Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 21: Maxwell, the Duchy

About an hour after being rocked by a carriage, students from Heavenly Cherry Blossom School arrived in Maxwell, the Duke and Duke of McDawell. I just made sure everyone got out of the carriage.

"Welcome to our city, Maxwell!


That's what Al and Lil, who accompany them as escorts, welcome. Almost everyone in the school would color it, but Kate and Tina were about to cry over nostalgia.

"This is that Maxwell, huh? A city like that village would change after 300 years......

Returning after 300 years to a city that he once wanted to work from scratch and was a village, Kite was feeling a touch of loneliness at the same time as being emotional. Probably in the same mood as Taro Urashima did. By then, Maxwell had changed.

The roads, where the soil was not paved with protrusions, were paved with concrete and bricks. Also, buildings that used to be few are now lined up narrow, architecture that used to be dominated by wooden architecture and had no glass windows, etc., are now built in brick or concrete and usually have glass windows. Besides, the buildings that had a lot of bungalows were now less five-story buildings. Though there are buildings everywhere that leave their former shadows, I guess they are also completely separate inside. The size of the city is also incomparable with what it once was.

Similarly, changes had been seen in the people going out. Once dominated by human species, now all races - including even the formerly hostile demonic races - are narrowly interwoven. I can hear yelling and stuff everywhere, but at least it's not sword-soaked. Peace itself, was.

"What we did wasn't in vain..."

After the crusade of the predecessors Demon King, Kate, along with his companions, tried to eradicate the sense of discrimination, hostility and slavery that were rooted among each race and nobility. It was that that went around itself and worked so vigorously that a dispute could arise. As a result, it was no exaggeration to say that for Kate, who regretted returning heartbroken, Maxwell today was the city he aspired to be. Tina knew it, but therefore only leaned silently against Kite's side.

"Awesome! Is that the one with the long ears over there called an elf? Other ear lengths don't seem the same as ours, but the one with the pointy ahead, dwarf? Some things like that. Oh! Is that... slime? Is it? I knew you were translucent. But why are you shaping people?

Sola, a complete superior, is excited to look around and find a being who isn't on Earth. However, it was not only Sola who was in the superior state, but many of the school students were the same.

"Hey, both of you, go over there!

Sho in a low voice - who had exceeded the threshold and volunteered as an adventurer - called out in an excited way, so I looked at those pointing fingers, and there were many male students gathering their gaze.

"Ugh! Awesome!"


I'm wondering if I can help but respond with a whisper as well, Kite.

A beautiful woman was flying in the air with wings on her back, dressed in a dreadful costume and emphasizing an exceptional proposition that would not even exist on Earth as a top-notch actress from all over the world. If you look around, many school men are equally overwhelmed and open their mouths.

It should be noted that those men are sent a cold gaze by the women who realize it, but nobody cares.

"Probably a succubus. I guess I'm usually in the capital because I'm a clan of current demon kings.

That's what Kite supplements, but the boys students were whining in the sky above.

"Me, I've been desperate to see why this has happened... Such a beautiful woman was normal, and she was flown into a world where no one would pay attention to wearing such clothes. Was heaven in another world...

"Oh. Heaven was in another world... If the other guy at school finds out, don't regret it with a tear of blood.

is having a conversation with

By the way, if you interact with a Succubus, you physically interfere if you are not overwhelmed with the amount of magic than your opponent, but it would be useless to tell them now. Even the treasures they secretly own were never attracted to the beauty of that class, but they're usually here. The men who knew that - including teachers - all felt that the hopelessness so far was turning into hope.

As we waited together as we were overwhelmed by cities in different worlds, this time the women focused on one side and it was a shade. Now if the men look at you, an elf man with a well-faced and graceful appearance approaches you. Apparently, it's because an extinct beautiful man showed up.

"Are you the students of Heavenly Sakura School?

Yes, an elf man asked, so Al, who is following him as a school student escort and guide, still does what.

"I am Alphonse Blau Weisslitter under the Duke's family. Excuse me, but what about you?

"Oh. Were you Mr. Alphonse, the most powerful member of the Duke's regular army, the descendant of the famous Holy Knight (Paladin) Lux? I'm late, my name is Kitra Marvel. We worship the Branch Manager of Adventurer Union in Maxwell.

Kitra introduces herself and graces herself. The figure was more deserving to be described as an adventurer, rather than a noble nobleman. Schoolchildren and the accompanying teachers are floating question marks when they hear of Adventurer Union, but Al apparently lifted his guard without questioning it.

"Was I? About 50 people on this side will be participants in the course requested by the Duke's family to the Union. I'm sorry. I had heard from the Acting Lordship that guidance would come, but I had no idea that the Branch Manager himself would come. Can I take care of the guidance from here?

"Yes. The course itself will be conducted by Union officials, but I thought I would give the guidance... well, actually, I just wanted to see people from Nihon.

Several school women are now fascinated by the elf men smiling like so and lit, and the men send a cold gaze, but equally the women don't care. Al and the others contact the Duke's house and take confirmation of Kitra's statement.

"My deputy Bernstadt and I will also be accompanying you, basically, thank you.

This escort was accompanied by about 20 personnel led by Al and Lil from Lucius' troops, but returned at the time of the trip to Maxwell, with the exception of two of Al and Lil, and a guard in Maxwell was on the escort.

"Then you are the descendant of Mr. Ballantine…. It's an honor to meet you.

"No, it's also an honor to meet you as you gather up the adventurers who are taking on the demands of the people on the Duke's territory.

That was how they greeted each other. And Al now turns to the officials at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School and tells them.

"Now, from here on out, you will be guided by this elf man. He is the Maxwell Branch Manager of the Adventurers Union where you all take courses after this.

"Nice to meet you. Welcome, Guests from different worlds Nihon. My name is Kitra Marvel. I'm just here in Maxwell, the capital city, as a bundle of adventurers. The course will be conducted by Union officials, who will guide you from here to tonight's inn.

That's what I said and gracefully thanked you. Besides, some school students have returned greetings, but Kitra asked with her neck hanging when she saw that many school officials were doing wonders.

"What's wrong?

Then Principal Sakurada inquired about Kitra on behalf of the same.

"Both Mr. Alphonse and Mr. Kitra have been told earlier that the Union, it was not the Adventurers' Association that we would take the course?

When I said that and asked the question, Al and the others from Enefia laughed as they were convinced.

"Didn't I explain it properly? I'm sorry. Because it was obvious to us.

"Was I? Well, let me explain here.

That's what Kitra briefly explains.

"The Adventurers Association and the Union are the same thing. Officially the Association of Adventurers, so you're all omitting it and calling it a union or association. Even so, there are many different associations, so if you are referring to the Adventurers Association, it is common to call it Union,. The official from tomorrow will give you a detailed explanation.

Do you have any other questions, nobody asks Kitra that I heard about.

"Now let me show you to the inn.

Thus, the boarding house where the school was guided was one of the lodges owned by the Duke's family, and was also a luxury lodging used when royalty and others were visited. It was deliberately made ready that Kuzha could not once again run wild and provide restful accommodation for his brother. By the way, I offered Kite a VIP room, which I was going to visit secretly, but both were stopped by Fine. The entire school, overwhelmed by the luxury of the inn, was flashy.

"Don't worry, it looks like such a fancy inn for free.

"Sweet to your liking.

"Oh, yeah.


In turn are Sola, Cherry Blossom, Kite and Tina. Kite also imagined a common inn as well as Cherry Blossom, Sola, but no matter how you look at it, her face is drawn to having an Enefia top hotel available. Tina whispered to Kite, apparently roughly what she had expected.

"There's no way that that Bracon daughter is offering you a lodging.

That's what they told me. Kate got a headache with herself convincing and Kuzha's behavior. Kitra gracefully praises the school as it is shaken by unexpected treatment.

"Well, that's the end of the guide, but if you work as an adventurer, I'm sure I'll see you again. Good luck, everyone.

With that said, Kitra thanked him and left. Now no one at school could afford to say hello to it, but Kitra didn't care about it.

"Maybe it's the finest inn in Enefia...?

There are no Fae races in Japan, so no seemingly fearful race was there, but Kite thought so, who was welcomed by first-class employees made up by beautiful men and women. And it seemed true. Asako other than Tina - even the cherry blossoms, who had stayed in numerous luxury inns - were overwhelmed, but only Tina is happy.

Even after this, no one remembered the flavor satisfactorily, except for Kite, who is no longer on the verge of giving up, Tina, who doesn't care more, cherry blossoms and some teachers who are used to being from the upper class. After dinner, they decided to head to the room given to each of them, where they would relieve their fatigue.