Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 0 Prologue/Revision - One Day's Landscape -

World Enefia, where different technologies thrive from the Earth and various races live. It's a different world than Earth. A little far from the fairly large city in that world, a meadow was now being swept aside by one boy.

(... Dear Mother, Brother, How are you in Japan? I am now running around the meadows fine. Yeah, I'm being chased by a dinosaur like an OP in an anime that collects some 7 balls...)

"That's not if you're running away from reality! It's not a dinosaur in the first place, it's a dragon! The occasional raw, warm wind is disgusting!

The boy is tall, his face is wildly handsome, albeit slightly boyish, and he is a sculpture-like, homogeneous flesh, an athletic nervous boy hot to female students. My head is unknown.

Such a handsome boy ran for about 10 minutes without a single sweat wearing a sword, a larger shield or armor made of metal at speeds exceeding 40 km/h.

The dragon behind it is roughly 20 meters in size and runs sounding as fast as the boy, even as he tries to bite the boy at times.

"I can't! Low leveetank is ground dragon solo or something. Seriously, I can't! Buffer or debuffer, please! Or Attacker! Kate, Al, Tina, even seniors when this is already happening. Help!

Apparently the boy, physically or mentally, can't afford it. By the way, I haven't noticed that this shout is making the dragon extra exciting. I guess I still have my arm as a warrior of what is certainly being escaped.

And when he felt uncomfortable at his feet in the midst of his all-powerful disease like that, he stopped and looked back, and the dragon - the boy, he said, the ground dragon - was stopped.

"Oh? Did you give up?

The boy seeps through a little relief and sees the ground dragon stopping a little further away. but if you look closely, the ground dragon did inhale his breath heavily as if he was holding his legs but storing something. Of course, my gaze is also straight to me. Seeing it, the boy blues his face at once to figure out what to do in an instant.

"... maj"

When the boy puts force on his legs, he uses the technique of physical strengthening to jump laterally at once. and seconds after the boy jumped out. Rays about 5 meters in diameter passed along with the roar where the boy was. The light was quite powerful, or the ground was quietly decided.

"Ah bu. < > No matter how much of the main defense I use as a shield to prevent the dragon's exhalation (Dragon Breath) > >, it doesn't leave any bones..."

Watching the light strip as it passed, the boy pulls his cheeks and freezes his spine. < > was the biggest attack ever unleashed by a dragon species and, as he put it, was not preventable by a semi-permeable force. and the boy, who painstakingly avoided such an attack, retools and takes one deep breath, then thinks as he prepares to run again.

(Though it is good that I bought it and left, is this a bit bad? I shouldn't have looked good... but it's late. Uh, sure, who's the main relief force today... no, sure, Kate, you were there today. Then he'll be here... so the rescue should be here in about 20 minutes, even if it's late...)

The boy was thinking about what to do as he looked at the ground dragon, who was slightly tired of the effects of releasing < > Dragon Exhale (Dragon Breath) >. but such he looked around only for a moment to escape and realized that a boy with a familiar face stood a little further away with an extra look as if he was just looking at the arrangement.

"Kite! If you're here, help me now! You have to hurry, or I'll die!

A boy roughs up his voice. Well, I've been desperate to escape. It would only be natural if you were left alone. That's how the boy's rescue unit started the fight.

Just a little bit, time goes back. Not long before the boy avoided < >, when about 10 heavily armed boys and girls and two lightly equipped boys gathered a little further away from the boy who was on full sickness.

"Don't hang in there"

"... don't you have to help?

"He'll be a little more okay... maybe"


Two lightly equipped boys discuss it. From the line, apparently these two are in command and similar positions. The other boys and girls were lined up around them.

One of the two light-wearing men is about 10 cm lower than the talker or the boy who is fully ill and about 175 cm taller. The face is as wild as the boy who is fully ill, but this boy has a slightly tasteful face. Paired with tight flesh, this boy would also fall into the upper category in terms of instrumentality.

But for some reason he doesn't have weapons such as swords, spears, or magic aids such as crystals or canes. The armor also consists of metal but emphasizes ease of movement, wearing only things like breastplate and caged hands. It didn't even look like I had it hidden. Besides, the cage hand you're wearing on your right arm is just embedded with some kind of engraved stone. It was a particularly heterogeneous piece of equipment in the population.

The other boy has a back length of about 180 cm. Although the muscles are attached, they do not have the impression of being as tight as sculptures as the two ahead, and their faces are inferior to those of the two. But it's not that there's no future, the face is tough in the young, and if the young disappear, it will be quite sturdy.

This boy's gear is even more heterogeneous. I don't even wear armor, I just wrap myself around a pure white long coat that I think is made of some kind of leather from the top and bottom of the lacquer black. It also doesn't look like he has any weapons in his possession. Just the gloves I wore on both hands were embedded with engraved stones, just like the boy I was talking to.

You're not worried about the boy who's walking all you can. It looks pretty relaxed for both of us while the other boys and girls are pressing to fight the ground dragon. Differences in character were hidden among the population.

"So, what are we gonna do?

Against a boy in a white long coat, a boy in light armor asks. Apparently, this white longcoat boy is more of a captain. I guess that means the boy with the light armor is an aide. and a white longcoat boy goes down the policy on such an inquiry.

"First of all, Senior Ijo will be asked to pre-empt the attack with a spear and pay attention here. Me and my proximity approached that gap to rescue Sora first. Then with Sora, dragon restraint. At the end of the day, beat him with a full attack with his senior and all the magicians. Any questions?

"What if that doesn't make you fall?

"Attacked by all… < >? That power, you're still young."

"It's light because it's the corner of the most powerful species... well, there's no choice."

"Even seniors can be lightly avoided by the < > of the young dragon species of that age. If it hits me, I'll die. There's nothing you can do if you don't hit it."

The boy called Ichijo seems accustomed to the blighted combat abilities of his white long coat. and one asks with a little interest for such a white longcoat boy.

"Can't we still hunt ground dragons by ourselves?

"Apart from Tina and Al and a few others, it's not impossible for Sola, seniors, cherry blossoms and our upper management... well, you're still ready for half a life. Other faces... well, I can't."

"Well, it's a reasonable place"

One nodded to agree with Kate's words a little bit of remorse. You seem to know you can't do anything with him. And that's what they noticed, a boy called Sola. At this time, it was just like he was roughing up his voice and shouting.

"Kite, if you're here, help me!

"Ha... have they noticed? Time to do it."

One article puts one temper in against Kite, who crumbles like that with his face up and scratches his head.

"All right, let's do it"

The jewel-like stones attached to the right hand cage glow. Then a spear was suddenly born in the space where nothing was supposed to have happened and it fell into one hand as if it were natural.

"Good... everyone, you're ready! A dragon hunt! Get in the mood!

Kite makes the decree. And at the same time, to coincide with the earlier meeting, one was swinging a spear like an athletic throwing spear.

"Go, < >!"

One shout echoes in the meadows. To match it resided a mighty power in the spear he had, and it was released from his hand as if it were to be bounced. And using that as a signal, the kites started a combat operation to rescue Sola.

Ten minutes after the start of the battle to rescue Sora. The battle was coming to an end.

"That's it."

Chin, with the sound of a knife, looks down at the ground dragon where kite fell and lay on the ground. Somehow he shouldn't have had a weapon, but when he realized it, he had a knife in his hand.

Apparently, though, seeing as the boys and girls around you don't question this, this isn't surprising from them apart. And such, when he properly confirmed with his own eyes that the earth dragon had completely died, he immediately decided to let the withdrawal be ready.

"Remove and recover the material that can be removed. Dragon material is rare... and you're tired."

Kite, who has given instructions to his fellow rescue troops he has commanded, reaches out to Sola, who had a little laughter and a buttcake on the ground. Fortunately, even after that escape play, he didn't suffer any injuries and seemed able to survive with only a few scratches.

"Are you all right?

"I don't know. Come on, help me..."

"Ha ha. If it's my position, I'll have to look at it when I can see the power... and it's been a hassle."

Naughty, Kite laughs. Of course, this statement is a joke. It's a familiar joke, but therefore a joke. So Sora's side yelled for fun somewhere as well.

"Hey, it's for real!... So, what about the students I let go?

"We're all safe. I'm right around the corner. It's okay to resume the course like this."

"That's good. That was so cool."

Though Sola herself said in her thoughts, apparently she dressed up for her people. but it is true that he tried to protect his people even if he was glorious. That's why I was relieved that my people were safe and sound. That's how Kite laughed slightly at Sora seeping such relief.

"I just wish you hadn't been fooled in the first place. Well, you should stay with me and the seniors for the course... there you go."

"Ooh, Thankyou. Let's go, then."

Sola holds the hand that Kate offers and stands up. Looks like I was in the middle of some kind of work, so I guess I'll get back to that. So they began to walk side by side.

And on the road like that. Kite tells Sora with a naughty grin that reminds her of something.

"Even so, I didn't know the guy who lost his back just looking at the dragon at first could now head straight from the front"

Sora yells back at it. Nevertheless, I was a little serious this time. I guess that's why I lost my hips. So the lights are hidden.

"Let it go! Then anyone who thought they weren't there would suddenly come out and < > throw up would freak them out! Besides, he's quite old, Tenryu! I praised myself!

"Ha ha, that would have sucked if Al hadn't come then. Except me and Tina."

"It's all right! Yabe's is this way, this way!

Sora yells even more at Kite for showing her spare time. For a while then, a scene ensues in which Kate unilaterally tears up Sola.

"So come on, think normally. You guys are too strong. What, a warrior and a demon king from another world?"

In such a discussion, state the fact that Sola is dissatisfied. Yes. Actually, this boy named Kite is not a boy. He uses witchcraft to scam his age, but he was once a young man to be called a brave man in this otherworld-energy.

Of course, there is no magic or demons officially present on Earth. So all I knew about this was close friends of Kate and some of the inhabitants of this world.

"Really... I didn't want to either."

Against such sora, kite is sighing. Come on, I guess that means there's something. They are so called brave men. I wonder if that would compare, too.

Nevertheless, Kite hid so much strength that she was still unconvinced. Sora knew that, but she was a little dissatisfied. He thinks he's a good friend for once, and he's a good friend who admits it to both of us, but he's a good friend, so let's not be dissatisfied when he shows off the difference in character. Therefore, Sola was a little dissatisfied.

"That's why you're too strong."

"Ha ha. Well, good luck dozens of times as many months as you guys. Well, I'll pay for dinner later, so don't be in a bad mood."

"Ha... well, in a tavern in West Town"

He thought it would be rude for Sora to show just too much dissatisfaction with Kite, who laughed a little too much. Looks like you decided to settle the spear for the offer. But then again, Kite laughs at the tip of her mouth crooked.

"Are you after that billboard girl over there? Is it good to have her?

That's what Kate says, laughs mischievously. After all, I'm a brave man. I don't care what they say. I'm one person, man. They thrive on stupid stories with their friends. And, on the other hand, Sola was surprised to know that she was dating.

"How do you know I told Yuri! You, seriously, you always get some information!

"What? With Yuri? Did I tell you?

Kite rounds her eyes at the sudden exposure of Sola. Apparently, he didn't grasp the information. Apparently it was only a joke, or an idea to the point of kicking a friend's ass.

Dare I say, it was like a pawn to a pawn. Exactly, to be said to be a brave man, there is no way that everything is within your assumptions. That's how he stopped and revealed his surprise to Kite, who also seemed to realize that Sora had blown herself up.

"Is that it?"

"... seriously?

"... ah, oh. I told him the other day."

I honestly nodded at Kite for not knowing how to react, not knowing what to do either, when I realized I had blown myself up. They were two people with such subtle air flowing, but for now they decided to state the celebration because Kate was also more of a fruitful age and returned one foot ahead of the other, and it was a celebration.

"Uh, well, for now, thanks."

"Ooh... Thankyou"

To Kate's blessing, Sola nodded in a rather lit manner. The response is whispering, but you must be happy because you seemed happy. Now in a different way from anger, his face was bright red.

"... but I wonder why this happened"

There's plenty of time to cook and drink anyway, or Kite changes the story. Sounds like the type of fun I'll keep later.

"What do you think..."

Sora looked up at the blue sky and murmured emotionally at the words. I don't have to dare, but they're Japanese from Earth. Why are they in this other world? It's weird if you think normally.

Of course, it is not that Earth's science and technology have finally allowed us to enter the other world, nor that this world is virtual reality. They were only on Earth about 20 years after the 21st century. Science and technology can't even be making such a leap.

"Well, even if I did... you're living now without dying in the end, so you don't have a problem"

"If I hadn't come, it wouldn't be the line of a dead guy..."

"Shut up."

Sora shyly pointing her mouth at Kite, who turned back to some of her emotional remarks. With such a friend beside him, Kate narrowed her eyes just a little. I thought this would be okay. I don't know, he was older and bigger after all.

(This is the second time, right? I didn't know you were adventurous again.)

Kate closes her eyes just a little and fills her lungs with the air of the other world she once lived in. The air that fills the hearts of the lungs remains unchanged, neither the earth nor Enefia. but I still felt something different.

(Already a few months... No, it's only a few months...)

Kate also had a conversation flow, and I thought. and Sora tilted her neck at kite looking like that.

"What's up?

"No... it's been a few months."

"Oh well... we were on Earth until a few months ago..."

Sora nodded somewhere emotional and somewhere nostalgic when she heard Kate's point. Naturally, but I didn't come to this dangerous and neighboring world in hopes with them. It all started a few months before this day. That's how they decided to remember those months ago.