The following day from the student assembly, a set of devices for magic measurements and personnel for measurements have been dispatched to the gymnasium by arrangement of the Duke's house.

"Anyone has magic. However, the amount of magic that can be held varies from person to person, and this device can quantify the total amount that can be held.

That's what the surveyor explains to everyone who comes to measure magic.

"The total amount that can hold this magic is called a magic holding, or simply a magic amount. Approximately, but you guys have an average of 100 for men and about 150 for women in humans. This value can be raised in workouts, so don't be too sad just because the value was low.

That's what the surveyor closes with. The higher figure for women seems to be because they are equipped with child-bearing organs and are capable of accumulating magic there. Make sure the explanation is over. Cherry blossoms front everyone, and we close.

"Measurement is free, but only those who volunteer as adventurers this time in the first place will have a magic power of 500 or more.

Competent as a beginner adventurer, the value said to be 300, so with a magic power of 500, it could be said to be quite competent as a beginner adventurer. On this registration as an adventurer, the school side set the best possible safety margin. One of them was this value.

"Magic measurement, you know, is like that crystal, but you just put your hands on it? Sounds fantastic, though.

Sola talks to Kite because she's free while she's in line. Kate, Tina and Sola were in line together. Cherry blossoms were the first to take measurements as a demonstration, so they are now selecting people to become adventurers from the measurements.

"You know what I mean? I don't know the details.

Although both Kate and Tina know quite a bit more about the principles, they say so because they won't reveal it.

"Is it obvious? Even so, you're too lined up...

Sola is fed up with the long line of snakes. Although there are a few devices, 70% of the school's personnel are lined up, so there is no way to proceed at all.

"A lot of guys think commemorative exams. Actually, 500 doesn't seem like a lot of numbers.

It was explained in advance that only about 1 in 20 people would get a value of 500 in a human species without any training, so we conclude that is the case. And so I cheered. Apparently, a pretty high value came out.

"Ah. You got another high value. One in 20 is a lie.

That's what Sora says, in fact, the surveyor seconded by the Duke's house was also tilting his neck at the fact that for some reason the personnel at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School had a lot of highly magical people.

"Sakura's about 5,000, right? One senior is about 4,000. They're both confirmed adventurers.

As student chairman, Sakura volunteered as an adventurer out of her sense of duty as a famous housemaid, and one article was as he had previously stated.

"Because the cherry blossoms and the stripes and the willingness to do so are strong. Magic is the power of thought. Strong magic resides where strong thoughts reside. Besides, the pedigree is good. I guess that's why I came out high.

Tina explains it only in the parts already described.

"You mean miss, right? If you want to be an adventurer, I'm not losing either... and I hate it, but I'm not a bad bloodline... but you can handle it.

With that said and sighing mixed up, Sola rejoices in her own good luck. As Kate listens to it, she discusses the results of her measurements so far.

(Even so, the measured 2-A face was expensive for some reason... I guess it's me and Tina's influence.

That's what I guessed, Kite. Tina had come to the same conclusion. Something with high magic has unconsciously released quite a bit of magic. Even though they suppressed him, he became immune to his body and had a high amount of magic. Nothing was more than a strong willingness, a workout. Depending on the environment, physical optimization was also a factor in increasing magic.

(I've consciously suppressed it since I got back to Enefia, but I was almost unconscious on the planet.2-A If anything happens to Fujiko, it's also on me and Tina...... will you work a little harder for them?

The amount of magic that should have been less has been higher under the influence of Kate and Tina. Some classmates will be adventurers who shouldn't have been because of it. Both Kate and Tina were slightly guilty of that. And there came Tina's friends.

"Tina, we're done measuring, look!

A shortcut female student who says so and shows the paper that wrote the measurements. I saw it. Like Tina was impressed.

"Oh! Yuri and Meizuka are amazing! It's well over 4000 for both of us! I can't beat the rest of you!

"Right. We've been talking about what to do since we saw the results, but I don't feel comfortable with this value. I just offered to volunteer with Mr. Tendo."

Bob-cut girl student who says so. The first thing I talked to Tina about was charm, and the prolonged way of saying it is profitable. It must have gotten expensive because we were both close to Tina a lot. After the two of them leave, Tina whispers to both of them to apologize.

"I'm sorry, both of you. I will make sure to keep your lords safe.

Apparently Tina was making the same reasoning as Kate. He looked pretty spicy out of sight when he saw the results.

"Don't feel bad. It's up to both of us. Let's at least protect him just the guy in his class and the guy he's close to.

"... um. Right.

We both swore so knowingly that this was merely proprietary.

"Finally, it's our turn!

The time has finally come for measurements and is straining, Sola. Of the three, the measurements were taken at the beginning.

"Yes. Then keep your hands there.

Put your hands on the crystal according to the surveyor who says so. Apparently the results were good. Officials showed only a few signs of surprise.

"That's a pretty high value.

That's what I said and handed Sola the paper describing the results. When she saw the paper, Sola shouted joyfully.

"Oh! Look at that, Kite! Because it's 4500! Same level as one senior. Way to go!

I also cheer around when I hear the measurements saying 4500. While Sola appreciated it at Sola, she was almost certain and thrilled to be an adventurer. It's kite's turn next.

"Long time no see.

When Kite asks the surveyor in a whisper, the surveyor also laughs in a whisper.

"Yes, my lord. Long time no see.

This surveyor, in fact, is one of the ancient ginseng who has served the Duke's house since the Duke days of Kate, his appearance was young because of his interracial origins, and even here he was considered a young official, and was not called into question.

Kate and Tina were instructing Kuzha to turn their hands and apply fine work to the results of the two. Otherwise, the amount of magic that is suppressed exceeds the value set by the school by the number of digits - not one or two, but by the result of incapacity to measure. It was a bad idea to deal with the consequences.

"Yes, we have the results.

That said, the surveyor handed over a piece of paper with the finely crafted values. Likewise, Tina measures and hands over the paper. As such, Kate asks his men dressed as officials as if he remembered one thing at the time of his departure. When I saw him, I remembered a few things.

"Everybody, how are you?

"Yes, Captain, as always, without a breath disaster. That said, the captain is already retired.

So he smiled and saluted, and returned to his duties, not long before he had missed the old days.

"Have you both finished measuring? So, how'd it go?

Sora took the liberty of peeking into the measurements.

"Kite... and you're 4,500 too! So Tina... Ha! 6000! Tae-ha...

When I heard the results, my surroundings swung. Tina's value was over 5500 of cherry blossoms, the current highest. Incidentally, this value will be repainted further.

"Uhm! Not if it's the rest!

I didn't say that. Tina with breasts. Before the measurement, various finely worked phrases, besides being consciously suppressed to about one-hundredth of the normal time, were further finely worked on the measurement results and this value.

"You're as bad at keeping it down as ever.

Tina leaks her dissatisfaction flashly when Kate says so in a whisper.

"The Lord is too good. Isn't there any sign of the 4500 or the Lord, the original value, etc.? How did you do that?

It is Tina, who seriously questioned it because kite is overwhelmingly higher in magic power.

"I don't know because you're a long-range, high-output turret type, but if you're a melee subject, and you're a serial type of me, you can't suppress it as much as I do, there's a waste.

Kite answers with a slight tease. He didn't even know because he was sensibly suppressed.

"I don't know.

I can't help but be convinced that if they say it's a difference in combat style, that's what it is. So Sora, who was stunned by Tina's value, returns.

"Well, you'll take it as a triple adventurer for this value. Come on.

Having said that, the three of us headed to Cherry Blossom and decided to volunteer.

"Yes, that concludes my application as an adventurer. But is that okay? Gentlemen."

Cherry blossoms that receive the application and ask yes kite and three others. Kite answers to that.

"It would be obvious. Luckily for us, we were talented. I'll protect one cherry blossom if I have to.

Kate is conscious and dares to tell her to reassure herself. Cherry blossoms blushing when men confidently say that.

"What about the rest?

Tina tells Kate as she sends her cold gaze - naturally, it's an act. I guess I'm the only one who can beat you, and while I do, Kate answered with an act.

"Hmm? You think I'm not gonna protect you? And you think I can't protect you?

In some hegemonic and transgressive manner, Kate asks Tina.

"Mm? No, I don't think so... I don't act like that all of a sudden!

Since Kate was so confident, she said it was only natural that Tina turned to her side and blushed, just like the cherry blossom.

"Me, sometimes I think, you're gonna get stabbed in the back sometime?

Sora was frightened watching it. By the way, it seems that Kate's remarks were meant to be a joke by Kate, cultivated in guidance from Lux during her time as Duke. This man could really get stabbed at some point. That said, the quality is poor because, instead of being stabbed and not dying, if you do poorly, you won't be injured.