Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2280 Asking for the Past - Another Angel -

Kate and the others obtained information about Angel Children's Angelic Childrens at the main residence of the Enthesia family.When they got more information at Raingard, they found one of the Angel's Children Angelic Childrens, disguised as a Golem maintenance capsule, and stopped to wait for Tina's rendezvous.Meanwhile, Kate and Kanata saw the girl in Angel's Children Angelic Childrens again.

"Hmm... it still looks pretty normal."

"We have to decide from the definition of what is normal."

"That's right... well, dare I say, angels... with heavenly feathers?"

"Well... I don't know that either.I can get it out, but I'm not from heaven. "

If you say so, you can get out.

If Kanata releases her power completely, she will have fallen angel wings on her back.Though that was probably the effect of heavenly blood, I didn't know if the girl in Angel's Children Angelic Childrens was heavenly.And Kate, who remembered that, asked Kanata again.

"Speaking of which, what would you be as a race?"

"Come on... you don't really know where that is."

"Can't you be free to reveal factors?"

Canata et al. "Angel's Children" Angelic Childrens "are gaining power by being seen as a pseudo-world by a complex combination of countless factors.I was a little concerned about how to manipulate this.This makes Kanata slightly rounded her eyes.

"Oh... didn't I tell you?You can do a lot of things. "

"Hmm... that would be useful, wouldn't it?"

"For example... yes. Cat ears... foxes..."

Pompom, Kanata creates cat ears, cat tails, fox ears and fox tails everywhere and then erases them.Apparently, it can be switched freely.

"Later... I can do succubus and so on.Look, what do you think? When you succubus, your tits get a little bigger. "

"Do you like being seen?"

"It won't happen anyway... maybe"

After being told to laugh, Kanata closes her shamefully open chest and releases the succubus.Sure, the girl in the capsule seems to be asleep, but no one knows what kind of condition it is.

I don't know what's waking me up.Besides, she's a natural daughter. I tried my best to seduce Kite, but my resistance to sex was so high.Well, as soon as I was talking about the lack of other love, a communication came in from Tina.

Here we go. It's not like I'm here. "

"Ah... Kanata"


"Phew... it was quite far from the center"

Tina enters and lands from the bulkhead that Kanata opened.Fortunately, Raingardo is now anchored at sea.Therefore, there was no problem opening the bulkhead normally.So Tina, who came in, went through the sta and passage and arrived in front of the girl in Angel's Children Angelic Childrens.

"Is this it?"

"Ah... I don't know the details.You take a look. "

"Hmm... Kanata, I'm sure you know better about these capsules.Where's the switch? "

"Well, then, to the right."

"This... hmm. I have a reaction. I don't think I can move it."

Tina checks the capsule console while being careful not to push the switch that would indicate activation. Apparently it's still working.

Well, if you don't move, the girl inside won't be safe.It was presumed that the capsule was also in operation because it looked alive.After confirming the switch, Tina starts placing the device next to the capsule.

"Well... kite, help me install the equipment I brought. There are a lot of them."

"Yes... a lot, right?"

"That's why I told you so many."

Kite unexpectedly rounds her eyes to the many devices that come out.Tina, on the other hand, had already attached the closest device to the capsule.

So, following her instructions, Kite connects several devices.Fortunately, there is magic, and the planet will be able to carry heavy machinery and many other devices on its own.

"This... what did you bring?"

"Most of them are for vital checks.I don't know what's going on inside. "

"I see... what else?"

It was certainly left behind in this capsule for 2,000 years.No matter what happened, there was no wonder.Therefore, most of the other devices were meant to cope with any abnormalities.

"Others are external power supplies that can be used in the unlikely event of a loss of power, or devices that can be used to administer drugs in the event of an abnormality in vital signs."

"Heh... I often found a blueprint for such a device."

"The Valheights guy had it.I didn't have to think about it, but it seemed like I could understand it and bear it.Within the remaining materials, the maintenance capsules and accompanying device blueprints were released. "

"... I see."

So, have you been able to develop a device that meets the number of standards so far in advance?Kite smiles slightly when she sees a number of devices developed from the information Valheit left behind.

So, it seems that most of them connected, but in the event of an emergency, Legado would only be able to start remotely.The customizations were all done by Valheights.Thus, about two hours after the work began.All the devices were connected and the capsule was connected to several thick cables.

"All right... that's it."

"Hmm... it's about time we got the test results... here we go."

"Turn me around."

Almost at the same time that Kite finished installing and connecting the device, it seems that Tina's inspection was finished.Displays output results.And at the same time, transfer the information to Kite.Anyway, I decided to check it together.


"Hmm... for now, is there anything wrong with the vital signs?As a state of sleep... should I just sleep? "

"That's right. Because of the EEG results, there's no lie... I don't think ordinary boys and girls have been trained or modified to fake EEG..."

"There's no point in a boulder."

In response to Tina's question about confirmation, Kanata also laughed and shook her head.It seems that if you try to do it, you can use magic to become a state where you are awake with sleeping brainwaves.

However, Lanaria hardly seemed to be able to measure brain waves, and Tina was using plans from Valheit that were further improved by Earth's technology.With such a story on her ass, Kite strokes down one breast.

"Really... that means you're alive, right?"

"There must be a mistake.Vital signs are green. Life-sustainability is fine.There is no abnormality in the extremities.There's no need to cyborg. "

"I see... I see. So," Angel Children, Angelic Childrens "is supposed to be a weapon, right?"

That's not what I'm talking about.

Therefore, because it was inhumane, Valheit also cooperated reluctantly in the treatment, and he also destroyed all the information about the study.Because he knew himself to be inhumane, he eventually intended to completely erase the information by capturing himself and punishing himself with the death penalty or a similar punishment.Nevertheless, that's why Kite had one thing to worry about.

"Is there anything like a control device?Of course, she may have accepted the treatment she wanted..... "

"Well then, that's the circle.Crystal on the forehead.That's the core of the controller. "

"This... what happens if I break this?"

"I don't know. I also wrote this down as unknown to Valheit."

Tina shook her head with a sigh in response to a question from Kate looking at the circle and crystal attached to the girl's forehead.So Kite asks the next question.

"Will you break it, or will you leave it?"

"I brought the device here because I wanted to know what to do. I can't see it yet."

"Okay... let's see the test results for now"

"... speaking of which, Tina. Do you have any personal information about this child?"

Hmm? No, I don't think so.

It is hard to imagine that this capsule is tailored exclusively for this girl.If so, there was a possibility that some personal information was included.So Tina once again enters the capsule and checks the information stored inside.But after a while, Tina shook her head.

"... no. I have physical information, but I have erased any information that can be inferred from individuals under their names.Legado, can't you identify an individual with the photos you're about to send? "

I don't know if I can do it... but let's do it as much as we can. Just give me the data.


Legado only stores researcher information.That's just the information from before the war when the network was definite.Therefore, it is difficult to imagine that the personal information of a girl who is likely to have been a private person is in Legado, but Legado also has a vacancy in the computational field.It didn't hurt just to try.That's why Legado entered the search, while Tina re-examined the information.

"In the meantime... first we need to delete all the commands on the controller... well, this is going to be difficult."

"What are you up to now?"

"To put it simply, it's the annihilation of the enemy."

"Fuck off."

More than a weapon, I'm sure that's right.Kite laughs bitterly at Tina's response, even though she thinks so.Tina agreed.

"Hmm. It looks like this Enemy Certification has been chosen according to the terms embedded in this capsule... Mmm... I don't know, but it's unforgiving... and there are a lot of traumatic orders."

"... I see. Let me ask you something."

"Genocide... massacres of civilians and unarmed men.It incorporates a thorough attack on contaminated areas.Fortunately, the last line of command with the director of the Opposite ruins is somehow not off the grid, for non-weapon purposes... in other words, it doesn't seem to incorporate orders to follow sexual processing.That's a good thing. "

"... I see."

With a bitter, crushed face, Kite hopes the order has not been fulfilled.Whatever the reason or circumstance, he knew best how unilaterally killing an irresistible opponent would weaken his spirit.That's why I could only hope for it.

"... in the meantime, I will copy all of this command set while deleting all of the contents written here.It's going to be a lot of work... kite.Position change. You will assume overall command.From here on out, it's technicians. "

"Yes, sir."

Kite, a warrior, is rarely here.If so, Kate decided that she should go in to get Tina to make the most of it.He then decided to go to Raingard's bridge in exchange for Tina to assume overall command of the unit.