Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Lesson 2322 Convention - Flying Technique -

An adventure led by Kite who participated in a convention in the suburbs of Riddell territory to help purchase equipment to be installed in a research facility under construction at Tenzakure Gakuin.Under such circumstances, Kite decided to entrust the inspection of the equipment to Tina Lanterns' technical team, and she travelled to the area with Sora and Momo to check the various battle weapons and magic items introduced at the convention.Therefore, the first thing I visited was a corner that introduced an extension called Weapon Pack, which corresponds to the extension of magic armor.

"Woah... amazing... is there such a thing as a flying plane?"

"There really are so many things... there are so many different shapes, and the number of vents is not uniform..."

"I really need to keep a close eye on this place."It also affects the balance of the magic armor, and the more vents, the better. "

For the time being, the first thing the three of them saw was a flying plane.After all, we must keep in mind the engagement with the monsters flying in the sky when it comes to Sora and the realm of the moment. If you are an opponent, you can also see the fight with those who are wearing flying skills and magic armor with flying planes.As a result, the option of a flying plane was one of the things to look at.

"If you increase the vent holes of the flying plane, you'll eat a lot of magic power..."

Have you ever used it?

”Hmm... several times with the experimental object”

"I see..."

Since the flying plane could not be installed because of the use of basic light armor, I was not particularly interested in how it felt to use it here.And as a Sora, I don't seem to be willing to buy a flying plane from the beginning because it is a very expensive option among a number of options.This was the end of the story.

"It's an option... a flying plane is fine... but I want it if I want it..."

It's expensive, after all.

"That's right..."

At the moment of the bitter smile, Sora responded with another bitter smile.It is a two-digit 10,000 yen option for flying aircraft, converted into Japanese yen.Indeed, if it was an adventurer worthy of rank A, it could be hundreds of thousands at a time, or millions at a time.Even so, it wasn't something I could do with my hands so cheaply.

"Hmm... hey, Kite. I'd like to ask you a question, okay?"

"That's why I'm here." What the hell? "

Which is better, the flying plane or the flying technique?

"It's a flying technique without thinking about it."Of course, there are several kinds of flying magic, but it depends on it. "

In response to Sora's question, Keitaro categorically affirms that he excels in flying magic.That's why he decided to talk about flying in order to talk about flying planes.

"I see... how well do you two know about flying magic?"

"Flying magic... I hear it's magic to dance in the air."However, there are many systems, and they were collectively referred to as flying magic. "

"Ah... I see. In your case, did you hear it in Urca?"

Yeah. There were many people flying over there... I guess that's why I didn't see any magic armor.

That's why you didn't know much about magic armor.Sora thinks so in an instant.And there seemed to be regionality here, and Kaito also knew about that regionality.

"Oh, it's hot in Urca.Moreover, the basic area of activity includes the desert.I didn't really like magic armor.Sometimes the scaffolding is bad, and the stretching is not effective. "

Also, even if you get sand in the details, it's very difficult to take care of.

Is that so?

It seems that there is something I can understand because I am a user.Sora's words in her mouth instantly nodded in admiration as she understood why Urka didn't like the magic armor.Kite nodded again.

"Yeah. The deterioration in maintainability is a factor we cannot overlook as adventurers."Needless to say... that's why I didn't like Urca's magic armor with a flying machine that takes time to maintain.On the contrary, it can be said that flying technique is developing on the contrary. "

"Is that what this is about... indeed, Mr. Bernstein said that Urca was full of flying magic and that it would feel good to thrust in the desert..."

"Ahahaha. Maybe it's my old man's lineage.The old man also said that it feels good to fly in the sky with a hot body. "

I see.

Ballantine, taught by Kite, laughed for a moment.And, well, forget it.Kite regains her mind.

"Geez... that's a derailment."So, the system of flying technique, but to explain it clearly, it's four types: rocket-type, jump-type, anti-gravity-type, and conceptual-type. "

"Wow, I understand." somehow.

"Ahahah... well, I can tell you that these four kinds of things can only be roughly distinguished."That doesn't mean you can split it completely. "

In Sora's reply, Kaito laughed one by one and made it clear that this classification was very different.In doing so, he gives a practical example that is easy to imagine.

"First of all, it's a rocket. This is Al and Rufus."The advantage is that it's easy to operate.Do you want to cum or not? It flies with the output operation of how much output you want to give even if you give it out. "

How do you decelerate?

“That's the disadvantage of this rocket type.The rocket type decelerates by operating the output, so I'm not good at decelerating. "

”... I mean, I barely think about slowing down.”

"I don't think so." In other words, it might be similar to a jet plane because it slows down by narrowing the output. "

To Sora's unexpected words, Kaito nods again clearly and speaks of the example of the earth.That being said, it seemed that the two of them could imagine that the general question would be solved.Therefore, Kite focuses on the next flying technique.

"So, next. Jumping type. This is something that Reil uses in combination with the rocket type... maybe senpai would like this as well."

"Is that so?" What kind of thing is that? "

"It was a series of < >."I kicked the void like I was kicking the ground... that's the old jumping type.However, because it is called flying sky, we are trying to increase the flight distance accordingly.That's why some people call it gliding. "

You jump and then descend gently, right?

That's it.

As soon as he understood the great mediocrity of his explanation, Kite nodded one by one.In doing so, he talks about the advantages and disadvantages of this leapfrog type.

"The advantage of this jump type is that it is the best at instantaneous speed."Well, it was the same as < > in principle.Not to mention the disadvantages. ”

"Well... I guess that's impossible."

It was self-evident to him that in the < >, the instant had already reached the area of mastery, and it was not suitable for long-distance travel.Still, I couldn't overlook another benefit.

"However, if it is similar to < >, it seems relatively easy to learn."

"Well... it might be easier when it comes to ease."Weaving sorcery in a similar motion to < > requires a combination of body magic and sorcery, so there is a corresponding difficulty. "

”I see... but it's still not bad if you make up for it with body magic”

In response to Kite's response, Keitaro speaks positively.Well, it's good to be positive, and I don't know if I can't do this.So I left the kite as it was.

"Well, that's right, senpai, that's why senpai is for senpai... and the next anti-gravity type."I don't need to say this anymore.It's a flying technique that uses gravity to fly. "

"Well, this..."

"I don't have any doubts..."

If it's called antigravity, there's only antigravity anymore.So I didn't question Sora for a second, I just thought it would be like that.Kite laughs at this too.

"Haha. That's right.Speaking of antigravity, antigravity.It's a sci-fi story... the advantage is that it has a degree of freedom that is comparable to the conceptual type.The disadvantage is not to mention the difficulty.Even though gravity manipulation magic is at the top of the magic list, we try to use it to fly.The difficulty level is not comparable to the other two. "

"I guess so..."

I agree with Keitaro in a distant glance that I don't need to think for a second about the disadvantages he's talking about.And they both thought that it would probably be difficult for them to master this on their own.Kite likewise thought that this would not be suitable for both of us.

"This is a flying technique used by magicians who have reached the stage of learning flying magic among magicians."Basically, it's not used by melee fighters. "

"I'm relieved to hear that."


Basically, Sora wasn't very good at sorcery either.If it was still Sora, it was the Wind Attribute.In the blink of an eye, I was somewhat good at both the fire attribute and the lightning attribute, so I had no problem with these, but I still couldn't do the magic that required high technical skills like gravity manipulation.I had no choice but to ask for this realm.

"I guess... I can use this anti-gravity type only after I've done some magic."I was ahead of flying magic. "

I see... what's the last concept type?

"The concept type is magic that you can fly by giving yourself the concept of flying and flying."Naturally, it is quite difficult to compare it with the three preceding ones because it will confer a concept.However, the degree of freedom is not comparable if you master it.When explaining the rocket type earlier, aside from the conceptual type, not only the overall performance, but also the specialized performance has a performance that exceeds the group. "

"Instead, it's difficult."

"I told you so."

Kite nodded sharply at the instant's words.It seems that this conceptual type has the performance of saying that everything is fine, but that is why it seems that it is necessary to use very difficult magic.

"Well, this conceptual type is a very convenient and highly flexible flying technique."This is what I'm using right now. "

"In the end, we'll be able to get there."

"That's right. The final point of flying is this conceptual type."Its degree of freedom is comparable to that of species that have conceptual flying skills in their characteristics as a foreign race, such as fairy clans and heavenly clans, which also trigger conceptual development.You can think of it as magic that flies freely like the Heavenly Clan or the Fairy Clan. "

Kite nods one word at a time, and repeats his explanation of this flying technique.Then he summed up the flying spell.

"Well, if you want to arrange them in order of difficulty, it's rocket type, jump type, antigravity type, concept type."If you put them in order of freedom, you can think of them as the opposite.The harder it gets, the more freedom you get when you fly. "

"I see... this flying plane... is it okay to think of it as a rocket?"

“I see. All the flying planes in general are rocket-type.By the way, the flying planes are a combination of rocket and antigravity. ”

I see.

Instantly, he nodded one by one, looking at the shape of the flying plane that was optionally attached to the magic armor and the number of ejection holes.And Sora, who was looking at him sideways and at the flying plane, asked Kite.

"... hey, Kite. What's this circular thing?"I can't find the vent hole..... "

"Hmm... this is an antigravity type."Let's generate antigravity and float. "

"Is this it? There was something besides the rocket type..."

"It's very rare... and I don't want to think about the price."

"... how much did you expect?"

In response to Keitaro's expression, Sora asks him curiously.Sora's discovery of the flying plane is still in the development stage. The price is not listed, and the detailed price is unknown.However, it seems that Sora realized that it would be quite expensive if we talked about it earlier.I was interested, but I asked Kite.

"It's a world of dozens of big mithrils..."If you want to buy this, don't train in flying magic.... "

”That's right... stop it”

Sora laughed bitterly at Kite's response, but she didn't see much difference between his thoughts and Kate's response, so she decided not to look at it.Therefore, it was necessary to confirm the flying plane for a while.