Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Lesson 2302: Unknown Materials - The One in the Darkness -

Kites came to the basement of the illegal organization of the Lunar civilization in search of the "Vibrating Stone" based on information provided by Vahrheit.When they entrusted the control of the upper floors to the faces of the Adventure Department, they stretched their legs to the underground mining area.

Therefore, it is further from the location of the vibrating stone (Vibrating Stone).I was looking for another way out of here, through an escape route that seemed to be used by the people who used to work in this basement.But in the middle of it, we were supposed to stop without anyone.

Jesus... do you understand?

"Ahh... this seems... unusual to me."

Charlotte asked Kate a slightly bitter smile.Then he asks Kanata.

"Kanata... how are you getting ready?"


Canata slightly tongued at Kite's question.I'm not sure what happened, but apparently this path doesn't follow a straight line.

Originally, I could not see the outside, so it was thought that it was either not in a straight line, collapsed, or closed by snow, but it seems that it was not in a straight line.There was a strange sign coming from the front.Kanata sees such a sign directly in front of her and tells her.

"Mr. Commander, I wonder if you could set the stage for me."You can't dance enough if you're poor on the stage. "

"Oli, let's set the stage for our new actress."

No wonder this steep passageway collapsed into a boulder.I'm going to arrange for the army to do some repair work, but in the meantime, it's no surprise that it collapsed.

When I seriously fought against Kanata and the monsters I was waiting for, I could collapse quickly.That's why everyone walks in the dark with a little vigilance.Then I could see a little light from the front.

It's getting brighter, isn't it?

There's a moss that reacts to magic and glows... it's pretty far away though.

Looks like they penetrate the mountains for about two minutes at a time.

With a hint of radiance that can be seen from a considerable distance, we all sense that there is something ahead.If you notice it, you will walk in the shine so that you can clearly see the figure of everyone.And there's a big cavity at the end, and in the middle of it.

"... does that mean he's protecting this place?"

That's a pretty bad level.

Kaito whispered again in response to Kanata's whisper.In the middle of the cavity was a monster illuminated by a fantastic sparkle.It was an armored martial artist wearing a feather similar to a thin dark feather.

However, as if after the battle, there were some broken swords in the armor, but there were some piercings, which accentuated the scandal and made it known that this was a monster.

< >...... The highest unity of the anthropomorphic system.It's probably the first time I've seen it outside of Nakatsu. "

"Rank S is also a good monster."It's probably the first time I've seen it outside of Nakatsu and Japan... and it's probably been alive since 2,000 years. "

Kaito also agreed with Yuri's words, oozing with surprise.Anthropomorphism is a common name used conveniently among adventurers because it invites the fear of adventurers by simulating people.

Indeed, if this < > was in the dark or distant, it wouldn't be impossible to think of it as a warrior in the shape of a pitch-black armored warrior after some kind of intense battle.

"Two thousand years... I wonder if the people who used to pass through here

”I'm not sure if it will be wiped out...”

Keito probably reached this great hollow, and when he noticed < >, he stopped several people from dying, and in the meantime he tried to create a passage on the other side.

Just on the opposite side, there was a hole again.We still don't know whether this has succeeded or failed.I had to go, but in order to do that, I had to fight < >.So Kanata asks.

Chief... are you ready for the stage?

"Anytime. I'll set up a stage for him to sit on your signal."

I'm looking forward to it.

Kanata laughs at Kite's response.Then she nodded one by one.



At the request of Kanata, Kite makes the surroundings alien.That's how Susukino was born, where the moonlight can be seen.

"Oh... elegant."

You don't like this Japanese-style stage, do you?

"No way... I'm half from Nakatsu.Blood is screaming. Let's get started. ”

In response to Kite's words, Kanata slowly stepped forward.At about the same time, < > slowly lived in the pale flame in its orbit.

But the next moment. Contrary to both of these slow initial movements, a violent clash of metal sounded fleshlessly at a speed that seemed to have disappeared.


Immediately after the clash, Kanata, who ended the clash of swords and swords in an instant, moves through its direct side.So I turned around for a moment, but suddenly the plain black feathers fluttered behind me and attacked her.


I don't want to touch this woven fabric.Kanata's instinct as a warrior made her realize that this feather fabric was not just a disguise.As a result, the fluttering feathers accelerated rapidly.Cut out the soot as far as you can.

Kanata dodged it, trying to fall behind her.Looking at the slash that passed while she was circling the sky, she unfolded the [Dress] mechanism. I unfolded my coat.


It was a canata that was stranded on the spot like weightlessness, but she tortured herself and set her foot on the < > 's foot.On the other hand, < > takes a distance with a light leap that is unimaginable in armor.

"It won't work much, but... I'll take it."

It was a canata that landed on the ground immediately after the shoveling, but it manipulated the coat and grabbed the magic gun grabbed by the hem and fired randomly towards < >.In response, < > unleashed his sword in the air and slashed through all of it.When he landed on the < >, Kanata, who was being held back by a magic bullet, switched to the sword again and fattened.


In an instant, it was a thin canata to the < >, but her slashing was held back by the < > 's pitch-black feathers.With a slight gaze, < > stared down at Kanata.


In response to the slashing, Kanata shouted with a slightly bitter face and blew out the < < Dark Martial Artist (Anramuncia) > > with that pressure, forcing her to distance herself.At that distance, Kanata sighed deeply.

"Hah... I don't really like that."It's not classy. "

I can't replace my belly on my back.Kanata didn't make a choice as long as she was a warrior.However, I didn't want to do it because it seemed obvious, and I didn't want to launch a pursuit.That said, that's why she regains her mind.

”But... then you'll have to pay the price.”

Kanata looks towards < >, who puts his sword to the ground and makes a sharp deceleration. Kanata reaches for Tina's rifle-shaped magic gun.

Even though it was a rifle type, it was obviously an objective rifle type magic gun that would lie on the ground and shoot.Kanata pulls the trigger relentlessly as she sits on her back.

"... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Forced to pull the trigger from the waist, Kanata slides back slightly.However, that amount of power came with origami, and the fired magic bullets flew in a straight line to the < > and clashed into the torso that was trying to set a sudden stop.I pushed the < > who was killing the momentum further.

While pushing in, the colliding magic bullet slowly appeared to be buried in order to put on < > 's armor while drawing a spiral, but when I thought that the surrounding area was wrapped in a pitch-black woven fabric, I forced it to change its trajectory and bounced towards the direction of the day after tomorrow.

"Oh... dexterity." But how many times can I do it? "

Looking at the magic bullets flying in the direction of the day after tomorrow, Kanata aimed the objective rifle-type magic gun at < > again.I don't think it will kill me at all.

So we were already ready for the second and third shots, and all we had to do was pull the trigger.And Kanata pulls the trigger relentlessly.But this time, it didn't move at all.My body got used to recoil with the first blow.This time, countless magic bullets were thinning out into the < >.

"Well...... Mode change"

Apparently, I couldn't shoot the next blow with my waist down the same way as before.As Kanata said, the two legs of the objective rifle can be extended from the torso and fixed to the ground.And Kanata followed suit, lying on the ground and peering into the scope.


For a moment, Kanata sees herself in a pale flame.Immediately after the gaze seemed to have crossed.< > 's feathers slashed through countless projectiles.

However, this is all within the assumed range.Therefore, Kanata pulled the trigger to emit the last shot while watching the lacquered black feather weave fly the lacquered black slash.


Phew. A massive laser is emitted from the Kanata magic spear, accompanied by an abnormal sound that seems to be attracted to something.It thinned out in a straight line to < >, but after all, < > folded down a pitch-black feather.


Now, let's see what happens. While peeking into the scope and watching the light emitted while pulling the trigger, Kanata observes the next move of < >.

I still don't think it will kill me to this extent.But I wanted to see what would happen.In this way, in front of her eyes, the thin laser is guided by the dark lacquered feather weave, and it flies off track to the direction of the day after tomorrow.


This is probably coming.Kanata sees < >, who parries most of its power with a feather, and instantly disappears the objective rifle and jumps from the spot.Immediately after that, < >, who was moving from within, took away the place where Kanata was.

"Phew... oh, you don't spare any money."

While flying through the air, Kanata took a breath and lightly evaded the pitch-black slash emanating from the < > 's feather weave.The figure was exactly like a goddess, very similar to a fantastic sight.Although she was such a girl, she slightly smiled at one of the swords pierced by the < >.

You went through here, too.

What Kanata sees is a familiar, but worn-out, one-handed sword.It was the one that pierced < > 's chest.It was a one-handed sword loved by the owner of the room that Kite had confirmed earlier.That only meant one thing to < >.

Fine. I'll take this one you couldn't take down.

Remembering a female mercenary who had the power to still eaten away before, Kanata shines the feathers of a goddess.With that, she was dancing in a gentle motion as she descended in pursuit of the pitch-black slash.I landed looking up at < >.


At the same time as landing, Kanata kicked the ground much faster and slashed < > 's torso into a reverse swoop.However, this slash was blocked by the < >, and it didn't work on the main body.

I'll borrow it, but I can't return it.

Releasing her hand from the held-down sword, Kanata grabs the handle of the one-handed sword of a female mercenary who pierces her chest.With that as its base, < > was burned from the inside by the magic flame that unleashed it from the inside, and it was extinguished without any trace.