooh, I forgot to advise you to fly if you want to... that's a long way away.

"Oh, that's right... well, as you can see, this is a place that can't be reached from end to end without using aerospace techniques.It's going to be a long way from here. "

"I see... let's go then"


Tina nodded at Kite's words, showing her wings, and put Shelow on the wand, sitting herself on the wand.Then, they followed me through the library.Tina asked a lot of questions along the way.

Speaking of which, it's me. How many books does this library have? "

I've never counted it... anyway, it was kind of like entertaining people and handing over books as soon as they could.That is precisely what the various personalities of the present generation can say in common.How do you feel?

I'll be told ~

"I can't say anything back...."

Tina looks at the funny words of Kite with a little light.Moreover, the toilet that asked for pleasure also deepened the pleasant smile.

Phew...... that's the entertainment witch.A woman who inherited the throne of the modern era.I'm getting busy organizing again. "

"Should I keep the rest of the library here?"

I'll let you like it...... but while saying similar things to the owners of the past, somehow it ended up here.

"Hmm... I can still see that future..."

What did the current generations say to arrive at the final conclusion?Tina seemed to know it in her hands.

"Bucha, managing hundreds of thousands of books is very troublesome."

"Fufufu... that's what everyone says."

Very well then

They are their fathers, after all.Just as she inherited the blood in color, Tina finally found out that she was in trouble and stopped.He laughed joyfully.That's how she understood it, she gave up quickly.

"Alright, I'll keep the rest of the library here... I've got a few hundred thousand books... okay?"

"Fufu... nothing's wrong.After all, it has already exceeded one million since the time of the Emperor.I was able to gather as many of Lanaria's old books as I could.I wonder why you found one library.There was a lot of excitement back then. It was an area I haven't seen in a long time. "

"Gu... did you lose? Is the first generation a boulder?No, we can go a million if we combine the books we've put on Earth. "

"What are you trying to do with each other..."

With Tina showing a strange tension, Kate is stunned.And that was him, but I noticed a lot there.

"Hmm? Didn't you say you just found Lanaria's library?"

Hmm... it looks like it was quite a fight.

"Oh, my God, which corner is it?"

"Yes! Let's go first!"

"Materials of the remaining old civilizations!"

"It's yours, but not yours!"

Kite flickered her wings and forcefully stopped Tina, who tried to find books from the old civilization that were stored by changing the color of her eyes and spinning suddenly.After a while, the group resumed moving again.Of course, that's where I was going first.


"No, I'm sorry. I accidentally forgot me."

"How many times a year does that happen to you... no, a few times a month"

Tina laughs joyfully and Kate shakes her head one by one.But this was fun for me.

Fufu, I'm still a descendant of the Entertainer... here we are.

"This is...."

"This is the center..."

"Oh, I see. Sure, this would be a good way to find out more about the House of Entertainers."

Apparently Sherlock knew something about the place I showed him.I nodded like I was good at it.And when all of them came down to the ground, it was like a stone.

If you want to know about the witch in Enterprise, you should see this first.

"This... is not my last name.On top of that... mother's name... on top of that... is this... a family tree? "

"Fufufu... is that the best?"

In the words of the laughing toilet, Tina follows the name engraved in something similar to parchment on a giant stone from below.When I got to the top, I unexpectedly opened my eyes.

"And at the top, Entecia Valpulgis Hexe... is it the full name of the first generation!?"

Although it is a witch of entertainment, the first entertainment was not called entertainment in the first place, but entertainment.Nobody knows the full name of Entertainment anymore in modern times.If so, this was the legendary witch entertainment that was very likely.But I shook my head.

Strictly speaking, it seems different.It was originally longer, and sometimes it was also named Magisa.It seems that all of them have been taunted and shortened by the original name of the entertainer... I don't know how far it's true. "

"You don't even know him?"

"Fufu... Entertainer always tells me that I don't know if it's true or not.They enjoyed creating secrets and uncovering them.I suppose his real name is one of the secrets. "

Nostalgically, I laughed joyfully.Nevertheless, it does not contain the truth.So he tells you.

'Nevertheless, this is not a complete lie.It's also true that he was named Enterprise Valplugis and others. "

"Not Hexe?"

"Fufu... that's what's interesting about him.Enterprise Valpulgis. Hexe Valpulgis. Magisa Valpulgis… I have not been named after several names, but many of them were under the surname of Valpulgis.Sometimes I was named after a name that had nothing to do with anything, not even the name of Enterprise or the family name of Valplugis. "

This is true even in Enephia, but basically the family name is placed in front of or behind the name for ease of understanding.So in this case, the name of Enterprise without the middle name would be Hexe Enterprise or Enterprise Hexe.For some reason, Valpulgis, which is supposed to be the middle name, was used as the family name.I laughed at Tina, who raised questions about it.

"But it was said that each of those servants was a name related to his real name."

"I miss it. I was delighted to know which of your sons and daughters you think is your real name."

"You look like a witch... or don't you even tell your daughter your real name?"

I have no choice but to be astonished by my ancestors.Tina couldn't hide herself from entertainment for the first time.Nevertheless, even if it is said to be legendary, the identity is hidden somewhere.This was one end of who it was.But the surprise came from here.Shelow reveals it.

'Rather, we don't even know if your son was your real son.You said you don't even know your daughter.For witches, a child is not blood, but a person who inherits research, philosophy, and belief.Even if the blood was not connected, if the gene (meme) was connected, it would be the child of the witch, and that was the word of Enthesia. "

"It's not very chaotic... well, I don't know"

I suppose it's because she's an entertaining witch as well.It is not about blood connections, but whether the parent inherits the teacher's philosophy and research.Tina was impressed by the words of the first entertainer, but she was convinced.Therefore, she once again looks at her lineage chart, which culminated in the first entertainment.

"Hmm... beneath the first generation... is this the second generation?For the second generation... for the third generation... hmm?Speaking of which, this family chart. Something's wrong. "

Tina looked at a few people from above, but she felt strange discomfort and leaned her neck.This was told by Kite, who had already found out the identity of the discomfort.

"I don't have a husband's name.It's impossible to have monosexual reproduction if you call it a witch tribe on a boulder. "

"Oh, well... this is just the name of the witch of entertainment, right?"

That's right... this is just a family chart of an entertaining witch.Therefore, the names of the companions are not engraved here.It's stored somewhere else... except for the entertainer, as I said earlier. "

"Is it still there?"

Though I'm not particularly interested, I might be able to tell if it was the birth child of Enterprise.It was Tina who thought so, but apparently it was a secret.Nevertheless, Tina turns her back to such a response.

"Well, good. If the rabbit has this family tree diagram on both the horns, I can tell to some extent.Let's scrutinize it. "

"Do you want to take pictures with digital cameras?"

"It's better not to.It's not strange to react to the concept of shooting. "

Tina shakes her head one by one as she asks Kite.Therefore, they decided to enter the examination of the family tree map again.