Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2294 Unknown Materials - Encountering the Past

An adventure led by Kate, who came to hide behind illegal Lunar civilization-era organizations in search of "Vibrating Stones".When they found a hideout of a half-defunct illegal organization, they moved first to engage in a crusade against the monsters who had settled everywhere.

"Phew... this is how it is.Tina, A-3 points cleared.I think this corner will be fine. "

{Hmm. There's no problem... but that's it.How did you feel?

"I don't know... I guess I'm weaker than I thought.Well, luckily for me.Is rank C average?It's weaker than the outside. "


In response, Tina nodded and agreed.The hideout of this illegal organization was once completely closed, and either it was a breeding ground for monsters or there were no monsters altogether.In conclusion, it was the former, and there were many battles against monsters during the exploration.

"Well, that's what I was expecting from the beginning.I wonder if monsters are created by being completely buried in nature, or is that why monsters are not created? "

Hmm... I don't think we should do some kind of verification on those categories.Why is there a place where monsters are born and a place where they are not?Once we know that, it will be easier to secure a safe area. "

"Still, it's relatively safe. I can't be overconfident."

Don't get me wrong, even on Earth monsters occur regularly.However, to some extent, the location has been identified and the government has deliberately blocked access to it to prevent damage.

Still, sometimes monsters occur away from predictions, causing damage.It was impossible to ensure absolute safety.

I know that. However, there should be some kind of regularity and rules there, so you can see where the monster originated and where it ranked.Clarifying it is important in terms of cost effectiveness. "

"Well, I won't deny it.But just don't overtrust the data... it's possible that a monster will appear directly in the polarization and the realm.Well, you know better than I do, don't you? "

Well... the boundary is what suppresses the occurrence to the limit.If you take the limit, just say "zero"... of course, even if there is no such limit.I've never heard anything like this happen for hundreds of years. "


If you care about something like this, you can't do anything.That is the probability of monsters occurring in the boundary, or even the astronomical probability.That's why I knew Kite didn't have any point in saying such a thing.Kate shook her head as the conversation unfolded.

"... no, that doesn't matter."In the meantime, Tina, the status quo is clear.Are there any anomalies or battle zones there? "

No, there is no fierce war zone. It still looks like this place is being treated like a natural cave.There aren't so many monsters.In addition, because fighting is not a rare soil, it is not high in the ranks of the monsters you say.At most, the level of rank C is the limit. "

"Well... then, what will you do in the Adventure Department?"

The average strength of the current Adventure Department is rank C.This is not so much different from the average Alliance that belongs to the Union, and we will be able to do enough here.Therefore, when Kite nods one thing and decides that there is no problem, we will talk about it further.

Tina. Is it time to secure the whole area?

Let's finish this for a while.Luckily, Rufus and the others are also good at it.Trying to get in trouble. "

"I see... then let's move on to the next operation." Head to the Mining Area "

'I hope that's good.Nevertheless, this time we'll make sure we get to the entrance.Turn the actual search around tomorrow. "


According to Tina, Kate once turned her gaze to the clock.Then a considerable amount of time passed and it was certainly time I didn't want to explore the mining area from here.

"Giggle... where is the best place to meet?"

It's not a residential area. That's the safest part... huh?Okay, okay. Kite, Charles is going to cross the shadows.After arriving in the mining area.After that, Yuri's coming with you.

"I don't use people's shadows conveniently... well, I don't have the right of veto because I'm a servant."

Keit smiles bitterly somewhere, but still laughs like he's giving up.Therefore, Kite decides to go once to the residential area that Kanata controlled.That's why Kite, who arrived in the residential area, rendezvous with Kanata who was waiting near the center of the area.

"You're here."

"Ah... how was it compared to the old days?"

"It hasn't changed, I thought this place... has changed."

"Well, it's not easy to do a major renovation in an underground facility like this.No wonder it stays that way. "

Kite shrugs her shoulders to some strange face.Kanata said this because she was here years before she went to cold sleep.

It was a calculation that had been going on for more than a dozen years in aggregate, and I had hoped that the structure would be a sight that I didn't recognize even together.However, the appearance was almost the same, and no change was seen.And Kate noticed that her gaze was somehow facing the room.

"... a room you used to know?"

"... there was a woman who looked after me like that."

"... I see."

In a distinctive aisle.It was one of several side by side doors, but it was also slashed and ripped to pieces.It is also not damage caused by ageing or natural mutations, but intentional destruction.It was easy to imagine being attacked by a brainwashed person.And it came to pass from the midst of the gap, that Kanata perceived that the stranger was still here.

"Did you find the body?"

"I don't know. I didn't see it."

"Well... then, let's see.If the body stays intact, it wakes me up bad. "

Anyway, as the angel of the Reaper, we can't leave the body behind.So Kite offered, and Kanata laughed.

"We'll do it later, won't we?"

"Did you know?"

"The Moon Goddess is also a reaper.But I was more familiar with religious matters at the time.I don't think the one who preaches death to live overlooks the body. "

That's right.

Needless to say, Canata survives the Lunar civilization.So she knows more about religious organizations at the time.I was told that Kite and the others would be secretly visiting tonight to clean up the entire facility.

"Well... that's why I need to make sure now."

"That's right...."

It seems unusual for Kanata to know that someone she knew may have died.A little awkwardness seeps into Kite's words.Kite laughed at this.

"What? There's something cute about it.That doesn't make it a combat weapon, does it? "

"... I won't deny it. I meant to give Konata my girlish feelings... but my feelings as a human have not disappeared."

Somehow shy, Kanata agrees with Kite.Therefore, Kanata decided to stay sweet on Kaito.

"... I'm sorry, Commander. Can you take a look?I'm used to someone dying.I'm not used to the fact that someone I know dies. "

"That's good."

Pompon. Kite caresses Kanata's head lightly and infiltrates through the slit of the one-person door.It was pretty rough inside, but it was still visible.Then she went in and looked around a little and noticed that some magic objects were scattered on the desk.

"Is this... a magic instrument for recording?Was she a pretty decent woman? "

Kite looks at the chronology on the magic instrument for recording and finds out that the woman she knows was quite a figure.Then, referring to the interview he had once heard from Kanata, he took the magic tool for the record, speculating on the time when she would have been here for a trial.The way I used it didn't differ much from the magic equipment for recording now, so I didn't have much trouble with it.

"Oh... it's activated." Lucky... um... oh, here?Bingo. Kind of young, after all. But somehow... you seem a little cheeky, or a little devil tick... much more like a little devil than you are now "

It was a Canata record that arrived after checking some records, but it was still a video that gave the impression that it was much younger than it is now.Nevertheless, I wonder if the fundamentals of Canata's personality have already been achieved, or if the little devil's ticklish expression is slightly coming out now.It's a kite that I enjoyed checking it out, but I turn around and calm down.This was not the purpose.


It was the room I looked around again, but it was still rough, but no body was found anywhere I looked.So he calls out to Kanata who waits outside.

"Kanata, what was the woman doing here?"

"For once, I hear you're a chef."It is the person's own words. We're on a mission from the organization, so we're ready for battle.I've been playing with you a few times.You were good at magic guns and one-handed swords. "

Is it like a mercenary?

"I don't know. I just remembered that your father once told me that he didn't belong to the organization under oath of allegiance."

"I see... then..."

There must have been a weapon somewhere.Kite looks at the place where the broken bed-like stuff is and thinks about where she put the weapon if she were her.

(I think I left my self-defense gun around my pillow...)And I shoot at incoming enemies... this way.then.... there it is.)

Kite sees what she's worried about when she responds to a bedtime attack.Then there was a small indentation in the place as I thought.

"... probably from a magic bullet."

In the indentation that was engraved on the other side of the passageway through the door, Kite determines that this is a trace of a woman shooting a magic gun and intercepting the assailant.Apparently, at least we managed to deal with the first shooting.And Kite speculates on the subsequent development of the tear wound that was engraved directly beside such a mark.

(Afterwards, I held a sword with one hand and immediately intercepted it... so I was able to get out of the aisle for a while.Don't you know the boulder from there...?)

"I wonder..."

"Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry... at least I don't think I'm going to die here.There, there. After the Magic Gun and the Sword.From the angle of the scar, you may consider it released from here. "

In a slight question from Kanata, Kate mentions at least the possibility that she left the room alive.Besides, Kanata was slightly relieved.


"Ahh... well, I don't even know where to go from there."There are only a few traces on the boulders. "

"I see... what do you have?"


Apparently, Kate was working on her reasoning with a magic tool for recording.Round your eyes to Kanata's point.And Kanata is from that time.Of course, I knew what was in Kite's hand.

"A magical instrument for recording...?"

"Ah, uh... well, don't worry.I was hoping I could get some documentation. "

"I see... I don't think I can help it, and it's good that she's not alive anymore."

"Am I right?"

Something's strange. Kanata agrees with Kite's response to her strange impatience, but for now, she was only satisfied that she didn't at least die here.I never pursued it any deeper.Therefore, Kate managed to pursue Kanata and decided to go to the mining area a little early with her.