Together he turned to Lucius, Al's brother. He managed to reach Lucius while forgiving Sola, who was excited to take him closer to the airship. but Lucius is a little grumpy.

"You're home, you fool. How many times can I tell you to weigh yourself a little more?

"Sorry, brother. But I thought if I didn't, there'd be damage to the building...

"I know. So this time I'm just gonna leave it at this. I guess Lil cautioned you, too, huh?


"Then be careful next time. I don't know if you're listening. So, what about the folks behind you?

"They're from that building, Heavenly Cherry Blossom School. They were safe because so many people were passed out. I asked them to come.

That's what I said. I'm gonna introduce you to the kites that were behind you, Al. She introduced herself from the cherry blossoms in turn after receiving the introduction.

"We worship the student chairman at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School, this is Heavenly Dao Cherry Blossom. Everyone here will be in the same class of students.

"It's Heavenly Sound Kite. Best wishes.

"It's Justina Mistoltin.

"It's heavenly castle sky.

Lucius introduces himself after he finishes introducing himself on the side of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School.

"I'm Lucius-Gordo Weisslitter. I'm the current representative of the HQ. My father was originally the captain, but I am currently in therapy for injuries...... I am currently acting captain in the position of deputy captain. I, my brother Alphonse, and three childhood friendly lils are overseeing the troops as deputy captains. Look, I know I'm sorry to say this so many times, but can I talk to you?

I would like to take the letter of understanding, and I agree with Lucius that we will check the current situation again.

Cherry blossoms and Lucius stir each other's status quo after confirming the statements made by the Heavenly Cherry Blossom School side with sorcery again.

"I see this transfer of yours was an accident.

"Yeah. So, if you're supportive...

"Let me check with your wife about that. But first, we will definitely not be underneath.

"Really, thank you.

"Speaking of which, is your wife the Duchess?

Sola enters into the story of cherry blossoms and Lucius. With Lucius' permission, the tone is already back to normal.

"Hmm? Oh, didn't I explain? No, the Duke is a brave man. Originally, the title was supposed to be given to his wife as well, but the wife is kept in proxy status by saying that the title belongs to the brave man and that he was promised to come back. Well, I hear there was another one of you 100 years ago with that proxy status, but he's missing now.

"Is that it? Surely a brave man is 300 years old.

I wondered that your wife and her brave men knew each other, Sola.

"Oh. Your wife is one of the few high elves in the Empire. She still looks like a beautiful teenager. One more of you is a heavenly race, and these species live long lives. They grow slower than people.

"There's an elf over here, naturally, he said. You're already tired of surprises...... Did the Heavenly Clan have wings after all?

"Oh. By the way, High Elf is a particularly noble and powerful species among the elves, with a longer life span than the elves. Even so, the High Elves and the Heavenly Clan rarely do. Well, if your wife is referring to a guest from Nihon, she might see you...

"You're a beautiful girl, aren't you? I'd like to see you.

"... don't get your hands on me, okay? Your wife is stronger than all of the Duke's army combined in the company of two former brave men.

That's what they say and I'm shivering. Sola but I ask Kite beside me.

"That's not cool! Well, you want to see Kate, too, don't you?


"Hmm? Well, aren't you interested because you have Tina?

"No, not that I'm not interested...

Kate looks complicated on top of her slightly broken teeth. Seeing it, Sola decided that Kate was reluctant to take Tina.

(The two proxies are Kuzha and Aura... Besides, it's normal for a pretty girl... but Aura said she's missing... no way, is this transfer his summons? Well, either way, I wanted to talk to him about this transfer... if he's not here, do we have to find him? You've been a pain in the ass......

For now, Kate will try not to think consciously about her promises to marry. I definitely felt like they were keeping their word. Tina, on the other hand, was similarly touring her thoughts.

(Hmm, I thought it was just me and Kate... but is it essential that those two cooperate in order to keep the school students safe... I don't like Yuri or Meizhika grieving the rest... I have no choice but to try to make contact.

And I'm thinking. While doing so, one of the crew came and told Lucius something.

"Apparently, your wife has given you a life of support. Full support will be forthcoming later, but for now we have been advised to provide assurances of the school people's care and safety.

Sakura bowed her head in relief when she heard that.

"Really? Best regards,

That is how full support by Lucius and others began.

- Private room for the Duke and Duke of the Duke

There, a beautiful girl sat in front of the crystal looking out for one eye. The clear Sarah's golden thread hair was stretched up to her waist, her eyebrows were picturesque, her eyes were clear blue, and even her wings were like angels on her back. My ears were long and pointy and I wasn't human. If it is the only one that seems to have a flaw, is it a little unfortunate about the chest? That would also be an advantage, depending on their taste.

In contrast, the crystal showed the appearance of one girl. This is also a beautiful girl of the same age or slightly younger. Unlike the girl ahead, she has the impression that she looks active. She has some twin-tailed golden hair about the same as the girl ahead if stretched, her face seeping slightly younger than the girl ahead, but her appearance attracts what she sees unmistakably. However, I can only see the face from this side and can't grasp the outfit and physical characteristics.

"It seems to be a guest from different worlds, and from Nihon.

"Nihon? Kite, I'm home!

Apparently, it allows for conversation in two places. The crystal delivers a clear voice to the room like a girl's bell rolled.

"No, apparently the school has transferred, and you're the students there. He came and received the Tenryu threat early on, and ordered protection. I hear you don't feel much magic from them. Self-defeating seemed impossible. You're lucky we were able to protect you early on.

The girl in the crystal who received the report sighed as if she had been discouraged.

"Yeah. Kite's not back.... What are you doing, already?

"Not at all. Your brother keeps three beautiful girls like this waiting...... If you were cheating on Nihon, I'd really curse you, wouldn't I? Well, it's about your brother, so I guess Tina and I are having a shitty day anyway...

It is a fact. but we both take that for granted. And I think that's good.

'Either way, we can't move now. Aura's missing, and Kuzha works paperwork in the office. I'm on a business trip to the Imperial City.

"Thank you for your work and hard work. How is His Majesty the Emperor?

That said, the girl takes the labor of the girl at the end of the crystal.

'Thank you. Your Majesty is the same. Sometimes, the General stops you from trying to train yourself against skilled students. Even so, Kite...

"Treat me when you get back, right?

'Cause in the last 300 years I've been thinking about it, I'm gonna play some amazing pranks on you!

That was the two laughing at each other, but if they found out that the person Lucius and the others had written the papers to was Kate himself, they would have ordered him to take them immediately. And in the meantime, he was definitely cleansing himself. But it was a little further before it entered their ears.