There is no problem with dragon species of this magnitude if you do as usual. Judging so as he flies over the Tenryu, he flashes his temper, letting his sword wrap his magic around him and beat him at once. The sword was quite powerful, and Tenryu fell to the ground sounding the roar and earthquake of Dawn.

Seeing the algae-scratching Tenryu, Al was relieved that the safety of a strange building had been ensured, but noticed and sighed a familiar woman coming from behind.

(This is a certified novel...

Being angry was accepted and I didn't ask for stillness, and I went out without giving any instructions to the crew, so it's obvious, but I don't like what I don't like.

"Al, you know what you're trying to say?

"... excuse me, Sister Lil.

"You're the deputy captain now. If anything happens to you, it involves the morale of the troops. Now I'm also sorry for your father, who is in therapy for an injury. Plus Lucius grieves too.


My little body gets smaller and smaller when I'm told about my brother and my father, but the novel goes on without any concern for that.

"I do admit that this time there could have been damage to that building if you hadn't left. Still..."

It's Al who can only repeat, like, yes, sorry, whilst dwarfing against repeated novels. One of the crew saluted Lil as he noticed that the other crew wearing matching armor approached him.

"Everyone has arrived."

"Okay. Now, as soon as you are ready, we will begin our crusade for the Tenryu.

"Got it.

He gave his life to the saluting crew and, while confirming his magical assistance, set himself up against Tenryu.

"Al, you are investigating whether there is any danger to the precedent building. Investigate the building if there is no danger.

"Yes, sister. Be careful.

"You too, be careful.

In exchange for that, Lil and his crew launch an attack against the Tenryu, which is falling to the ground. Turn that back, Al flying on a flying plane fitted to the rear of the armor, but its full contents come to light as it approaches the building.

(measures H20m x W100m x D30m...... about? 4 floors, judging by the number of windows. Underground is unknown. Are you in there... a human species when you see where you don't feel much magic? Most of them have passed out due to earlier intimidation, so they're not that strong, I guess.

I had eyes with a boy my age, Al, who flew vigilantly around the building but was at the window upstairs.

After thinking about what to do, Al decided it was less dangerous and decided to give it a try and give it a shout.

(I knew the first impression was important. Nickely and refreshing......)

"Hi, hello"

"... Hello.

- A little after Al shot down Tenryu.

In the classroom, two people, Kate and Tina, were whispering about Al's fight.

"Well, that's the power there.

"I'm taking care of it. Oh man."

"I guess you're taking this one into account for not doing everything you can.

The relative distance between the walls of Tensakura School and Tenryu is approximately 100 meters. If the boy had shot down the Tenryu with all his might, the rock that had jumped under the influence of the Tenryu crashing into the ground threatened to fly this way.

"Is that what's behind it... except for one person?

"I don't know what time it is, so I don't know the criteria for combat capability... at least not to me or you.

"As far as that demon-guided armor goes, it's probably later than the days when the rest were there.

Magic guidance armor is armor designed to improve the wearer's physical abilities and magical defenses, which has existed since the time when the kites were active. At the time, however, it was used as a showdown force for ground warfare and was not suitable for air warfare.

So, the development of equipment - flying planes - to counter things flying in the sky, such as the Tenryu, was underway, but it had not reached the point of flying in the sky.

"In our time, Magic Armor with Flying Aircraft was in the development stage.

"Someone said," The magic armor with the flying plane is a reference to the planet on Earth, "or something. Actually, it was a game.

"I thought it was cool at the time.

Kite turned that way in a slightly lit way.


At the time I was in Enefia, Kites also used financial resources obtained as a duke to research and develop military supplies such as demon guided armor and airships from hygiene and other civilian products. At that time, Kate referred to Earth's science and technology, he said. In fact, Tina was the only one who knew that the design and design ideas had a lot to contribute to the cartoons and games she was watching at the time she was 13.

"At this rate, the airship is going to be complete.

Although Kite seems a little happy that the research she started is complete, Tina, who was the head of the research, is slightly dissatisfied.

"But isn't it performing a little poorly? With the rest of the design, even that ranked material should have three times more performance...... No, before that, I'm out of line with the rest of the design ideas.

"It's a mass produced product, isn't it? What you did was one off. I guess I detuned for mass production from there.

"Detune, no.

Tina, still unconvinced, had her eyebrows in the letter (c). Analyzing it in the long run, the flying magic conductor armor performed slightly, rather poorly, in terms of both offense and defense, even considering the breakthroughs in materials and technology. I'm in a bad mood because the phrase and the performance were far below expectations because of the design ideas I did. If this had exceeded my expectations, I would have been in a reverse mood.

By the way, they forgot that they were central figures in research and development. With those two gone - and the Magic Conductor armor for Kite was brought back by Kite - I didn't know the performance was down because the development of the flying plane was significantly delayed, I couldn't understand the design of the Demon King even if it was the same Demon clan, and I started redesigning it from scratch.

While we're talking about that, the battle resumes, and admitting that the little boy with the silver hair is flying this way, the two interrupt the analysis of the magic guide armor and seek to cover up the magic once it's done. The boy looked to be observing this way through the window as he circled the perimeter of the school building. Kite and the boy's eyes met just as the boy turned to the classroom where the kites were. After a short tour, the boy flies over here. Kate sighed as she saw how it was going.

(I have a feeling of trouble...

I thought so, but it must have been the anticipation.

"Hi there.

"... Hello.

"I'd like to talk to you for a minute. How did you guys get here?

"No, that's... I don't know.

Kite answers that while pretending to say a few words to the silver-haired boy's inquiry. It's true that I don't know, and it's not good to be too calm, so I pretended to be the upset wind.

"Don't know? I think I've been magically transferring from somewhere because I've scattered all that magic...

"Magic or magic to metastasize? What the hell are you talking about? It's like a fantasy.

Now it surprises me as I thought it was a product of making up any sorcery related stories.


"No, magic, magic...

"Maybe there was no magic or magic where you were?

Apparently, there was a verse that came to mind, and the boy asked, haha, how it was.

"Oh. There shouldn't be any such thing, but...

It's Kite who's 90% lying so far, but he's not looking to notice the boy. He assumes that the unnatural is the confusion caused by the metastasis, in line with the acting skills that Kate developed as a duke.

There, Sora, who had previously lost her hips, suddenly returned. Apparently, Tenryu fell into a struggle and the intimidation scattered around him subsided.

"Does magic exist over here!

Apparently, he just couldn't stand because of fear, and the story sounded solid.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. I do...

The boy is pulling slightly as Sora, who had previously lost her hips, suddenly raised her voice in an excited manner. Seeing that, Kate was really scared to say it was a cash one, and as she proceeded to talk, she forgave Sola.

"You shut up.

"Fine, it's magic, magic. Of course you care, right?... That's bad, I'm going to the bathroom for a second!

It was Sola who said so and ran away, but apparently she was released from the Tenryu intimidation, which lifted the tension and held it.

"He... I'm so sorry.

Kite saw this as an opportune opportunity, even as she pulled her cheeks slightly against Sola. Sora scratched the scene like a storm, causing the silver-haired boy to feel considerably less alert.

"Haha...... So, I'm sorry, but can I just get you guys to fit in?

"I think I can...

Looking around and being a great person, I mean, talk to Heavenly Dow, grandson of the school director and student chairman, or Kite looking for Heavenly Dow. However, he had passed out under the influence of the Tenryu intimidation earlier, and had fallen.

(Would you like to wake me up for once...

Kite approached with that in mind, but the moment he went near Heavenly Way, he stiffened for a moment.

(This is...

Did you fall badly when you fell? My skirt turned up. I can see the fabric being raised.

(White, huh? Chairman, I know what pure white is with a clear brunette long girl...... I know. Besides your breasts are amazing......

Apparently it fits Kate's taste. Moreover, because of his falling into depression, his rich chest is sandwiched and crushed between the ground and his body, emphasizing its mass.

(I'd like to keep watching...

The two of us feel it even if we sit too still.

"Chairman Tendo. Are you all right, sir?

Unfortunately, I said that and shook it up. Ugh, and there are signs that it's going to happen. So when I spoke again, I could tell, slowly, but I opened my eyes.

"This is... That's Tianyin!

Wake up. Suddenly you're surprised the man's face is right in front of you, Gabba. You can get up and try to get up.

"That...... I can't stand.

Seeing it, Kate decided to give her a hand, wondering if she knew. Sola, who was able to get up and move around, is just unusual, and she should not even be able to get up if she is supposed to.

"No, don't push it. Because you'll just be losing your hips.

"Why the hell are you losing your hips... Besides, why are you all lying down and sitting down?

I decided to remind him slowly that Kite had no choice but to strike that his memory was missing from where he had metastasized.

"Let's calm down and remember slowly. First of all, how far do you remember?

"Eh, I did run a long home room, and there was a weird magic formation floating outside..."

Apparently, heavenly ways exploring memories gradually remembered what had happened before. My face turned blue, and at last, I trembled and shouted.

"Kyaaaa! What about that dragon!? This place!? What happened to us?

Kate decides to hold Heavenly Way's hand and reassure him as he thinks it might be too much. And secretly pour the healing magic that stabilizes the spirit out of your hands and keeps you calm. He measured the boy's power up close and decided he wouldn't find out.

"Please calm down. First is the dragon, but he and his people there are doing something about it. Wherever this is... I haven't heard it yet.

He, Heavenly Way, realized for the first time that there was someone in unrecognized armor in the statement that Note that he doesn't seem to have noticed that Kite is holding hands.

"Uh, who is he?

"... I didn't hear your name.

Kite, laughing bitterly and remembering that she hadn't heard the boy's name yet, looks back and asks the boy his name.

"Uh, can I ask your name? I'm Heavenly Sound Kite. I don't like being tough, Kite.

"The rest is Justina Mistoltin.

"I'm Alphonse-Braugh-Weislitter. He's the second son of the current Viscount Weisslitter. Oh, you can call me Al.

(Weisslitter! Is that the descendant of Lux? Viscount, is that at least after my time?

Unexpectedly, I met my former companion's descendants and thought boy, and although it's a stunningly eye-opening kite, it's unnoticed that Heavenly Way followed Al in introducing himself.

"I'm sorry in this way because I can't stand. I am Heavenly Dao Cherry Blossom. I am serving as student chairman of Tensakura School.

All four asked politely at the end of their introduction.

"So would you mind if I asked you a few questions?

"Yeah, if it's something you can answer.

As such, it was easy, but the investigation by Al began.