Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Chapter 2292: Unknown Materials - Underground Facilities

The adventure team led by Kite was investigating the snow mountains in the northwest of McDowell territory in search of the Vibrating Stone.Inspired by such instantaneous discoveries, they had finally discovered the entrance to the hideout of the illegal organization of the Lunar civilization era.

Then, the day after I found the entrance, I opened it.The men who had finished transporting the materiel the previous day took a slightly longer break after that, and regrouped the troops that had been split in two.We've been switched to the Hideout Explorer.And since the hideout was discovered, Kaito was led by Kanata and the others and built into it this time.

"Now... everyone, check the comms.Even 2,000 years from here, it's a hideout for illegal organizations.It is likely that an intruder trap has been put in place.With the restoration of the power reactor, the trap may also be restarted.Think and act in case you can't move anymore. "

Kite uses the communicator to encourage everyone in the Adventure Department to recheck the communicator, which means including checking their own.So, while checking their headset, Kite was using it to interact with Tina outside.

"Tina, we're almost ready.How about you? "

"It won't take as long as this one or your rabbit...... Kite.For now, let's take a look at the objective of this operation.The first priority is to check the veins of the Vibrating Stone.According to Valheit, it was found outside the mining area at the bottom of the facility. "

"I remember... and then restoring the power reactor... but depending on the mining area, you said you were going to aim to restore the power reactor first."


Tina nodded clearly to confirm Kite.This story was rechecked yesterday, and Kaito and Tina were only the final checks before infiltration.Therefore, the two of them repeatedly checked it.

So, first, we'll ask the lords to secure the command room as the first stage.Whatever you do, you have to hold it down, because if something happens, you're in trouble. "

"Alright... good. The relay on the comms is fine.I'm afraid... well, it could be destroyed. "

Until then, when I think about it.

Tina also sighs and responds in a timely fashion to Kite's words.And Kite also agreed.

"I see... if the power reactor doesn't stabilize or start up, I'll leave it to you... but the device is okay?"

I brought a portable magic furnace.If you squeeze the power, that should be enough.The military will do the perfect restoration, so there's no need to worry. "

Kites' job this time is only to check for 'Vibrating Stones' before the army's battalion embarks on actual mining.

Therefore, the restoration of the power reactor is good to the extent that the presence or absence of it can be confirmed, and in the worst case, it will not be restored, but there is no problem.However, when the army's main unit arrived, it was Kate's idea to do some restoration.

"That's right... how's the comm?"

It doesn't seem to be a problem. Hmm.... "

"What do you care?"

Kite wonders and asks Tina, who suddenly sees something slightly interesting.Tina apologized.

Oh, no, I'm sorry. I checked the fake test results you brought back yesterday...... ”

"Did you send it to the underground lab?"

Hmm. The one who sent it secretly through metastasis.I was worried about using special materials like Opro Ruins, but I don't think so.It seems like we can communicate normally. "

Tina was afraid of using special materials, like OpPro ruins, to cover the ground and prevent her from communicating and investigating.In view of that possibility, I brought a few relays of the communication machine, but that's only a limited number.It was decided that it would be better not to be blocked if it was not blocked.

I see... then I'll be relieved.

"Hmm... so please start your investigation as soon as you're ready."Let's use this data-driven map to pinpoint our current location. "

"Ah... well, I don't need to show you the way because I have you."

Now that Vahrheit is here, you can basically assume that Konata and Kanata were there together.So they stayed in the hideout temporarily, and they knew the way to some extent.

That being said, she's just a daughter.I was not interested in the location of the Vibrating Stone vein on the boulder, and therefore in the mining area, and I never entered.

Therefore, it is possible to guide only the residential area - apparently even.And Sola puts her report to Kite, who talks about it.

"Kite, the rest of you, you're all set."

"I'll be fine. We can all go."

"Okay... then, stay here and wait for the rest of the team in case something happens to the advance party.The investigation team should proceed carefully.Fortunately, the map is available through information.Remember to check it all the time. ”

"Copy that."

The Adventure Department agrees to Kite's instructions.The kites then entered the hideout, leaving Sola and the rest of the crew behind.Nevertheless, this time, fortunately, it will be explored with maps available, so the troops were divided into several parts.So Kite enters the safe house and divides up his troops early.

"... from here on out, I'm going to break up with each unit and act differently.The primary goal of Unit 1 is to repair the Magic Furnace.If activation fails, contact HQ immediately and wait for the technical team to arrive.In that case, please join the technical team as necessary. "

"Alright... good. First unit, follow me."

On Kite's instructions, lead the first unit, which will be the largest in an instant, to begin operations.He had the highest number of people, as he might follow Tina's instructions after this.

Then Kite sent instructions to several more divided units, leaving only those on the margins of the Lunar civilization.

"Well... Kanata, have you ever been in Command?"

"Several times, with your father." As an escort. "

"Okay... then, let's suppress it quickly"

"I wish I could have fun."

Kanata nods slightly to Kite's light words.The first thing Kites want is a command room that manages the entire facility.Even if it is secured, the security system can be disabled, so it was decided that it should be suppressed with the highest priority in order to ensure safety.

Therefore, Kite is guided to the basement by Kanata.And on the way.Yuri asked Charlotte again.


"Yeah... I've witnessed a number of raids on outlaw bases... but I can barely remember."Especially not much access to a fully buried underground facility like this. "

Apparently Charlotte was interested in a structure he didn't know much about, even though he belonged to a civilization.Or maybe she had some strange emotions.And Kanata asks such a girl.

"Oh... in that case, if the world were alive, I might have been fighting the Goddess."

"Well... if your father had been more of an exotic animal, there would have been a future for him."

At least Valheit's love for her daughter was real.That was what Charlotte admitted, and that was why she did not fight Canata.

I'm sorry to hear that.

"Come on... you have to judge that."

Charlotte just smiles and tells a joke somewhere in Canata.And it's been a while since we had such a chat.We reached in front of a tightly locked door.However, the locked door had collapsed, and it was clear that there had been some incident.Looking at the sight, Yuri asked with a slightly serious face.

"... what do you think?"

"What do you think... there's nothing there.Door destroyed from the inside, not from the outside.And this scar. It's spreading from the command room side to the aisle side… It's obviously destroyed from the inside. "

"It was a familiar sight back then.When the communications network was hijacked, many of the facilities became like this... I wonder if I could stop them from killing the brainwashed inside, or if I could just brainwash the whole facility and make a mess.Nobody's gonna be here like this... either way. "

Charlotte talked about the early days of the war in mythology to Kite, who speculated that the scars might have been destroyed from the inside.Nevertheless, it saved me the trouble of unlocking the door.

"Yes... then, nothing's going to happen."

"You won't wake up. It's like this."

With some painful eyes, Charlotte sees the path to the command room.There were a lot of dead bodies, and there were white bones everywhere.I guess it was because I was left here for a long time without being bewitched.It was in a pretty run-down state.Looking at it, Charlotte turned her hand to Kite.

"My servant... the scythe"

"Yes, sir."

"... let's at least put you to sleep."

Charlotte exercises his powers as Reaper using the scythe returned from Kite as a medium.Then silver light overflows from the blade of the scythe, covering the entire passage.So all the white bones disappeared.

"... you've kept me waiting."

"No, thank you. I couldn't help walking."

To Charlotte's apology, Kite shook her head with a smile.I don't feel comfortable stepping on a skeletonized corpse, even though they're part of an illegal organization.

Therefore, the only way to walk was to avoid the white bone corpse, and I was worried about what to do with the white bone corpse that had just been filled up from here.Nevertheless, now that it's gone, we just walk normally.

Alright… Tina, we've reached the command room.

"Hmm... what do you think? Is it still as expected?"

"No... it's not worse than I thought.I'm not saying that the effects of the battle are perfectly safe... but there's no such thing as irreparable destruction. "

Hmm... that's your pattern, isn't it?

Tina sighs with a slightly bitter face in response to a report from Kite.There are two types of patterns that kites assumed here.There's a high probability that she's stepping on patterns that were completely collapsed and irreparable, and patterns that have not been destroyed as much as this one.

"I guess... I guess I couldn't get there.If you think brainwashing is happening via a communicator, you typically suppress it and destroy the communicator.After that, we'll have to repair the facility like the Opro Ruins... but it's been destroyed.In view of that, I could see the conclusion. "

{Sigh... well, thanks to that, I think we can divert it.Kite, connect the device you brought and make sure it's ready to operate from here.Let's see if we can manipulate it to match the ignition of the magic furnace. "

"Ah... now, let's do it"

On Tina's instructions, Kite places the device on the floor to send and receive the remote signals she brought.The standards of the communications machine itself did not deviate from those of the Lunar civilization, and it was now possible to connect normally with the information provided by Legado.So Kite adjusted and connected the communicator while Tina checked the magic furnace.