Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

"Re-Tale" Setup Materials Part 1

A simplified version of the people's correlation diagram around Tensakura School. Promise you won't mind about the weird stuff in the bottom right corner. Could not delete.

It can basically be the person the end of the arrow serves. It's a simplified version, so I would be more familiar with it if I wrote the details, but to the extent that I could see it in relation to the application, this was the limit. This is my first creation, so now please understand. Harder than this.

So, next. This is hard to see, so only pick up around the adventure club, focusing on the protagonists.

That's why I've listed here a simplified version that omits anything other than Tensakura School. If you increase it any more, it will be a hassle. So, actually, next to the first one out. Now here's the correlation diagram between the big countries.

What is it? It's the first time you've charted a relationship between countries. This will be the relationship between the big countries. There are a number of other countries, such as the Kingdom of Artemisia, and there are protectorates, but it is a policy to add them in a timely manner.

There are, by and large, about 100 countries in Enefia, but naturally about 10% of them, including only names, come up.

I intend to post an updated version of the timeline and people correlation diagram in this way in the future. If you wish, please comment on your thoughts and activity report.