Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Lesson 2301 Unknown Material - Back Door -

Kites came to the hideout of the illegal organization to which Vahlheit belonged temporarily in the Lunar civilization in search of the "Vibrating Stone (Vibrating Stone)", which is believed to be a means to counteract the brainwashing used by evil gods.They are forced to temporarily stall due to the characteristics of the Vibrating Stone.

Therefore, two days after the firefly was rendered incapacitated due to the characteristics of "Vibrating Stone".Since the treatment of the magic tools used by the kites and the treatment of the fireflies themselves and Kanata's "dress" was completed, the investigation was to be resumed.

"Well... Tina, we've arrived in front of the mining area."

"Hmm... for now, but this time, communication will be handled quickly.Of course, it's a rush, so there's a lot of problems... but that's because of patience. "

I don't know, maybe it's okay without it.

Kite looks at her braided magic thread and smiles slightly bitterly.In any case, no matter what I'm talking about, if it's a non-contact method of exchanging information, it seems to be affected by the jamming of [Vibrating Stone].As a result, I had no choice but to exchange information directly.

Therefore, Tina was forced to connect the relay of the communication device and each person with a magic thread to secure the communication.The searchable range would be narrowed down considerably, but I had to give up if there was no other way to deal with it while adding more repeaters.

Don't be an idiot. I don't know what's going to happen. I can't get in touch with the unexplored ruins, it's not possible to act in a group. "

"I know... that's what happens to us."

Kite shakes her head in response to Tina's complaint.Tina nodded again.

Let's do it. You guys are the strongest in the guild.And as far as the world is concerned, the man with the strongest name.That's why the communication was interrupted, and it's no wonder the whole world is on alert.We must be sure to get in touch and be able to provide security. ”

"Ahhh... well, that's it. What do we do now?"

For now, go deeper today.If there's another entrance or exit somewhere, we need to check it.It won't be a hassle even if you enter a coward who doesn't need to be weird. "


I had to watch out for the monsters that walked through this dense area of magic power.Kite put her hand on the sword that was wrapped around her waist and was always ready to go into battle.As a result, we continued to move deeper into the mining area with caution.

Now, the kites decided to go deep into the mining area, but the journey was not easy for ordinary people.I didn't, but there are unusual people here.Therefore, even if the opponent was the opponent, the journey was quite ample.


"Mr. Commander, is it time for one more thing? I wonder if stealth skills are a bit cowardly."

"There's nothing cowardly about stealth skills against monsters."A must-see first enemy Special. This is the iron rule when dealing with monsters. "

It's a kite that reads signs and progresses through the mining area in the application of Divine Shadow, but it seems that the signs are easy to read because it's in the dark.My senses have been sharpened more than usual, and I have slaughtered my enemies far before they noticed me in any way.

"Besides... the most cowardly thing to say..."

Oh... are you complaining?

"I don't have any complaints, but can you just tell me where you are... if you accidentally miss the sign, your liver will cool down"

Charlotte's words, completely in the dark, dropped Kite's shoulders.This mining area is completely covered in darkness.Right now, it's only operating with minimal power.

The power line has been completely interrupted due to the collapse of the mining area, and there is no prospect of reactivation.It's melting into darkness.Instead of a monster, it was a hidden form that even advanced Rank S adventurers would never find.

That's good. If you're not noticed by your underwear, this is still going to be a use for you. "


Whatever you use, it's up to me.

If it is not used for mischief, it is fine.I think Kite will probably use it for something, but I think Charlotte is lively, so I wonder if that's okay.With that, she waved her scythe.

I will give you death.

Yes, the next one is destroyed too-

"Are you there, too?"

That's right!

Yulie, who seemed to be in the dark, laughed at Kite's words.They used to be in places other than Kite, and in the first days of their journey they were often in Charlotte's.It was no surprise that she was in another place, just because she was eventually called a partner.

”Hmm... even so, these monsters are still strong.”

”It's strong, but... I don't want to see it like that.”

"That's right, you guys are collecting the most powerful face in the world..."

The basic monster rank in the mining area is Rank A.Far above the surface, it was quite a magic realm.At least Al and the others shouldn't be allowed in, and Kite has told Al and the others not to come in until they're safe.I don't know what to say in the Adventure Department.

However, since the Kites could defeat the Rank S monsters with one hand, they could go there with ease.That's why Tina thought of one thing in response to that.

"Hmm... I still have to devise a cleaning plan for the area."It's too dangerous for the military. "

"I see... this mining area is too dangerous for the army."Well, as a result of the accumulation of magic power for 2,000 years, I think it's not surprising... "

"I don't know what to do... but we have to start mining soon."We also have to accommodate samples to various countries. "

"The same is true of the sample, but I think it will be necessary to take measures against [Vibrating Stone]."Strangely enough, it would be a hassle to use this as a jamming device. "

”Speaking of which, it's a jamming device that we're trying to make......”

Tina sighed deeply and shook her head in response to Kite's point.In the first place, I wanted the [Vibrating Stone] to counteract the evil god's brainwashing.

If you say that, it may be called jamming, and it was very difficult to steer that we had to combine what we were trying to do with countermeasures.That's why I listed the things that Yuri had to do for the time being for the two of them to have their eyebrows on.

"The first thing to do is to provide a sample of" Vibrating Stone "for each country."From there, we were asked to find mineral veins in various countries... and developed a countermeasure device for brainwashing.And in case the Vibrating Stone was misused again, what was the shield to the important facility? ”

It's not like that... ahh... it's a hassle, from now on...

"Ah... no, no. That's why it's troublesome to find new substances....."

Well... well, as a researcher, my heart dances to see what I can use this for.

"You seem to be having a good time, don't you?"

Kaito sighed because he was only a politician to Tina, who turned around from the perspective of a politician earlier and laughed happily from the perspective of a researcher.Moreover, I was waiting for the future to become an experiment again.For him, who sees it, there was no way he could see a rosy future.I kept going through the danger zone for a while while while talking about such a relaxed story.We have finally arrived in a region that is not even on Valheit's bereaved map.

"...... Tina. I found a path that wasn't even on the map."It's not paved... but it's an artificial hole. "

Hmm... according to the map I'm mapping, that's the deepest part of it.

No, I guess not.

Tina slightly wrinkled between her brows, and Kite looked forward with a little vigilance.Then he suggests one thing to Tina.

"Tina... I think I'll play sonar once."

I don't care. All the monsters behind me were subdued.The sidewalks were crushed, and it was unlikely that monsters would flood in this short time.I can say that there was a face that was able to handle it. "

"All right... everybody, be on your guard."

I don't think this face was alert or anything.Kite knows what everyone is capable of, so she keeps her words to this light.Then he pulled out his sword around his waist and thrust it against the ground.

"... haa!"

Kite flashes a special wave of magic power through her sword.As a result, the pale light spreading across the ground with the sword as the center, slightly illuminating the surroundings.When it reaches the ceiling where everyone stands, it reacts to the power put up by the illegal organization of Lunar civilization and illuminates the power line.

"... there's no sense. The power line is not stretched in the hole ahead."

Hmmm... if that's the case, it's likely that you escaped from there after all.

"I guess..."

It was said earlier, but I know that the survival of the illegal organization eventually collapsed near the entrance of this mining area and stayed here.

However, I didn't think that it was over just because I was burnt out, so it was thought that I might have escaped somewhere.Considering that the conductor had not been drawn, it was highly likely that this was the exit.So Kite asks Tina one question.

"What should we do? It looks like the monster hasn't come from the other side... it'll be safe for a while"

{Hmm... hmm. You can go.I'll go and see what I can find out. "

In response to Kite's suggestion, Tina thinks for a moment before giving her a go-ahead.With that, they decided to head for the hole.And that's on the way.Charlotte and Kanata were looking at the wall and talking.

"... goddess... have you ever seen a mining field or something?"

"I don't see much... even though the world is dark, I don't want to dive into this dark underground."I've seen a little bit of what the press was doing in Barriti. "

”Yes... I've never been to another world before”

Apparently, Kanata and Vahlheit, who were involved in many illegal organizations, had never been to the Underworld.However, on the contrary, since Kanata had been to a hideout built on the site of the mining site, it was sometimes visible from the wall of this hole.

"This wall... was made with a large rock cutter used to expand the mining yard."The unnatural pattern on this wall... I wonder if it was the Seven.I've heard that this is what happens to the wall that was dug in Type VII. "

”Hmm... I guess it's better to think that the excavator has hardened so that this place hasn't collapsed.”

"That's right... even if it's a miracle to keep this far away from the boulders, it's fine."

Kite's guess made Kanata nod.After all, the walls and ceilings were fairly weathered because they had been left untouched for 2,000 years.Still, what was safe was that it was deep underground, and that it was the dead volcano that was located.I guess it was because it was a remote area, so I was able to escape the repeated fighting.As a result, it was still in a state where it could pass somehow.

"I see... even so"

"I'm here... I see. Hey, regimental leader."Is it okay if I make a reservation? "

“Do what you want, nobody's obsessed with you.”

In response to the confirmation of Kanata's appearance, who seemed to be shaking his tongue, Kaito expressed his approval in a daze.It's still a hole that's barely artificially finished.The magic also seemed to be flowing to you, and I felt a strong magic power in the mining area.

In other words, there was a possibility that a monster would emerge even stronger than before.So Kanata walked ahead, cheering herself up at the encounter with a stronger monster.