Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 13: The Return of a Hero

"Brother, sister too...... We've all been looking for you."

Lucius and Lil replied with just a little seepage of thoughtlessness to Al as he managed to catch his breath and the pain.

"We were brought here in defeat by a man in black, just like you."

"The letter left for Lucius, apparently, is intended to bring the three of us here."

Those are the two of them, but look behind Al and set up a combat posture.

"Now the three of us have what you want... Guess it's time you explained the situation."

There's a black robe that somehow floats three sheets of paper and a pen in the universe and depicts something at the same time with all three sheets.

"Why don't you tell me something?

Lil is a little grumpy because he was fooled like that. but the black robe figure doesn't discretion it, letting Al snap his caretaker finger.

"What are you going to do, hurt yourself and treat me?

Apparently, the pain caught. Three suspicious people, but without releasing their guard, they remain armed.

While doing so, the pen stopped and a piece of paper with letters flew in front of the three of them one at a time. Read it, and the three of you take it and look at it.

- Lucius.

My main talent as a commander would be to build up some more combat skills.

- Lil.

It is good to use < >. But once you get away and need to build up your strength, it's dismissed. Such moves shall be allowed to be used in parallel with other moves during combat.

- Alphonse.

Fighting skills are good. However, there was an alarm at the end of the day which was subject to significant derogation.

It said: When you make sure you've read it, make sure you show up with a big piece of paper.

- General Review: Forty points. Let's try harder.

and displayed. Lil, who was angry with the letters written on the paper, frowned at the root of his eyebrows in surprise if he noticed anything.

"... why do you think my < > is incomplete?

It is Lucius who surprised me against such lil.

"You used < >!

"Yeah. Well, it was lightly embellished"

"She said she would light up her sister using < >..."

Al, who lightly wears a normal state lil, also struggles slightly with his opponents using < >. For the three of us, < > was the realization that < > was such a powerful move.

"< > is now available in combat."

Until a while ago, Lil needed some time to use < >. There were few gaps like that in the fight against myself, and Lil denied it against Al for thinking so.

"No, you can't use it. You've waited for some reason."

Besides, a black robe figure spoke out before Al said anything.

"Ma..., na... i"

He seemed to say something with his shoulders flattered, but he couldn't hear it because of the mask. Naturally, there is no hole in the mask. It is the four that become awkward in an instant. Lucius and I tried to get into something the first time, but because of the inconvenience, we stopped. I am a knight with them.

After a little silence, the black robe figure took off his mask and exposed his stern face.

"Totally, pathetic"

That's what I said with my shoulders up again. He decided he didn't. Having read the air, Lucius and the three others decided to follow it. Go on, says the black robe figure.

"< > is a move-adjusted move that can be used in battle. Besides, it is the basic move that will be the starting point for the subsequent activation of the move. Another dream of dreams such as the next stage if you were surprised at that degree of moves. At least give the Spirit of Fire a covenant or a protection. It will be somewhat usable. We have to pull back and activate it once, and when Balan's old man finds out, he's gonna cry."

"... what? Or who are you?

A young man who suddenly gave a lecture on < >. Moreover, the advice says as if it is plainly possible to do something close to impossible. Lil questioned the identity of the young man, but the young man bowed his shoulders again.

"Think for yourself who I am. If < > hasn't spread generally, you'll see. Think about why you can explain. And you'll see."

With that said, he sits back with his feet in the universe, and Lucius and Lil talk noisily and whisper to each other against a young man elbowed in the universe.

"You think it's flying? Without a plane!

"I can't believe there's no chanting whatsoever... what's the joke? Or even a delayed chant somewhere..."

He sighed at the two as if Al, who had already been used in the fight, had turned back.

"He used flying techniques during his battle with me..."

And when I said, they were out of line and couldn't say anything.

"Even so, this level is now the top of the Duke's ranks or something...... When I was here, I usually had this level of strength in the executive class."

"Don't tell him that. I don't suppose there was a prominent battle after that one. The warcraft and demons seemed to be quiet. top-notch, peaceful and good with this degree of strength"

When one man in black is like that, he hears a luscious voice as if to answer that soliloquy.


Yes, who does what, Lucius, but suddenly something emerged from the sky with enormous magic and was about to be taken with consciousness.

"More? If we find out who this guy is, we'll find out for ourselves."

That said, he crept into the young man's chest and lowered his hips on the young man's thighs. She is a blonde, blonde-eyed, luscious beauty dressed in a bright red and black coloured dress that accentuates her busty breasts. She had clear white skin, an exceptional appearance, a voice that confused men, and was so beautiful that even the three of them who had seen the numerous beauties would be distracted. The atmosphere that surrounded him while he was sleepy was not that of a man, but that of an empress.

"What, you're here"

When you say that while enjoying the feel of the chest that hits you, the young man who crooks and laughs at the edge of his mouth also increases his own presence at once when he tightens the magic that surrounds him. Its appearance, which served as a samurai to the luscious beauty and tightened the expression that was frightening, combined with a fierce grin on her stern face, made her worthy of calling herself the king.

Lucius and the three other women appeared, and as soon as the youth wrapped around the atmosphere of the reigning king, they were driven by the thought of having to fu at once, but they managed to endure the pride of saying the knight of the famous house in which the knight was pleased.

"I'm not just bored watching."

Such a beautiful woman with a stubborn look.

"You know what? It was originally a promise I took. I'm not gonna let you do this, am I?

He just asked me to look him in the face in the first place, didn't he?

"Well.... How do you know that? You were asleep."

"You're not that different from your Lord in your time with him. That's about all I know."

They talk to each other about such content. Lucius and others who were listening to the conversation, but from the content of the conversation, Lucius apparently realized who the youth were, and immediately thanked his minister. But Al and Lil were surprised by Lucius like that, who still hasn't figured out who he is.

"Brother, suddenly what..."

"Lucius, you don't have to thank such a disrespectful man for his servant."

Against those two, Lucius orders them to do the same, whispering.

"Fine, just grab your men's thanks!

Realizing that he was the one who could never be disrespectful if he was what he imagined he would be, Lucius forces both of them to thank his subordinates. The two obey it shabby. I checked the identity of the two men to make sure they thanked their subordinates and confirmed their identity.

"Excuse me. Forgive me for being disrespectful, not knowing that I am the Duke."

The two people who heard it were stunned at once, but the young man magically dressed the black robe against it into a pure white long coat and black based outfit, laughing funny.

"Have you finally noticed? Raise your face. I don't mind being rude."

After saying so and making sure the three of them looked up, I nodded horizontally.

"It was originally something I did without any contact. Instead of being disrespectful, he followed the duties of all three, just being relative to a raider who came under attack without question. I don't know who I am. The three of them acted admirably, and there's no problem."

That's what the Duke says and makes it clear there's no problem.

"Ha. Thank you for your words"

"Oh. But all three of us glow in talent, and we're still taking advantage of it. Don't miss your workout."

"I remember the liver. There is one thing I would like to ask you..."

"Good. Forgive"

"Ha. Why are you doing this? If I may inform you that Your Eminence is returning, I would like to welcome you with our Duke's ministerial corps...... Let the people of the Duke's kingdom, no, the whole empire, be filled with joy."

If it were to be the return of a brave man who saved the empire and the world three hundred years ago, it would be natural for the whole country and the rest of the world to rejoice. Not so much had the story of the brave become common in Enefia.

"Well, there's a lot of reason to be comfortable... Most importantly, I'm the brave one just because I have a lot of magic. Can't you trust me? Well, I guess I could have shown it to you."

That's what I said and show the 8 colors I put on my fingers with a gemstone ring that changes color.

"A blessing ring whose ring is told in the story...... is it?

"I don't know how it's conveyed in the story...... Why don't you try an eight-class attack? If it's an Attribute Attack, it'll prevent anything."

The ring worn on the index finger of Kite's right hand was once given to all when they were aligned as a testament to the blessings received by all four root spirits: fire, water, wind and earth and the composite spirits of water and fire - ice and snow - the composite spirits of wind and earth - thunder - and the two superior spirits of light and darkness. And the spirits of these eight attributes were all called the Great Spirit.

"Then the ring on the finger next to it..."

"Oh, a sign of the contractor, right. Is this what you know?

"Ha. Because there will be about one contractor every hundred years. But as for blessings, no one even knows how..."

- - There are three ways to gain strength from the Spirit.

First, protection is granted by the Spirits on their own initiative, which cannot be refused or applied for. The Spirits only gave him because they liked him. The least amount of power is gained, but the number of people gaining is also high.

In contrast, the contract is gained by giving consideration or beating the trials imposed by the Spirit. There were many who challenged the trials, but it was only about one in a hundred years that those who could break the trials appeared. Quite a bit of power can be gained in this way, and many of those who tread have grown up as adventurers and ministers of state.

The last blessing was a cover-up, to interact with the Spirit. Blessings require us to be equal to the Spirit first, but the Enefiah man feared nothing to equate with the Spirit. So nothing has been blessed but kite. In this way, it is even possible to invoke the Spirit, exercising all the power that the Spirit has. Well, there was no one to do this method, and there were secondary effects that the spirits didn't even know about, but I'll leave that alone. Note that there was no gender difference in the Spirit, and gender is freely changeable, so there was no problem.

"Well, thanks to them, I got enough fighting power to be called a brave man. Well, I'm in a lot of trouble for that..."

After saying so, he is a duke with a head after a while. but as soon as I lifted my head and looked frightened, I sighed and continued.

"Well, that's good. By the way, Al, what's my name?

Suddenly he asks an unintelligible question over being pointed at the water, making it a pocan Al, but he hurries to correct his attitude and answer it.

"Ha. I can show it to His Excellency the Duke of Kate McDawell"

Plus the luscious beauty goes on in disdain.

"Okay, it's Lil. Naturally, you'll notice who the rest of them are.... Answer now."

I wonder why you're so close, with your subordinates, but for now, Lil, who answers what has been asked.

"Ha. Once the Demon Nation was united and revealed by the Demon King, the Unified Demon Emperor, Master Justina Mistrutin"

"If that's all you know, notice how sloppy you are. We are meeting today as officials of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School."

That's what I'm telling you, kite. Lucius and the others have no choice but to look at each other with a puzzled look.

"Were you involved in the transfer of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School today? However, Your Excellency's honorable face is not to be seen in today's meeting that brings together teachers. What if you found out about the transfer of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School and were followed?

Apparently he doesn't notice because he looks like this, Tina, who decided so, sighed one and asked Al.

"Al, say the names of the boys from Heavenly Cherry Blossom School we met today"

"Ha.... ah"

Apparently, all three of them noticed, stunned and speechless.

"Have you finally noticed?"

When I said that, Kate and Tina's body was wrapped in light.