Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Setup Materials Part 3 Magic Related

This is the material that I have compiled for the time being that is close to the author's summary. Please forgive the simplicity, mainly because it is close to the material for the author to review. If you have any questions, please ask them in the Feedback section. If requested, add a description here.

This is a material from the sorcery system. Maybe this one doesn't add up spontaneously.

Magic related brief summary

- - Basic.

Magic is basically divided into three levels: lower, intermediate, and advanced. From there, it may be further divided into three levels: lower, middle, and upper, depending on the degree of difficulty. Therefore, when fitted into this classification, each attribute can be divided into nine stages.

That said, this can only be said with regard to a large number of attack magic, and in the case of magic that is basically aimed at improving magic and physical abilities for therapeutic purposes, the number of witchcraft that will be the mother number in the first place and the same level will not make that much difference in difficulty - because the difference in direction is only significant - and in some cases it may not make a difference by rank and is only divided into grades.

Furthermore, as in the metastatic system, there are also some sorceries that are out of this classification only if they are at least intermediate and advanced in the first place.

It is best to think about this according to its magical lineage.

In addition to this tertiary level, there is also the "Ancient Magic (Enchanted Spelling)" supposedly developed by ancient civilization. Since this is separate from modern magic, it will not be included in the above ranks because of the already doomed civilization.

but this is just a bundle of things that ancient civilizations have developed, and the difficulty is actually pinned down.

Therefore, if simple magic for life used by ancient civilizations is discovered, even if it is at the lower end of the modern hierarchy, it will belong to "ancient magic (enchanted spelling)".

- Magic and magic.

Magic. This is a generic term for technique that belongs further above magic. And magic is also something different from magic and fundamentals.

In short, magic is all about magic, or the technique of using the power of will to alter the system of the world.

Speaking of that difference in short, magic means' demons to alter reality ', whereas magic means' demons to alter the laws of the world '. Even if the results are the same, the process is very different.

It feels like using the system to get results and modifying the system to get results. Magic is only producing results according to the system, whereas magic is altering the world itself to create results.

All in all, magic can be called the realm of God.

Therefore, the user is the realm of one person every hundreds to thousands of years. It can also happen that some civilizations do not know the existence of magic as one until it is destroyed.

Because of the difficulty, we can't get that far. Genius is not enough, not even a great genius is enough. Beyond that, we have to reach the realm of some kind of freak.

It is an realm that can be reached, including extraordinary talent as well as extraordinary passion.

- About chanting.

Essentially, there is something called a magic chant in the book as well. Through words, chanting aids in putting oneself into a state of mind that is ideal for witchcraft, so to speak, like a trans state by self-allusion, and uses magic on the voice to alter the magical surrounding place.

That said, this is also like exposing that paradoxically, you can't use it unless you magically alter the place. You can see the enemy is going to do something, and you can't possibly not interfere.

Therefore, chanting is rarely used in the making. And even if there were, there would be almost a bar of sophisticated magic.

Therefore, there is a long chant that extends to many bars in the making, but it is rarely used. It's better to say no than no.

The basic idea in Enefia is that the magic is not seen as capable of being used in combat unless chanted in the first place. Critical, a bar is still an area where they say it's good.

The more you go up there, the more battles you'll have in a comma seconds to contend. Yet there can be no time left to use massive sorcery that requires a few seconds, a dozen seconds, or even dozens of seconds of chanting.

The opponent is not the only magician. The swordsman can kill this one just by waving his sword, so of course. Naturally, during the chant, you can't take it without moving because you're altering the place. I'm done being approached.

And if you can move, you won't need chanting in the first place. There's no need to alter the venue, so there's no point in staying.

There is no way that we could have had a reliable warrior on the front line, and if our enemies became a group, we could have stopped them all. There's no way I can let you chant. At the very least, the extinction of the class is demanded against the backdrop of the immense magic and peculiar nature of the kite class.

Strange story is, if you're going to make up for it with a magician, you need to support chanting with low-power, high-speed sorcery to use massive sorcery.

And there would be little point in using magic that requires such a long chant just to kill one enemy. Highly powerful and extensive sorcery makes it difficult to use it. And the more stuff like that, the more the need for chanting will emerge.

Enemy alone is good for a small range, even if it is highly powerful. The complexity of witchcraft simply by limiting something falls. And if the complexity decreases, the difficulty of witchcraft decreases, and the need for chanting becomes exceptionally low.

So it would be much better to interfere with chanting using magic that can be used without chanting, even low power, than using high-powered magic that requires preparation for activation.

Moreover, it is much quicker to use all possible magic in low-difficulty sorcery to break through enemy barriers with force moves, so that we can surely defeat our enemies.

Even if there is magic like chanting, it is much safer to let them kill their enemies by using magic that can be used without chanting.

If you still chant, it is only if the enemy is an opponent with special powers that cannot be killed in a normal melee attack, if the melee warrior is not equipped with the skill to disable and fight, and if the magician is more than the skill of the surgeon to use magic that can handle such an opponent.

but there is not much skill in warriors who are in melee combat at the time they are forced into this situation, and devastation would be decidedly good as a must.

The difference in power between him and me is historical, and it is unlikely that the front line will be met. Unless the other person has shown so much room, there will still be no time for chanting.

So the chants that are common in fantasy are rarely used in the book. Because the only way to chant in battle is to break with an amateur.

Of course, it is possible to fight this backwards. So even if you chant, you can't call it a total idiot. That would be according to the technique of the surgeon and the magic area used.

- - Simple classification of magic

Hereinafter, the simple characteristics of the eight attributes are classified. Note that these are only in the case of stand-alone attributes. It also refers to the scope, but only if activated with minimum force.

So it is also possible to infuse a lot of magic beyond that to expand the range and power and make the attack that should be a solo attack like a range attack.

-Fire Attribute Magic

Basically, there is a lot of high firepower and relatively extensive sorcery.

In terms of scope, there is a wide variety, ranging from individual to extensive. but at the same time, there is rarely any supermassive sorcery that causes the attribute of fire to occur or to affect the weather.

When you look beyond an attack, there are many sorceries that enhance your physical abilities and assist you in your actions by revitalizing your body's vitality.

-Water Attribute Magic

Basically, there is a lot of low-fired and widespread sorcery.

Sometimes the majority of the human body consists of water, including quite a bit of magic in the healing system to which it is applied. but there are not many other sorceries that would improve physical abilities.

· Wind Attribute Magic

Basically, there are many sorceries with excellent activation speeds. Low firepower.

In terms of scope, there are many sorceries that affect more extensively than sorcery that deals with solitude. Since the attack method is also limited to wind blades, etc., it is basically low fire power as well as water attributes.

If you look beyond the attack system, there are many auxiliary system sorceries that help speed up the movement of the body by aiding it from the outside, just like the fire attribute.

· Soil Attribute Magic

Basically high firepower and low range. Activation speed is slow.

Furthermore, because water is followed by a high percentage of soil attributes in building the human body, there is also magic of healing systems from the direction that complements lost areas, apart from metabolism, etc.

That's the basic four attributes. Since the following is a composite/higher-level attribute, the activation difficulty is basically higher even at the same level than the above four.

· Ice attribute magic

Basically, high firepower and low range. Activation speed is normal.

Because of the nature of the attribute Ice, an attribute that is good at inhibiting or sealing enemy movement. Characteristics are also characteristic when it comes to attributes that are specific to inhibiting behavior because of their attributes, or that are never used in anything other than attack or obstruction.

· Thunder Attribute Magic

Basically high firepower and wide range. Furthermore, there are quite a few sorceries with excellent activation speeds.

That said, because it activates in an instant, there are many things that are quite difficult for sorcery difficulty from various aspects. Dare I say it's for the Xuan Man. That's why some people like it.

When it comes to improving physical performance due to thunder, the direction is strong, similar to wind attributes such as faster reflex nerves and accelerated behavior. However, there is still difficulty in the operation, difficulty in controlling, etc., and the auxiliary magic of the lightning attribute is not often used. Again, this one is for the Xuan.

· Light attribute magic

Basically low firepower and wide range. There are many of the easiest sorceries of lower magic in composite and high class attributes. Ease that can also be compared to the basic 4 attributes.

That said, when junior witchcraft is also inferior, none of them have the offensive power to even say that no offensive witchcraft exists. For that matter, mastery is very easy and safe.

but when you reach advanced, the situation is a mess. Difficulties become more difficult at once, as well as ultra-high firepower and extensive sorcery. Furthermore, as a characteristic of this attribute, there are very many sorceries with special firepower against demons of the Andean lineage.

Furthermore, it has properties similar to fire attributes and can enhance physical abilities. It can be called a clever attribute.

-Dark Attribute Magic

Basically high firepower and wide range. The difficulty of mastering is high in every grade and hard to say for amateurs. Difficulty exchanging lightning attributes and bi-perfection. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the opposite of the light attributes that make it easy to acquire lower levels.

Attributes that are also good at and quite specialized in attack. but as a result I'm still not good at the magic that aids either. Naturally, it is possible to capture enemy attacks. That said, when it comes to handcuffs, is this handcuffs too?

This basically becomes an eight-class sorcery called attribute sorcery. Since the activation speed and the like are basically exercised without chanting, the comma is further down a few seconds and the comma is zero seconds.

If you are so extreme as to be called the Demon King in the sense of King of Sorcery, you will be able to reach a good realm that there is no longer any difference.

So there is only a difference in the activation speed, but that is dare not to say no.

Other than that, there are sorceries that don't belong to these eight attributes: unattributed sorcery.

· Unattributed magic

For this, there is no such thing as basic nature. No attributes are no attributes. I'm just saying I don't have an attribute.

Therefore, the degree of difficulty cannot be said at all, and furthermore, there is no reference to the range or thermal power. It may be said that an attribute can be done in any way depending on the developer.

That said, a clear advantage is that it only works without countermeasures for superior warriors like disabling attribute attacks.

Because many people have special abilities to disable attribute attacks when they reach this region, using attribute attacks can only result in enemies replenishing their magic powers.

However, if there are no attributes, they do not have attributes, so there is no concern that they will be absorbed.

Therefore, as long as we reach the top as magicians, we start using attributeless magic without using attribute magic.

That said, being unattributed on the contrary also means not poking at the opponent's weakness, which can also be a disadvantage if you are still fighting against demons. Therefore, they also never use attribute magic.

Only to the extent that it is not used in interpersonal fights or when the enemy is unknown.

- - on other special provisions

In addition to these, there are several sorceries that do not belong to any of the attacks, defenses, aids, or healing, such as subpoena sorcery, or psychism.

Sorcery that does not cover all of them, but does not fall under any of the above metastases, such as summoning something to fight like summoning magic, for example, falls under this category.

These basically belong to unattributed sorcery, but cannot be combined with it. So I dare to mention only that, as a special case, such a thing also exists.

That's it.