Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Lesson 2318 Convention - Flea Market -

A variety of new product conventions are held in the territory of Riddell.In addition, Kaito led Sora and others to participate in order to refer to the purchase of equipment to enter the research facility established as the Tenzakura School.

Therefore, everyone who came to Ridel territory on board the flying boat will spend the first day of their arrival for the meeting in preparation for the convention from the next day.

Nevertheless, it was a mistake. There was no way that the meeting would end the day, so it was free time after noon, and each of them was supposed to move at their own discretion.In that way, Keito was moving in a sense only with himself.

"No, I wanted to see it."

"If you're here, it won't hurt to look at it once."Rather, there is no loss when seen on a regular basis.There are quite a lot of excavations. "

Interestingly looking around, Tina carefully looked around.While the former was really interested, Tina was looking for something to dig up.Then Kite was on Tina's side.

"Hmm... I hope there's something to dig up."

At such a time, I'm counting on the Lord's eyes because they are so dependable.


Kaito nods to Tina's words one by one.And when I said that, the lantern suddenly opened its mouth.

Is that why you're looking for the excavations in your room?

"I see... yes. It's not uncommon to look around in a market like this.Of course, not all of them. "

What about the auction?

"I see. In fact, half of the auctions are left in these excavated cities."This is all a mix and match. If you're lucky, you'll find many a day, and if you're not lucky, you won't find anything for a month. ”

Besides being an excavation, there's no helping it if it's halved as a percentage.Rather, I could say that it was strange for him to be half buried.Therefore, Kaito, who had acquired the "loot" for the time being, inquired about the lantern for the sake of interest.

Do you have any tips?

”I see... basically, don't listen to the clerk”

"Oh dear... you've been saying terrible things for so long, haven't you?"

"The real excavation is that the clerk himself doesn't know the value of the excavation... well, if I knew, the excavation wouldn't be made."

"That's true."

Keito's words suddenly convinced him.Excavated items are things that you wouldn't normally be able to buy at that price.If you really know its value, you should sell it at that price, and there are two reasons why you shouldn't.There is one reason. If you want to sell it cheap for a reason.This can attract trouble, and I'm not too grateful.In this case, it would be a fair price for the seller.

And the other thing is, Keitaro's right, you don't know the value, so you put a price on it.It was this latter that I was looking for here.

"It's the difference between a retailer and a reseller.On behalf of shopkeepers who do not know the value, antiques merchants find something that seems worthwhile and sell it at a fair price.To do business, we need eyes and knowledge that understand the value of things. ”

"Well, if you know the value, you should buy it at that price, right?"

“It's a cheap, cultivated arm, and it's hard to say a fair price.Well, I don't really know how to grasp it, either. "

Rather, Kite is actually on the road looking for something to dig up.That's why I couldn't say anything bad about the antiquities merchants.

"I see... that's why I'm talking about it."So, are there any excavations? "

"I don't know. I just have to look around."If you're lucky, you may find it, and if you're not lucky, you may not find it. "

Well then, let's take a look around for now...

There you go.

Keito agrees with the words of the lantern.It didn't start when I didn't look around at the bowl or the corner.If so, I just had to look around.Then, for a while, the three of them were free to browse the free market.

Now, it's been about two hours since the three of them started strolling around the Flea Market.After all, if people gathered, various items would be gathered, and it was seen that the three people would be interested in them.

”Huh... this is... this is something your lord made me do?”

"Yes, I made them all from scratch."


For example, in Tina's case, apparently an apprentice craftsman was interested in a decorative item that seemed to be a magic tool.She looks at the ornaments and asks Kite.

“Kite, what do you think?”

"Yeah? What do you mean?"

"Either way is fine." Either way is fine. "


Your arm won't be bad.Tina asks Kate, judging by her face as a duke.One of the advantages of such a free market would be the ease with which it can be opened, as we talked about in an instant earlier.

Therefore, even apprentices who are not able to leave the store can be sold in the form of an open-air shop.Among them was a craftsman who could be said to be the raw stone, and it seemed that Tina was watching from that side.And Kaito tells his own judgment when asked about that aspect.

It's not bad... but I still don't like building sorcery.

"Is it sweet...?"

"Yeah. For example, this ornament..."

"I see..."

"If there's anything else, this part..."

After all, I saw the raw stone that could make a good craftsman.Both Kite and Tina had given possible advice.After all, both of them have the qualities of being politicians.Therefore, when I saw that I could become a good human resource, it seemed that I really wanted to provide education.

Thank you very much.

"No, I'm sorry. If you think about it, I'll go to the store."

"No... I'm doing this to get your opinions after seeing it like this"

In response to Kite's apology, the carpenter's girl bowed her head with a smile.After all, as an apprentice to the craftsman, she must have discovered that the words of Kite and the others made sense.He seemed to be eager to hear the story.That's why the three of them who left the open air are going to talk about being politicians a little further away.

I'm pretty sure you're going to be at the temple city contest next month.

”Hmmm... that's why I came to you with my arm tested once”

"Let's just remember..."

In the future, it is necessary to compare with other abilities, but if they are not bad compared to others, it is also good to support them.That's how Kate judges whether or not she can support the girl she just saw.When I left the open air and looked further, it seemed that I found something interesting in the lanterns.

"Um... this..."

What's going on?

"Ahh, this... is the concoction table used for the alchemy concoction?"

"Ah, yes! Yes. You're the one with the little concoction table."

"There is such a thing as that."

After all, I was said to be a good alchemist, and I understood my strengths as well.They were also training as alchemists in the lanterns, and they seemed to be interested in finding something related to alchemy by accident.A young man nodded slightly nervously as he stood by the shopkeeper in response to her inquiry.

"Yeah... I don't use it much."It's the one I was using... but for a reason, I'm selling it. "

What's going on?

"Yeah. Um... I can finally set up the workshop, but... I need something first."And if I could just add up to that cost a little bit,


Apparently, this young man was also an alchemist.The workshop is definitely an alchemist's workshop.Most of the other items were used in alchemy, and it was good to say that it was a shop for alchemists.That said, it seems that the alchemist was also a little interested in using the lantern.

"Tina-chan, can I ask you a question?"

"That's good."

I've never seen a few tools, but can you explain?

“Hmm. And I knew which one of them had never seen.”

Tina is said to be a genius if she is a magician, and she is rowed to the creation of Homunculus, the secret behind alchemy.It seemed that he immediately discovered the experimental equipment lined up in this store, and the things that the lanterns had not seen in it, and the reason for that.So, basically, these two talk, and Kite listens on the side.

"This equipment is something I don't use very often."Look, this bamboo-like cylindrical structure that overlaps several layers... and the top is rough and the bottom is covered with fine material.Can't you see something? "

"Something... ah, filtration?"

"That's right. I use it to filter water."However, the territory of McDowell is rich in water resources, so it does not need to be filtered. "

Are you from McDowell?

"Well, it's a little different..."

"Heh... sure, then I won't use this."

I guess it was because I was good enough to set up a workshop after all.The young alchemist seemed to understand that it was an instrument that was not used in McDowell's realm.And since I was also an alchemist, it was easy to talk about it. The tension was also quite loose. I was supposed to buy the necessary equipment from the current situation in the lantern.

"There's something like this."

"Hmm. It's certainly an unusual tool, so I completely forgot about it until I was told... but it would be useful."Well, if you can replace it with a magical eye, you won't need it anymore..... "

"Until then, can it be used... and suits me?"

You look good, Nghiya!

I bought special glasses that young alchemists used long ago.It was supposed to assist in the analysis of alchemy, and the young alchemist had mastered the same power as Tina, so she stopped using it.

By the way, the lantern was hung to confirm the size, but Keitu was dealing with it roughly, so he was neck tightened as usual.He was a young alchemist who laughed at both of them, but he asked with a little bit of apathy.

"Ahahah... is that okay?"I'll tell you what I sold, but I can't use it without adjusting it... "

"Oh, it's okay, it's okay. I have a lot of hands."

Hmm. I'll take care of that.

"Ah, don't worry... I'm still a guildmaster here... but I can't reach out to all the carpenters... ahhh, Mr. Lantern."it's time to let go..... "

"Until you praise me."

"Gu... looks good on you. It suits you very well...."

I'm having fun. Kite and the lantern, next to Tina, I think.Well, I bought glasses to assist in the analysis of alchemy while doing this, and separated from the young alchemist, but I opened my mouth a little further away as if I was impressed.

You're really selling everything.

"Well, there are a lot of people who sell their stores in the free market hungry for something they don't normally buy."If you have a good hand, you can do it for a much cheaper price than buying it normally. "

"That's a good handshake..."

I don't think I'll be able to carry it.Because the lanterns were kites, I once again recognized the gratitude of the handshake that I had.By the way, it seems that the price of the glasses I bought this time is about three times the price when I try to buy them at a fixed price.

However, it seemed that the price was set at 40% of the set price, considering that it is impossible for a young alchemist to pay half the price given the effort, due to the fact that it is used for a relatively long period of time and it needs to be readjusted by experts.After that, 10% of the apprentice-like lanterns were willing to help, so they lowered the price.Such a lantern turns around and takes its mind back.

But at this rate, I think I'll find something that I really can't imagine.

"Ahh... sometimes I find unexpected excavations when I really look at them."Even with the glasses nowadays, I rarely buy used glasses because I need to readjust them.I guess I was lucky enough to buy it. "


It's true that I've never actually seen it.Is that what Kaito says in the lanchi, and I look at the glasses in the dedicated glasses case - which was sold together in a set - again.Looking at her like that, Kite starts to look for the shop even more.

"Well, we'll see about that later, so let's look for other excavations for now."There may be other excavations. "

That's true, too.

Keito's words made sense to her, and Lancho had her glasses dressed in a different space and returned to the shop.This day, as much as time allowed, the three of them were going to browse the free market.