Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Lesson 2317 Convention - Riddell Territory

A research facility that was established as a Tenzakura Academy after receiving information on metastases.The kites were supposed to participate in a convention held in the territory of Riddell to see the equipment to be installed, but after completing the paperwork accompanying their departure, they headed to the territory of Riddell with a flying boat travelling between the territory of McDowell and the territory of Riddell.Thus, the first flight boat to depart in the morning took about one day to arrive in the territory of Riddell.

This is the realm of Riddell.

”What... it's so lively after all”

"There are a lot of merchants." In Japan, Osaka and the like may be close.When goods are gathered, people are gathered, and when people are gathered, business is born there.It makes sense. "

While waiting for instructions to land the flying boat, the three of them were looking at the Riddell territory from the deck of the flying boat.but it was so full of vitality that I could see it, and I was overwhelmed by it.And, this was the first thing that caught the eye of those three people.

Is that... the morning market?

"That's right. The morning market was thriving in Riddell territory."That's the area where the free market is permanently set up, as I recall. "

Is there a permanent free market?

Kite's eyes widened in amazement at the moment.Certainly, there were bazaars and free markets in Maxwell, but they were not established until they were set up exclusively as lots.Kite nodded to this.

"If it was as I remembered 300 years ago... if we were to buy and sell in that corner, the procedure would have been quite simplified, and anyone could buy and sell it."

"Are you okay with stolen or bad items?"

"It's possible that the crude product has already been sold, so I'll put it to the side... but the stolen product is dealing with the stones."In addition to simplifying the procedures, the store is firmly swearing that it is not. "


After all, I was curious about whether this stolen product would be sold in a simplified process.Therefore, Riddell instantly tilted his neck to ask whether he was dealing with it in a simplified manner.Kite laughs at this.

"It's a simple gear." From this day until this day, I will conduct business here, but I will swear to myself that everything I bring in is not stolen.When you refuse to take this oath, it's like you're saying it was stolen. "

I see... it's a unique way of doing magic.

Gears were a constraint on my behavior.Therefore, it is confirmed that it is not a stolen product after swearing under oath, and if you refuse to swear under oath, it cannot be sold.In some cases, it was questioned immediately on the spot.I couldn't do anything wrong.That's why Kaito nodded instantly when he was impressed.

“That's right. In fact, it's a bad oath to bring in stolen goods from another territory and sell them.It seems that it happens several times a year when it is discovered that it is stolen. "

What if this person doesn't know it's stolen?

"In that case, I won't."Even if I can see a lie, I can't deal with it if it's not a lie. "

In response to Sora's question, Kite laughed in distress.The only way to deal with it was to intentionally sell the stolen goods.Whether it was stolen or not was not to be overlooked.And, Sora said what Sora thought to Kite when she said such a thing.

"But for now... then why don't we just let them do it in all the stores?"If you do that, you can prevent fraud, right? "

"If possible, it's something I want to do... but when you open a formal store in Rock, you need to make a formal" contract (Gears Scroll) "and use it instead of a simple one."Then the process becomes so troublesome that it won't be ridiculous.I don't want anyone to do it because the process becomes too cumbersome when there are other alternatives. "

"Well, that's true... but shouldn't we think about it for our customers...?"

In this case, shouldn't the customer be at the center?Sora thinks so, so she unexpectedly stepped on Kite, who speaks from the operator's perspective.However, there was also the aspect that this was for customers.

"That's true, but... then if you can't move because you're tied up in an emergency, that's to the disadvantage of the customer."For example, if your predecessor dies suddenly or is unable to stand up due to a sudden illness, do you think you can say that you will take a month off because you cannot move due to procedures?If you can move temporarily, you won't have any problems at all. "

"Does it take that long?"

"I underestimated the gears, not the simple ones."If the contract (Gears Scroll) is changed, it may take more than a month.That's how strict I am.Of course, control will also be strict.Considering the hassle of managing, the "Gears Scrolling Agreement" cannot be used with ease. "


If that happens, the customer won't be bothered.Sora realizes that she is underestimating the [Gears Scroll] contract, and she thinks it would be better not to do it.And Kite nodded to his understanding.

"That's right." If you haven't been hit, there's a reason you haven't been hit. "

"I see... I'm glad you understood."Let's get back to that frima for now. "


In Kite's words, Sora sees a corner where a free market seems to be opening again in an instant.What appeared to me was that it was really open to the non-traditional public.

You really feel like ordinary people are doing business.

"Ahh... maybe there are adventurers too?"

“Don't be here. You're selling what you've got on your own, and that's a lot of it.Even if it doesn't go to half... about 30% of them are adventurers. "

Kite nodded as soon as she heard what she looked like overlooking the Flea Market.That's how he tells you.

You can get unexpected excavations for a good price, so if you have time, you can try it once.

"If I have time, I wonder if I have..."

"Well then... this is all up to the convention."I don't know. "

In an instant, Kite smiles and shakes her head.Basically, I don't know what the convention will be without actually participating in it.Currently, participating companies know, but basically, the outline of what kind of products will be released in advance at this convention will not be discussed in detail.Therefore, there are not many products that attract unexpected interest, and if there is more, there is also a possibility that even if I spend a lot of time, I will not be enough.Sora told the two of them as they looked out of town.

”So... that's the venue of the convention...”

"It's huge. They'll introduce you to flying boats."

”It's going to... that big magic armor leg you're seeing...?”

I think it's a new model.

"What are you going to do...?"

In the exhibition that was held at Maxwell before the Harvest Festival, there were no large magic armor such as these on the boulders, and Sora was also surprised, shocked, and puzzled.The flying boat that carried them descended gently and welcomed them to the Riddell Realm.

Now, the kites came to Riddell, the capital of Riddell Territory, but the first day of arrival was a reserve day in case something happened during the journey.

So basically, it is good to take a holiday, but it is not like that if you say that there is nothing you can do.And naturally, I'm not here to play.So I was using my free time to check the overall view of the convention.

"This is the overall view of the convention venue."


Oh, it's bigger than I thought.Until now, almost everyone has seen the materials of the convention as a book, so it seems that they have not seen the materials depicted in the overall picture.I was even more surprised that it was quite spacious.

That said, I don't know about Kaito, and at the same time, there were aspects that could not be helped if I knew the reason.And Tina says the unavoidable aspect.

"There's no need to be surprised."At this convention, various items can be found, from flying boats to large ships.If we're going to introduce a flying boat, we need at least a kilometer of space.Of course, the venue side also knows that, so we have legs for moving, so you can rest assured. "

"I can't afford a flying boat, but..."

"Because I don't have enough budget... above all, I don't want it anymore"

Tina nodded again at the lantern.The purpose of this time is only to provide equipment for the research facility.So I nodded one more time and kept it in my mouth.

"I see... well, if it's necessary on your side, I'll see about that."It's not a budget, and it's not something that should be bought as a technical team because of its use. "

"Well, that's right." I have never heard of using a flying boat as a technical team.Let's see what we have to see here. "

"Please do so... and that's why the technical team is basically a corner covered in red."This is going to be checking the corner covered in blue. "

The kite nodded to Tina's matrix is color-coded on a plan prepared in advance.There is not enough time for a group of people to see the size of the boulder, and the Kites do not know what equipment is necessary for the research team, and the Tina and the technical team do not know what is necessary for the practical team of Kites.

Therefore, there is little point in looking around together, so it was basically to act separately.Therefore, looking at the color-coded floor plan, the instant oozes a sense of surprise.

"The flying boat... well, I knew that from what I heard earlier."Do you want to see the large magic armor here?No, if they say that it's us who's going to use it, until then... can you buy it? "

"I can't afford it."

Is that so?

Keit's response to some troubled face was once again unexpected in the blink of an eye.However, my face seemed to contain a lot of surprises this time.Of course, you can't buy it, so be careful not to buy it.I can make a budget that can only be bought.

"I can't afford it, but there's really no point in buying it if you think about maintenance.If I buy it, it will cost money to maintain it.You just have to be clear about what you want to buy and what you want to do to make it expensive. ”

"Surely... I don't know what to use where I bought it?"

"That's right. Then it would be much better to buy a flying boat."The purpose of use is clear, and even if there is a flying boat, it will not rot.Even now, one ship is not enough. "

Until now, if multiple flying boats are required in the adventure department, or if the probability of battle is very high, the flying boats are borrowed and used.However, this would be costly after all, and it was not bad to keep another ship considering the frequency and size of use of the flying boat.

"I see... can I keep an eye on the flying boat..."

"Ah... flying boats vary depending on the manufacturer."It will be a study to know where it is.You can do whatever you want about it. "

"All right."

The history of flying boats has already begun, and the development of flying boats is active everywhere.Therefore, Kaito predicted that this would be the time when characteristic flying boats would begin to emerge, and that various characteristic flying boats would be observed at this convention.It seemed that it would be a future study to keep an eye on these new and special flying boats.

"Well... well, other than that, we'll see if we need to, but as I said earlier, this venue is very large."Therefore, it is okay to use a short-range communication device inside the venue, so you can use the communication device in a timely manner.However, you can't send a signal outside, so just pay attention there. "

Is it a barrier?

"Oh... even though it was just the last two days."The next two days will be open to the public, so you don't have to worry about exposing the information, so there's no problem connecting with the outside. "

Kite nodded to Sora's question.Rather, I don't know if I can buy it if I want to.It is true that the budget is given to the technical team, but the ultimate discretion lies with Kite.

Therefore, the basic product could not be bought at the discretion of the technical team on the spot.Therefore, I was to hold a meeting in preparation for the convention from tomorrow for a while.