Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2293 Unknown Materials - Exploration Begins -

The Vibrating Stone (Vibrant Stone) vein found in the days when Vahlheit, a rare mad scientist and father of Canata, collaborated with an illegal organization.A kite who came to hide behind illegal Lunar civilization-era organizations in search of it, the map Valheit had sent as part of his reward, and the command room that guided Canata, who had been here for a while, were first aiming to control the entire facility.

They arrived in the command room, but, contrary to expectations, it was not destroyed very much, and it seemed that they could manage to connect the transmitter.So, with the help of Tina and Legado remotely, we ended the connection between the command room console and the communicator.

"Now... that's good. Well, I'm not responsible for turning it on."

I don't know about you.The only thing you connected was a communication machine that operated on its own.It has a power supply, but it's not enough to make up for everything on the console. "

"I know... but what about you?"

Apparently it was a magic furnace installed in the power room towards which the instants were headed, but it was not stable even if it was in a state requiring repair or if it was lit.It was said that Tina was working on installing a small magic furnace.Therefore, Tina, who was working on the installation, will report on the current situation.

The installation itself is over.However, now that the system is being maintained and the flow path can be selected, it will take a while. "

I see.

Kite said earlier, but I can't move any of the equipment in this command room until it's turned off.Maybe there is a spare power supply somewhere, but Kanata doesn't know until then.

Of course, it wasn't on the map Valheights got.Later, according to Kanata, it was only distributed to the end members, and the secret compartment was not perfectly written.

"... after all, how long has it been?"

Oh, you didn't say that.It's about the last 30%.Let's finish it while I'm telling you. "

"Well then... why don't we just wait here?"

Well, if something happens, it's better to have someone ready for you, or if you think about it, say it's bad luck to move.

Tina nodded in agreement with Kite's tweet.That's why they instantly came here with Tina after the magic furnace had been reconfigured, and then took on escorts for her and the rest of the engineering team.

Now, follow Tina's instructions and secure the command room for a while.Once the magic reactor was running and stabilizing, Kite decided to follow her instructions.That's why Kite waited a while after she arrived.

"... what's it like?"

"Hmm... there is no problem with running the main system."But... many systems are still down... Legado.Don't you think you'll be able to get in? "

"... it still doesn't look good. Cannot detect.There is a high probability that the main telecom has been destroyed. "

"I knew it. Well, those people at the time weren't that dumb either."I suspect someone who was safe destroyed the brainwash after a while via communication.but I wonder if it's not too late. "

Valheit's speculation that the destruction of this facility would be around the time the devil's brainwashing began - he had been sentenced to freezing before that.From there, Tina seemed to have guessed.And Legado agrees.

"I wonder... is it still the usual thing to worry about?"

"Bye... kite. Pattern A.We should exercise the vigilance envisaged from the beginning. "

"Aiaimum... tell the captain of each squad.The operation is confirmed as Pattern A.Be careful not to leave the team, but act. "


On Kite's instructions, the captain who leads each team shows understanding.When she heard that, Kite nodded again.

"All right... Tina, we're done communicating to everyone.The search continues with the second type of combat. "

"That would be good. Regardless of how many monsters there are... well, they can be said to be as usual in ruins exploration, so don't worry about it."

"Well... forget about it."Please give me the next instructions. "

The Adventure Department has searched the ruins many times.Judging by the number of cases in the past year, it was not small compared to a professional guild, and I gained enough experience for each member of the Adventure Department to be able to move at the discretion of each individual, at least with regard to ruins exploration.Then they should have left the usual exploration to them, and the kites should have moved on.So Tina also gives the next instruction.

"Hmm... a team will continue to secure the command room while escorting the operator from outside as originally planned."

"Alright... do you want me to move them already?"

"That's right. For the next few days, we're going to have to base our operations on each team here.We need to move quickly and get used to this operation. "

"Alright... Kate. I'll take care of the transfer.Can I take care of this? Until we get back. "


"Please... the first team and the second team will return with me."The rest of the squad will be here with Kite to secure the command room. "

The moment Kite gave his word, he decided to take some of the troops he had led back to the airship.On the other hand, Kite asks Tina to confirm the current situation and give the following instructions while leading the remaining face.

So, Tina, what are we going to do next?

"That's right... there's something you want to do.But if we're going to prioritize this... well, let's first check the status of the mining area underground. "

I knew it.

"Hmm... maybe there are monsters there"

There won't be anything else.Tina agrees with Kite as well.She was trying to activate the surveillance cameras to check the state of the mining area.But it didn't seem very pleasant.

"... no. The security cameras in the mining area are all dead.In this state, it will completely collapse. "

"It's already woven there....."

Under Kite's gaze, the fireflies show the drill in his right arm.

“The adjustment is perfect. We can dig most of the soil."

"Uhm... oh, don't forget to get a sample of the soil.That's why we're going. "


Tina is happy to see a metal sparkling drill today, but don't forget to mention the job.According to information from Valheights, the mining area was hardly maintained, and if left unchanged, it was highly likely to have collapsed.Valheit also mentioned the possibility, and the kites included it in their gear.

"Okay... so, Kate, you have the sensors, right?If you forget that, it doesn't make sense. "

I have it.

In response to Tina's query, Kite shows a gun magic device hanging from her waist with a white long coat.This was not a weapon, but a sensor that was customized to react to specific materials.In addition to this, fireflies brought the exterior with the same system.

"Alright... well, as I said before, the grip part is equipped with [Vibrating Stone], and it is set to react to it."No matter how many, be careful not to lose them because there is only one. ”

For once, you've done the magic of finding lost things, right?

"I've prepared it. However, we do not know how effective this facility is.If you don't lose it, you better not lose it. "

The magic of finding lost things. This is a common name, but officially a different name.The effect was that if the set object was ejected, the magic would make its presence visible by penetrating walls and the like.This time, the sensor is configured.

"Well... do you have anything to do while you wait?"

"Speaking of which, let's check the synchronization of that sensor."

"I don't think so... oh, yes.Speaking of which, what is the effective range of this sensor? "

"Dozens of meters.It's exactly 70 meters, but it depends on the material between them. "

After all, I had no time until the moment came, and Tina was checking the situation everywhere in the facility.Depending on that, it might be necessary to move as a matter of priority, and even if the moment came back, Kite could not move unless it was over.

Therefore, when the sensors were readjusted and tested, the operators who operated each operator at the bridge of the flying boat came back.

"Kate, thank God."

"Ah... Tina"

"Hmm... the console is assigned the number two in order from left to right."I used this main to check everywhere, but basically I gave instructions to the kites.You can use the assigned console to operate the assigned team as originally planned.Get used to it now. "

"Copy that."

At Kite's instigation, Tina immediately gave instructions to the operators.After that, the operators sat in front of the console and connected the operating device brought into the console.Prepare to perform operations on each team.Looking sideways, Tina was asked instantly.

"Justina, what do I do next?"

"You can wait for a while." Rather, the lords were asked to move as reinforcements when monsters appeared everywhere.I don't know what the status quo is. "

"I see... okay, let's do it."

We do not know how many monsters are present throughout this hideout.Furthermore, there is a possibility that the security system will be restored unexpectedly, and it seems that he was reluctant to split up his troops and take damage.

And instantly, I was in agreement with the opinion, and I was quite receptive to it.So, when his inquiry is over, Kite asks.

"So, Tina, how far has the entire facility been checked?"

"Fifty percent of the time... the emergency power seems to be safe, so we can light the emergency lamp from there to the entire facility... but what do we do?"

“Do that. If you can secure your vision, you'd better do that."

"It's possible that monsters will happen... well, it's better not to be hit first.Very well, but keep the notice. "

"I know."

Tina starts moving to manipulate the console to restart the aisle lights, while Kite alerts everyone in the Adventure Department with the kite that an emergency light will light up.I can see it from here, which means I can see it from there.I had to be vigilant.

Therefore, almost simultaneously with the kite communicating to each person, the emergency power is activated and the lamp lights up.The darkness brightened to the point where it could be seen.

Is this all right?

"Hmm... the surveillance cameras were partially restored along with that.After all, you can't afford a small magic furnace to cover the entire facility... that's right. "

"I see... Tina, where's the monster?"

"Ooh, ooh..."

"Our turn, huh?"

In Tina's sight, she snapped her neck in a single instant.Exactly. At the same time, instructions also flew to Kite.

"Kite, I think there are more monsters than I thought.If left unattended, the Golems could move at once when the security system is reactivated.Perhaps we should crush them first.Instruct all operators to clean the monsters first.You guys should be careful not to get hit first. "

"Copy that."

"... so we'll all hang out and move."

Needless to say, the kites are outnumbered by the entire Adventure Department.So it seems that we decided to move lightly here by moving by ourselves rather than by moving in groups.Then, while being guided by the operators headed by Tina, they crushed the monsters in various places.