Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Chapter 2287: Unknown Materials - Mountains

An adventure led by Kate who came to the snowy mountains in northwestern McDawell territory in search of "Vibrating Stone".Together, they will spend the days of exploration, scattering the snow.Three days after starting the investigation.The men who had completed the investigation on one side of the snow mountain had decided to relocate their base once.

That's why, on this day, we stopped at retrieving the supplies that were being sent out without conducting any exploration, and moved the airship.

I couldn't find it on this side after all.

"Oh, no. It was supposed to be."

"No, you said that, didn't you?Why is that? "

Maybe we won't find it in the first three days of the investigation.After this pre-departure briefing, Kite kept her mouth shut.It seems that Sora was listening to that.To this, Kite smiles slightly illuminated.

Did you hear that?

"Ahh... so why?"

"If you were the designer, where would you put it?"

"To? Where are we... talking about the entrance?"

I checked with Sora about Kite's inquiry just in case.On top of that, Kite nodded clearly.

"Ah... if you're an executive of an illegal organization, you've been ordered to set up a safe house from above.Then where should I put it? "

"That's a place you won't find.Actually, I haven't seen him in the last three days. "

"That's right. We need to make sure we don't find it... so how do we make it difficult to find it?"

"I don't know how to find it..."

In Kite's words, Sola thinks with her own head once.I dare to say my opinion in order to put together my thoughts.

"Well... first of all, of course you can't find it visually, and since there must have been an airship, you can't find it from above... so it's only natural to install it underground."

"In fact, many of the illegal organizations' hideouts of this era used abandoned pits and other underground facilities."

"That's right... if you think so, maybe we're still approaching that era..."

Sola remembers one incident in the Ragna Federation.At that time, the illegal organization used the abandoned pit to form a hideout in the basement.Later, according to what Sola heard, the boss and executives were trying to escape, and it seemed that the equipment was underground, and they were alert to patrolling by airship.

"Well... now that we can still patrol a wide area by airship, we have an environment that is easy to find visually.As a result, the hideouts of illegal organizations in the last few decades have often been disguised as ordinary buildings or buried underground in huge installations. "

"Heh... well, that's it... and that's the next one..."

Alerts to aircrafts are covered by installing them underground.If so, what should we be vigilant about next?Sola breaks up her conversation with Kite and once again moves her thoughts around.

"... next... you're an adventurer or something.I don't know if there were any adventurers in the Lunar civilization. "

"It doesn't seem to be the name of an adventurer, but there was a person in that position and an organization to oversee it."

"Well then, I guess we should be alert to the adventurers... that means we're getting close to the entrance.Of course, it's troublesome to find someone close enough to keep an eye on you. "

"Of course, we have to get rid of it."

Illegal organization, anyway. Don't let them know that there is an entrance and exit.Then I had to seal my mouth, and I was fortunate enough to choose a remote location and set up a hideout.Cover-up will be easy as long as you don't suck at it.

"That means... you can't even see it from afar... should you be blocked by a shield?And then... oh, yeah.Is it harder to find on the mountain side? "

"That's what I'm talking about. In addition, there is a sudden gust of wind in the mountains, and it is difficult to control the airship.Especially small boats are remarkable, so they have to earn altitude.As a result, discovery becomes difficult. "

"I see... you're using the terrain to hide it.Master also said that magic is not the only tool.... "

Apparently, during the conversation with Kite, Sola remembered the teachings of Bronzite.The airship took off slowly after the crew boarded in while talking about it.

"Where do you plan to land next?"

"That's the only way to ask them... is there a place where they can go down?"

"Hmm... it might be pretty tough.To be honest, this size of airship is quite large... Soleil. How about you?

I wonder if it's tough.

"Ah... because it's a transport boat..."

Kite laughs in trouble in response to Frodo.In the first place, the aircrafts owned by the Adventure Department are based on transport boats intended to transport large numbers of people and a large number of supplies.

Therefore, it was a fairly large airship, and a certain area was required for takeoff and landing.Nevertheless, it is much better than a plane of the same size on Earth to be able to take off and land vertically as a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.Not to mention, Sola asked the kite of salted plums what to do.

"If you can't get down, what do you do?"

"We have to make a place to go down.I don't want to do this right... "

How do you make it?

"Well, you'll have to use magic to penetrate it... Tinner.It seems impossible after all, so please support me! "

I don't know. Let's use the Warlock Squad.

"Come on. Fortunately, there are a lot of materials.I'll switch to the Autopilot and install the magic equipment. "

I knew it. To Tina, who responded in such an atmosphere, Kate scratches her head and talks about her actions.

"Well... uhh... I don't have enough people at these times.Take Al and the others with you.If you're not alone, you won't have enough time. "

"Ah... Al, Lil. Can you hear me?"

What is it?

"Land in a non-take-off/landing area.Explain the situation to Rufus and tell him to help. "

Very well. I'll meet you on deck after I get the supplies from the warehouse.

"Do it."

On Kite's instructions, Lil moves quickly.It seems that this is happening relatively frequently in the military, and it seems that we were able to understand what we were doing just by communicating the content.So Sola once again asked Kite, who gave the instructions quickly.

"What are you doing?"

"If we're not going to land, we'll have to make a place where we can land," I told you earlier.And I called you because if that happens, I'm leaving the bridge, so I'll leave you in charge. "


Originally, Sola was told to come to the bridge because Kite might leave the bridge.Nothing, it was fine at first sight, but the two of us talked and instantly led the supplies and personnel, and Sola came here.Nevertheless, Kite didn't explain him in detail.

"Well, it's better to say evidence than theory.Anyway, you stay here, or you'll see.If you look at it, you know what to do. "


Well then, I'll take care of the rest. I have to get out and work. "


On the rabbits and the horns, it seems that Kite needs to do some work outside with the sorcerer's unit.Sola took over the pilot from him, but he's already switched to an autopilot, so he'll be looking out with nothing to do.Meanwhile, Kite goes out on deck and meets Tina.

"Hey, get in line! Hurry back and get back in the warmth... you know, kite."

"Oh... oh, there they are.Rufus, are you listening? "

"Ah... oh, I don't need an explanation.I've been practicing in the army many times, even in Christian countries. "

Rufus makes it clear that no detailed explanation is necessary to start with Kite.There are still airships in Christian countries.In that case, the situation like this will happen many times, so the units that operate aircrafts can be practiced to the extent that it can always be said.

"Really... that would help. I'm headed the farthest way, so you're in the front."

Even the deepest part is fine.

"Ahahah... Al is good at ice attributes, and Lil is as good at flame attributes as you.I'm not reluctant.I just thought about the future and how best to leave some room.This is what happens when you take into account the amount of magic possession. "

"I see...."

Indeed, if you say so, this way you can leave an average amount of leeway.Loophouse seems convinced of Kite's exploitation.

"Well, where you're convinced... Tina. What about you?"

This one's ready, too.

"All right... here we go"

"Copy that."

Al and the other three jumped off deck together with Kite's orders.Then he jumps down and immediately travels in flight technique.Tina assembles her magic as she watches it.

"Target on the other side of the mountain slope, okay?"

I can't complain so much about the current state of the boulder.But don't make it too expensive.

"I got it... everyone. The rest is in charge, so sync the magic."

"Copy that."

At Tina's direction, the magicians belonging to the Adventure Department simultaneously develop ice magic.Tina decomposes them one by one - of course it's a special magic that makes it easy to decompose - and she controls everything herself.So she spread her magic to the most magical place on the slope of the mountain opposite her.

"< >"

Together with Tina's vote, ice is created around the magical formation that was created.As it rose in a breath, an ice plateau quickly emerged.Hundreds of meters wide.The airship was large enough to take off and land and leave supplies outside.

"All right... let's go for a break."

Looking at the finished ice plateau, Kite instructs Al and the other three to take a walk with a gesture.The kite then moves to the farthest distance to suit the three people who are going to hang out.I got down to the fundamental part of the ice plateau.

"Sabu... I can't see... right? All right, Sylphie."

Yes, I suppose I should blow the snow away.

"Oh, please."


At Kite's request, Silfi blows the snow with the wind.Then, to see the mountain skin, Kite poked a powerful cylindrical magic instrument so that it penetrated through the ice plateau.

"Ha! The first set...."

I'll just repeat this later.Kite takes out another of the cylindrical magic tools she brought and moves on to the next location.In this way, we will install several magical instruments together.

"Okay... it's all over for me. What about you?"

I'm done too.

Me too... Al. What about you?

"I'm sorry, it's taking a while... but this is the last one..."

Apparently for some reason, Al is in trouble with embedding.Kite moves to you and asks.

"Anything wrong?"

"Ah, Kite... it looks like it's freezing from here to your sister's place.If you don't melt the top and only the bottom, it looks like you have to. "

"I see... you have to keep it up.Let's dissolve it down here. "

"Thank you."

Al accepts Kite's offer.So while Al was maintaining the ice plateau, Kite dissolved the freeze under it and firmly embedded the magic equipment.

"Alright... Tina, the magic tools are finished."

Good...... then I'll release the magic maintenance.

"Ah... check the stability. It looks like it won't be a problem."

Hmm. Sora. Move the vessel and land it on that platform.

"Oh, wow... this is so futile..."

Apparently, Sola didn't think she was going to do so much.He leaked a surprisingly stunning voice.The airship then moved over the kites and landed on the built ice.