Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Lesson 2325 Convention - Demonstration -

A convention in the territory of Riddell, which I participated to refer to as a reference for the activities of the Adventure Department.In the meantime, Kaito explained flying magic to Sora and the two of them instantly, and he was talking about a flying plane for optional attachment to magic armor.

At the request of Duke Riddell and Iris, who had appeared at the end of the story, the Liddells developed it and headed to the Weapon Pack for Magic Armor, but Kite took part in the demonstration at the request of Duke Riddell and Iris.So he had a little discussion with Aram, the head of Weaponpack development at the Liddells, and then he saw a small golem that resembled countless drones float up.


Kite slightly regulated her breath as she watched the small golem take off.This was just a demonstration. If the demonstration started at the same time as the flight, the demonstration had not yet started because there were no horns or horns or instructions.

(A total of 150 golems...... The relative distance is about 3 kilometers.That's a long way from a long-range battle.This piece of equipment is a heavy weapon with a focus on annihilation.If I was going to fight them, I would have a lot of opponents instead of just a few.Assumed to be an assault on enemy groups)

Even though it was full of small objects, it was difficult to deal with more than a hundred monsters at once.Until a few months ago, it wasn't often, but now I have no choice but to say it's possible.This heavy equipment was required to deal with an unusual situation.

(First of all, the firing from the front. So how much can we destroy the enemy.....)

Gatling's accuracy was low because of the number of boulders.So it seemed difficult to destroy all the enemies before they were completely close.Also, there was a problem specific to the Magic Gun.

(The difficulty with the Gatling type is its low attack power.Originally, it was designed to suppress fire, so there's nothing I can do about it... well, the advantages and disadvantages of live ammo and magic bullets)

The magic bullet could be thought of as a laser rifle that was spoken of in sci-fi.Therefore, its power inevitably depends on the output.The advantage is that there is no limit to the number of rounds, but the higher the burst strength, the inversely proportional reduction in the amount of energy contained in a single shot.

Therefore, the Gatling type, which allowed for super-speed fire, was quite low in power in current Enefia technology, and it often failed to defeat monsters with a single blow.That's why I was convinced that Kaito was unlikely to be fleshless, and I was thinking about the next hand.That's where the Arams came in.

Kite-kun, we've deployed all the golems.After that, as soon as you're ready, I'll take action at any time. "

“All right, we've already done all the work.Anytime is fine. ”

{All right... I see the clock.So I'll start in five minutes.I have to explain the content of this demonstration again. "

One nod to Kite's response and Aram makes a clear start in five minutes.This is just a demonstration. He said he needed to know what he was going to do.Therefore, Kaito squashes the time while confirming the last operation.That way, in a few minutes. The Arams have been hailing us again.

Kite-san, I've finished explaining... we'll start the demonstration on time.

"Yes... now"

With the end of the communication, Kite snaps her neck and enthuses.The mediocre flow is decided, but the way to do it is left to Kite's survival.In the first place, Kaito was invited to participate in the demonstration to show that he could cope with the rough movements that adventurers were making.So the Arams were not told to do this.The short explanation given by Aram was also very large.


Wait for the hour, a few minutes.While adapting to the magic armor, Kait felt a slight difficulty with the weight of the long time.

(Still heavy, magic armor.....)

The current kite is equipped with a long white coat as standard.That's not a problem because he has enough defense, but that's why he never wears armor.

To make matters worse, if I put on armor, I would lose his ease of movement, so I wouldn't have to put on armor inevitably. For the first time in months, I wore armor -- if I had to, I could wear it.And, considering that there is no such benefit, an alarm sounds indicating the start of the demonstration.


Kite watches the alert sound and at the same time roughly a third begin to move toward herself to understand the start of the demonstration.Simultaneously with the start of the demonstration, Kite lowers the Weapon Pack connected to the Weapon Bay on the back and secures it firmly to the ground.Well, it's perfectly automatic here, even if it's fixed.All Kate did was just pull him off her back.

"Turret Mode Activated... Charge Rate Display"

I had no choice, but this Weapon Pack was not equipped with a magic furnace.The ultra-compact magic furnace used by Tina et al. is almost certainly a proprietary patent of the McDowell family, and even if it can be implemented properly, the price will be very high this time.So when I removed this Weapon Pack from my Magic Armor and used it, it was powered by the user's magic while connected to the Magic Armor.

(Available time...... 5 minutes at maximum output.Well, that should do it. Now... let me see how much firepower you have)

Kite laughed slightly as she glanced sideways at the Weapon Pack in the left and right turret modes.How powerful and how powerful is the firepower?It was the most important part of this Weapon Pack.

It had to deal with rough maneuvers, or it had to be an option on top of that.While taking control of the Weapon Pack that he deployed, he has yet to launch an attack.In such a state, the high-ranking officers of the army nodded in admiration.


"Do you know how to use it?"

The weapon master's name isn't Date, right?

After all, the Empire is bustling with rumblings.There were many high-ranking military officials who knew about Kite, and some of them knew about him.Therefore, there were many people who knew that he was not wearing magic armor, and at the same time, they were half doubtful whether he could really use it.Meanwhile, Kite tells Aram and the others who run the demonstration what they are trying to do.

"Relative distance 1 kilometer, start firing.However, shooting is more important than accuracy.

Roger that... set. Suppressive fire will begin when the relative range reaches a kilometer.


Weapon packs equipped with these turret modes, as mentioned earlier, can be operated with precision in cooperation with flying boats and the like.Therefore, I was given detailed settings assuming that.The relative distance to the targeted group of golems shrank, and suppressive fire began as soon as they were less than a kilometer away.Along with that, Keitaro started attacking with a magic gun attached to his left arm.


What are you going to do?

"You don't think you can defeat them all that well."But first of all, this is the flow. "

For the time being, high-ranking officers of the army watched Kite's next move as he responded by firing a magic gun.And as they predicted, the Gatling-type attack was not enough for both accuracy and power, but it was not enough for annihilation.

Originally, it was not just for Kite alone, but for many people to gather and destroy with the same equipment, so I had no choice.Therefore, if we stop the golems with suppressive fire, the remaining golems will start attacking us, whether they sniff out our battles or not.

(Well... here we go.)

While suppressing the fire, Kite sees all the targets moving in and decides to move on to the next stage.Then he set the flying plane on fire and stepped firmly on the ground.

"Charge... it looks like him"

”I see... I'm going to pull you tight.”

Looking at the converging flying plane fires, senior military officials understand Kite's next move.Almost simultaneously with that understanding, Keito was thinned out towards the Golem army as he was ejected from the ground.

"Come on..."

Keit slightly tongues as he looks at the army of golems approaching in an instant.And in a few seconds. Kite jumped over a kilometer in a flash, cutting into the middle of the enemy battlefield, and flashed a right-armed blade towards the golem in front of her.Make room for yourself to dance and dance.


"After all, close-quarter combat is a good idea."Ranged with a left-handed demon gun.The right-armed blade is the right way to deal with a fleshless golem... the right way to use your gear. "

Besides, because of the turret, I can't concentrate on him. It's good.


You wouldn't be able to do that if you weren't as good a warrior as he is.Senior military officials smile slightly at Kite's arm.In addition, it sometimes slashes down with its blades against ranged attacks, and sometimes responds with a barrier that is raised with magic armor, making it an accurate and unparalleled response.It was somewhat harsh of me to ask for this from a regular soldier.

And Kite knew that, and she didn't intend to repeat this movement for a long time.Therefore, he leaves to fly to the rear at the same time as the arrival of the second main unit.

Um... that magic armor... it's the new model.

"It's equipped with a very good balancer..."

While flying without looking at the back, Kite's shooting to stop the pursuit was not uneven.It was automatically balanced by following the movement accurately.That's why Kite flew to the rear in front of high-ranking military officials who were impressed by the magic armor's performance.

The moment he walks between Weapon Packs driving in two turret modes.He reached left and right to retrieve the Weapon Pack.Connect to Weapon Bay with arms crossed.

"Hey... can you connect to Weapon Bay while taking that behavior?"Switching from turret mode is not bad. "

"Of course, but the compatibility between the left and right is okay."Of course, the position adjustment is also done automatically after making an unreasonable connection... the speed of the position adjustment has increased considerably. "

I see. The new model is definitely speckling up.High-ranking military officials were impressed by the Weapon Pack, which instantly switched from turret mode to a magic armor exterior in response to Kite's movements.

In front of them, Kite fires a Weapon Pack and a grenade-shaped magic cannon attached to the left and right legs, flying like a circle while looking at the Golem army in front of her.Senior military officials opened their eyes slightly to the behavior.


Assault Combat (Raid Kombat) pattern… Delta… Sigma…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

"No, there's also a possibility of Theta..."

Apparently, Kite's behavior was used by military soldiers.The senior officers of the army are slightly surprised by the drive to center on the Golems.

Well, the main targets of this demonstration were senior military officials.So with them in mind, Kite was building the movement.It was a kite that pushed the golems to the center of the circle, but when it could be pushed to some extent, it switched to one of the Weapon Packs and launched a shelling, pushing it to the ground like it was suddenly thrown.

"... huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

”Huh... is it okay to place it on the ground with that momentum?”

"I see... is the strength enough?"

It was a battle, after all. We had to put it on the ground with a lot of force.Kite demonstrated the strength.The Weapon Pack that switched to turret mode again in a flash started firing on the spot, and furthermore, Kite installed the Weapon Pack on the opposite side to throw the momentum onto the ground during the circular motion.As it was, he stamped on the ground and applied a strong sudden brake to stop it.Then, the two Weapon Packs and the Kite were positioned so that they were at the top of the triangle, and they started attacking the golems from three directions.

"Delta pattern."

”I see... if you can do that move, you can still endure it in battle”

"After that, it's maintenance after that movement..."

I understand that I can handle the current movement.So what should we look at next?The high-ranking officers of the army nodded as they were convinced by Kite's movements, the Weapon Pack that followed them, and the magic armor's performance.As a result, the demonstration ended with the satisfaction and satisfaction of high-ranking military officials.