Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 15: The World Three Hundred Years Later - The Old Families

Communication room where none other than Tina and Kite disappeared due to Kite's life. Kate continues her consultation with Kuzha.

"First of all, I'm checking, how are Aura and Yuri doing?

'First of all, Yuri is safe. He is now the school director of a school founded by the Duke's family.

I didn't understand what I heard. Kite gets flat and keeps freezing. He thought it was a communication glitch leading up to Tina, so he's reviewing his comm machine settings. Kuzha continued to laugh bitterly when she saw those two.

'It's true. Now he is named as the best educator in the Empire of Entesia.

Apparently it was true, that's what I thought. Kate and Tina look at each other once. And look at Kuzha's face again, the truth and enlightenment.

"It can't be! That prank fairy is the best educator in the empire! Was the transfer of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School because he got serious!

"No, wait! Maybe a prank class! Let's start by checking the facts!

I can't believe it, I look at it and check the facts. Kuzha wondered if that would happen if he only knew three hundred years ago.

'No, it's a proper school of magic. Now we also have a chivalry department and a magic prop department, so only magic, not so. The Weisslitter brothers are presidential graduates over there, aren't they? However, don't worry, brother, Yuri's personality hasn't changed.

"How can I be relieved...

Let's see for ourselves already, that's what we decided to do and cut this story off, Kite. They couldn't both accept reality.

"So, how's Aura doing? I would like to hear your views on this transfer.

'... Aura, but she's currently missing.

Kuzha says so while relaxing his temples.

"About two hundred years after your brother returned to Japan, the two of us ruled the Duke...

Apparently my head hurts just to remember, and I sighed with my head.

"Suddenly one day,

- It's been 200 years. Start a full study of summoning techniques. Well, thank you very much.

Along with the writing down, he disappeared neglectfully. Not at all. I don't even know where I'm going, and I don't get any news from you. Thanks to the Duke's house at the time, not so much to how confused the Empire was......

He was pretty depressed, and his stupidity about Aura is endlessly overflowing. It was the mountains that both Kate and Tina wanted to hear about, but they decided not to let them cut it up because of their limited time.

"In the meantime, Aura's missing, that's fine, right?

'Yes. I have no idea where I am currently. A massive search party was also formed in the Empire, but not even a clue, could be found.

"You can't find that natural daughter's place without a clue, what kind of impossible gay... you can still clear up some mystery..."

I just had to sigh for the three of us.

"Well, I need to talk to you.

Kate got confirmation about her buddy, so she decided to get down to business.

"The Future Treatment of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School,?

"No, I don't really care there. It's about you, you don't make it bad.

'Yes, there is also the history of the Duke's house, so what can be done to the fullest.

"Oh. That'll do.

Kite says so because she didn't have any particular problems. But Kuzha leans his neck because he thought it was a confirmation of the treatment.

"So what?

"No, I don't. Tomorrow I think Lucius and the others will be offered suggestions from the side of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School for what they will be doing as adventurers.

Kuzha, who looks unexpectedly at Kate's answer, complains to the school side.

'It is, again. Isn't it too risky? Even a few of them will be begging for a child ghost (goblin).

Both Kate and Tina affirm that.

"I guess so. Two thirds fall off in less than a month where school students as they are now did their adventurers. That the rest of us can manage to do it as adventurers for six months. One or two in a year. If you're going to be an adventurer, at least let me train you in combat.

Ask that much. Kuzha understands what Kate wants to say.

"I see. You want your brother to serve as instructor in the troops of Lucius and the others,?

"It's quick to understand and helpful. Me and Tina will do whatever we can, but we don't have enough hands. You're like saying you're an Enefia associate at the time we were instructors in the first place.

'I wish I could just fall apart.

You know, I saw Kite say that, and she laughed a lot, but she immediately squeezed her expression and went on.

'Well, I understand your brother's concerns. You will ask current school students to return to us if they find out that they were once transferred.

"That's not a good word to say in the first place. It is true that I have saved my magic for a month......

That's what makes me look bitter, Kite.

"In fact, I am finally ready to make the most of the Duke's handouts and so on to test the theory of time retroactivity and other metastases by repeating experiments and trials for six months.

It only tells us that in this day and age it took a month to accumulate magic, but in fact it takes nearly a year to prepare and so on, even just to transfer the two of us. I don't know how many years this will take to get all the school students back. Moreover, it was a month, for special reasons.

"Even after returning to Earth, Tina and I studied with Interworld Metastasis, but I don't see why that moment was the only one that made the metastasis easy.

Yes, it was a coincidence that it was a month of magic accumulation. And Tina agrees.

"I'm glad I made it to that moment, but I have no idea what time it was next if I missed it.

As I was observing the magic needed for the inter-world transfer, I stumbled upon the fact that less magic was needed for the transfer between the two worlds. So he returned to Earth in a great panic. That's why I dropped him off less.

However, a little bit after returning to Earth, the magic required for this rapid inter-world transfer has increased. So far, this phenomenon has only happened when Kate metastasized.

"Observation information in different worlds, if you're a scholar of space magic over here, it's coveted information.

Anyway, Kuzha goes on.

"I was able to go home to the people at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School because all of a sudden I needed less magic. I don't know why. In places like...

"Believe me, I can't go home, I guess I'm just desperate.

That said, they were the three with heads.

So the three of them raised their heads once they held them. Kuzha then proceeds with the narrative of the countries around the Empire of Entesia.

'First of all, it is the land where the demons of the North were, but Lord Claudia, who reigned after your brother was defeated the Demon King, is still governed.

Tina responds to Kuzha who said so.

"Is he alive? I haven't seen him for five years, and even that guy wants to see him."

That's what I say to you, Tina. Now the Demon King was once a man of great admiration for Tina. Either that or I'm an avid fan who can be described as a fanatic.

"Well, I was leading my own subordination to bring you back to life to fight him thoroughly. You should see him when you have time. Are you worried?"

He was once a demon king who had fought from trivial mistakes, but is now spending time amicably. Well, naturally, that seal is unsealed by the kites.

"Ah, he's got a hell of a fighting capability for Sacubas. Because it's a mutation. After the death of the previous demon king, the remnants of the party were able to contain the force, and the reconstruction was supported by the Empire at the time.... I wasn't worried.

That kind of twitches slightly, and it seems delightful. It was a quick one. Kuzha and Kate look at it as Niyaniya and realize it. Encourage ahead in a pretty lit way.

"Mm... Kohon. Well, ask for the next one.

'Yes. Then East, Nakatsu, but that's no different. Indragon-sama of the ancient dragon (Elder Dragon) is still ruled. Well, in fact, Lady Light Fire and so on are governed.

An ancient dragon (Elder Dragon) is the oldest dragon species present in Enefia. Because Jen Long usually spends his time asleep, Nakatsu was a country where the top species of each race - they themselves called themselves demons - ruled the ancient dragon as the top.

"Is Indragon still alive? Well, there's not going to be any better than the lights and fires. It's not impossible to get involved in about 300 years.

Its lifespan far exceeds that of a person when it is also the top species of each species. In addition, demons and some heretics will have more magic in their possession to live longer. There was no reason to beat the existence of a line.

Note that Nakatsu has been similar in cultural terms to Japan, so Kite was well looked after. It is mainly on the food side such as rice.

"Then do I need to go and see you soon?... Speaking of which, what day is it?

Kate asks Kuzha as if she remembered.

'Oh, speaking of which, the Earth was a year and twelve months. This is the 26th of July in the spring, right?

In fact, Enefia's year is 48 months. A month is all for 30 days only. The year of Enefia begins on January 1 in the spring and ends on December 30 in the winter. It appears to be the same as Earth at first glance, but in fact it is in the form of "December of Spring" and "January of Winter" from January to December in each season of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Animals grow at a slow rate and get one year old in a year, just like Earth. In contrast, for some reason plants grow at the same rate as the planet, so food problems are unlikely to occur. One theory also said that plants grow faster because plants accumulate airborne magic vegetables, but it was not known in detail.

"Right. I would have liked to go around autumn if it was true...... What's going on with the stockpiles in Nakatsu?

Let's go get some booze early so we don't find out with rice, that's what I'm thinking kite, but naturally the people of Nakatsu are the priority.

'Luckily this winter, I got quite a bit of food growing up in winter. In addition, farming policies such as greenhouses and bimaculars, which your brother told Enefia, are less of a food problem thanks to their considerable popularity in three hundred years. Rest assured.

At one point, kite wanted peaches despite the winter. However, Enefia did not have a greenhouse, so it took several years to create one. Demonic stones engraved with a fire system procedure were used to regulate the temperature in the greenhouse. Afterwards, he passed on the method of producing greenhouses at an edge in Nakatsu country, but the spread seems to have worked.

'No problems with rice, on the contrary, I'm feeling extra this year, you remember.

That's what I'm gonna say and tell you what I'm most worried about Kate. Kuzha. Three hundred years ago, Kate applied various hands so that a steady supply of rice for herself would come from Nakatsu. As a result, the food situation in Nakatsu had improved considerably.

"I didn't have much time for dinner, so I missed dinner. Well, the Japanese seem to have eaten rice first.

I didn't understand why Kate was obsessed with rice until I traveled to Japan, but now I was accustomed to rice.

'Well, that's going to be quite a lot......

It is unclear whether we can supply 500 people on a regular basis, even though we can afford it. So Kuzha makes a suggestion.

'Then I was wondering if you were sure that your brother would go out immediately. For once, rice is also grown in the Duke's territory, but it must still be a luxury item.

When I suggested it that way, Kate nodded in agreement even as she looked slightly unconcerned.

"Well, that would be reasonable. Many of those top guys over there feel good, but at the same time, there's too much trouble.

Kite, liked by one of its tops, the light fire and the top of the ghost clan, said to be a battle fanatic, whined with a little joy, even as she sighed.

"Also, I wonder if I'll be distracted...... Light fires are tangled liquor, and booze heaven guys can fight as soon as they drink, which is why they don't.

'... Speaking of which, brother. He had a rotten relationship with Lady Light Fire? My face still stinks when I say no?

That's what Bosso Kuzha told me, Kite, but I'm going to ignore it. His face tightens all at once. He was sniffed out during 300 years. But the world, it's not that sweet.

"This guy was attacked by a drunken light fire, but he stayed.

Admitted as fact by Tina. Tina had grasped it for granted.

"If it was your brother's strength, you'd have shaken it off, wouldn't you?

The two of us were sent a cold gaze, Kite, but I'll give you an excuse.

"I was drunk, too. It's a mistake of the night.

"After that, when you came to Nakatsu, you said that the lights and fires seemed to be enjoying each other, right?

Apparently, the other party was all rosy. No longer was any lie meaningless.

"We have had a very good relationship with the light fire.

That bitch fox, she is a kite who dared to dust herself even though she thought so. For some reason, his personality was undone, which made him feel less resistant to the dugout.

'Your brother is a hero, so it's good to have a relationship with many women, but please report back in the future.

"They were all good women..."

'I forgive you for not seeing the women around there, but be careful.

Kuzha laughing and laughing with blues on his head. For this minute, there seemed to be other likelihood of finding out. I saw a future that was going to be completely laid on my ass, and it was Kite crying with her heart, but I regained my mind.

"Good woman, speaking of floating continents, what's going on?

'I don't think so, Mistia, but did you have a relationship with your sister, too?

Apparently, this one didn't find out. It was a snake. Tina answers to that.

"We used to be together to enjoy the rest with our sister.

Mystia is one of the ancient dragons, but she was also an orphan and raised parent of Tina. but because she scolded me when I said mother and aunt, she called me sister.

He's no longer afraid of a shabby kite against Tina exposing herself.

"Oh. So, what's happening with floating continents?

I dared admit to the relationship and decided to encourage ahead. Kuzha will tell you everything later, go on.

'Floating continents are the same, aren't they? The Heavenly Nation has a long life span, and it's not a race for battle. Master Pendragon is the same.

Like Nakatsu, the floating continent is ruled by the ancient dragon (Elder Dragon). As a result, a coup d 'état was difficult.

"Well, will the Heavenly Nation be taken care of about the adventurer just now? We also need to go see Nakatsu as soon as possible for different reasons.

Though not suitable for combat, the Heavenly Nation does not allow the followers of other races as users of spiritual and physical healing magic. The cooperation of the Heavenly Nation was essential to Kate's elaborate plan.

'But how are you going to get to the floating continent? Although the Duke's family also has airships, the lack of a sister has considerably delayed development and mass production. Depending on the location, it may take quite a few days... but no airship can accommodate that much, right?

"You're gonna have to ask Tia. Use the reading. That's exactly why. I need to go see him.

The floating continent, as its name suggests, floats in the air, so the only way to get there is to fly. Although there are airships and tenryu as a means, they are overwhelmingly inferior to tenryu in combat power, so only ships decided by tiers could be reached on floating continents. Note that reading is the art of connecting thoughts and talking to each other like telepathy.

'Right. Your brother is home, and if so, he'll be here any minute. And then, after the Pendragon had lost his brother, you got a pretty good eye on him.

"Then I'll tell him I'm back. Even so, have I made you pay attention to everything?

I'd have to souvenir even one of the liquors at that time, say so, Kite. The Dragons often liked alcohol.

"Because my sister is mainly sweet. You also earned points about Kuzha, but you thought.

That was Tina, who was in love with her sister. She hasn't changed much either, but when it came to me, she didn't realize it.

'Now, about the political situation in each country, you go on.

You're out of line, Kuzha returns to the conversation.

"Oh, do that.

As such, they were the three who went on to talk.