Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2276 Seeking the Past - Traces

Kate and the others were trying to get information from Angel's Children Angelic Childrens into a secret compartment further below Raingardo.Among them, Kite and Kanata were passing through the underground refinery to the underground port, which had been installed on the bottom floor.

They then revived the main power supply, but after that they checked the information on the supplies transported from the underground port to see if there was any trace of any connection to the Angel Children Angelic Childrens.So, about half a day from the start of the work.After several breaks, I managed to find some information that bothered me.

"Hah... for now, is this where you are today?"

It's better to keep it that way.Well, when it comes to harvesting, the most important thing is to prove that the subpoena was brought in here. "

It was supposed to be.

Kate nodded in Tina's words.It has been said for a long time that the summoning device where Musashi and Asahi were summoned was not developed here, but in the form of something developed in another secret laboratory brought here.It was obvious that supplies had been transported somewhere, but it was supposed to have been brought in from this underground port.And it's inevitable that we found out this.

"If we can track down the information on that airship, we'll be able to find the lab that was studying summoning."

Hmm. I refrained from the type and shape of the airship.After that, we should supervise the information of the local laboratories and check for any other relevant airship information. "

The laboratory that was studying summoning was as secret as Legado.Therefore, the map that Legado had did not contain any data on Oppo sites or on sites currently being discovered, and it was completely unclear where it was located.However, since supplies were being brought in, there was always a secret laboratory at the destination of this airship.

"Well, that's a good thing... the problem is..."

Angel Children Angelic Childrens

"Normally speaking, I think this is an important facility to defend against...."

"Mhh... I think I have something to metaphor for..."

While listening to Kite, Tina checks the list of information again.It seems impossible to confirm it because a lot of information was left behind, but it is information from "Angel's Children" Angelic Childrens.No matter what you think, it was not written down as it is, and there was actually no information written down as "Angel's Children".

"Come on... I don't know anything about that."

Well...... but if you don't know, you won't go any further.We have to find some kind of trace. "

"What should I do when I say I have to?Without any documentation or tips, how can I find it? "

There it is......

Currently, the Angel Children Angelic Childrens have not been found because there is no information available.Well, it's true that it's a tough thing to find information that's been around for over 2,000 years, but I think I want to find some kind of trace.In fact, not all traces are missing.That's why they thought about it, but Tina talked about what she was worried about.

Hmm... but what bothers me is that these Raingards didn't bring in Angel Children Angelic Childrens .Both the importance and the likelihood of being targeted here are high.I don't think there's any reason why I shouldn't run Angel Children's Angel Childrens.... "

"Hmm... I'm sure that's where I'm concerned... yes.Kanata, have you heard anything about this place? "

After hearing Tina's allegations, Kite asks Canata if she has heard anything about this Raingard.Kanata nodded.

"... yes. I've heard of a government-owned flying super giant research lab.Of course, I don't know where I'm studying, how I can get there, etc., because it was kept completely secret. "

What about during the war?

"I don't know anything about that.In fact, the collapse of the Ranarist civilization was not long ago. "

Kanata laughs in trouble when she asks.I decided to ask her what happened at that time because Kate was in trouble.

"How long was the collapse of the Ranarist civilization?I hear it didn't take that long... but I didn't know how old I was because I wasn't really interested. "

"That's right....."

Ten years to be exact.Well, it seemed to have completely collapsed in the first two years or so.It took three years for it to completely collapse.In the next five years, you'll be scratching your feet. "

I wonder how long it was. Charlotte clasped his mouth from the side to Kanata thinking about such a thing.To do this, Kite leaned her neck.

"Hmm... hmm? Ten years? Sure, Kanata.You're still a teenager... right? Self-declaration. "

Even this one.

"Hmm... certainly, Mr. Valheit. You got caught before it collapsed, didn't you?"

Charlotte mentioned this.So I didn't suspect Kite either, but I will ask Kanata for confirmation.And Kanata nodded clearly.

"Yes, I don't know how long ago."

"That's good. But then, obviously, you're not a teenager?Even after the collapse, you lived in some OpPro ruins, right? "

"Oh, there it is."

When asked, Kite's question is all the more serious.Kanata laughs joyfully knowing why he's wondering.That's why she told me about her situation at the time.

"I was in cold sleep in the middle of the night.Did I tell you that it was processed as a weapon in its original form? "

"Oh, to be treated like a poor girl who got involved in Farsch's experiment?"

"Yeah... it doesn't matter, but I was cold sleeping when your father was captured.To adapt your body to strength.If you subtract that, you're a teenager.If it's a public registration, I'm over 20 years old. "

"I see...."

Needless to say, the power that resides in Canata is unusual.And it was not acquired by itself, but acquired by Valheights.

Therefore, time was absolutely necessary for the body to adapt to the force.And it seemed that Kate, who acquired a huge amount of power acquired, also understood the story, and nodded convincingly.

"Does that mean you were cold sleeping most of the time after the interview?"

"Yes, that's how it ended up being sent to this OpPro ruins.That's where they found out to a certain extent, and your father was supposed to come out. "


Does that mean there are no known factors?Kite was asking if she had any information, but she understood it was going to be difficult.Therefore, Kite, who judged it impossible to obtain information with this muscle, decided to revise the trajectory of the story again.

"Then again, Kanata doesn't know."

"That's what I've been saying since the beginning... what about the goddess?You did work here, didn't you? "

Unfortunately, I've only been here a few times during the war.That's the first few years.Instead of coming here for the last few years, I don't even know what I've been doing anywhere.Even after the war, the information network was completely broken. "

Charlotte, who was questioned by Kanata, talks about the time in a dazzling way.Well, the Ranarist civilization of the time held much of this vast Enesian continent in its hands.

And Charlotte is famous for being one of the main gods and the strongest.When I came to this Raingard, busy with defense and tactics everywhere, and moving so that I could not be found, it could have been the opposite of the enemy, so I refused contact.

"I see. I don't know either."

That's what I'm talking about.

Kanata and Charlotte united their voices to summarize Kite.So Tina opens her mouth when she decides they don't know.

'Rather, Kanata doesn't understand Charles anyway.If I had known in the first place, it wouldn't have been like the old OpPro ruins. "

Yes, I wouldn't miss it if I knew about the boulders.In fact, they didn't even know about Angel's Children, Angelic Childrens.

In the first place, Valheit was released because the director of the Oploh ruins decided that even if it was released from the collapse of the information network, it would not be revealed to the central government.So it was no wonder that Charlotte, who was in the center of the government, didn't know about the Angel Children Angelic Childrens, which he led.

"Hmm... but I'm not convinced that none of them have been brought here yet."

"Hmm... it's Legado. Do you have any traces of such information?"

If so, I have already reported it.


I'm in trouble because I don't have one.If so, it would have been solved a long time ago.That's why Tina sighed, but then she remembered.

"Well... I've come up with one thing."


No, uh-- Angel's Children Angelic Childrens is Canata.Isn't that the same treatment as yours?Then I wonder if it's impossible to resonate. "

"That's... impossible."

In response to Tina's reasoning, Kanata shook her head as if she knew her father.That is why she gave the reason.

"I don't think your father will miss it.Then we'll make sure the maintenance beds are set up to stop the resonance.It would be troublesome to be resonated and run wild... and if you were out, that would be possible. "

"Mhh... I can't do this either. I can't deny that I'm completely stuck."

"No... I thought I heard that.Can't you find out how maintenance beds react or how to bring in maintenance beds? "

After listening to Kanata and Tina's conversation, Kite talks about it again.Tina noticed this too.

"Mm... I see. I see. Surely it is difficult to bring in such things secretly, and special adjustments are necessary.Even if you hide the contents, you don't have to hide them there.Legado, are there any signs of such capsules being carried in?

Please wait a moment.

Upon Tina's request, Legado promptly retrieves the records of the delivery of supplies.It seems that the results came out after a while.

Yes, but there are maintenance pods for the golem, so I don't know exactly where to find them....

No, that's fine. I'll just pretend to have that information.I'm not just looking for a hit from among them.All right. Kate, Kanata. Get back here. Let's find out the information here. "

In the meantime, the following guidelines have been established:If so, we could only move on that basis.Then Kate and Kanata decided to leave the control room and return to an area with a refinery.