Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2300: Unknown Materials - Correspondence -

"Vibrating Stone" was sought as a countermeasure to the brainwashing used by the evil gods. The Kites came to the hideout of the illegal organization of the Lunar civilization in search of it, but Vahrheit's legacy finally led them to discover the "Vibrating Stone" vein.

However, after discovering that all fireflies and other magic items could not be used due to the excavation of the "Vibrating Stone", Kites stopped the work and transferred the fallen fireflies to Maxwell's underground laboratory.I shielded her again, reactivated her, and returned her to the Adventure Department flying boat.After that, Kate decided to immediately stop the work tomorrow when she gathered the executives.

"That's why we discovered the veins."But at the same time, it turned out that I couldn't use all my magic tools.Currently, I was shielding the necessary magic items, so I decided to take a temporary day off tomorrow to prepare for the event.Get some rest, each of you. The foregoing shall be dissolved "


Tomorrow is the day off?

Well, we're almost done here, but we're almost done here.

Under the direction of Kite's dissolution, the executives of the adventure department relaxed their shoulders and went to rest.So the meeting was over, and it was scattered in three, but Sora asked Kite.

"Is that 'Vibrating Stone'?"I can't use my magic armor anymore? "

"Ah... I just heard from Ore, and Sora told me to stay away from the underground lab for a while."

"Seriously... well, I just had it maintained, so I'm fine."

OaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaWith that understanding, Sora stroked her chest slightly, surprised but probably without any problems.

This time, it will be my first activity in the snowy mountains, and it seems that I was heading to Oa beforehand to check the maintenance methods that I could do myself.So it seemed that there was no problem for a while.

"I see... but I can't do brainwashing without it anyway."It has nothing to do with you or me.

"Ahh... I see. That's right."

The reason I'm looking for Vibrating Stone is to cope with the evil god's brainwashing.Therefore, in the future, [Vibrating Stone] was planned to be reduced and embedded in the magic armor of the soldiers of the army, but brainwashing was ineffective for Sora with the Divine Sword and Kaito, who is an angel of God, because of God's protection in the first place.I couldn't find a reason to use Vibrating Stone.Sora suddenly noticed when she told me that.

"Hmm? But then, Al and Rufus..."

"Of course, their armor is magic armor."If we don't do something about this, we won't be able to get into the mining area. "

”Rika... are you standing right in front of the countermeasure?”

"For now, I don't know."Well, after all, we'll have to refurbish the magic armor later, so it'll be a bit of a slip. "

”I see... that means I shouldn't be able to use Al and Rufus for a while, right?”

Basically, if Kite was away, Sora would take care of the Adventure Department.So, thinking about it, Sora decided to move.

"That's right. Basically, it's better to think that not only those two, but also those who are using magic armor will be stuck somewhere." You, too. "

Me too?

"Your shields need to be kept, too."

Ah, I see.

Sora clapped her hands at Kite's point.There was no need to incorporate [Vibrating Stone] in the evil god's brainwashing measures, but it was necessary to shield against [Vibrating Stone].

This didn't change Sora's armor.That's why Oa stayed away for a while.I had to refurbish my magic armor because I was going to bring it.

Therefore, for a while, Kite and Sora discussed the Adventure Department's response to the future renovation plan, and this day's work would be over.

Well, the day after the vibrating stone (Vibrating Stone) vein was found and an emergency shield was applied to the firefly.Kaito came to Tina to take care of [Vibrating Stone] against Kanata's [Dress] while the faces of the adventure department were resting.

"Tina, how's the work going?"

"Hmm. For now, the main combat" dress "is already out of shields."For now, as long as we have this, we won't have any trouble fighting here. "

In response to Kite's question, Tina presents a black dress placed on her desk.Since it was expected to be an underground operation this time, a "dress" was prepared that was close to light armor that was easy to move and protected only important parts of the body.As a result, the parts to be shielded were also limited, and the work was completed early.

”Hmm... this is a [dress] with a rather small number of parts.”

"Oh... is it sexy?"

"No, it must have been a problem before that."Even though it's a protective armor, it's a problem to have few parts to protect it. "

It was Kanata with the usual demonic smile, but Kaito shook his head with a very serious face.There were times when he could tell jokes about things he used in battle.That's why Serious Mode continued to tell him.

"Certainly some of the relics of old civilizations are close to the Bikini Armor... but they certainly have the ability to create a limited barrier to the Armor itself, making it a very good Armor that combines mobility and defense."Is this the same thing? "

"Well, then." Look, the clothes that Kanata wears.Remember that? "

What? I don't know. There's too many of them.

Basically, Kanata has her own hobby, as opposed to Kanata, who is often wearing a waitress.Therefore, there are many things that Kanata wore, headed by the maid clothes that she wore at work, and it seems that she didn't even know about the kite.Tina was surprised by this.

"I see... no, by the way, I think there was a time when there was a basic battle."

”In battle... ah, that tight inner?”

Well then, it's an inner dress that I wear when I wear my 'dress'.

Is that it?

Kaito remembers a garment made of Lunar civilization chemical fiber that was found in his room at the Opro Ruins when Konata had just woken up.Inner shells made of materials similar to those used to further improve resistance were contained in the Kanata flying boat, and they could be worn with the development of the "dress".

Besides that, if fighting is conceivable in the first place, wearing clothes that seem to use the same materials, which was basically used in the hiding place of this illegal organization.

"Hmm. I think I've told you before that the material of Konata's everyday clothes possesses a lot of great features.Well, since it was equivalent at that point in time as a civilian product, I had plenty of time to observe how much material was made for battle. "

"Sure... so that's it?"

"This [dress] can be said to serve primarily as an amplifier to amplify that function.This "dress" is good enough to protect only important parts. "


This was also one of the things that aimed to combine defense and maneuverability.Kaito is impressed to see one of the [Dresses] that Valheit dedicated to Kanata.It's really important to protect the chest and lower abdomen with the metal part.But it still had enough defense.Tina told Kaito that she was so impressed.

"That said, it's fine." Even though it amplifies the original defense, the original material drops a little more defense than the metal armor.I had enough defense against sorcery.So one way or another, it's better to say that mobility-oriented evasion is the main thing. "

That's a stone's throw.

I like it because it's unexpectedly erotic.

"I won't deny that."It's pretty erotic to be slimy

Keitaro laughs and agrees with Kanata, who laughs amusedly and jokes.The only difficulty with this [dress] is that the line of the body becomes clear with a tight inner.

However, I had enough defense as a defense armor, and even though it was erotic against the defense armor in the first place, I thought it would be different.But that's what it was all about.So it was Kaito who took the joke, but Kanata responded to him with joy.

"Oh... do you like this?"

"Of course I like to be told whether I like it or not... but I also don't want to throw away these military supplies."

I'm willing to break it.

"If I don't break it, I can't see my bare skin."

"Don't derail the conversation. Put it back."

Kite and Kanata, joking over and over, laughed and ordered Tina to correct the trajectory.Sometimes joking is a bad habit when it comes to Kaito's bad habits, so Tina, who has been with him for a long time, was also used to it.Kanata laughs at this.

"Oh, I'm sorry... but I'll remember that."

"Ahahaha... so, Tina." I'll go back to the other "dresses"? "

"As for you, it would be good to follow you up."I treated this "dress" first because this "dress" is not the easiest mechanism.If it becomes a difficult mechanism, it becomes difficult to deal with it.In view of the details of this operation, this would be good.In the unlikely event, the Lord will follow you. "

Owly, I'll pay you for watching your erotic clothes.

I wonder if the change is good for the body.

Think about it.

Kanata jokes again at Keitaro's acceptance of Tina's idea.Nevertheless, the focus of the conversation is over.So I had no problem joking with each other.That said, Kite didn't respond.

"And that's it.I'd like to talk to you a little bit. "

Hmm. Whatever. I'm free, so I can ask.

"Perhaps there is no communication in the vicinity of [Vibrating Stone]?"

"That's right... this is all I'm dealing with right now."As for jamming, [Vibrating Stone] is a pretty good quality thing. ”

Tina nodded unequivocally in response to Kite's confirmation.In the first place, she came to the mining area yesterday because there was no communication.

The reason for this is that the vibration generated by excavation causes the "vibrating stone" to vibrate, which disturbs the signals such as communication and storytelling.Since there are many parts of "Vibrating Stone" that are unknown, the response has not yet been determined.Nevertheless, several proposals had already been submitted, although they had not been fully addressed.

"Ah... that's classic, but I thought it would be nice to have a physical communications network."

"Hmm... it's true that if we are going to carry out full-scale mining work in the future, we can assume that jamming will be even stronger."In that case, for a while, do you have to think about communicating information through sorcery? "

It was good to think that the communication network using sorcery didn't make sense first.Then we need to establish a communication network that doesn't use sorcery.Kite seemed to be thinking about it.

"Oh... so I was wondering which route to take... whether it's better to crawl through the ruins or perhaps to bypass another entrance somewhere."

That's all. I have to check the other entrances and exits.

"I see... then, should I go?"

"That's right... we need to make sure that we can unload the materials from either side."Maybe we should look for another way out. "

In response to Kite's question, Tina nodded for a moment.As mentioned earlier, the mining area has been artificially collapsed.It was very likely that there would be another entrance or exit somewhere beyond that.

Therefore, Kite and the others decided to include the search for another entrance and exit in the investigation from tomorrow, so that on this day they would also take a rest.