Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Lesson 2316: Convention - Dressing Up

< > Relocation during the seal examined under the lockdown of the archives accompanying the discovery.It was a kite that looked underground at the candidate's location, but he and Tina were going to talk about a disguise about a hidden room in the back.

This was to be carried out together with other construction, but the request for a quotation and other arrangements were left to Tsubaki after the order was signed by himself, and he was to prepare for the upcoming convention again.And the entire upper level of the Adventure Department was like that, and for an instant, it was one of them.

"Hah... All right. Is that all right?"Hey, Kite. Are you sure you want to come with me? ”

"Ahh... I actually use Sora and Senpai a lot."It's never unusual for a leader of the guild's workforce to attend a convention. "

"I see... haa"

Although it is this convention, several people from the Adventure Department lead some research on behalf of the technical team, such as Lanli and Tina.In addition, Sora and Momo were supposed to join as leaders of the workforce.

Kite is different from this.There was a high probability that there would be a place for external exchange from the scale, so it was a participation to participate in it.Of course, he's willing to go to the convention with him.He sighs in such a mixed moment.

"Well, there are many adventurers with different colors than usual to participate in such a venue."It's not a bad experience to watch it like that. ”

”That's right... but I don't know if I'm going to use any good or bad tools at all”

"That's true, but... you just need to know what kind of things will come out in the future."In fact, I'm opening a convention to make it known to companies. "

After all, I never participated in the convention for a moment, and that didn't change Sora and the others.So I couldn't imagine what it was, and in the blink of an eye, I felt a little guilty.

"I see..."

"Well, for now, try joining us."After all, I will participate many times in the future.I can't get a good vibe. "

"Yes... I see. I see." Let's do that. "

Apparently, Kite's words made him think positively for a moment.I nodded one by one and turned to the paperwork again.And so Sora returned to the office.

"Uuu... I'm home. I managed to clear it up..."

"Oh, I'm tired... what's the damage?"

"Especially if it's a problem. It's within the usual scope of requests."

Sora, who led a small expedition to Kite's quest for the last large-scale mission before the convention, shakes her head.We're already in the week of the convention and have a travel permit.

From this day on, I was able to accept day trips, but I did not accept trips that took several days.Sora undertook her last request.When he returns to his seat, he asks Kite.

So, how was your rescue request before you left?

"There's nothing wrong with you either." There was no damage.The captain would have been nice. "

"Anxi is a prudent man everywhere.I can trust you with peace of mind. "

It appears that Sora was led by a man named Anishi who sent out a rescue call just before she left.Instantly, he adds one word of agreement to Kite's words.That's why there were men at the top, but all I had to do from there was tasteless paperwork.Rather, everyone in the office is.

"Master, the design office sent us a quote."

"I see... hehe... it's expensive after all... please turn it over to Tina in the quote."I'll make sure it's reasonable. "

Got it.

It is a kite with a big face after seeing the quotation that I brought with me, but I will instruct you to send it to Tina as it is.Basically, she is more familiar with the quotations for these additional renovations.A sorcerer often built his own workshop because she had several.Therefore, we will proceed with the preparation for a while longer.Rufus is coming this time.

Kite-sama, can you do me a favor?

"Well, if it's not time-consuming."

"I don't know about that... but it's about [Vibrating Stone]"

That's it. Let's hear it.

It is very important for Kite to widely disseminate the Vibrating Stone (Vibrating Stone) and quickly formulate countermeasures against the brainwashing of evil gods.So if you brought the report, it was worth asking even if you stopped working.

"First of all, I received a courtesy from my own country."Thank you for sending me.This is the letter. "

"Yes, I did."

"Ahh... so I told you to keep providing information on this matter."

"I see... I see"

At present, the < > who manipulated the kingdom from behind thought that it was not time to move.Therefore, it seemed that I was thinking of providing research and development and necessary information through Rufus.

Therefore, we will discuss the idea of the god nation and the guidelines for Rufus' future behavior through him, but there will be a discussion with Edom later on this time, and he will leave the office again.After seeing that off, Kate was to work on her paperwork again.

Now, Kite and the others have been working on paperwork for a few days to attend the convention.In the meantime, I tried to concentrate on paperwork as a matter of priority, and somehow I was free for a few days.Therefore, for the time being, the nobles heading for Riddell's territory were supposed to gather at the airport and move.

"Alright... I've checked the roll call for now."

Hmm. The tech team is fine, too.

"I told you... then, I'll just wait for you to move after I've finished the departure formalities."

Kite nodded to Tina's reply, making it clear that she would only wait.This time, the number of people is the number of people, and no matter what kind of shopping is expensive, it will be delivered later.

Therefore, instead of sending out a flying boat, I intended to travel on board a flying boat travelling between Maxwell and Riddell territory.Therefore, there are no special problems and we are all waiting for the arrival of the flying boat.On the way, Sora suddenly asked, sometimes in her spare time.

"No. Is there something you want to see this time?"I've seen the list, too.I can't think of this in particular.I'm talking to Toryn, but... basically, it's not a problem right now. "

"I see... if you ask me if there's anything I want to see, there's something there."For example, I want to see the new model of the communication device. "

"Ah... a radio." I'd like to see the new model..... "

Kite pointed out that Sora thought it would be enough.And when I checked again, there were a few things that I wanted to see a little bit like that.

“Right? There are other small heating and cooling appliances that I'd like to see in the future.Especially if you're going to set up a camp. "

"Ah... it would be useful if I was told that."Would it be convenient if there were other types of snow plows? "

"That's right. Currently, there are many things that I don't possess in the Adventure Department and that are likely to be needed."Well, I don't dare to talk about it, so just look at what you need. "

This time, Keitaro dared to come to the convention without saying anything.To make you think about what you might need.However, there was a possibility that it could not grasp the significance, so I was talking about some intention.

"I see... I see." Ri-oh.It doesn't mean you have to buy it separately, does it? "

"Well, it's a convention." Exhibitions and expositions.I have a strong interest in asking you for your opinions if it's good to offer such a product rather than buying it from the store side. "

"Ri-oh." Then you can rest assured. "

Kite's words reassured Sora.Whether it's at the corners or at the horns, what is troublesome for him instantly is that he has to buy it.Even if I knew that I didn't have to worry about it, I could say that this story had significance.So I waited for a while, but now the moment asked Kite.

"Speaking of which, Kite. It's about time... but I suddenly noticed. Can I do one thing for you?"


"Where is Riddell Territory?"I've heard that the Liddells are merchants... but I don't think I've ever heard of them in detail. Where's Sora? "

"That's right... I've never heard of it either."Toryn told me that he had been there several times... but he didn't talk about Riddell territory either. "

Sora looks at Kite with a slightly interesting look, speaking of which, after being questioned instantly.After all, I often hear the name more than being listed as one of the five dukes, and it is often said that it is a product of a company run by the Liddell family if you take it in hand when buying mass-produced products.

So Sora and the others had never heard of it, but if they asked if they knew the details, they had no choice but to tilt their necks.Therefore, as the same duke, Keitu opened his mouth and basically needed to be familiar with the same duke.

"I see... The Liddells, along with the Heisenbergs, own a central location in the Empire."However, the Heisenberg domain is close to the north in the center of the empire, and the Riddell domain is slightly south.I was in charge of my business with the countries of the South.As a result, products from the south are still one of the main products in Riddell territory. "

"Well... if you get tropical fruits as a gift, don't include the mark of the Liddell family."

“I see. Tropical fruits are what the Liddells do.”

As an organization, you have the opportunity to give something or a gift.In such cases, choosing fruit is common on Earth and in Enefia, and Sora and I have bought it as part of our relationship for an instant.At that time, I remembered that the Liddell family's sigil was on it.

"There are other companies that develop flying boats, and research institutes that research and develop tools used by adventurers.It can be said that some of the aristocrats are relatively engaged in research and development.Therefore, there is a thriving academic aspect, and it is sometimes said that the Liddells are good at literature compared to the Blanchettes, who are good at military work. "


Sora nodded in admiration for the Liddell family's features.That's why Kite went on with the two of them.

"And that's why there are many exhibitions and expositions alongside McDowell's territory in the Empire... conventions and academic conferences."Well, the academy is no more than the McDowell domain because of the temple city relationship. "

Is there any difference in the convention?

"Good question... that's right."The convention held in McDowell's territory is often technically still in the R&D stage.On the other hand, research and development is already finished to some extent in the territory of Lidel, and what can be described as "products" that stand out from the eyes of commercialization is often announced.It's a new product, isn't it? "

Is there something I can buy this time?Sora is convinced that this was the case with Kite's response to her question.And if that's the case, he opens his mouth.

"So... it looks like a lot of merchants are coming."

"Yeah, so wearing a suit and other gown is the basic etiquette of this convention... I hope you haven't forgotten?"

I'm doing fine.

"I shouldn't forget it either..."

In response to Kite's confirmation, Sora nodded instantly.If you were an adventurer attending or being invited to a convention like this, you had one of those suits.Therefore, even if an adventurer came, everyone was expected to see an unusual sight of a suit and a dress.

"Then there's no problem." Well, there's no need to ask the adventurer for courtesy, so you don't have to stretch your elbows to think about it. "

I see... what about the climate in Riddell territory itself?

"Hmm... climate... as I said earlier, it's relatively warm because it's located in the south."

In response to the momentary question, Keito still remembers and answers as if he was a little distracted, especially because it had nothing to do with his own activities.In this way, for a while, the three of them were going to waste their time moving while talking about the Riddell territory.