Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Chapter 2291 Unknown Materials - Discovery -

The adventure team led by Kite was investigating the snow mountains in the northwest of McDowell territory in search of the Vibrating Stone.They have a unit that leads Sola outside.The investigation was proceeding in the form of an expedition led by troops who instantly investigated several caves in the mountains.

However, the moment I was exploring the cave, I discovered that part of the wall might be made of metal, so Kite was to be dispatched to the instant place again under Tina's direction.

"Good... I installed it. What do we do now?"

Good...... now all you have to do is wait.

Tina stands by as she puts a palm-sized device on a wall she suspects to be instantly metallic.Furthermore, after receiving this report, amplifiers were bitten by mapping devices and relays of communication machines, and they were able to interact directly with Tina and the others.It took a few minutes. It looks like we got the test results.

"... I'm out. I didn't hit it.It looks like it's covered with unknown material.Probably a disguise. Besides, I covered it with natural soil and rock.... "

"The disguise fell off due to age deterioration."

'Let's go to a place like that, Kite.Fortunately, we are ready for battle.I let Al and the others stay outside.Try to see if the door opens. "

"Come on... Senpai, get in line a little further."

"All right."

In response to Kite's instruction, she sent a nod to everyone she brought and instructed them to move away with a gesture.With it on her ass, Kite crawled her hand against the wall where she instantly found it.

"...... there's no place I can open......I think we can undo the disguise. "

It looks like we're in a state of total loss of power right now.You can remove the disguise… but it may help with documentation and future investigations.I beg you to scratch it uncomplicated and throw it away. "

"Yes, sir."

On Tina's instructions, Kite nodded and placed the toolbox next to her.He then sent a nod to Yulie, and she jumped out of the hood.

"Yuri... please help me"

"Ri-oh." In the meantime, I'll look for a gap that I can penetrate. "

"Please, I'll do it on the left."


Tina instructed me to remove the disguise, but not destroy it.I couldn't destroy it with my power skills, so I decided to remove it from the place where it was about to be peeled off.

Fortunately, 2,000 years of aging had succeeded in making the wall look like a cave wall of natural objects, but at the same time cracks had been found everywhere.So, about an hour later, the metal walls were completely visible.

"Hey... now I've got most of this side peeled off"

"This is the end of it too....."

Almost at the same time as Yuri used the magic thread to move the fragments of the disguise aside, Kite also placed the fragments of the outer wall nearby.When the work was done, the metal walls were completely exposed.

"Phew... Tina. The camouflage detachment is over."The mediocre exterior walls have been revealed. "

It's like... well. I'm not in trouble from here.

"I know... erm..."

"Where's the wiring?"

With Kate holding her hand against the outer wall and looking for something, Yuri floated in the air to find something.Besides, the moment asked.

"Can I help you?"

"No, it's good... you won't be able to do it"

"I see... but what are you looking for, by the way?"

"Can I say wiring...?I was looking for a magical flow path through the outer walls.Now I'm looking for the magic that can penetrate the exterior wall to see where it is from the reaction. "

To the instantaneous question, Kite explains what she is doing with her hand on the outer wall.And then I understood why it was impossible in a second.

"Sorry, I don't think I can help."

"I guess... you just keep your eyes on the area."I'll do the work here. "

"I'm sorry. Let's do it."

In response to Kite's reply, I immediately decided to take on Kite's protection again.That said, unlike earlier, the wiring check didn't take long, and it was over soon.

"Tina, I know where the monsters are... at this depth."

"Okay... it looks like Sola and the others were able to move outside Tindo.Let's do better than this.

"Joey... well, let's do it.Put a knife in a part of the outer wall. "

Understood... that's good.

In Kite's words, Tina sends a go-sign.With that, Kite is part of the outer wall.I stuck a special knife just above the wiring.

"... good. Maybe it's okay."

I trust your arm... please.


In response to Tina's response, Kite puts her hand on the knife's handle and focuses her attention.So for a while, nothing happens, just time goes by.In addition, I was surprised and asked Yuri in a small voice.

"... what are you doing?"

"Oh, I'm trying to get the wiring to open and close the outside door."

"Can you do that?"

He opened his eyes in surprise and instantly looked at Kite.But Yuri laughed at this.

"I can't do it unless I'm as good as Kite."There's nothing Tina and I can't do... but I definitely don't want to do it. "


"Yeah... it's kind of troublesome.Because it's so delicate when you smash it.Look, Kate is really good at passing magic through weapons, right? "


Cousin Hulin asked me before and now Kate is teaching me how to pass magic through a weapon in an instant.And then I started to teach them again, and instantly I began to recognize Kite's extraordinary magic skills.

"It's the same as that. Naturally, the power reactor is limited.I should have run the whole facility with that limited power reactor...... Is this okay? "

"Ah... I don't think that's a natural story."

"Yeah... that's why, in principle, the entire facility is connected by a single conductor through the power reactor." Is this good as well? "


Yuri nodded for a moment as she asked.This is only a speculation for moments and Yuri, but I don't think we've installed magic furnaces in dozens of places because it's a somewhat superior civilization.In that case, the power furnace was always enough with one finger in one place or many places. Depending on the size of the facility, it was highly likely that all the power furnaces were connected as one line.

"Yeah... that's why if you tell them the wiring that will pass through the outer wall, they'll be able to open the door outside in principle.Whether it's locked or not, the automatic doors will work if they're powered up. "

"I'm doing it."

"That said, I can't do it unless it's about Kite.This time, we have to pass the magic to a place quite far from it. "

"I guess...."

At least it's not something I can do.The moment I saw it, it looked the same as usual, and I thought so to Kite, who just seemed to be concentrating on the knife.On the other hand, Kite was following the magical flow path that conveyed the outer wall as Yuri explained, and finding the entrance and exit.

"... we're going down... that way after all"

Do you think you can handle it?

"I don't know...."

"Ah, I can't help but take the monster's stingy arm.Isn't that why you didn't raise your arm?

Yuri said earlier, but it can only be said that Daiman Kite can do this in such a short time.So Tina was also amazed at the magnificence and was even surprised at how much more sophisticated she was than she had been doing a few years ago, rather than being bad at what she hadn't done in a while.

"Thanks to the Divine Yin Fluid Training, it must be possible."It's way more magical than it was years ago. "

Looks like it.

"Ah... nh, good. Maybe the end of the line... nh. It's moving."

Apparently there were signs of something moving about Kite's magic.He muttered such a thing.Tina also tells Sola and the others who were waiting outside the cave.

Sora, what do you think? According to Kate, the door that was closed opened.

I'll look for it... everyone, carefully explore the surroundings!There must be a change somewhere! "

All of them inside the cave, make sure the bulkheads aren't open.

At the same time that Sola finds out if there is any change in the mountain skin outside, she sends out confirmation instructions to those who are investigating inside the cave.Kite opened her mouth as she finished her work.

"Probably near the entrance to this cave.Explore it with focus. "

Whoa, that's your side.

"All right."

In response to Kite's advice, Sola and her eyes nodded one by one.So, for a while. We were going to scatter around and explore, but we got a report in a few minutes.

One, I think I found a corridor here.

"Coming... kite"

"Perhaps that's what it is."

"Really... let me in?"

"No, there's no point in letting it go ahead."If you find the door, you can end the investigation.We should join forces and build up our strength. "

All right, I'll be waiting for you near the entrance.

In Kite's words, she nodded and agreed.After that, the kites moved back to the entrance of the cave.Apparently, there was an open entrance on the way.It was a coincidence, but I was able to move there.

"Did you pass through here in one piece...?"

"Is that what you mean by" "overseas..." "?"


Kite and the others passed on a route just to check on their way home.So I never saw it instantly, but I came through here first to report a wall discovery.So I knew there was no passage here, and I knew it was around early on.So I peeked into the aisle with half my interest.

"... it's pitch dark."

"Perhaps the power reactor is completely shut down.Maybe you should take a lantern or something. "

"Okay... are you going like this today?"

"No... I think we should prepare for the boulders."I will start the investigation first thing tomorrow morning.I just want to move a set of materials into the cave today.Spend time on that journey. "

"I see... I see. Now, let's get out of here."

At Kite's behest, she nodded one instant.This day will be spent transporting a set of hideout materials to the cave in preparation for tomorrow's investigation.